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"-And then, Sky stepped in front of me and sucker punched Todd right across the face just before he could reach me." Maeve said slamming her fist into the palm of her other hand. The two sisters where sitting with cross-crossed legs on Amelia's bed with only the dim light from the lamp over them. Daughter Nature was telling one of her famous past-live stories she had remembered not to long ago instead of her normal "Mythical Legends" bedtime stories. "Yeah!" Amelia cheered while fist-pumping the air and spilling some of her water on the covers. "You get 'em Sky!"

Daughter Nature chuckled before continuing the bedtime story. "Then after Todd was taken away, I got to move back in with into our apartment. But I got extremely homesick because I missed Sky, Chuckie and Tony. So, instead of living back at home, I went back to the Street Rats. For nine years I grew up with them on the streets. I was eleven when the Great Depression started."

"Wow." Amelia said as she placed her glass of water back onto her nightstand. "You make the Great Depression sound more interesting than school." "Because I was actually there during the Great Depression. Not reading information from a textbook." Maeve replied uncrossing her legs and getting off the bed. "Alright, squirt its almost midnight. Time for you to go to sleep or mom, dad and especially Sandy will kill me."

"Will you still be here tomorrow?" Amelia asked getting under the covers. Maeve shrugged a little and ruffled her sisters hair. "Depends if something comes up or not." She replied. "I miss having you here all the time." Amelia suddenly complained while hitting her fists on her bed. "It's not the same!" Daughter Nature sighed. she knew what Amelia meant. Maeve hardly stayed at home anymore. She always made sure she came and visited when she could and stayed as long as possible but, like Amelia said: it just wasn't the same. Daughter Nature tugged at her ponytail nervously and sat down next to her sister.

"Amelia, you know why I can't be here all the time. I have to help keep changing the seasons and I need to do to keep all children safe. I can't be here like before-" "But I want you to stay here like before! I miss you!" Amelia said. Maeve smiled weakly. "I miss you too. But I took the oath of the Guardians. I have to." She paused and pulled Amelia into a hug which was quickly returned. "I promise I'll come back every single time I can. Until then you have to be strong for me. Ok?" "...ok." Amelia mumbled.

Daughter Nature smiled and kissed her little sisters forehead. "Go to sleep, Melia. If I'm not here in the morning I'll be back as soon as possible." She said while standing up and leaving the room. "Goodnight." Amelia said curling up under the covers. Maeve turned off the lights and closed the door quietly.

Quietly, Daughter Nature snuck her way back up to her art studio. Closed the door silently and sighed. Another awkward part of being immortal: you almost never sleep. The only exception for her was when she overuses her powers. Boredly, Maeve walked over to her stool and sat down. After rubbing her eyes, she looked around at the painted walls that showed her past lives.

She smiled at the one of her and Jack when they where both human about 340-so years ago. That had been the past life to show her she was still herself in her different lives, even though she looked nothing like she did now. Then she was tan from the boat ride from France to America and had curly blonde hair with freckles going across her nose. She wore a brown dress with blue/white triangle design on the hem and a white blouse underneath it. Jack, of course, looked exactly the same. But with color in skin and instead of slick, silvery while hair, it was a messy light brown to match his brown eyes. Instead of his hoodie he wore a long sleeved white shirt with a lighter brown vest over it.

She sighed as she remembered the three years they had spent together in Burgess -one and a half of which they where dating- playing with kids and reading Shakespeare. It was a wonder why neither of them married. At that time they where the perfect age to marry. Now that she thought about it... She probably married other men in past lives. She had existed for 240 years already before meeting Jack. A hundred of those years without memories.

Maeve shook her head and pushed that thought out of her mind. No man would want to marry her. She grunted loudly and looked around her studio trying to focus on something other than her past relationships. That brought her back to the problem of not having a center. "Wow. everything I have to think about just upsets or annoys me." She mumbled still looking around the room. "I wonder if these could help me find my center."

There was her Renaissance past life as a warrior princess (pretty cliché if you asked her). Thats when she lead the royal army and wore battle armor and had long dark brown hair. She fought dozens of battles and even saved a group of children from dying in raiding of their kingdom. Courage would probably fit. But she wasn't fearless and could be startled easily.

Then there was her Japanese past life. Where she had silky ink black hair and wore traditional robes. It was also one of the rare past lives where they changed her name and she remembered she was Daughter Nature. That was the life she learned a lot from her grandfather just by playing chess. That life would probably be intelligence. But she wasn't that smart and wasn't the best teacher.

And then there's her Great Depression past life. Then she was a colored person with frizzy black hair and wore men's clothes. She ran away from home then lived on the streets with her friends, the Street Rats, and moved out of society to be with them. Freedom would fit. But she wasn't the full-on rebellious type of person.

Maeve groaned loudly and hid her face in her hands. Finding her center is harder than she thought. "You do not 'vork' on finding center. You find it inzide yourzelf." North had said. What did he mean by that? Maeve had uncovered some of her past lives and the life lessons she had learned from her different families and learned more about herself than she ever knew. So why is it so hard to find her center?

"I'm going to go crazy if I stay cooped up here any longer..." She muttered walking over and unlocking her art studio's window. Daughter Nature hopped onto the roof and closed the windows behind her, not bothering to lock them knowing she'd come back later. Maeve flew up into the roof tops and started walking around they quiet town. She around smiling as dreamsand finished making its way into Amelia's bedroom. "Perfect timing, Sandy." Maeve thought as she walked away.

Daughter Nature walked boredly across the roof tops still thinking her bothering thoughts. "I need something to distract me." She thought. The sound of a car driving down the road made her turn around. What where people doing out this late? She focused on the vehicle more. It was a bright blue BMW. "No." Maeve muttered, smiling while squinting to get a better view. "That couldn't be..." The car stopped and four young adults climbed out. Better known as, Maeve's best friends.

Grinning, Daughter Nature ran off of the roof top and flew to the parked vehicle.

The first person she noticed was her red-headed friend, Georgia. She had chopped off her used to be shoulder length hair into a pixie cut. She was wearing light brown boots and jeans to go with her black and white plaid shirt over her long sleeved red one. Next was Andre, or A-man as Maeve always called him. He was the only colored one of their small group of friends. He had his black dreadlocks pulled back into a small ponytail and a mustache-beard combo going. He was wearing a red collared shirt with black Tshirt over it to go with his dark blue jeans and red sneakers.

Lastly she noticed the happy couple of the group. The girl was her closest friend, Emily. She had her long blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail with a gold head band that matched her heels. She was wearing a peacock feather patterned top with a dark blue skirt that went above her knees. Over that she had a green sweater and black tights. The typical fashionista of the group. And last but never to be the least was Matt. His choppy dark brown hair was fixed into a buzz cut and one pierced ear. He was wearing a white winter vest with a hood over a long sleeved yellow shirt to go with his dark jeans and sneakers.

She landed on the roof of the car and sat down trying to get an idea of their conversation. "C'mon I think my dad has a couple beers down stairs." Matt said while locking the vehicle. "Shouldn't you guys be studying instead of goofing off?" Maeve asked while propping her chin on the palm of her hand. They all spun on the spot, startled by her voice. Andre was the first to recognize her presence. "Little B!" He said using the ridicules nick name he gave her when they where in the sixth grade. "It's been forever!" Maeve chuckled and hopped off the top of the car.

Andre pulled her into a hug. Which was basically squishing her to his chest because he was so much taller than she was. "Putting emphasis on the 'little', huh?" She asked while pulling away. "Like we always have." Matt said squishing Maeve between him and Andre while grinning. "You still look just like the munchkin we've always loved."

Daughter Nature rolled her eyes. Ever since she could remember Andre and Matt have always been a minimum of 3-4 inches taller than she is. Now that she stopped aging all together, they rocketed passed her. Though, she didn't feel tiny because Georgia and Emily were her height.

"Oh shut it, you giants. I'm 5'8! thats not that short! And at least I don't grow wrinkles." She said pushing them off. "At least we grow." Matt responded. "Guys leave her alone." Emily laughed while crossing her arms. "Yeah, Matt listen to your girlfriend and leave the poor nature spirit alone." Andre said. Matt gave a half-hearted glare at his smirking best friend while they all headed inside the small house.

They all stayed quiet as they made their way to the basement, not wanting to wake Matt's mom and dad. Maeve floated to the basement, followed by Georgia, while the others went to get drinks. Daughter Nature furrowed her eyebrows at her friend. Georgia was normally much more cheery, out going, and enthusiastic. Like when Maeve first told the four of them about her being Daughter Nature, Georgia got excited instead of confused and started asking questions a mile a minute.

"Why are you so quiet today, George?" Maeve asked the red-head whilst landing on the basement floor. "Did you have to do another year of college?" "Na. I graduated last year remember? Now I'm performing for that theater down town." She replied while sitting down. "Oooooh right." Maeve said joining her on the couch. "Then... What's wrong?" Matt, Andre, and Emily joined them on the couch a couple of beers between them. The mood suddenly went from a cheery reunion to an upsetting turn out.

"You know her twin brothers right?" Emily asked breaking the small silence. "Yeah, Greg and Gerald. What about them?" Maeve replied crossing her legs and hugging them to her chest. "They signed up for the military-" "and my parents and I don't want them to go through with it." Georgia finished bitterly. Daughter Nature looked surprised then sympathetic. "Come on, George." She said scooting over so she was sitting next to her friend. "It's not that bad. I mean I had twin brothers who signed up back in World War Two. Sure I didn't like it then but they both came back in one piece! Well, Mason lost his arm... and Hunter lost his left eye... But hey it's better than dying!"

Georgia sighed and sipped her drink. Maybe mentioning their injuries wasn't the best idea. Daughter Nature huffed and continued. "Look, if my past-life brothers could survive D-day, your brothers can survive modern day war." Georgia thought about this for a while then smiled weakly. "Yeah...maybe you're right... Thanks, May." She said while slowly nodding.

"Hallelujah! She actually smiled!" Andre cheered while throwing his hands up in the air. "Let us celebrate!" "Oh, Here ya go, Maeve." Emily said holding out a beer to her. Daughter Nature shook her head and pushed the drink away. "I need to get home later." She said. "I don't need to be drinking while flying."


Far away out of a humans reach deep inside of the cavern of a mountain the ever growing palace of the tooth fairy was hidden, fairies working like bees getting locations and bringing back teeth to be stored. Unknown by the fairies and their queen, a shadow moved quickly across the large towers and down to a rocky cavern below.

A large mural of children from every continent holding out their lost teeth to Tooth and her fairies. Surrounding it was gold designs spreading out into smaller murals. The painting took up most of the small area along with the large river ended right underneath it. On the sides of the river, was rocky land with a few trees and grass. One of the slabs of rock, larger than the rest, was what the shadow was looking for. Slithering behind the stone, it moved down the small tunnel into the opening of Daughter Nature's mural.

It had several murals painted onto it used to tell the story of the long lost nature spirit. Right in the center was a leaf shaped stone.

Smirking, the shadow took on a rough human-like form and walked up to the painted wall. Without hesitation, the shadow placed its hand against the leaf which grew black then back to normal. The wall seemed to turn into dust and it glided right inside.

The secret cavern looked just like the rest of the Tooth palace except sized down a ton smaller. Only a single tower stood in the middle of the large room. The paint was old and faded with bits lightly chipping off. Large snake-like vines dangled from the top and moss seemed to grow wherever you could step. A large old bridge connected the tower to the cliff where the shadow was standing. Smirking, the shadow glided across the molding bridge and looked upon the shelves before it.

On these various shelves where golden, half-circle-shaped containers. Each was about a foot long with the white, flat surface on top. The top surface had golden lining that took shape of 3 diamonds one on top of the other. The middle diamond had a blue gem taking up the entire inner space. The other two had two miniature green diamonds splitting the space. On the half circled side, was pictured head shots of the child whom the teeth must've belonged to.

Making sure all of the teeth where there, the shadow swooped one arm over them causing a flash of black and disappearing, taking the teeth with it.

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