Bonus chapter all on the continents and just one of their typical days… This is gonna be a short chapter, nothing much, just offering a bit more information on the continents including their human names.

Pangaea's home was nestled on an island in the Atlantic ocean, not far from the coast of Portugal, where he was considered to be a citizen of Portugal. He had bought his island home in the hopes that none of his 'family' would come and bother him as he entered his repeatedly interrupted, self-imposed retirement (he has been trying to retire for nearly twenty million years but his family just has to keep on pulling him out of it). But it would seem that the oldest being on Earth couldn't escape his children nor his grandchildren.

Hence why all of them (minus disowned Australia of course) were crowding in his combined living and dining room in his particularly tiny Portuguese style home.

Around his dining room Laurasia, Gondwanaland and their favorite children Europe, Asia and South America, were drinking and eating Pangaea's teas and snacks that he had baked for himself that morning unbeknownst that his family were to invade him that same early afternoon.

In the living room Africa was petting Zaire on the floor; Antarctica was sitting in a sofa feeding his baby seal Aurora; and North America was sprawled out on the loveseat, sleeping.

Pangaea's eyes scanned over the scene before him from his kitchen, washing a mountain of dishes that apparently his family can't do themselves. They had been here only three hours and they had successfully eaten him out of house and home… living on an island wasn't easy. He has to go to the mainland every time to shop, an easy two hour journey on his yacht, then he has to shop and then have the same two hour journey back home, all of which cost money; money that doesn't grow on trees despite his underlings' thoughts.

North America at that time chose to snap out of her sleeping spell and stretch out, still sprawled out across the loveseat. Her bones cracked and a loud, drawn out yawn escaped her mouth. "So anyway dudes…" She began after a few seconds of silence following her yawn, "what did you think of our little nation children?"

"Some could be better than they are now…" Africa remarkably began. "But most are well rounded…"

"I just hate the fact that it only seems to be South America and Africa that have it bad." South America commented. "I mean, I know every where's got its problems but damn! We're poor as fuck in our nations."

"You can't say it's your fault." Gondi spoke as he grabbed a piece of that morning banana nut bread. "You're a continent; it's your nations' fault for not keeping on it."

"What I don't understand," Europe stated, "that if they say they're nations—which they are—why aren't they being more of a contributor towards their lands? They are the personifications of them after all. They should be able to tell their respective bosses to pay attention to matters over others. Like for example global warming. That's a very important topic ya know."

"You're starting to sound like my son America."

"Your son, sister, is naïve and too hot headed at times. It'll be a wonder if he reaches his three-hundredth birthday."

North America only shrugged. Antarctica scoffed. "This is what I don't get, if you guys are so concerned about your little nation children, perhaps you should show up more often and give 'em an ass-whopping every once in a while."

"It's not that easy Antarctica." North America replied as she finally went into a sitting up position. "Continents are supposed to be seen, not heard."

"Unless there's an earthquake or a volcano eruption right?" Antarctica grinned.

"Ha, ha… very funny. Not!"

"I thought it was funny. You just don't have a sense of humor Ms. Amanda Sena."

North America rolled her eyes. "Yeah, whatever Deshal Leanold."

Pangaea at that moment went into his living room, cup of hot tea in hand and he took the farthest seat away from the rest of his family. He had always been an observer, seeing as his time was mostly still earth formation and he couldn't do much of anything until the dinosaurs came. The eldest in the room sighed in bliss. Those were the good old days. Going around being the most strongest and dangerous dinosaurs of each era was really fun. He wished he could do it again. But sadly continents evolve along with the earth and the extinction of the dinosaurs means no more dinosaur bodies for him. His worst time as he then recalls was the time of the Neanderthals. Being one of them certainty was not pleasant to say the least.

But for now he observed his family. His own children, Laura Sena (Laurasia) and Gordon Leanold (Gondwanaland) were really useless. Though Gordon was more like himself (human name Pieter Crile), the continent was very soft spoken and not one to act, while on the other hand Laura kept on getting too distracted and has ADHD… useless.

Out of Laura's children, Amanda was too much like her son America (since she even forgot about Canada until the two started dating), and the twins Halina (Asia) and Angelica-Marie (Europe) were the youngest and were still learning really. He liked them better when they were still Eurasia, they together was the perfect continent, always on top of things like Halina is, but also able to focus on the tinnier details and overall aesthetic features like Angelica-Marie is. When Eurasia split up Halina became too overbearing and Angelica-Marie became too much of a girlie girl like her mother.

On the other hand, Gordon's children weren't much better. South America (Emanuel Leanold) was too obsessed with the outdoors and music and spends most of his time trekking through the Amazon or the mountains of Argentina and Chile to do much of anything (oh and football/soccer too). Africa (Minkah Leanold), though as tough as he is wastes too much time on his animals on his continent much like Antarctica does, and like his brother Minkah was not too much of a socialite towards other bipedal beings. And Antarctica… Deshal… was just plain Useless, with a capital 'U'. The only continent to yet create a nation and has remained unchanged since he drifted down to the most southernmost pole of the Earth, the only changes being the ice sheets melting faster every year and farther due to global warming. And Deshal was too apathetic to even care until an animal species gets close to extinction. He is too much like the humans he so hates.

And that was when North America decided to bring that matter into light.

"Whatever, Antarctica. I know you care about global warming when it affects the population of your damned whales and their feeding grounds. But you don't do anything until it's too damn late like the humans."

"Don't compare me to a human North America. If anything, you're more like 'em 'cause you're so fucking fat I mistake you for a whale every time I see you."

North America gasped and shot up from the loveseat. "You take that back you damned tsundere."


"Take it back!"


"Damn it Deshal!" She charged over to him and all at once Antarctica put down Aurora and stood up from his seat, lifting his hands and roughly pushing his cousin back roughly via the shoulders.

"Bring it Chubby-Zilla!"

"Ah, damn it." Gondi cursed as he stood up and rushed over to them. "Stop right now you two. Stop fighting!"

"Fuck off!" The two fighting cousins yelled at him.

"… Africa you want to help me…?" When Gondi turned around he saw that Africa and Zaire had just left the room via the glass sliding door that led to the small amount of backyard on Pangaea's island home. "Shit! Minkah, come back here and help me!" At that moment a fist was thrown by Antarctica and accidently hit his father in the face.

"Oh, shit, sorry Gordon." Antarctica apologized before getting roughly tackled by North America, they falling back and almost landing on the seal on the sofa who let out a surprised and scared squeal. "Damn you bitch! Don't put my baby in danger!"

"Fuck your seal, man. You saved it from being dying out on the ice—it's not your damned baby—put it back in the wild!"


Gordon recovered from being punched and threw himself into the fighting duo, trying in vain to pull them apart. "Uh… girls? You wanna help me?!"

Europe was the first to respond. "No thanks. I might break a nail and I just had them done yesterday."

Her sister Asia followed suit. "I don't involve myself in situations that don't directly apply to me."

Finally Gordon's sister responded with a simple, "Nope! Your son."

"Your daughter!"

"Not my daughter when she's going off like this. She's all yours."

"… Bitch of a sister…" Gordon muttered under his breath.

Pangaea felt the start of a headache coming along and he rubbed his head with his left hand (because his right still held the mug of tea). "I'm too old for this shit…"

"Oh!" Laura sounded as she shot up from her seat at the table and skipped behind her father. "Papa, I'll rub your shoulders for you!" Without waiting for a response she began the massage. That way I'll be too busy to help brother Gordon when he asks again. Hehehehehee…

"Stop! Please!" Gordon pleaded. "Laura!"

"Nope! Giving Papa a massage."


"I'm too old for it…"

Europe giggled at the fiasco before her. "I'm going outside to play with Zaire, but first…" Europe went over and rescued the seal from her tight predicament and then went to the sliding door. "You coming twin?"

Asia sighed and finished drinking her tea. "I don't see why I should stay here." She then got up and followed behind her sister out of the house.

"You forgot your own son dumbass!" Antarctica reminded his cousin just as the sliding door closed.

"You don't even have children!"

"Yeah! 'Cause I'm fucking smarter than you!"

"No you're not! Your brain is on ice!"

"And your brain is fried… in the deep fryer!"

"Stop damn it!" Gondwanaland tried again as he tried to restrain his son and pull him away from his niece.

Laurasia giggled at the sight. "Just like old times, right?"

Pangaea wanted to slap his daughter. This is all the time. Instead he just rolled his eyes, took a sip of his tea, decided to try and enjoy the massage his daughter was giving him, and then spoke his signature phrase… "I'm too old for this."

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