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"Albus, you can't just leave her here! I will gladly take her rather than let her stay here! Albus, I'm her godmother, let me take her." Minerva McGonagall pleaded with the man in front of her. He was holding a crying 1 year old baby girl with jet black hair, emerald green eyes, a button nose and a lightning bolt shaped cut upon her forehead. She was adorable minus the fact that she was crying, but she had a very good reason, you see, her parents had been murdered the night before and she was given that cut which would soon turn into a scar. Suddenly the baby's hair turned a deep blue color and she was sobbing and struggling to get to Minerva, they gasped at this new change.

"Oh, she's a Metamorphosis!" Minerva said in shock but a rare smile graced her lips. This girl was very special, she was a witch, the girl-who-lived (she had survived the killing curse and defeated Voldemort the night her parents were murdered by him) and now she was a little Metamorphosis!

"Yes, well anyway Minerva, I have to put her here. It is the safest place she can be from Death Eaters and from letting her fame get to her head. I simply cannot leave her with you even if you are her godmother." he said with finality in his voice. "Now, I need to change the letter a bit to tell them about her Metamorphoses abilities."

Minerva had the saddest look on her face with tears falling from her eyes. Anyone could tell that she loved the little girl as her own and didn't want to let her go. She took the baby girl from Albus and hugged her to her chest whispering "I love you." And comforting words. She let out a sob and rocked the girl a little and whispered something like 'I'll be seeing you soon my baby girl' and sobbed again when she handed her to Albus saying quietly "my baby, my baby, don't take her" over and over again. Albus looked at her with saddened eyes at seeing a strong woman like her losing her hope and probably going to seal off her emotions and become the strict professor she had become when her own baby girl and husband were killed in Grindelwald's days many years ago. This little baby reminded her of her own and it killed Albus to take her away from her, the one who destroyed the walls she built around her heart that made her the strict rule abiding transfiguration professor she had become and would now become again.

She used to be very fun and playful, not very strict, and very mischievous, Albus would know as they had gone to school together and been the best of friends, partners in crime, and shoulders to lean on. She had been there for him as his Mother and his little baby sister Arianna had all died as they had been family to her too. He was there for her when her husband and child died and when her family did too. They had always been there for each other and that would not stop now. He would help her through this pain and even though it wouldn't stop the walls from forming around her heart, it might make them easier to break down. He wanted to be the one to break them down.

But first he had to give the girl to the family, the Dursleys. He set her on the doorstep when she fell asleep, gave her the little lioness stuffed animal with a C on it and Minerva gave her a little tabby cat stuffed animal that looked exactly like her animagus form. She also set down with her two pictures. both muggle kind, the first was of Lily and James with the other Marauders messing around in the background and the second was of a stag, dog, rat, wolf, and a pearly white doe that was obviously to any wizard a patronus. The lioness was from her parents with a C for her name and the cat was obviously from Minerva. Albus set down the letter as she clutched the toys and pictures in her sleep and turned to a sobbing Minerva, picked her up and whispered in her ear.

"Camille will be okay."

He didn't know how terribly wrong he was.