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"Hey Potter!" I heard Dudley call out. He was not too far away, but closes enough.

"Crap!" I looked over to the man and said, "You have to get outta of here! If he sees you, I'm dead. Go!"

He looked hurt, but fierce, and nodded anyway. He changed back into his dog form and ran off.

"Hey Potter!"

"Yes Dudley?"

"Mum told me to come get you. Some freak is there wanting to talk to you."

"Ok, I'll be right there." She said as she got up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Yes Aunt Petunia?" I asked walking into the kitchen.

There my Aunt, another women in green robes with her hair in a tight bun, sitting at the table glaring at each other.

"Ah, Miss. Potter," The women said. "My name is Minerva McGonagall and I have come to see as why you have not revived you Hogwarts letter." The women looked soft hearted in the eyes, but strict on the outside.

"Ummm, about th-" I was cut off by my aunt yelling.

"She isn't going to that place of freaks! She is going to stay here! When Vernon and I took her in we both promised that she would not become one of y-you freaks!"

"Excuse me Mrs. Dursley, but we are not freaks. Now if you would like, I can take Camille with me instead of merely leaving her here."

"You can take her, but know this, her and your kind are not allowed back her. Ever." And with that she stormed out of the room.

"I-I… What just happened?" I looked at the women standing across the room looking at me.

"Well Miss. Potter looks like you're coming with me. Please go pack your belongings."

"Umm… Ok." I said still in shock of just happened.

As I walk to my "room", McGonagall walked behind me.

As I opened the door she just stood there looking ready to cry.

I didn't have much to pack. Most of my clothes were hand me downs from Dudley, and most of them were blood stained.

All in all, I had 3 pairs of pants, and 4 shirts that didn't have many blood stains.

"Is that all you have dear?" McGonagall asked me.

I nodded my head. I looked back at her, and saw that her face had once again turned back to the stone-cold mask.

As I finished packing the last of my three books I have read over and over again, I turned slowly towards McGonagall.

"I'm going to apparate us to Hogwarts. Are you ready?" I was going to ask what this was exactly but I was cut off by her grabbing my wrist, and pain splitting inside of my skull.

My eardrums popped, and I felt this need to vomit.

When we landed, it was in an office sort of room; but as we got there I fell to floor breathing heavily. I put my head in-between my legs.

"That-a- That was pretty cool. Hurt, but cool." I said my breathing turning back to normal.

"Well you did well. Most people vomit the first time."

"Well I almost did if that counts for anything." I smiled up at her. She smiled back.

"Well now I know you are in good hands, Miss. Potter." A voice came from the stairs on the other side of the room. I looked up to see an older man with glasses, a long blue-ish robe, and a long white beard. There was another man behind him, he was dressed in all black robes, he had long greasy black hair, and a long nose that you just couldn't miss.

I stood up feeling better, and looked at the men.

"And you are, Sir?" I asked.

"My name is Professor Dmbledore, and behind me is Professor Snape, he will be teaching you potions. I am the headmaster of Hogwarts."

"Wicked." I said and smiled. They all had confused faces.

"I don't see anything wicked about this, Potter." Snape glared at me. I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Oh. I get it now." I dragged the "oh", out and smiled. "Umm, wicked usually means along the lines of cool." I nodded my, and let my smile drop as well.

There was an awkward silence between us all, before someone ran into the room screaming,

"Black has escaped! Sirius Black escaped Professor Dumbledore!"