Glen didn't know what to do with his body so he left it there and he went to his room and waited on his bed.
A few hours later he heard the front door open followed by a loud scream and he felt kinda bad. He didn't want
to keep then in more suspense so he got out one of his manga novels and started reading it. Chucky, Tiffany,
and Glenda ran into his and Glenda's room. He looked calmly up at them, though he was shaking on the inside.
"Hi," He said. "Glen what the hell did you do?" Chucky asked. "Were not mad, this just came unexpectedly," Tiffany said.
"Well, this morning I woke up and realized I was living a lie, I mean I'm a doll for god's sake, not human, and I'm
not Glen Tilly the child of Jennifer Tilly, I'm Glen Ray, The child of Tiffany Ray and Chucky Ray two infamous killers
and I was fed up with it and I didn't want that life anymore," Glen said. Everybody listened intently. "Okay this is
just to weird for me," Glenda said and left the room. Chucky and Tiffany turned back to Glen, "What do you suppose we do now?" Chuck asked. "Well I think you should become dolls again, we could be a real family again, "Glen said.