"So you killed Madison?" Glen asked looking slightly nervous. "Yeah and it felt great, I want to kill more," she ran off. "But Glenda!" Glen ran after her, "you can't keep doing this, it isn't right." "Hey whose the one who convinced me to become a doll by telling me I can get away with more?" "look i know what i said but still-" And who's going to stop me?" Glenda interrupted. "I-I'll go get mom," Glen said. "Oh come on your such a wimp you know that?" Glen just sighed. They went to another house and Glenda went inside. She walked around a bit until she found a man resting on the bed. She walked up slowly to him and made a clean cut down his arm, he jerked open his eyes and looked at her and his eyes widened in horror. "What the hell are you?" He asked. "That's not important," Glenda said, "what is, is what I'm going to do to you," Glenda said. "W-what do you mean?" Glenda didn't answer, instead she slashed his throat, he grabbed a hold of it and made a horrible gagging sound and then his breathing slowed and he closed his eyes. Glenda laughed wildly and turned to leave but there was a young girl standing in the doorway looking horrified. "Move before I kill you too," Glenda said. The little girl screamed and ran and Glenda decided to kill her off. She walked out of the house looking very pleased and Glen backed up from her, "what's wrong with you Glenda?" Glen asked. "What do you mean?" Glenda said and gave her a dark look. Glen backed up a little more. "I mean what's gotten into you, I know you enjoy killing but your way out of line," He backed up even more, he knew he had just crossed the line. "Glen," she said very darkly, "you had better start running," Glenda had a wild look in her eyes. Then Glen took off and Glenda chased him down the street, after a few minutes Glen managed to find a hiding spot in the bushes which he knew wouldn't last long and he was right because Glenda looked in and found him, he tried to run more but she pulled him out he tried to jerk back but her grip was strong. "Glenda stop this!" Glen said. "You crossed the line Glen and now your going to pay for it." She pulled out her knife and stabbed him in the arm, "ow," he said, grabbing his arm then he gave her a look of pure hatred and walked off.