Just outside of Godrics Hollow, where the Potter's fragile family were located, on a wet and windy Halloween night, the most hated man (if you could call him that) in the Wizarding World suddenly popped into existence with a small crack. The man had waited for this, he had hoped for it.

"Nice costume, mister!" He could see the small boy's smile falter as he was close enough to see underneath the hood, saw the fear on his painted face. The boy turned and fled… one simple movement and the child would never reach his mother… but unnecessary. He was definitely not here for filthy muggles. No, he was here for the child that was prophesied to cause his complete and utter doom and destroy him. The man could feel an evil, twisted smirk make its way into its face. He slowly made his way where the dirty rat told him were the foolish Potters were. He stopped over the threshold in disgust. Did the Potters really think so lowly of him that they didn't even lock the door or protect their home with wards? The man took out a bone-like stick out and the door burst open. He could see a tall, thin, hazel eyed man with unruly black hair that stuck up at the back with short-rimmed glasses sprint into the hall. "Lily, take the children and go! It's Voldemort! Go! I'll hold him off!

I don't think so. The man identified as Voldemort thought. Severus was right; James Potter is arrogant, the fool doesn't even have a wand and this is supposed to be the man that took out a good number of my followers.

"Hello, Potter, I believe I have a meeting with your children. Hopefully I'm not too late." Voldemort declared, startling blood-red eyes glittering with malice and madness. Before James could respond however, a jet of red light burst out of Voldemort wand and hit the him, effectively Stunning him. Voldemort swept past James. He could hear faint screaming coming from upstairs and swiftly climbed the stairs. Voldemort forced the door open and saw a beautiful red-haired witch with almond-shaped emerald green eyes that were clouded with fear.

"Please don't take my children, take me!" pleaded the women, green eyes sparkling with tears.

"My quarrel isn't with you, mudblood."

"Not them! Please not them… have mercy…have mercy… not them!

Finally the snow-white colored man's patience broke and he fired a mild powered Reductor Curse at the women's chest that sent her crashing into and out of the wall. Voldemort walked cautiously toward the two cribs that were right next to each other. One was blue and the other green. Inside the blue crib laid a hazel-eyed, red-haired baby that was playing with a wooden block. Daniel was printed elegantly in gold paint on the front of the crib. The baby glanced at the wizard and went back to playing with his blocks. Voldemort felt a brief surge of fury at the boy's dismissal. Nevertheless he stepped sideways and surveyed the other Potter spawn. Harry was also written in gold on the crib. The baby that laid within this crib was the very picture of innocence; he had black unruly hair much like his fathers and had the emerald-green brilliant eyes of his mother. Right now those eyes were staring innocently and amusedly at him as if wondering when he was going to do next.

Hmm, which one should I kill first, Daniel or Harry? The wizard thought to himself. Suddenly a smirk appeared on Voldemort's face, I will annihilate the one that is more pure, more innocent. He very carefully pointed the wand at Harry's face and said the most dreaded words in the Wizarding world as well as the last words most wizards heard before their untimely death.

"Avada Kedavra!"

With a sick fascination he saw the familiar sickly green hue of the Killing curse, strike Harry. Wait…, something is wrong. The boy seemed to absorb the deadly Curse, the curse itself was taking the shape of a lightning bolt and then the power of the spell unleashed a shockwave of dark magic that blew up the whole house and Daniel, being in close range, was also hit and he too absorbed a tiny fraction of power parting a snake-like tattoo like scar. As for Voldemort, he was broken, nothing, nothing but pain and torture, his Horcruxes fighting to keep his soul to the physical world. He had to hide until he regained full power. And with that the remains of Voldemort fled to the safety of forests of Albania.

5 minutes later

With a loud pop, a tall, thin silver-bearded very old purple-cloaked man who looked like his nose was broken more than once but the most dominating feature about this man was his electric blue eyes that seemed to pierce into your soul, winked into existence. Two more men appeared with loud cracks, as well. The taller man had a well-built body and was darkly handsome, with long lustrous black hair, striking grey eyes, fair skin, and had an air of casual elegance, he was also wearing a cloak. The other male had a pale face with premature lines and scars with light brown hair, with shabby clothing. "Albus, they can't be dead." said the dark-haired man despairingly, seeing the utter destruction of the Potter's house. "We cannot know-"the one indentified as Albus was interrupted by a faint stirring underneath a pile of debris.

"Albus, Sirius, Remus?"Whispered Lily and James in unison. "Where are the children." They slowly got up, Lily wincing as she did so. "I think I have broken ribs.

"There." said Sirius pointing to the biggest pile of wreckage. Daniel and Harry were huddled together; there was a piece of glass on Harry, cutting the skin where the house was. All the adults ran to the babies and huddled around them where 5 pairs of eyes zeroed in on Daniel's scar.

"Albus, how did that happen?" whispered James confidentially.

"I believe that Voldemort marked young Daniel as his equal, James." stated Albus. He then picked Daniel up, completely disregarding Harry and declared what would soon prove to be biggest mistake that ever left his lips." Daniel Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived."