Yet another VladxDanny Father xSon because I'm in LOVE with that pairing. Don't you judge me. *hands on hips *

In 'Secret Weapons' I noticed that when Skulker caught Danny and brought him to Vlad, Vlad pretty much acted like Danny wasn't there (possibly because of Jazz) and they seemed pretty Ooc to me. Here's my take on how things would've gone if Jazz was not in the mansion at the time. I don't really know where she actually is in this. You guys can decide that.

And no, I haven't abandoned Amnesiac. I just have writers block.

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"Here's a bonus," Skulker said, smirking as he kicked the glowing blue containment cube in my direction.

It slid to a stop at my feet, and I got a good look at what was inside. A child in his early teens with snow white hair sat curled into a ball in the small space, clad in a black and white hazmat suit, his glowing green eyes barely open, but all the same trained on me.

"Daniel?" I asked, genuinely surprised. I was starting think Skulker would never manage to catch the child, let alone keep him long enough to deliver him to me. Yet here he was at my feet, weak and easy to handle. That made my day, especially the fact that he likely wouldn't be kicking and screaming when I took him out of the containment cube. I was confident I could handle him, feisty or not, but this would definitely make things easier.

Daniel managed to raise his head and glare at me, his green eye's glowing suddenly bright for a moment, before collapsing inside the glowing box again, his head resting in his arms.

"Excellent work Skulker!" I said happily, giving little Daniel a smile as he tried feebly to push against the walls of his prison. "I'll have to give you a bonus."

He a chuckle, leaning over so that he was at eye level with Daniel. "You could always give me the child."

"N-No.." Daniel muttered, looking at me with hopeful eyes.

I was touched that he believed he needed my protection enough to ask for it, even if it was only with one word. I wasn't going to deny him that. "Sorry, Skulker," I said, picking up my little badger in the containment cube before I thought of a more convenient idea.

"Let him out of this," I told Skulker, setting the cube back on the floor. "I'd rather not have carry him in it."

Daniel was more awake now, his eyes darting around the room nervously like a trapped animals. Well, he was trapped, so it made some sense. I could see he was tense, ready to fly through the portal as soon as he was released. I doubt he had the energy, but I wasn't going to risk it. I took a remote off one of the lab tables, pressing a button that successfully closed I the ghost portal, the metal doors sliding shut with a mechanical whir.

Skulker seemed to take this as his cue and pressed a button on a remote of his own, the glowing box around Daniel fading to nothing.

The boy changed back to his human form immediately, likely from exhaustion, and cast a wary glance in my direction. He didn't seem to know what to make of the situation.

I decided to try to calm him a bit and approached him slowly, holding my hands in front of me so that he could see I had no intention of hitting him with an ectoblast. But he didn't seem to take it that way, flinching and involuntarily shaking the table beside him, knocking over the large beaker of Ectoacid (*) that lay on top of it. The beakers contents spilled onto the white surface of the table, making a sizzling sound as they burned a golf ball sized hole right through it.

Daniels eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared at the hole in silent amazement, his focus shifted away from me for the moment. I took my opportunity and lifted the child into my arms, one arm under his knees and another under his shoulders. He didn't take kindly to this. He started struggling, albeit weakly, in my grasp, making a small sound of protest. I let him do what he pleased for a couple of minutes until he tired himself out again, going limp in my arms.

Skulker, who had been surprisingly silent throughout the whole thing, spoke up then in a mocking tone. "How adorable. The ghost child snuggling with Vlad Plasmius!" He couldn't hold in his laughter, though I personally didn't find it very funny at all.

He must have kept laughing for about two minutes before I rolled my eyes, fairly irritated. "Are you quite done yet?"

My employees eye's widened, probably surprised at my lack of humor. "Um yes," he said hesitantly.

" Good." I nodded, using the remote to reopen the portal. "You may go."

He wasted no time, darting in immediately. I closed the doors behind him, not sure if I just imagined the laughter just before they closed.

I honestly didn't get what was so funny. I was holding a child who couldn't stand by himself. Sure, it was Daniel, but and we were supposed to be enemies, but it wasn't that funny. I shook my head, deciding it was a mystery and glanced down at the teen resting in my arms.

He was asleep now, his breathing slow and even beneath his T-shirt. What exactly I would tell him about his new situation when he woke up was yet another mystery.

Sorry about the shortness guys. ^_^

Ectoacid: My own creation. It's an extremely powerful acid that can, well burn through human skin instantly if you're not careful. It's only found in the ghost zone.

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