Chapter one

Raindra: This is my first Inuyasha story, I hope you like it. I will try to update as much as I can. Please read and review.

For the last three years Kagome has been traveling with Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara. Naraku has been killed about a couple weeks ago and now that left them to get the last couple shards. The only thing is that Inuyasha Is with Kikyo every night. Kagome and them had already stopped to set up camp tonight.

"Kagome get the food cooked," Inuyasha said sitting in the closest tree.

"Why don't you cook it!" She snapped making everyone look at her. "I'm sick of you bossing me around like I'm nothing. Why don't you have Kikyo make your food. I don't even see what you think of. She's a dead bitch nothing more," Kagome yelled. Inuyasha was in front of her by the end of her talk.

"What did you say about Kikyo?" He yelled raising his hand to hit her.

"Sit," she yelled making Inuyasha fall down to the ground. It looks like he's kissing it. She walked out of camp over to the closest river. She sat down there a waited in her own thought. How is it that Inuyasha like her more? Is it because she was the one who put him to a tree?

By the time she was calm the moon was high above. She stopped when she heard voices coming from the brushes left of her.

"Inuyasha what does that girl mean to you?" Kikyo said with fake sadness. Inuyasha looked at and put his arms around her gently.

"She means nothing to me. Kikyo I love you. She just a copy and as soon as all the shards are together she will die," Inuyasha said making Kagome back away. She had loved Inuyasha, but to know that he's willing to kill her was the breaking point.

Kagome moved back quietly and ran opposite direction from camp. She went into the western lands holding the shards in her hand tightly. She didn't want to lose them not now. Her heart seemed to be broken, she was broken. She ran as quick and far as she could. Her legs started to slow down after a while and she broke out of the trees the sun was above her head. Like it was noon. She didn't stop and tried to keep going but instead she ran into what she thought was a tree. Her legs finally give in not letting her get up and her strength was going away as well. She was tried and not sleeping the night before caught up with her. She just drifted off to sleep as a pair of arms wrapped around her.

While Inuyasha got back to camp he started to feel back to normal. He had a hard time trying to figure out what had happened to him. He smelled Kagome's scent but it was fading meaning that she wasn't around for awhile. He got to camp where Sango was making lunch and Miroku was trying to calm Shippo. Kagome's bag was packed and by a tree. It seemed like they don't even noticed him enter the camp.

"Where's Kagome?" Inuyasha asked looking for her.

"She never came back after she left," Sango's voice was dark towards him.

"She left. I saw her run off," Shippo cried hugging Kagome's bow.

"Without her stuff?" Inuyasha was confused. Then he remembered what had happened. "Damn," he said as he turned around to go find her.

"We should eat lunch before looking for her," Miroku said before Inuyasha could move. He sighed and sat down.

'Why did I say that?' Inuyasha thought as he tried to figure out the reason. Sango and them where just worried for Kagome. Sango always saw her as a sister and Shippo was like her son. Something that Kagome loved. It seemed weird that she ran.

Kagome felt something soft under her which got her to open her eyes. She was in a huge blue room. All the stuff where either blue or silver. The bed she was on could have fit ten people. She felt out of place looking around. This was like living at a place in her time except some things where different here. She tried to get up then she could leave but instead she fell knocking the stuff off the night table. Her legs still were to week to stand which made her moan.

'Maybe Naraku is alive after all I took me away. No Kagome stop thinking that way. Who's place is this,' her thoughts were broken when she was place sitting in the bed. She looked over to see Sesshomaru picking up the stuff she knocked to the floor.

"Oh," she gasped see him. How his silver hair shined in the sun light. The blue moon on his forehead and the magenta strips made him look hotter. She shook her away wanting to hit herself for staring.

"Are you okay Miko?" Sesshomaru's voice made her head snapped up.

"Yes… Thank you for helping me," she said trying to look at something else in the room.

"Why were you without the half-breed?" Sesshomaru said getting her to look at him again. He stood proudly.

"He said something to someone," she said hoping she will not have to explain.

'Why did I help her?' Sesshomaru sighed in his head. He just didn't want her out there were a demon can easily kill her.

'Find out what happen,' his beast inside said.

"What did he say Miko?" Sesshomaru asked looking at her.

"My name is Kagome," she said looking at her hands trying to stop the tears that wanted out.

Sesshomaru sighed inside his head. What was he doing with the half-breeds woman. "What happened?" His voice went darker. He hated repeating the question and in the shape she was in wasn't going to hard to kill her.

"Inuyasha said he was going to killed me after getting the last of the shards," she said letting the tears fall from her eyes. She started to look around and gasped. She had forgotten her bag with the group.

"What's wrong?" Sesshomaru asked seeing her looking around.

"I forgot my bag with them," she said trying to calm down. He didn't know what was wrong with himself but he felt sorry. He quickly hugged her feeling her tears wet his clothes. He didn't care though. He just wanted to calm her down.