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Chapter 34

5 Years later

Kagome and Sesshomaru had another girl pup named Megami. The twins were five but looked to be eight and cause a lot of trouble though out the castle. Rin had met the son of the eastern lord and thought of him often. Shippo had grown to love his family, but left to train with his own kind.

Kikyo and Inuyasha had a four year old boy and stay at Kikyo's village and visited when they had time.

Kagome sat with her two year old Megami in her arms as her mate walked back and forth around the room. "Sesshomaru, darling, I think it's great that Rin likes someone," she said softly.

"No one is good enough for my dsaughters," he growled not looking up. Kagome laughed and sighed.

"You know my grandfather would have said the same thing about me and you," Kagome said putting Megami down to play with Luna and Rin. Malykia was playing tricks with a couple other servant kids in the castle.

"But that is different, your grandfather is dead," he said and she growled.

"My grandfather hasn't even been born yet," she said resting a hand on her hips. "So what if our sweet daughter likes a lord's son." She wasn't going to give up on the topic.

Sesshomaru could just feel the anger off his mate from the last thing he said. He knew better than to say anything like that. It was just Rin was his angel there was no way this prince was going to get her easily. "Kagome I don't know what to say," he sighed sitting down on the bed.

"Sess, just give him a chance. You know he has to be better than Koga," she said sitting on his lap. A growl had ripped through his chest and a dark cold look came to her face.

"You still think of him?" He was ready to find something to kill.

"Well he was the one you saved me from. I don't see why you get angry over the dead, you know I love you," she purred rubbing her head against his chest. He sighed as his anger faded, she really knew his weaknesses. She smiled and closed her eyes. "Just give him a chance," Kagome said.

"I will my mate," he purred making her shiver. Everything seemed so perfect about their family and how they stayed as one. Kagome could never have wished to be with anyone besides her mate now. She had everything she really could want in life.

For once nothing could hurt her.

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