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There's no pairing in this chapter, unless you count Beca and her hand as a pairing..

You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart,

Never really had luck, couldn't never figure out,

How to love, how to love.

You had a lot of moments that didn't last forever,

Now you in a corner tryna put it together,

How to love, how to love.

For a second you were here

Now you over there,

It's hard not to stare

The way you moving your body,

like you never had a love, never had a love.

When you is just a young'un your looks but so precious

But now you're grown up, so fly it's like a blessing.

You wouldn't think that when you look at Beca Mitchell - with her personal boundaries and walls made of titanium - that she is actually comfortable in her skin. Very comfortable, in fact.

Yes, she wears t-shirts that show off maybe way too much cleavage, but when you look at her, you'd think she was a shy, closed off alt girl, right? Not a pretentious womanizer? No way would you think that of her. She's the type to back away from physical contact, yes. But sexual contact? No way.

She likes sex. That's all the explanation there is for it really. She likes to be touched. She likes it when people kiss her passionately and she absolutely loves it when they bite at that one sensitive spot on her neck, just where her jawline meets her ear. Yes, she likes to be intimate with people.

She doesn't broadcast it. But she doesn't hide it either. She likes to be intimate with people and she likes to experiment with people. Like that time in high school when she went to a party and her and her best friend, Ted, watched a porno on her iPhone in one of the rooms, and then tried to copy what they did. It was fun, obviously. A bit awkward though. But they were young, and drunk.

She's not a slut or a whore. It's her choice whether she wants to have sex with somebody. Sex shouldn't feel awkward or wrong. It's an act that everybody goes through at least once in their life. Obviously she's clean, and she checks if her partners are clean too. But she's in college now, I mean, these are the years to experiment and have fun.

She loves the feeling of being intimate with people. But after that? After that, she feels different. She feels.. numb. Like, someone has taken advantage of her. When she leaves in the morning without waking them, or even late at night when they've drifted off to sleep. She feels it. It's a numbness in her heart which has led her to years of nothing. Years of no love.

She's not one for relationships, no way. The only boyfriend she had was in 9th grade. She was 15 at the time, and that was when she lost her virginity to him. He was the cliche boyfriend that she thought she'd never have. His name was Brad and he was the captain of the school's basketball team. Go figure. It hurt when they first did it, in his worn down Chevy. They had sex multiple times after that but then he broke up with her after 6 months because she was - and I quote - "too emotionally unavailable."

A year after that, she got her first girlfriend. She wasn't really bothered about her sexuality. Love is love, and that shouldn't be affected by what sex people are. She's been with boys and girls, and to be honest, she thinks they're both equally as satisfying in bed.

So, no boyfriends (or girlfriends) yet. No love. She doesn't believe in love. She's young. She wants to live. All she wants to do is try and make friends, and have some fun. Queue her first day at Barden.

Her first day at this University has been pretty.. interesting so far. Some guy in the back of his car sung Kansas to her when she first got out of the cab. She's been handed a rape whistle from some blonde chick in a geeky Barden uniform. And she's tried making friends with her Korean roommate, but she just earned a death glare from her instead. Funny thing is, this all happened within a matter of about 10 minutes. So yeah, interesting day.

Now, after a zoned out lecture from her dad about joining in and getting involved, and something about studying on the grass, Beca heads down to the activities fair with her "super good friend, Kimmy Jin."

As soon as she walks into the fair, away from Kimmy, she sees several students running around in a circle. Some other students are playing Quidditch with weird wizard-like costumes on. There's different groups scattered around on the grass, and she notices one group of people who all seem to be high.

She remembers back to when she first got high. She was 15 years old and her former best friend, Ted, had managed to get a hold of some weed from his older brother. Her, Ted and 4 of her other friends - Gale, Jacob, Kerry and Alex - all sat under a tree in a secluded area that they liked to hang out in and shared drags from the spliff.

When she got home that night, she had a weirdly lifelike dream that a giant snake was chasing her through a forest, and her mom had to wake her up in the middle of the night because she was screaming "get the fuck away from me you giant bastard!" She was grounded for 2 weeks after she had to eventually admit why exactly she saw scorpions crawling all over her mother's face.

She laughs to herself at the memory and carries on walking around the fair. Her eyes light up as she notices a stall with the words "Barden DJ's" above it. Obviously, she walks as fast as she can render towards the stall (also ignoring the admittedly hot guy in speedos, advertising the swimming team.)

Turns out that in Barden, DJ stands for 'Deaf Jews.' What the fuck is wrong with this school?

So after awkwardly walking away from a fairly large blonde, who started talking to her about a fiddler on the roof (don't ask), she finds herself dragging her feet towards the other stalls, wondering if she should just head back to her dorm and finish her mix that she was making before her father rudely interrupted her. That was when she notices the girl across the quad. Not just a girl though.

A very hot, tanned, redheaded girl who's wearing a blue dress which shows off her legs perfectly. Admiring the woman's bright red hair and smoking hot body, she doesn't even realize that she is standing right in front of her, staring. Not until her sweet voice breaks her (maybe dirty) thoughts.

"Hi, any interest in joining our music group?"

She takes the piece of paper that the girl hands over to her and eyes it for a moment. "Oh, this is like a thing now?" she smirks. Acapella? Really?

The leaflet reads 'Barden Bellas' in the same colour writing as the stall, and the girl's eyes. Holy shit, her eyes. She smiles, looking straight into the girl's blue orbs, completely oblivious to what she's saying. She steals a glance at her blonde friend beside her. She's tall and she looks a little bit uptight. Admittedly, she's really hot too.

So after a chat with the redhead about the different acapella groups on campus and something about the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, she bites her lip when she asks, "help us turn our dreams into a reality?" She wants to say yes, so bad. Because the way that she's looking at her right now just makes her want to do anything for this girl if it means she'll look at her like that again. But then she reminds herself that she's only just met this girl and she shouldn't be feeling this way. Also, she reminds herself that acapella is lame, and there is no way that Beca Mitchell is going to be in an acapella group. No way at all.

"Sorry, I don't even sing. But it was really nice to meet you guys."

She signs up for an internship at the University's radio station, and judging by the picture's of the staff in the leaflets by the stall, she'll be working with a hot blonde guy with big muscles and several tattoos. Nice.

What she doesn't expect is to be working with some other, admittedly hot, looking guy who goes by the name of Jesse. Turns out that this dude was the cheesy guy that sang to her from his car.

"Hey, I know you!" he says after he introduces himself to Luke, the hot station manager.

What? I don't know this guy. "No, you don't" she shoots back before anyone can say anything else.

"Yeah I do" he grins like some sort of little puppy.

Get the fuck away from me. "He doesn't" she reassures Luke (she doesn't know why she feels the need to) who's eyeing the pair weirdly.

"Totally know her" he points at her, and she wants to snap his fingers off because he's about one inch away from her and - Jesus, doesn't he know what personal space is?!

She eyes Luke as he sets his arm down on the table. Holy shit, look at those biceps.

"Right, well you two can figure that out while you're stacking CD's. When you're done, there's more." he pauses for a moment looking down at the two of them. "Now, you guys are gonna be spending a lot of down time together so please, just no sex on the desk."

Beca's face drops. Sex with this guy? The fuck do you think I am?

"I've been burned before" he smirks down at Beca and gives her a sly wink. Is that like a euphemism? Because I really wouldn't mind being on this desk with you, Luke.

The two get to work and the only thing that Beca can think is, fucking kill me now when Jesse starts talking to her about how if she took her amazingly scary earspike and glasses off, then people would notice that she was beautiful.

The only thing she says to him that day is, "Wow, I didn't think there was a way of you being any less attractive to me. But congratulations, you've managed it." and she means it, because he says something about him being unavailable when he joins the Trebles. Cocky prick.

A month. That's how long she's been here, and she's finally decided that this place is a fucking hellhole. Although she kind of found that out on the first day.

Beca and the lost puppy dog, who seems to follow her around all the time asking her about why exactly she got her earspike, finally depart each other at 8pm when their shift ends.

She's finally done with the first month at Barden and she's had to put up with being sexually frustrated by her smoking hot boss - who thinks it's okay to lift his shirt up and show off his abs to them when Jesse tells him to lay off on the burgers- Her creepy Asian roommate who she's pretty sure has some sort off 'I hate Beca' club going on. Daydreaming about the redhead whom she met a month prior, who still seems to invade her every thought. And her Dad lecturing her about not going to her classes.

So after yet another long day of stacking CD's and sparing glances at Luke in the booth, she gets back to her dorm room to see that it's empty. Ugh, fuck, finally!

She all but drops down onto her bed, hand already down her pants, as she closes her eyes and immediately a picture of the hot ginger from the activities fair jumps into her head. Why her? Who knows. But she's giving her those eyes that she gave her when she was talking to her about her music group. The eyes that are filled with passion and lust. Only this time she's not at the activities fair talking about music, she's laid atop of her in her dorm room talking about how hot she is and how much she wants her.

She can hear her voice in her head. *You're so fucking wet* she whispers seductively and Beca holds in a whimper as she brushes her own middle finger over the already swollen bud.

*Touch yourself for me, feel how wet you are.* An unrestrained moan pours from Beca's throat as she can feel the ghost of the redhead's lips graze over her ear, and her breath tickling her jaw, planting kisses there. She strokes two fingers through her entrance and gasps at the pleasure she's giving herself.

"Fuck" she mutters to herself as she pulls her jeans down further, giving her more room. She's laid on her bed, panting as her stroking pace gets quicker. Her fingers delve into her cunt and her breath starts getting heavier. She opens her eyes and looks down and she can see her fingers entering and exiting. Entering, exiting. In and out. They're coated with her wetness and she closes her eyes again to see the ginger's face right in front of hers.

*I love how hot you get.* she whispers in probably the hottest fucking tone known to man. *Make yourself scream, baby.*

She moans as her pace quickens. Her nipples are tightening with every thrust and her jaws are trembling with every intake of breath.

"Oh, shit" she manages to breath out before her back arches off the bed and her stomach tightens. She carries on thrusting her fingers into herself, slower this time as she rides the waves of pleasure. Only when she carries on, her orgasm doesn't close in, another jolt of pleasure shoots up from her toes and she can feel herself nearing the edge yet again.

Chloe's face comes into view again and she's giving her the bedroom eyes and - oh holy shit, this feels amazing! she thinks, thrusting in and out of herself at a faster pace.

*Come for me.* her seductive voice growls, *I'm gonna make you squirt.*

And that's all it takes before Beca is riding her high again and she moans - probably even louder this time - as the redhead ghosts her fingers down her collarbone and to her breast. *That's it baby. Fuck yourself for me.*

She carries on stroking herself, feeling her juices coat her fingers, then she adds another finger. Three fingers are now pushing into her and she has to squeeze the pillow behind her head to stop herself from screaming. *Mm, you're so hot when you come.*

"Holy shit!" she gasps, biting her lip enough to draw blood as another wave of pleasure hits her right in the stomach. Her fingers slow down and her eyes are still closed as she rides out her third orgasm of the night. Her breathing is ragged as her chest heaves and drops. *That was so hot* the redhead whispers and Beca could of swore she felt her soft lips nip at her earlobe.

She finally pulls three fingers out of herself after calming her ragged breaths down and manages to open her eyes to see the empty dorm room. No redhead. She frowns as she walks to the bathroom to wash her hands.

She goes to sleep that night thinking she is possibly the most masochistic fucker known to man.

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