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Legend :

"This is talking. Like when I realized I actually snogged the Doctor."

These are thoughts, like seriously thought, like... I really snogged the Doctor? That Doctor?

"Theses are strong, mostly terrible hissed sentences! Like, what the hell do you mean I molested the Doctor!? I can do that?!"



'Lyrics or Message. Probably about sex. Most definitely probably about sex.'

Chapter One

By Cigar Fancy Pants

The Doctor shivered. The body that was pressed up against him was so inviting. Warm. He seared her lips with his own, burning them with everything he had, with everything as he tilted her head back, curling his fingers tightly in her hair and keeping her from pulling back. He didn't want anything but the burning in his chest to stop as she clung to his jacket, his ship giving them privacy as the pounding fire in his head took over whatever else he could have used to detach himself.

He didn't want to think, or for her to think either. He tilted her chin up with a sigh, wanting to feel more of those quivering uncertain lips against his own. His other hand trailed desperately up a wobbly thigh, grabbing and tugging her closer. She tried to bring her hands up to mimic him, but he was most definitely distracting her quite well as her fingers curled and grasped around air. She whimpered, and he trailed his teeth over her bottom lip. She still hadn't quite gotten kissing down yet, but he was always told he was a very good teacher.

This was in a moment which he didn't know where it started, or how or when, which was very distracting to his Time Lord nature of and in itself. After all, his species were the conquerors of time, it wasn't easy to get him misplaced. But gods he wasn't going to let it stop. Only during these moment could he pretend he was control, pretend he could say no if he wanted to, like there was a certain button he could switch off and put reality back on the right side up. If she actually took a moment to pull back and think about what they were doing, if she wanted to stop, he would do it. That he would want to. But that was okay, it was fine. Better than fine really.

There was just this, nothing else in the universe, just him and this impossible improbable stowaway of a girl. There was no loss, or pain, this was his escape. He wasn't the Doctor looking for The Nestene Consciousness while a silly little blond ape wouldn't leave him alone, and she wasn't an unknown stowaway who just tackled him while he tried to fix his ships secondary flight deck. Not now, not here. He should have turned before he got so close, he should have stopped before getting this far along. But he didn't want to, he really really really most certainly did not want to. He traced her teeth slowly and nibbled on those quaking lips, and she tried to return his favour, pushing back shyly in the kiss as he tugged her even closer, wrapping an arm around her back. No, there was nothing else but those tiny little wanton gasp in the back of her shaking throat, those quivering fingers holding desperately tight onto his jacket. He swallowed those tiny, unsure sounds as the seconds ticked by.

Saving one little ape invested planet could wait a few minutes, couldn't it? He licked, nipped, curled, and sucked. It was too hot in his mind. Nothing but him, no one other than him. There should be no one else buzzing around inside of his head, he was sure. Absolutely sure. He knew the silence of his people being gone, and he knew that he was alone. No one else but himself. There should be no one, nothing there but the never ending loneliness. He had made sure of that.

This mind that was so different from his own. This high level telepathic was no low grade empath either, or someone who accidentally lost their way and was asking a stranger for help. This innocent, uncorrupted soul was so opposite of his own, and finding him hadn't been the end of it. No, one moment she was nothing but a kitten, the next she could make the most posh king of Moxx Push blush.

He could feel her want, her need, the same unwavering heat as her mind pulsed against his. There shouldn't be anyone in his head that wasn't invited, but there she was like a hard knock against a locked door. She was always calling for him now, trying to find him when he didn't immediately respond. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to his own personal months, and still she came. She all but forced her way into his mind and sat like dead weight multiple times already, unwilling to move. He wanted it, he needed it. Gods he wanted to just pretend this was normal. What, he didn't want to know what she was, or why she was coming to him. No no, he just wanted.

He purred as she traced his neck with a shaky thumb, making her jump in his arms... Right, she was an alien too, they were most definitely not the same species. She tried to imitate his unintentional reaction after a moment, her own occurring growl just as appealing as it rattled her chest. He moved to trace her jawline, he had never tried this with an alien to be honest, and she was doing things his previous partners never even tried. Which was nice, very very nice. Kissing an alien was very nice, who knew? Like that! What did she just do with her hands, and his ears? Never knew he liked a good tug. He should mark that down somewhere.

He really needed to stop thinking so much and stay on track. She was not Time Lord, her biology wasn't human, or any of the other humanoid or bipedal hairless species he could think of, but she also wasn't keeping her hands still long enough for him to think straight. Most other species weren't this controlled of their higher brain functions while still this underdeveloped in identifying physical markers. And from what he could tell, she didn't have five eyes or tentacles. Not Time lord, no secondary respiratory bypass system to be found, and there weren't any of human origins mixed or not, that have her body chemistry. Impossible.

Wait wait wait...He had a pretty woman literally wrapped around his waist, and he was thinking about everything but that? Silly daft old man he was, getting ahead of himself and forgetting where his hands were. Like right now, when did he start doing THAT?

He pushed her against the wall of his ship, his arm holding up her weight as he took a quick bite of her neck. His body must have been on autopilot, because he could only watch through the half-lidded heat, all but hissing in his head, as he put a hand on the curve of her back, pulling her off the wall and pressing her chest to him. He dragged her more into his lap, lifting her feet off the ground and onto the tips of her toes, pressing their bodies harder together. He was trying to get as close as possible, as much contact as he could get away with really. His own groan was drowned out as he nipped on those delectable lips again and she licked his lower lip in response. He bit down, hissing as those tiny trembling fingers nervously trailed up the side of his throat and up his scalp, searching for what he wanted. She finally racked her nails back down, leaving the skin raised and he shivered at the thrill of it all.

When did his hand get tangled in her hair, her hair that was slightly glowing? And when did his other hand get under her shirt and start playing with the hem of her undergarments? His hand were not listening to his brain, which was not a very good thing. Not good at all. He groaned low, sucking and nipping on her jawline, purring once more as she tried her experiment again. She gave another experimental tug on his ears as her spine curved, rocking against him. Gods, it was getting too hot in his head. He gave his own experimental roll of his hips, grinding clumsily against her. He really needed to think more clearly and figure out when he started taking off her shirt.

He licked up to her ear, nipping to give her swollen lips time to recover. She gasped, and he finally got the blasted button up shirt she was wearing off and down her shoulders. He didn't let it come off completely, after all it was sightly cold in the TARDIS hallway they were standing in, no reason to catch a cold. He moved back to her lips and she curled her hips again, whining as he still didn't move. He wasn't usually a fan of dry humping, it wasn't something his species did often actually. But...

He gave her a once over as he traced her ear with his lips, her pupils were past blown, which seemed normal for whatever she was. She was tugging on his jacket to bring him as close as possible, and It was obvious she wasn't going to let him stop either. So it wouldn't hurt to try. He wasn't going to stop, and he wasn't going to let her go. It was just one experimental motion, just one, couldn't hurt, could it?

Pressing her hard against the wall again he mumbled a quick comfort in Old High Gallifreyan out of habit, pinning her against his larger hips. If she reacted badly he would stop immediately, set her down to apologize, and hope he didn't ruin the mood of it all. He brought a thumb up to her left temple to be sure of any signs of discomfort, reaching back into her mind to follow her slightly strained thought process. Every species was different, and little things and movements could add up into a very large problem. What one found pleasurable could be painful to another. He had heard the horror stories, how many arranged marriages in the forty sixth century had ended with some very very awkward and embarrassed newlywed stories. Kissing seemed alright, but sensual releases were an entirely different matter. He murmured something in her ear that hopefully would be translated into whatever language she spoke. After all, it was very hard to find one the TARDIS couldn't put through her language diffuser. Like his, or the Dalek Hive mind language for example.

Wait, less thinking, more this.

He kissed her throat as he started to move. One experimental roll of his hips and it was all that it took. Her legs gave out as she let out a hoarse cry, clinging to him as he groaned back, feeling as her mind pulsed and rocked back against him. He watched, fascinated as her eyes unfocused and the black receded, the green of her eyes taking over and all but glowing. He could feel the fire in her head become even more unbearable as he brushed a thumb across her temple. Her darker skin tone from his own seemed to radiate heat, her skin glowing an almost unnoticeable blueish hue. Similar to his own regeneration energy, he supposed. Her thoughts seemed to splinter in every direction as he used more pressure to jerk his hips a little harder the second time. Her head was too damn hot, it was burning up. It was burning.

She couldn't keep up with his tongue anymore as he started a slow but hard rhythm, and she shivered and bucked each time his lips or teeth brushed her raised skin. It was like her body was giving off pure pheromone heat. Breaking away from her mouth he moved onto her jaw, and she tilted her head back, staring wide eyed at the ceiling as she tried to catch her breath. He nipped at her neck, his own spine curling as a pleasurable pulse made its way up his back and down his arms and legs. Yes, his kind didn't usually find comfort in carnal release, but it didn't mean it wasn't enjoyable. Very very, oh my. Very enjoyable.

Then, which was really just too much for him to bare really, she starting moaning. The ending becoming so sinful, somehow becoming a common word he could recognize. It took a moment for his mind to catch up with body, but his eyes rolled slightly as she continued to call out. Oh, that was too much. Way too too much.

The sound of his name stumbling out like that, jumbled by her trembling as she tried to get him to move again, jerking her own small hips up - it was too much. No one else in the universe would ever be allowed to hear his name said like that. Gods, he was boiling. He licked his lips and tried to get himself back into his head, suddenly everything muffled by the pounding in his ears. His name called out like that should be illegal throughout time, it was too corrupt. No one should call out for a Doctor like that!

She threw her head back again and curved her body against him, her pulse racing wonderfully on her flushed throat, and strands of blue lifting off her skin like waves that weaved around the current of the air. It was fascinating to watch as the hue slowly grew in intensity, and it wasn't long before both of them were covered and surrounded by the flowing waves of expressed energy, it curling around them like a web. He lunged at her neck as she murmured out his name again, licking and sucking against the side. Yes, he wanted her to lose it, to lose what little she had left. He wanted to make her fall, to become nothing as she came undone. The blue seemed to seep into his skin, slowly making it's way up to his eyes, slowly burning them the same color. He jerked his hips forward quicker and this time he didn't stop.

Faster and harder, he growled as she started to make those tiny, nonsensical noises. Pulling her completely off the ground he wrapped her shaking legs around his waist, using his larger stature to press her back firmly against the metal wall, hands tight around her thighs to keep her up. She clung to his jacket, curling her jerking arms around his back for purchase as she spoke her own unfiltered and unknown language. He used is own weight as control, a way to keep her from returning the amount of movement he was giving. He needed some sort of control, so if they both lost themselves to the feeling, he needed to have a way back. He moved against her body, pinning her as he rolled and jerked his hips until they both were shaking. He curled his body around her, engulfing her as he bit down, keeping a most certainly painful hold on her neck, and carved her body with his fingers as he pressed back mentally. He hissed as the energy she was releasing seemed to prick him back for his efforts, curling with a primal edge down his spine. He gave back more and more, rocking both their bodies and minds as she curled back and thrashed.

In a way the absurd differences between them, their physical and mental incompatibility, it showed how truly strange and literally alien she was to him every second he touched her. She would ground her hips against him in circles for pressure, while he rocked around her for friction. His mind was a curve, bending to see almost everything and anything to overtake it, while hers was all but non-perspective, slowly building intensity like a wild fire to eat away at whatever it could hold. But it was amazing. It was so primal, so alien, and so so very wonderful.

He let her arms flail as she started to turn into a whimpering mess around him, against his painfully jerking hips. He licked at her lips as she lost her mind, desperately clawing at his arms, his chest, his back, his jacket, the wall, his hips. Her body seemed to want to all but devour him, the waves of physical and mental energy pushing harder onto his back, pressing his hips against hers.

"Ah!" he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from cursing, letting the next cry get stuck in his throat as he swallowed heavily. This was it. He groaned through his nose, moving back to her throat as she babbled. She moaned his name without thought and sobbed when he gave her even more. He didn't let go of her skin as he sucked and licked to the tempo of his hips. His own pleasure was numbing over his burning mind, his own gut twisting as he snarled inside of her head. One hand curled around his jacket collar, another thrown above her, and she clawed to grab onto something so she wouldn't fall. She was trying desperately to hold on as her muscles and legs forcefully twitched to each move he made.

She tried to move her hips against his thrusts, but he trapped her under him and he wasn't going to let her go. He was so close as he watched her come undone, small trembling sobs breaking through her jumbled mess of thoughts and broken meanings, the web around them snapping and hissing, pulsing to its own beat. He watched through the haze, leaning forward to bite her lower lip, her eyes finally glazed over, her chest heaving under what was left of her shirt on her arms. He groaned, grabbing her hip when her body finally, finally locked around him, her spine curved all the way to her toes.

Her eyes rolled as primal sounds ripped through her swollen lips, crying out as her mouth dropped open. Her skin glowed in a way that most Time Lord society would be envious of, all but blocking out her facial features and burning his eyes. The Doctor couldn't stop, wouldn't as he nipped at her open lips to stifle a gasp of his own. Her mind seemed to follow her body, grinding to an almost blistering white halt, blending into the sounds of his own subconscious, and the Doctor had to let go of her mind in order not to fall with her. He murmured a half groaned purr as she continued to fall over the edge, her legs quaking and jerking as he pushed her over. Yes, that's it. Just like that. Come undone. He didn't think as her head was thrown back knocking hard against the wall, curling his hips harder.

Her mind splintered all the way through as her body tried to twist out from under him, from over stimulation. It was too much as her eyes dimmed into darkness and the telepathic backlash made the Doctor's knees go weak. He strained to keep them both up and continue his painfully fast rhythm as she cried out and twitched, babbling nonsense into his ear when he leaned over to slowly licked up her arching throat, tasting the rush of pure mental euphoria that was now laced with her physical hue. It was a complete contrast to his frenzied lower half as he tried to sooth away his bite barks, from his nails tracing every inch of her skin he could reach. He kissed and licked, murmuring and gasping into her neck, keeping his eyes closed as blue streams took over the hallway. My, she was lighting up like a small star! How wonderful. He kept a crushing grip on her waist. His hands keeping her from getting away.

She sobbed out his name over and over. Looking through her haze and into his eyes, the green burning through his eyelids and searing his mind. And he watched, he didn't stop his hips, his tongue, his fingers as her eyes rolled, her mouth wide as she screamed into another completion. But he didn't stop. She tugged and kicked, her head flung side to side as she went further into madness, the fire inside of her mind burning away what was left of his own sanity. Whatever was left of either of their minds blended past the point of distinguishing one or the other, and the Doctor didn't have a clue where her pleasure started and his began. He kept up the insanity to meet the lost restraint, his never-ending pace as he lost something and the fire took over. He was going to keep going, he wasn't going to stop, ever. He continued as her body fought for control over their minds, as she murmured out his name, as he bite her neck hard leaving another mark, as she tried to twist out for under him again.

He thrusts and jerked as painfully fast as he could, as hard as he could. This moment. Just this. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Who thought of what didn't matter, neither could tell anymore who was wanting what, doing what, and the Doctor didn't know if the possessiveness running through them had started with him or her. He didn't stop moving and she didn't stop crying out, whimpering his name, tugging desperately at his clothes as she did it again, harder, more painful each time. She moaned as he growled, still after all this, it was too much for any one person as her arms went limp and his legs started to go numb.

As he continued to thrust, to grind into the body under him, he was never going to let go, never going to leave this paradoxical loop of physical mental backlash and primal thrusts. Not for the one person who could make him lose every single last piece of control he had. All those protective barriers he made over nine hundred years, the chains that held back the storm, the monster in his blood, gone the moment she started to tremble under his fingers. He would never stop, not when it felt this good. Mine. This was mine.

"Doc-Doc... Doctor." She whined, her vision swarming as he leaned back to gasp for air, and she lunged forward, biting down on his throat as he tried to swallow. The Doctor moaned, tilting his head back in euphoria and let out a cry of his own, calling out as she left her teeth on his skin and almost broke the skin. There would be a bruise. The pain and pleasure had mixed long ago, his thrust and their bites blending together in both of their minds. He closed his eyes and held himself over the edge as she cried out again, sobbing into his skin and clawed at his scalp as he finally started to come undone.

Yes, just like that. But why was his head burning?

Holy mother of god.

Give your mind a little, and it takes the entire cake, and the box it came in too.

She hissed as she lurched forward in bed, her hips still moving to phantom pressure as she blindly hit at her desk to turn off the contraption created by the devil himself. The alarm was way too loud, and Nic jerked fully awake with a pained gasp, sputtering bits of hair out of her mouth and blinking rabidly. Was it trying to kill her, that damned alarm from hell? Damn it. Damn it. Screw everything that had to do with time, space, and keeping a schedule. Who needed a schedule anyway? Schedules were boring! Stupid time, stupid waking up, stupid alarm, let her sleep without the hell shrieks of lost souls waking her up every morning, would ya?

It was only when the room returned to blissful silence she groaned, collapsing to sink down in her bed to curl up in a ball. She was never, never going to eat right before bed again. It felt like she just went to sleep, the whole night felt only like seconds. She lay still, dead weight under the blanket and stared at her sheets. Great, just great. Dandy. Fantastic even.

She groaned, curling her hand into a fist and banging it loosely on her pillow as the phantom heartbeat in her head slowly ebbed away. Damn it, what the hell?

She moved her toes one by one, wiggling away the sluggish warmth that had taken over, the phantom shivers moving over her frame and down her back with guilty pokes. She could feel her cheek burning, her lips felt different as she traced them with a finger. They were almost swollen and stupidly stupid warm. No, that was not the warm tangles of an afterglow going up her spine, not at all, must be something else. Anything else damn it. It would be almost impossible to get ready at this point, she knew the moment she took one step out of this bed she was going to fall, her legs becoming puddles of goo.

Wonderful, just rub it in why don't you? She hissed at her mind, damning it to the far corners of hell. Her mind needed to eat a bar of soap and take a visit to church.

That's it, she was going to ask for horse tranquilizers the next time she went to the doctor's office. No more misses nice girl. She willed her body to relax against the imaginary onslaught, taking deep breaths to slow down her heart and imagined cute puppies and old men in speedos. A terrible combination, but it did its job. She blinked, scowling at the few sentences and lingering afterthoughts that seemed to rattle around in her subconscious.

Burying her head into a nearby pillow she growled, flicking off the computer next to her bed. Guess that's what she got for reading another Doctor Who related story on the Internet. Great, whoopee, time to watch some children cartoon to purge her soul, she supposed? Her skin and her head were still on fire, and she was not going to acknowledge her aching waist or the burning in her bones. She curled her fingers around her pillow and grumbled. She was going to hide as long as possible, ignore the world. Screw work, she was already aware of how long her body needed to recover. She cursed into her pillow and glared at the wall as sleep didn't find her again.

She grimaced, finally having enough willpower to judge herself for another morning. The third dream this week about the ninth Doctor? Really brain? This was getting old and really really horrible. It had been awhile since she had one in his view-point, almost two weeks. But, when she saw herself through his eyes, those were by far the hardest to get out of bed after. Talk about taking masturbation to a new extreme. She slammed her head into her pillow another few times for good measure, before moving to knock herself in the temple just to be sure. She kicked at her sheets and grumbled at the personal lewd movies in her head. Who did she piss off? What deeds did she commit in a past life to deserve this treatment?

She was not a pervert. No way, uh-uh, nope. Dear god she wasn't, cross her heart.

She was a teenager yea, with all of those silly little teenage hormones, but this was way past ridiculous. She had too many nights where she had to change a perfectly good pair of knickers. This obsession her mind had over the Doctor went past embarrassing months ago, and she was seriously starting to question her sanity. Seriously, very very seriously thinking about visiting a shrink now. She has a silly crush on an imaginary character, who she molested in her head night after night, how sad is that? She felt it the moment she laid eyes on those ears and that lopsided grin in episode one and it never went away. Now add puberty to her childish crush, and wallah! Pain in the neck, and avoiding eye contact with everyone in the morning. This was the fourth one just this week, and really, what teenager was this deprived? This obsessed?

When it started, she would go to sleep then it would be 'oh look, is that a man I had a crush on? Well yes it was. Should probably kiss that then' and that was it. For a week or so, it was just dream after dream about running around, popping in at random places, then stealing a nice steamy kiss from a more than willing man. Nothing too overly disturbing, completely normal. And after hearing the horror stories from her friends about the terrifying sexual nightmare with clowns, or chickens, and sometimes the Queen of England, she thought she was pretty lucky.

Then she started doing more than kissing. A hell of a lot more than kissing.

Five weeks went by pretty quickly probably because the new season of the show had just started coming out. That month had made it easy for her to be able to ignore it. Then seven weeks started to tick by. Then twelve. Then twenty. Now at month seven, she was ready to throw her computer through her window and break her television with a baseball bat. An exorcism of her bed sounded like a fabulous idea.

It happened almost every night.

Almost. Every. Night.

It made her want to scream and tell someone. She would get one night of peaceful bliss a week if she was lucky, maybe. This nights wasn't the worse one she had of course, nowhere as embarrassing as the incident she now dubbed, The screwdriver and its other setting. But, it was five months ago when she did those certain things to the ninth with her hands and mouth, and since then they were starting to get more perverted each time. Her cheeks started to burn again and she rolled her eyes. No no no, she was not starting that. Not happening.

And to think, she was doing those things with someone so old! This was not supposed to be happening. Not that that was bad to love someone older, but maybe just a little when he isn't real?

For the first few weeks she had avoided eye contact with almost everyone, and now she tried not to think about it at all during the day. She even started her first job at the local coffee diner just to fill up her down time. And she hated to work, or move for that matter. She even avoided the past seasons of Doctor Who that showed up on the television like the plague. She put away any and all of her Doctor Who merchandise to relieve her tension, putting her silence and TARDIS shirts in the back of her closet, taking down her wall paper, storing away her screwdriver replica and Gallifreyan text books in a lock box. Yes a lock box. She didn't screw around with these types of things anymore. If she was possessed by some sort of pervert demon, then she would seriously have to go cold turkey until it passed. When she read stories about the show, she skipped over the mature section and read only childish fantasy. The more cute stuffed animals and Pokémon type themes, the better.

However, nothing was working. At all. In the slightest. If anything, she was going insane even more quickly.

At least, in her defence to herself, for an actor his age Eccelston - who was older than her father - he was very good looking when he smiled. It wasn't much of a reason to feel better about the situation, but it was all she could come up with at the moment. It was, after all, a very addictive smile. And that tongue behind it. Magical.



Enough thinking, no more thinking was allowed, no no no. Bad brain, bad bad brain. Stop acting like a horny tramp already. She grabbed the sides of her pillow and screamed into it. Holding none of her frustration and tension back, she cursed in any and every language she could think of.

She needed to calm down, to get ready for the day and not mentally drool over imaginary men.

"Nic? Are you up!" Her mother had only two levels of speaking, unfortunately. Her inside voice and screaming her lungs out. She was downstairs in the kitchen probably, and Nic was quickly becoming aware she was out of time to wallow in her self pity party. She groaned, putting another pillow over her head and tried to will the world away. Shoo shoo, go away, come back another never. Maybe if she didn't move the beast would lose interest and find another poor soul to feast on? Like one of her brothers, she heard one of them had tried to pass off a dent in the car as a shadow the other day. Maybe she would focus on him?


Or not. The screech almost shook the walls, and she didn't hesitate to throw her pillow across the room so it would bounce off the door.

"I'm up! I'm up!" She yelled back as her mom let out another ear piercing scream, most likely waking up the neighbors. Talk about morning breath, her mum probably could spit fire. She groaned loudly as rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, flinging the blankets off her and stumbled out of bed with shaky knees. She grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt she had laid out the night before, quickly trying to put them on as she stumbled around the room. Sweet sweet baby Jesus why was the room spinning in circles? She could not be this tired?

She squawked as she tripped over a few things on the floor. This was not fair. "I'll be down in a minute," She halfheartedly yelled through her door, trying to walk without swaying side to side. She hissed as the room decided to turn a lovely shade of gray, than blue, a kaleidoscope of colors as it continued to spin faster, "just a minute!" She was able to get successfully to the other side of the room after a few unsuccessful tries, only to trip over the floor mat when she entered her bathroom.

She yelped, running straight into the sharp corner of the counter. Right, there was a counter in her bathroom. Ow. That really hurt to run your hip straight into that. Okay, maybe she was a bit tired. Stupid, god damnable dreams. Bother someone else would you, like a criminal or something? She swore as her arms got caught in the sleeves, getting her head tangled up in the shirt. What was this thing made of, rubber bands of broken hopes and dreams?! She hissed and kicked out her legs as she went over, shrieking as she stumbled over the toilet and fell with a thud into the tub.

"God damn it!" she blinked as the world wobbled, her face still inside of her shirt. What was this, a roller coaster, everything stop moving! She hissed as she jumped back up, standing awkwardly in the bathtub with her shirt around her like a straight jacket. "Stop that!"

She finally popped her head out of the top of the abomination, her mom continuing to yell something from the kitchen. She rubbed her head in frustration though her tangled sleeves, not quite understanding. Something about breakfast and a paychecks, but she was still too out of it to understand. Nic finally got one leg through her pants as she jumped in place, barely avoiding putting a foot into the toilet.

"I said I'd be down in a minute!" Pipe down, couldn't she catch a little break? Her mother was a real dragon some days. Not that she would ever call her dear wonderful mother that, she loved living too much. What a way to start a Sunday.

She cheered as she finally defeated the evil that was long sweater sleeves, tugging her pants up quickly after. Whoever came up with the idea of waking up early would make the day more productive, that person was an idiot. Who had full control over their body at six in the morning? Preposterous.

She finished putting her hair in a high tight pigtail, and it looked more like a wild fluff ball attached to the back of her head then hair, but it would do. She brushed her teeth at the same time as she tied her shoes, sparing a glance at her clock as she jumped in place. Alright she could do this, she had five minutes at most. She was on a roll. No more thinking about terribly dreams, or men, or jackets, or fictional television shows. And most definitely definitely no thinking about kissing. It was time to start the day and worry about real problems, with real solutions. The real world waited for no man, or woman in her case.

She spit out the mouth wash and checked her tongue in the mirror, making a face. She stared down her red eyes as she wiped her mouth, fixing her clothes one last time."Alright you." She hissed as she leaned in, starting her daily pep talk with a finger pointed at her reflection, "No more of that crazy stuff. Got it?" She touched up her hair one more time, glancing at the clock and then down at her untouched make up.

She looked presentable at least, her black top and pants for waiting tables matching the dark circles under her eyes. She grimaced, biting her lip, the red in her eyes made her look older, and how pale her face was today didn't help in the least. Okay, so not so good. Terrible actually, she looked like she just walked out of a closed coffin. Even with her dark skin tone, she looked sick and exhausted. She would fit in at Halloween as a zombie without much effort though. Alright, so maybe she should put on some makeup, and skip the whole eating a nutritious breakfast thing.

She frowned, it was like no matter how much she slept she got nowadays she was always exhausted.

It was probably a good idea to put on some foundation at least, she wouldn't get any tips if she looked half dead while serving pastries. She continued to grumble as she grabbed her purse, halfheartedly layering on a fine amount of coverup as she ran past the amount of time she had. No time to think about anything but work. She was tired because she was a teenager who worked some twenty hours a week and went full time to school, nothing else. No hidden secrets or whatever. She spared herself on last look before heading downstairs.

She was just tired, not sick damn it. She took the steps two by two, running past her brother on the couch as he spared her a grunt for a hello, before running into the kitchen. She quickly looked at the clock, seeing she needed to go. Now. Alright, that ruled out a healthy breakfast. Or making a healthy lunch. Stupid dreams. Stupid Doctor. It looked like she would be in a hurry, and she would have to ride her bike like someone was chasing her.

"Don't be late." Her mother called from the back room, putting the clothes in the washing machine. "I got a call from Mare, if you miss any more hours they said their gonna cut back your schedule!" Nic winced, strapping on her helmet quickly. Oh joy, her neighbour was following her to work and spying on her for her parents again? Lovely.

Again, screw the Doctor. In a nonliterary sense of course.

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