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Legend :

These are thoughts.

"This is talking."

"Theses are strong, mostly terrible hissed sentences!"




Chapter one, part one – Meet the family.

By Cigar Fancy Pants

Time isn't really a progressive line of events. It's more, well in a non-linear non-subjective viewpoint it really was more of a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

It was easy for him to understand. How events did not have to happen first for the next to appear. Paradoxical loops and fixed points, on how it's wasn't always an action before a reaction. Time would always change, always fall back on itself, and the future would always will be in flux.

That didn't mean the Doctor would just sit by and let certain events occur naturally, looped or fixed, just because it was easier to deal with.

"Stop." The Doctor tried to keep the quiver out of his voice, his hands braced against the wall to keep himself from touching her. He inhaled sharply. "Stop this. This isn't..."

He pressed his face against the wall as she pushed harder into his mind, his forehead sliding across the wood as he kept his eyes closed. He didn't look directly at the blue light as it tugged at his clothes so she couldn't keep him for very long. The translucent Nic behind him let out a whimper, pushing forward with her mind. The Doctor growled in frustration as she began to rock against the curve of his spin, her chest pushed rather provocatively against his back.

Two hundred years since their first meeting, since she first came to him and he still his resolve was weak? She tugged the buttons of his shirt and loosened his suspenders, her fingers barely skimming over his collar as he tried to stay simply passive. She purred and he felt the arms wrapped around his waist tighten. He couldn't stop the small whine that slipped through his lips as she brushed up against his mental walls again and again.

"Just... just wait a mo- ment!"

He jumped as one hand went lower, his stomach jerking as she nipped his shoulder. He could feel her heartbeat pressed against his back and he squeezed his eyes shut, letting out a small groan as she pressed more of herself against him, around and inside his mind. Another flare of pleasure pushed on his locked mind and he bit his lip, snapping back to try to get her out.

She just pushed harder, throwing herself hard against his mental barriers.

No no no.

This wasn't right. His Nic, the proper present Me'cha of his own time-line was going to throw a fit. No no not at all, he needed to stop acting like an academy student who never had a quickie before, this was not the time to fall for urges. And think of Amy, oh think of the Ponds? Rory and Amy were going to skin him alive. Most definitely. He should not be doing this in their room. No no no. So he should make her stop, get her to stop.

He was extremely stiff and she bit his shoulder again, a shiver going up his back as her fingers ghosted over the hem of his pants. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, not like this, not after everything they've done. After everything he's done to her. His hands slowly curled into fists and he pressed his knuckles harder into the wall. No no no. Not like this at all. Nic was not some little shrew to shag and ignore it for later. He needed to wake her up.

"Just," His voice cracked as she bit down quite hard this time, humming as she tugged at his jacket with her teeth. What was she doing, trying to eat him? She was biting too much and by gods her alien teeth! She never tried to eat him in the past, but apparently he needed to review her species requirements and dietary needs. He really did not want to be food anytime soon.

"Just. Just wait! Wait wait wait. You have to wait. Now listen!" His hands fumbled around the air as he tried to figure out what he should do. "Wait!" He squawked as she sinfully moaned, pressing her hips into his backside. They needed to stop, at least before someone walked in on them.

"Wake up!" He barked, fumbling one more time before grabbing her arms. He ignored, completely ignored the fact she wasn't wearing a bra and that felt really nice pressed up against him. They needed to stop and she needed to wake up. Unfortunately for him she had other thoughts. She growled, eyes narrowing as he tried to wiggled free.

She unzipped his pants, got her hands under his underwear, and took a firm hold of him in one go.

The reaction was immediate and as the Doctor let out a breathless yelp, jumping in place as his body locked from the sudden direct touch. Nic couldn't stop the hum that made its way out of her mind, the blue ghostly web starting to form around them like it always did. His hips bucked in surprise and a smug little smile tugged at her lips.

"N-n- Nic." The Doctor's wide eyes looked back at her with disbelief and a little excitement, his pupils dilating as his throat went dry.

He squeaked as she started a slow rhythm rolling her wrists and tightening her grip, nibbling on his back. He finally let out a long pained groan as his eyes rolled, his hands losing their strength as he weakly tugged on her arms. His head lowered, his forehead knocked softly against the wall with a soft breathless moan, his mouth opened slightly and he murmured a string of words Nic couldn't understand.

He hissed under his breath, his cheeks started to burn. She could feel him tense, the muscles in his stomach twitching dangerously. His voice was almost a whisper, little moans and hitched gasps falling from his open mouth. Say what he wanted, it was exciting to do something naughty and a little bit dangerous at the same time, wasn't Doctor?


Nic felt the surge of victory go through her as the Doctor's breath hitched harder, as he hunched over more. At the way he would gulp loudly as his mouth went dry, at how he leaned more against the wall for support, how his ears and neck would turn a lovely shade of red as his eyes slowly fluttered closed. It was so very amazing how she could make him like this, make someone like The Doctor come undone in her hands. It was a thrill making someone so powerful weak with just her hands.

She nuzzled his back, speaking in her strange language to sooth him as the Doctor let out another moan, his hips thrusting up into her hands once more before he was able to stop. She resisted moving faster to get more of a reaction, still wanting to take her time as he braced the rest of his weight on the wall, his knees starting to wobble as she gave more attention to certain sensitive areas.

The blue light around them danced excitedly, rocking against the Doctor's body and mind. He finally moved his hands to slid down her arms, loosely grasping her wrist in a shaky hold.

The Doctor opened his eyes, finally unable to resist the blue light that sparked against his skin, letting the energy burn his eyes and travel through his biology. He looked darkly at the wall and took a deep breath through his nose, letting out a most definite growl. She growled back as his demeanour changed again, his leaning figure by all means making him look more dominating and threatening. Another inhuman sound came from him and it was nothing like the imitated growling others tried to make. She whimpered back as his throat turned to a purr, leaning into her touch.

Suddenly the walls in his mind sprang open, snapping apart and Nic was pulled further into the blaze. The Doctor tugging her violently deeper into the depths of his consciousness, and with a snarl that ripped through his mind, made her moan. His hands twitched and she tightened her grip in return, quickening her pace. His stomach jerked and she nuzzled his spine.

"Nic." He purred, rubbing a moving wrists with a calloused thumb as he looked down, licking his lips.

A rush of heat shot through her at his voice, so deep and rough as he watched her pleasure him, and the light prickled his spine as it travelled up both their bodies. Maybe she could make him turn around? It was becoming clear that he needed something better, something with a bit more thrill. All she needed to do was get on her knees and her mouth would do the rest and-


The door behind them sprung open and both jumped, Rory walking in rather upset. He had a large plastic water gun and container in his arms, frowning as he tried to figure out what to do. "What is this for? And what did you say the screwdriver was-!"

He halted mid sentence, finally looking up from his arms. The frown slowly left his face as his eyes glazed over. Everyone froze, Rory having a clear view of the Doctor leaning over and breathing heavily, a Nic who was glowing blue and most definitely translucent with her hands in his pants. Both were quite flustered and disheveled, the Doctor's eyes burning bright blue and Nic's light surrounding them. Rory's mouth moved without a sound as his mind sputtered.

The Doctor let out a yelp and spun around, almost losing his footing because of his still shaking knees. Nic blinked as her hands were yanked out of his pants and the Doctor tried to cover himself and her rather poorly. He stood in horror around Nic's glowing body, gaping like a fish and trying desperately to hide the evidence in any way possible. Which only led to him moving hopelessly around, flailing as Nic made eye contact with Rory. She smiled rather inappropriately at the Pond.

Rory's face went white as he sputtered, everything in his arms dropping loudly to the ground as he stared at the couple right next to his bed. Rory's cheeks burned badly, his eyes moving down to notice just how revealed the Doctor was with his zipper open and the underwear pulled down.

It was hiding nothing.

"SORRY!" Rory squawked like a dying duck, slapping his hand over his eyes. He tried to become as small as possible, shrinking back towards the door.

"So sorry! I didn't see anything! Not that there was anything to see. No, not that I'm saying! Um, no no! Nothing!" Nic let out a stifled laugh as Rory rambled in horror, the ending of her voice like a ghost as she faded away a little more, the blue light slowly receding as the Doctor paled. He covered himself quickly, sending Nic a withered look as she continued to look at Rory like a cat that ate the canary.

"Rory?" Amy could be heard outside in the hallway and she was getting closer. "Did you get that thing from the Doctor?" The Doctor yelped, trying to get himself together in horror and fumbled with his zipper, the blasted thing getting stuck. The Doctor's eyes were still glowing and Nic giggled at his frustration.

"I can explain! No no no!" The Doctor squeaked, staring between Nic and Rory as she licked her lips. "Not what it looks like!" She gave him a purr and a sharp jolt of jealously went through their mental web. Nic was growled seductively at someone other than him and that made the Doctor very uncomfortable. Very much most certainly not good at all.

She turned and looked at him in confusion at the backlash of his thoughts, and he tried to tug his pants together again as he frowned. He had to remember that she wasn't thinking straight, that she was still by all means asleep and not at fault. Still it was not comforting to see Nic show interest in anyone else, and it didn't help that it was Rory she was ogling.

"Right, completely understand! I'm going. Sorry Nic, so sorry!" Rory walked back towards the door quickly, stumbling slightly over his own feet as he turned around to leave the room. "Right! Going! I'm, I'm go..."

He was right next to the door when he froze again, and the Doctor tried hiding under the bed. The events finally caught up to him and Rory brought his hand away from his face and frowned, looking around.

"Wait. Wait? This is my room. This is Amy and my room. In my house." Righteous anger finally made him think straight again.

"This is my bedroom!" Rory turned around to face them, finally having enough mind to stare incredulously at the Doctor who stood back up, his hiding spot not very effective. The Time Lord yelped as his companion gave him a sharp glare.


"Rory?" Amy popped her head around the side of the door, another water gun in hand. "What is-?" Amy's stopped, her mouth still open mid sentence.

The Doctor was still freaking out as Nic slowly fading away by the window. Her husband turned around to look at her with his face bright red, still sputtering and pointing at the Doctor in a mix of horror and anger, said man standing on the other side of the bed. The Doctor looked close to running away, his face pale and his hands fumbling around his pants. She raised a eyebrow as Nic smiled widely, bouncing in place and waving enthusiastically as both men squawked for different reasons.

"Really you two." Amy sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. She walked into the room as Rory sputtered again. "Can't you go five minutes?" Amy hissed, bringing up her plastic gun.

She quickly shot the three of them, the salt water making both Rory and the Doctor jump and cry out, hitting them right in their chests. Unfortunately the water passed right through Nic as the ghostly woman giggled like mad. Amy rolled her eyes as Nic continued to bounce. It was like the girl didn't know any better when she was asleep. Had it been a few years earlier she might have been in the same boat as Rory, but by now she was familiar with the strange behaviour Nic showed whenever she randomly appeared next to her present self. It was when there was two of them at the same time getting into trouble that she started to lose it.

"Oi!" The Doctor frowned as he shook his wet jacket, the rest of the blue in his eyes fading away. "I just cleaned this!"

"Well than later with the snogging!" She snapped and glared. The Doctor wiped his jacket with a groan. She didn't care if he cried fowl each time they were caught, how hard was it to fight off a ninety something pound girl? The Doctor just liked any excuse to be left alone with her. "And not my room Raggedy man! You said we have business to attend to." She brought the water gun up again and Rory shielding his face, the Doctor jumping behind the bed post to hid behind it. She glared at her men.

"So do business!"

"Amy put down the gun! " Rory whined, leaning down to grab his own soaker off the ground, "It makes me nervous! It is not-" She shot him again, a stream of water hitting him right in the face.

"Amy!" He scowled and he spit out some. It tasted absolutely horrendous.

"Sorry. Couldn't help it." She sheepishly grinned and Nic laughed, the sound soft and faded even more. "Alright. Back to work you two." She turned to the Doctor as Rory cleaned his face, the other man still frowning as he tugged nervously on his bow tie. "Right, what are these for?" Nic laughed, biting her lip at the Doctor and Rory's sour faces. How funny.

The Doctor didn't say anything for a second, looking between Nic and Amy before huffing.

He tugged on his jacket, ignore how soggy it felt now and got himself together. Walking forward and away from Rory who still had a rather angry look on his face, he grumbled under his breath. He could feel Nic trailing obediently behind him, most likely with that silly grin on her face, and he took the gun out of Amy's arms. He was going to ignore how slightly uncomfortable his pants were at the moment and inspect the gun.

Rory was right, it was scary when Amy had anything that could shoot. No weapons for her.

"Where's Nic?" The Doctor looked over the larger than normal gun, hoping Amy hadn't destroyed it too much by tinkering with it. Nic would not be happy if her afternoon of fun was destroyed before she had a chance to play with it.

"With my dad and her feet up, Nurses orders. Completely solid and sane." Rory trailed off, eyeing the less then fully there woman bouncing behind the Doctor, finally able to look at the Doctor without his face burning that badly. "She's babysitting til we get back. Why?"

"Nothing. That's good, very good. No reason to blend the time-lines anymore than we have to." He inspected the gun closer, nodding as he tweaked the settings on the spray. He glanced behind him for a second as the other Nic started to fade completely, the features of her face almost indistinguishable. "It'll good that she isn't here for this part. It's going to be a nasty trip from what I remember."

"What is?" Amy frowned as the Doctor headed for the door, Nic almost completely gone. "Where are we going?'

"On a mission." He stopped, a foot outside of the door before grimacing. He turned back slowly, staring hard at the Ponds before pumping the water gun. His face went dark, all signs of softness falling away from his posture.

"A very special mission." His eyes flickered to look over at Nic as she tilted her head to the side, looking like a lost puppy at the Doctor change of demeanour. "This will be the most important thing ever done. The very cusp of reality hinges on our success, entire civilizations will be on the brink of destruction, entire portions of history at stake, time and space will be at our mercy. And if we fail, If we fail then everything that has every happened, the entirety of existence..."

His voice was dark and low, and the Ponds held their breaths as the room suddenly got very uncomfortable.

He trailed off, the finality of his voice shook in the silence and Amy folded her arms in a nervous gesture. Rory shifting in place and the Doctor stared blankly at where Nic once stood. She finally faded away, leaving a slight blue hue where she once stood. "Well."He closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh, going back to the tight nerves he was dealing with before Nic's dream showed up.

He looked at Amy, meeting her eyes as her face pinched. He wasn't going to lie about this, not this time. "It will never happen." Rory gulped, and he looked nervously between his wife and the Doctor as they held each others gaze.

Suddenly the Doctor grinned, his shoulders relaxing as his chipper mode returned. His eyes went soft and his complete change of mood again made both of them stumble. The Doctor chuckled as he bounced in place, spinning around to leave the room. He pumped the gun two more time and without another glance back he walked out of the room.

"Right," Rory deadpanned, shrugging his shoulders to relieve his tension. "No pressure than."

"You still haven't told us where we are going." Amy brought her hand up to her mouth and nibbled on a nail, calling out to the hallway as the Doctor started to whistle a familiar tune. It was one Nic always fell back to at random times, something she called the shows opening credits. "Or what we have to do."

He laughed down the hallway, twirling his screwdriver and water gun. He started to skip before taking the stairs two at a time.

"America the beautiful! Carolina, the year twenty thirteen, a small town named Summit, in the spring!" He chuckled as he made his way to the door. "Come along Ponds! And don't forget the bendy straws!"

"America?" Amy frowned and uncrossed her arms. It wasn't that she didn't like the place it was just, well it was just America. They didn't have good history there at all. "What straws?"

"Come on." Rory sighed, grabbing his wife's hand and tugging her through the doorway. "Before he gets shot. Again." Amy grimaced, remember the last time he walked around the White House like he owned the place.

Great, America. Here they come.

"Wait up! Doctor!"

Across the North Atlantic ocean and fourteen years in the past.

"Sweet..." Nic gasped, huffing and wheezing as she biked as fast as she could, her legs burning, "Mother...of hell!"

Who had she wronged? What had happened to the kind world where everything was simple; going outside was an adventure, math was just apples plus apples, and riding a bike was fun? Wait did the shop get further away?

Oh no no no no. For the love of god, if only she could break the third wall and punch the Doctor in the face, that would be great. She growled blowing past traffic on the sidewalk, she wasn't going to stop even if she had to almost fly down the walkway. Who had she wronged!? Stupid Freaking Doctor how was this fair?

She really needed to stop blaming things on imaginary people.

She refused to look at her watch as the brick dinner came into view. It was at the ending of the street and if she just pushed a little harder she could make it. If she didn't look at the time, then she wasn't late. Not late not late, mind of matter mind of matter, what is is what will be. She got here as fast as she could and she would be limping for the rest of the day because of it.

There weren't many cars in the parking lot so she was earlier than the next late person. Always look at the positive.

She rounded the back parking lot and passed her boss's car. Nic gave it a passing glance, sticking out her tongue. Getting off her bike quickly, she took off her helmet and parked by the door as fast as her throbbing legs would let her, jogging to the door. Her boss was a monster when it came to being tardy and lately the man was almost borderline abusive. She really wasn't in the mood to be yelled at by a middle aged man going through a mid-life crisis, so she would have to be sneaky.

Quickly, she would have to be quick and sneaky, she tiptoed to the entrance. She took a large breath and opened the back door as quietly as possible, peaking in before entering swiftly. She looked around nervously, only to sigh in relief at the empty locker room.

Score one for her, it seemed she was the first person here other then the key owner. She could be the first waitress there actually. Score two. She grinned as she wiped the last of the sweat off her forehead. So far so good.

She quickly went to her locker, fumbling with the lock to put her stuff away. Looking at her wristwatch as she tied her apron on. Only a few minutes behind schedule, nothing she couldn't fix by speeding through her prep work. She threw her bag into her locker and cleared her throat. Alright it was time to start the day and get it done with, no more bad luck no more weirdness, nothing. Just work.

A normal day with normal problems, she could do this. She could hear dishes being set and people moving and talking, so there were already costumers up front and ready to go. Nic quickly fixed her hair and made her way through the doors. She grinned when she made eye contact with the other server there.

It's slightly busy with a few tables already filled and Alice was taking another order at the till.

She was short and had more facial piercings than socially acceptable, her multicolored hair was pretty strange, but she was a rather nice girl. Other than her startling foul mouth, she really was just a Sweetie. Get past all of that sass and black nail polish and she was just a cute little girl in pigtails. Nic hummed, it wasn't too bad of a day when it came to business, Sunday never was. Just a few regulars and some old married couples that started their days off earlier than the rest.

Nic smoothed out her apron and straightened her back. She made her way behind Alice, clocking quickly in on the extra register.

"You're late." Alice whispered, giving the old woman her change with the largest smile she could make. "Here you go ma'am. Have a nice day!"

Nic scoffed, opening the till and getting ready with a roll of change. Alice laughed as Nic grumbled under her breath about something, hissing when she checked the time. They both turned around to make the next order.

"By eleven minutes. Man, Michale's gonna eat you alive." Alice whistled. Nic sure had a lot of guts coming in this late. If it was her, she would have just called in and quit before Michale could explode.

"Yeah well, eleven is one of my favorites." Nic snorted and rubbed her ear at her own inside joke, giving a sideways glance to the manager's door as they put together the next order. "You try to bike a mile uphill to work. I got stopped by every red light possible. I thought I was going to die halfway here."

"No." Alice sighed as the espresso machine choked up again, sputtering steam and making horrendous noises. "Working on the weekends is what's deadly." Alice hit the machine hard against its side hoping against hope that the knock would somehow make it start working. Not again, not when the toaster and blender fell apart only the day before, they couldn't be this unlucky. The large machine jerked a few times before letting out a deathly moan.

"At the prime of our lives and were stuck here for minimum wage at a corner cafe? Instead of partying, drinking, and sleeping we pay taxes."

"Life," Nic laughed halfheartedly as she whipped some cream, putting two cupcakes on a plate. Alice wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue, fighting harder with the dials of the rumbling machine. "wonderful isn't it?"

Alice let out a whine as Nic finished the rest of the order, turning and twisting a few things to see if it would fix the now convulsing coffee maker. It didn't change however, the red warning light on the side blinking frantically, calling out for help to anyone who would listen.

"Not the word I would use." Alice growled, slapping the metal box again and knocking around the front. "Horrible, life draining, terrible, mind numbingly boring with a dash of mundane. Just a few things I can think of right off the bat. I wouldn't call it at all-"

Suddenly the espresso machine all but exploded, the top flying off as hot air burst from the top of the pipes. Alice let out a surprised squeal and jumped back, dropping a cup that shattered on the tile floor below. Nic whistled in shock, half laughing as soggy water started to spill out of the bottom in large amounts. Puffs of gray fog made its way from behind the panels and both girls could just look on. Alice finally gasped in anger, shaking her fist that dropped the cup at the machine, and Nic raised a steady eyebrow.

Well then, guess that was broken now.

"Stupid thing! You were fuck'in working just a min' ago!" Alice wiped the espresso goo from her cheek, before quickly bending down and grabbing a spare towel to pick up the glass. Nic tried to press a towel on the counter to stop the water from spilled over anymore. "Great just great! I needed that to finish the next table."

Nic patted her on the back, looking queasily at the now expired machine. Poor thing looked like it had made it to the end of the line, the box giving off an impressive exhausted aura for a inanimate object. Good thing she brought some things from home, maybe it still had a chance to survive if she could bring out her duck tape.

If she worked fast enough maybe Michale wouldn't notice either. God could only imagine what that man would do if he came out right now and saw a small flood in his pastry shop.

Nic frowned as something similar to black tar started to bubble out of the now exposed top. The man would most likely try to put the blame on the two of them and take it out of their paychecks. Slimy old cheapskate. She would have to try to fix it, it couldn't be dead yet.

The red warning light let out a rain of sparks, popping loudly as the machine let out its final will and testament, the sound similar to a dying moose. Okay, on the other hand maybe they should just call off the whole coffee thing. Who needed coffee anyways? Coffee was boring.

"Can you get to table three and give them their cakes?" Alice grumbled from the floor, looking up with a pout. "I'll be here for a bit." Nic scooped up the plates and walked cautiously around the still spilling machine.

"Yea yea..." Nic sighing, looking nervously at the back doors. "You want me to get my bag from the back? I could probably fix that, give me about ten minutes or so." If she moved slowly, maybe she could pass the manager's door without the old fart noticing. She looked between the spilling machine and the door nervously, biting her lip before giving it a go. It was worth a try wasn't it?

Alice grinned up from the floor, putting a bucket under the still gushing box, "You're a life saver, you are." Alice laughed, throwing the soiled dish towel away in the garbage next to her. "After the toaster and even upgrading the blender, you just gotta. Get me two more orders of pumpkin bread for table two and a hot tea for one, and you've got yourself a deal!"

"Got it." She grinned, wiggling her eyebrows as she got the other orders together. She giggled as Alice let out a little scream, more coffee goo falling out of the bottom.

She went to the tables smiling, giving the plates as politely and fast as she could. She was already thinking of a plan to start with.

Nic was good at one thing in her life and that was fixing random things. If she could just get the back panel off and wrap her hands around the inner workings of the wiring she could see the extent of the damage and make her way from there. It was probably a clog somewhere that had filled up and locked the gears, than a short in consequence. Plans and details of what normally made a large Swedish coffee machine tick came to her mind.

As she placed the last drink down for a regular she was already smiling for real, her fingers itching to take the beauty apart. If there was one thing, just one thing that could make Nic Me'cha forget her troubles, it was when she could fix broken things.

Absolutely anything would do, no joking matter. From pens to blenders, toasters, engines, to her grandfather's old truck, give it and she could spend hours fixing. If she had enough time and with whatever crazy parts she found, she could fix things with just about nothing. It was the only thing that made her different from any other person around really. Since she was a baby she had always been taking apart things and putting them back together.

She could fix televisions with old fan part, put together working machines from random throw away items around the house, she could even put together computers from scratch. Many times before she surprised herself at how much better she could make something. Like when she made her mothers dishwasher voice activated one afternoon on a bet with her brothers. When she was eight.

She took off her apron, it was nice that she had some sort of abnormality to her, and as she got to the locker room to grab her tape she was whistling the Doctor Who theme song under her breath. She slowed down, reaching the manager's door and saw Michale's shadow moving under the frame. She scowled, just stay there you old man and be nice, don't come out. She gave Alice a thumbs up as she went for her bag, sighing in relief as she passed him successfully.

Right, Nic frowned a little, she was still normal though. One roll of duck tap, a plastic cup, two bendy straws, and four hair pins should do it. She can fix anything and she wasn't going to stop doing it now. Not with her job and income on the line.

At least today was going to be interesting.

Outside the little shop and a ways down the street, a woman clicked her tongue and scowled. She walked down the sidewalk strangely, one shoe missing a heel making it rather awkward as she tugged on her skirt to get any remaining gunk off. She grumbled under her breath as she continued to limp. What a night, a ski resort which literally blew up underneath them was by far one of the worst vacation spots ever. Most definitely in her top five worst experiences in the universe. Yes, that was the last time she let him pick the place.

Her phone went off a third time and she clicked her tongue, counting down from five to calm her nerves before picking it up.


The whine was too loud and she hissed, yanking the phone away from her ear. She must have forgotten to take it off speaker from last time. No, not happening she was not dealing with this. She quickly took it off speaker and lowered the volume, cursing the man back to the snow planet they just come from. She growled, alright so much for calming down.

"Oi! Stop calling every other second!" She ignored a couple that walked by, both giving weird looks. What? They were acting like they had never seen a woman with a broken shoe covered in alien dust before. How very rude. "I told you I was coming. How hard is it to find a diner? Not bloody hard at all actually!" She hissed.

She held the phone away from her as he got snippy back. He started to talk, rambling on about something she really didn't care about, and she rolled her eyes. The diner came into view at the end of the street and she had just the right mind not to curse the scrawny man out.

"Yea ya, I'm coming alien boy. Got it, go to the red diner, but not the red-ish red diner because that's the wrong red, red isn't really red or something or another. Don't be so snippy. And stop bloody calling already!" She snapped the phone close with him still talking, stuffing it back into her pocket as she reached the front of the building.

She needed new shoes and a shower. Who thought getting tea right after a life or death situation was a good idea? Not her that was for bloody sure. Martians men and their mood swings. Oh, he was so getting it when she got back to the box. She was going to take charge of the next trip, and she wanted a real vacation this time. Anyone else but him was allowed to pick the place from now on. Even if she had to learn how to fly that thing herself.

She tried to ignore the old man who stared her down as she reached the door, but the guy was sitting right there at a small table watching her like a hawk. She glared back at him as her phone went off again, and she yanked the phone back out with a huff. Scowling at him, she didn't hesitate to bite back. She was a temp, not a people person.

"What?" She glared but the man held her sight, not backing down from the gingers with a strange look on his face. He was either surprised she was addressing him, or taken aback at what she was saying. Either way, she wasn't going to take it. Oh not today buddy boy. "Never seen someone who's had a bad day?" She huffed, making her way in.

She brought the phone up and she was already talking loudly before he could ask the same question for the tenth time. The old man watched her through the window, before getting up to leave.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! One more word and I swear!" She hissed her threat and looked around the diner with a scowl on her face, but he continued to talk about some sort of salt from a moon on a planet she could not pronounce. Alright that's it, he really needed a mute button. Or maybe she could just borrow some duck tape, there was always some laying around anyways.

Alice looked up from behind the counter, watching as the woman walked in talking loudly on her cell.

She frowned, she hated it when customers don't get off the phone. It just wasn't polite in customer service. And it looked like this woman was not going to be an exception to that rule when it came to hard customers. Not only that, but she wasn't going to wait for either of them to sit her. By the time Alice could turn around fully to get a better view of the new customer, the woman had already made her way to a booth in the back, away from everyone else and in the corner of the room.

Well than, she would just have to wait for one of them to get there.

"Got it!" Nic cheered as she closed the back, rubbing her hands of some spare napkins."Good as new. Even a little better in some ways."

"Don't doubt it." Alice laughed as Nic started to giggle uncontrollably. "Did you add some new settings? Like how the Microwave can play music now?" Alice couldn't stop a grin of her own as she fiddled with her lip rings. Nic gave the machine a loving hug as it started up again, rambling on and on about the configuration of the gears.

Oh, it was really funny the nerdy euphoria Nic would fall into after a completed project. Alice could only describe what she went through as similar to an endorphin high, like what runners had after a race. She would fix something and then gush over it for awhile, like it was somehow a baby she needed to cuddle. She even screamed 'its alive!' once, which was hilarious to see. Her face would almost split in half with a somewhat delirious grin, her cheeks red and she would giggle like a mad woman when her creation was complete. She would then bounce in place like a demented puppy, and no matter how messy she got from it all she would cheer and dance like a happy princess.

A grime covered princess who looked like she hasn't slept in weeks.

"Nah..." Nic trailed off as she started up the next batch of coffee, rubbing her ear in embarrassment as Alice gave her a knowing smile. Both of them waited for the brew and a nervous tick made Nic tug on her ponytail rather hard. "Just you know, the usual things."

"Usual is relative, especially when it come to you. The god of unusual, you are." Alice snorted watching as Nic avoided eye contact, mumbling under her breath. Alice scowled and shook her head. "Damn, I sound like someone on T.V."

"You're like a mechanic on drugs. Disco rainbow wonder drugs." It was the best compliment Alice could come up with at the moment. Alice laughed, seriously though Nic had some rather deep confidence issues when it came to building things. One compliment or heckle and she became a blushing little girl who hid behind a wall. Both of them gave a quick cheer as the smell of fresh brewing coffee filled the air, Nic returned to bouncing in place.

"Aw, that sweet." Nic went back to giggling like mad, lovingly stroking the purring machine.

"What, how?" Alice pressed the button and hot espresso filled the cup, the machine truly good as new. And yes, not surprisingly far better and faster. It took almost half the time as before to make a cup. She raised an eyebrow back at Nic's ridiculous face, pretending to scowl as Nic laughed. "Druggie Mechanic is not a pet name."

"Relative relative!" Nic singsonged before making a cup of her own, both girls having a quick laugh. Alright, so far Sunday was really turning out to be a good day. Alice scoffed, putting together the three espresso's that were ten minutes late for their tables.

"Don't start. We aren't suppose to be having fun." Alice snorted.

"That's true." His voice sounded similar to nails on a chalkboard, and it was right behind them.

Nic's spine went rigid and she let out a breathless squeak, her heart skipping a beat. Alice choked on her spit at the sudden dark tone right behind them and spun around quickly. Michale was standing right there, a sneer on his lips and his eyes burning holes into their backs. The man's face was pinched tight and his dark look wasn't hidden at all under his full beard. With his tall and lanky body towering over both of them, the girls cringed.

His sharp eyes took in the counter, his shoulders stiff at the used napkins surrounding it. Nic slowly inched away from the man, making sure not to make eye contact. Alice was right about one thing, life was easier if they didn't fight and if you didn't want a double shift on a holiday don't talk back.

Nic bit her lip, the espresso machine was working like it never broke and both girls had done their best to hide any evidence otherwise. He couldn't notice that she tampered with the box. Well, other than the napkins but they could be coincidental. He eyes lingered on Nic's appearance before looking at her hands. The frown on his lips really brought out the soulless bleak look of his soul.

"I see you've both been busy. Other than at your job." His voice was cold and Nic continued to look at the ground. God, Michale could be scary on his bad days. He didn't look away from Nic, and Alice turned around to get the coffee with the hairs on the back of her neck standing up straight.

Alice never liked the manager since starting the job, and she could say he was by far the worse person she had ever dealt with. The man was a real tyrant and borderline psychotically abusive to his staff. It was as if every instinct in the Goths body told her this guy was bad news, and Alice didn't really believe in subconscious signals or intuition until now. Whenever she was alone with him she would get the weirdest paranoia possible, he was a real creeper in her eyes and not someone any young girl should ever be alone with at night.

"Yes sir." Nic muttered and followed Alice's lead, going back to tidying up the counter to get ready for any new customers. She was trying to ignore the eyes on the back of her head, but her body was revolting at the idea of turning her back to him, the hairs on her arms tingling uncomfortably. Just ignore him, ignore the man who looked close to hitting her. Right, she was turning her back on a man she once saw throw a man out the back door, just for accidentally tipping over a wash bucket.

This was a great idea.

"Nic." His voice didn't change. Not good this was not very good at all. She tensed her back and tried to make her face as passive as possible. He couldn't have figure it out that she messed around with the coffee machine that quickly, seriously they had cleaned up the mess and put her bag under the counter so he couldn't. It wasn't possible.

"Yea?" Nic tugged on her ponytail nervously, biting her lip. She slowly turned to face him, the scowl even more pronounced on his lips and she started calculating how quickly she could get to the back door and run for her life. He wouldn't chase her down the street if she didn't stop. Probably... maybe.

"Did you use any of the red straws?" It was a gruff question and Nic blinked, "The ones I told you specifically never to use?"

Alice gave Nic a quick once over before walking away, her eyes speaking volume and Nic got the message. Do not tell the crazy person. Not a word. She didn't have to remind her, she was not in any shape to run screaming from this place, not after her bike ride. That wasn't the question she was ready for though, and Nic stumbled over her thoughts. Bendy straws? What? How, how did he know she used two bendy straws to fix the machine?

She frowned and thought over what to do before shaking her head.

"No." If he wasn't going to point out she was late or that the machine broke, she was not going to correct him. She was not going to yelled at for a two cent shipment of straws either, no matter how cheap her boss was. That was not in her to do list. She met his gaze, or at least tried to as his eyes went dark and heavy. Jesus this man was getting to be a little too creepy. "Why?"

Suddenly the tense stare turned away and Nic could breath, and Michale looked at the back room. He grunted and moved away from them, heading back to the manager's office.

Nic let out a sigh of relief. Oh thank you. She shot Alice a look as she finished checking up on a regular and the other girl rolled her eyes. Alice couldn't stand to be near the man, and in a way leaving Nic to fend for herself was better than staying. Whenever they talked Alice and him would end up in a rather heated disagreement that ending in someone either getting fired or running away screaming.

"Just get back to work." He snapped over his shoulder. That was it and he walked away, and the rest of the tension leaving her shoulders. Nic did a little dance in her head, good going she was still alive and had a job, awesome.

"Yes sir." Nic called back giving him a mock salute. Turning around, she didn't look up from stirring the cream as she heard the Manager's door shut, the click of the lock audible from far away. Oh thank you, thank you thank you. He was gone and they both had survived. Nic sighed as Alice came back, a few dirty dishes in hand.

"Hey?" She looked worriedly between her and Michale's door, "You okay?"

"Yep." Nic popped the ending like a certain man before sighing. "Never better."

"Good. I swear that man needs some therapy and a shit tons of pills." Alice grumbled as Nic timidly poked at the machine, still happy it was working. Alice give her a reassuring pat on the shoulder before going back to work. "Can you do me a favour?"

Alice pointed to the corner before Nic could reply, grumpily stacking the plates loudly in the sink. "Can you get the woman in the back booth? I can't pretend to be nice to any more rude people. I'll cover for you later."

Nic blinked and followed where her hand was pointing. She never noticed anyone entering? "Yea... sure." Nic nodded tying her apron tighter. She needed a distraction to calm down anyways.

She made her way back and the woman was on her phone sitting patiently, her back to her talking agitatedly on the phone, her face in a menu. The woman was leaning over the table and she was humming and nodding every few seconds into the phone. It was obvious she wasn't really bothering to listen to what the person on the line was saying. She was still skimming her options when Nic approached her side.

Nic noticed her clothes immediately. They were dirty and covered in some sort of dust, making her really stand out in the brightly lit room. It looked like she just stepped out of the past, her clothes something she could remember everyone wearing when she was still in Elementary school. The leggings were still around, but the trench coat with a bright colored shirt and tight skirt really made her overly noticeable.

Nic cleared her throat softly, who was she to judge, maybe the lady just liked the fashion from a decade ago. There was nothing wrong with that. She looked kind of familiar though, just not in a way she could place.

"Hi! I'm Nic and I'll be you server today!" She didn't look up but waved somewhat in her direction to show she had heard. Right, this was going to be a little bit difficult. "Do you know what you want for today?"

"Earl tea. Hot." Short and to the point, the woman still didn't put the menu down, and it sounded like she was having a bad day. Nic slowly nodded, she didn't have to write that down.

"Milk and sugar with that?" The woman nodded quickly and Nic smiled brightly again.

"Two scoops?" Another nod.

"Is whole milk alright?" She nodded again and Nic resisted the twitch that started on her brow.

"Do you want a spoon and some more on the side?" One last nod and Nic was already walking away with a hidden huff. How hard was it to actually talk back, it would take two seconds. She quickly headed back to the counter and started the tea and it didn't take long to get the water, it already hot on the burner. Shooting Alice a look when the woman grinned. Nic put the plate together and hurried back, in record time she had the beverage on the woman's table and ready for the real order.

"Here you go ma'am!"

The woman hummed taking a quick sip, the phone still up to her ear and the person on the other end talking nonstop. Nic started to get a little anxious, her fingers twitching to get the menu away and see her face. She really liked to talk to people face to face. Even someone as lovely as this lady. Maybe if she gave her another minute to finish her conversation and come back, it wouldn't be to much to ask of her. She slowly turned to walk away before the woman's feet caught her attention.

Or more specifically her shoes. One was missing a heel, the sneakers ripped apart. Strange, who wore running shoes with a skirt and leggings at her age? And why was she so dirty? It looked like she might have run through a factory or something.

Wait a minute.

Nic didn't know why she stopped but she looked at the woman's hair again in confusion. She frowned, trying to figure out what she could be possibly missing. The woman continued to hide and there really was something other than her unusual clothes that made her stand out. Nic just couldn't put her finger on it. She bit her lip as the woman started talking again, letting Nic hear her obvious accent.

"What do you mean where am I? I'm at the diner. Just look in the back corner, I'm there." Her voice was really agitated and Nic gives her time to finish her conversation, standing a ways back from her booth. She was her first table of the day, so she wasn't in any rush. She looked strangely at her hair again, the passing thought of gingers and her favorite show coming to mind. She really did remind her of Amy Pond. She's even had a British accent!

"What do you mean I'm at the wrong one. You said the one at the corner with the red roof. ...Oi don't start with me!"

Okay, now something was really starting to nag her. She was only watching the newest seasons of Doctor Who lately, and even though the older seasons were harder to remember in great detail since starting to avoid them, she was sure this woman looked like someone who would be on the show. The snappy wit was really a classic sign of someone who would be on the cast.


No no no. She cringed, starting to remember last nights dream, the Doctors groans returning to whisper in her ears. Jesus, cut it out.

She was not suppose to think about him at all during the day, and she was pretty sure she was being racist. What, if you have a British accent you have to be an intergalactic alien weirdo? Wow, okay she needed to check herself before she wrecked herself. Her mother was black and her father was white, if they could hear her thoughts they most definitely would sit her down for the most awkward scolding of her life. No more stereotyping, no good at all.

She shook her head to clear her mind and plastered the smile back onto her face. "If you want I can come back in a little bit? So you can finish." She spoke up over the woman's obvious rant, but she was cut her off by another wave.

"No no no I'm fine. Mr. Smith is just being impossible!" She hissed loudly into her phone and Nic started to smile a little more. If she could just look in her direction already, just show an ounce of manner please? She took her notepad out of her pocket and went on her tiptoes, trying to look over the menu to see her face.

"Oh, it's alright. I understand husbands can be a little maddening." She laughed halfheartedly before the woman all but jumped in place.

"Husband!?" The woman squawked, slapping down the menu and glaring at the items on the list. Nic could finally see her face that was now contorted into a slightly panicked horror. Nic blinked owlishly as the woman sputtered, not looking at her. She was a little older than Nic had first thought, maybe around her early thirties. But she was a rather gorgeous woman.

"Oh no. No. No way, never. Not happening. Ever. Husband? No." She snorted and scoffed and Nic was taken aback by the pure denial.

"Right, um, sorry?" Alright got it, not her husband. No need to have an aneurysm. This was getting to an overly creepily level of Déjà Vu over here. Where had she seen this before seriously? The woman suddenly started to sputter for another reason, the man on the phone saying something she didn't like. She hissed, taking a large sip of her drink as Nic took out her pencil.

"Can I get you anything else-" Nic was cut off and jumped as the woman slapped her cup down, some of the tea spilling on the table.

"What do you mean leave! Oi, Like hell, I'm drinking my tea first, you can wait." The woman growled and brought a hand through her hair. "What do you mean it's dangerous? It's a coffee shop not a bloody spaceship. Wait, wait, wait... I said wait! Stop talking so fast!"

"Um..." Nic tried she really did, but the woman was on a rant again with her fingers tapping agitatedly on the table. The woman grumbled as she finally started to listen to the man on the phone, different emotions crossing over her face in seconds. Nic wasn't sure what they could possibly be going on about, but the woman looked caught between being angry and slightly fearful.

"What do you mean she's here?" The question was a simple one, but the woman sounded like she'd just been told the moon was really made out of cheese. The look of incredibility on her face looked terrible. She sighed and Nic started to think she really should just leave and come back later, no matter how interestingly familiar the lady was.

"What do you mean? What the hell does a paradoxical loop even mean?"

Nic didn't have time or patients for this and as she started to walk away, the woman finally looked up, frown deeply as she lowered the phone from her ear. Their eyes met and that was it, the rest of the woman's sentence falling away from her and her eyes widened.

She went still.

Nic blinked as the woman paled completely, her face taking on a pasty look as her eyes seemed to glaze over. A similar chill went through Nic and her breath caught in her throat, Something close to frigid heat tugged at her chest. It made her entire body go rigid and both women didn't know what to do for a moment.

"Oh." The woman's voice was blank.

She all but lunged out of her booth, almost stumbling right into Nic. The table and tea rattled at the sudden movement and Nic let out a surprised yelp as the woman tried to move around her. They made eye contact and Nic's heart suddenly started to beat faster, her palms sweating at the woman's panicked and wide eyes.

"Oh! He is so dead!" The woman sputtered and straightened her skirt, trying to walk around Nic who found herself frozen in place, her chest constricting painfully as she finally got a full view of the woman. Wow she was a real ginger with no dyes, and a British woman with a snappish attitude too boot. "He's dead when I find him. Not this bloody time, I am not some agent in his bloody game!" She flinched, wobbling towards the door as Nic scrambled to get out of her way but still stall her.

"I'm so sorry, very sorry Nic!"

"Wait!" Nic could finally talk again and she rushed forward, quickly wiping her hands on her apron as she began to panic. Oh not good, not good at all. She most definitely offended her. Her day just went from bad to a nuclear disastrous. "I'm- I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to offend you! I, I mean..." Nic was all but pleading as the woman continued to back up, her mind going a mile a minute in worry. "I sorry about that!"

"No no no. You didn't." The finality in her voice made Nic pause, and the woman's jaw tightened as she tried to hide just how much seeing Nic was upsetting her. She went further towards the door, stumbling over her broken shoe. "Not at all Nic, never!"

The hairs on Nic's arms stood up, and the tightness in her chest made her head hurt even more. Right, that wasn't weird at all to be addressed by a stranger so familiarly, nope not in the least. Customers did it all the time.

Nic glanced around the room as she felt eyes on her, the other patrons watching the two of them. Alice looked nervous, ready for a fight and she could feel the beginning of a headache start behind her eyes. Nic bit her lip and swallowed, her mouth going dry. Oh no, they were making a scene and no matter what way you looked at it was going to be her fault.

"Are, are you?" Nic bit her lip a bit harder, looking strangely at the redhead's slightly torn jacket, and the woman seemed to pale even more. "And you're sure we've never met before? Maybe, I'm not sure maybe a convention or something? Do you act on television?" Nic stumbled over her words as she rambled, biting the inside of her mouth as a flash of panic went through the woman's eyes.

"What? Oh no. Nothing like that!" She put an obviously fake smile and Nic frowned even more. Alright, most definitely not nothing. If she tried harder she still might be able to fix this though, it wasn't outside of her abilities. She just needed to backtrack and figure out where it went wrong. Unfortunately she didn't give Nic a chance, taking a few more steps away before searching her pockets.

"I really am sorry, but really I gotta go!" She hesitated, pulling out a large roll from her pocket, something the Doctor had given her earlier. "Here!"

She put the money in Nic's hand before she could react, and Nic grabbed it on reflex. Nic stumbled back slightly and she blinked, looking down to see exactly what she had been given. The rest of Nic thoughts and words stumbled out in an incoherent mess as the woman spun to leave.

No way. This wasn't happening.

"Wa- wa- wha?" Nic squawked and stuttered, her mouth going dry as she looked at just how much was there. Dear Lord of Time this was a shit ton of money, people did not just hand out this much on a random morning. There was no way they were actually real, the roll of fifties and hundred dollar bills wrapped around the rubber bands stared back at her. No way in hell, this woman gave her half a grand at least. Who gives this much out? This was probably month's worth of hard earned cash. Not for a three dollar cup of tea.


Really, what?

"What?" She turned around, just as lost as everyone else. Nic blinked at the now empty table, the large amount of money in her hand weightless and surreal. The tea was still giving off steam sitting on the table, and she looked blankly between the now wide open front door and the empty booth, her mind screeched to a halt.

Alice shrugged and shook her head, turning away from the very lost girl and back to her work. Nic numbly turned around, her hands loosely trying to grasp at empty air as she tried willing the woman back with her mind. She really wanted some answers, like now would be good.

Who the hell was that woman who looked so freaking familiar it actually hurt her head?

"What. The. Hell. Just happened?"

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