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[Y/N] Sighed.

It had been a long day, with Hidan swearing, Tobi being weird, Deidara arguing with Sasori about what was art, not to mention blowing things up.

And of course she had just gotten back from a important mission.

[Y/N] was simply relaxing against the hallway wall, relaxing comfortably just for a bit before she would retire for her quarters for the night and sleep well.

If she wasn't woken up by explosions, loud cursing, and anything else under the sun, mind you.

[Y/N] Was just about to go head to her room, when she couldn't. Her body felt like it had caught on fire, hot and was this... lust? Her body was aching and felt wanting all over, she even had begun to pant. She put her back against the wall for support, her knees felt weak and unstable.

"Am I, drugged?" [Y/N] thought to herself, thinking that Hidan probably used something for a ritual to cause this.

[Y/N] was immobile, panting, eyes closed, cheeks flushed a brilliant scarlet. The wall would only support her so much.

[Y/N] felt a presence hovering over her, she weakly opened her eyes, finding herself staring into crimson orbs.

"I-Itachi S-"


The raven poked two fingers against her lips, she left forth a soft whine in confusion.


[Y/N] looked up in confusion.

"Suck~," he cooed once more, leaning forward to lick the shell of her ear. Letting forth a moan of surrender, she engulfed his two digits, sucking submissively as he watched.

Slick, sticky trails of the fluid latched to his fingers as they were coated with saliva, slipping down his other fingers and lazily trailing down her chin.

He pulled his fingers out of the small, warm cavern with a soft 'pop'.

[Y/N] Being drugged as she was couldn't really put the pieces together, but soon found herself laying down on Itachi's bed, panting and blushing harder then she was the previous minutes.

"Does someone not to be able to walk in the morning?"

[Y/N] let out a low moan of approval at not only his words, but the hand slipping into the front of her pants to violate her in the most intimate of places.

Let's just say that Itachi's words came true.

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