A/N: Hey, everyone. I recently rewatched the Wild Thornberry's movie, and realized just how much I adored the series. Because of that, I'm starting up this little collection here.

Each chapter will be exactly 100 words long, and mostly unrelated snippets. I take requests - either prompt words, prompt songs, or situations, and will also continue drabbles if I'm asked too. c:

I will write for just about anyone in the series, but am primarily focusing on Debbie and Eliza, either as sisters or as more than that.

"Eliza! Grab my hand!" cried Debbie, reaching out further, as far as she could. The rope ladder dug into her other hand, and spray from the ocean and the rain blinded her.

"I can't reach," sobbed Eliza - and later, when it was all said and done and over with, it would truly strike Deborah as to how strange that was. To hear her sister, her brave little Eliza, scared like that.

"Yes you can!" insisted Debbie, screamed really. Her hands were shaking. The water was rising higher around the Humvee, and the storm grew ever stronger. "Now, Eliza, now!"