p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"Italy is secretly a mafia boss and when he hears some other nations calling him week he decides to show his true colors/p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"strongHi everyone. Sorry I haven't been updating this fic but I haven't been writing at all for a long time and i know your all going to be pretty annoyed if you get notified for this because it's not a new chapter but I'm not totally sure where I'm going with this story and all the spelling and grammar mistakes in the first version of this chapter were really bugging me. Your mission should you chose to accept it is to comment your suggestions for what you want to have happen next in the story. /strong/p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"strong3rd person POV focused on Italy /strong/p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"They underestimated Italy. They thought he was a week idiot but they were wrong. He had tricked all of them. He was always tricking them, in the way he talked, walked, acted, even how he dressed. It was all a trick. He was so much stronger then they thought. He could kill them before they even knew what hit them and he would do so without hesitation. He was one of the most feared people in the Italian mafia, the only place where he got any respect. Of course none of the other countries know this but his brother who tended to stay out of mafia mater, saying he liked Italy better when he acted like an idiot. Italy hated having to act stupid. He wished he could just stop, but then he would be seen as a threat and his country could not handle an attack from a major world power, so he just kept up his act. Italy's had been using his alter ego for so long it was almost like a second personality, that he hates. Today seemed even worse then usual. It is becoming more and more tedious to keep up his act. He gets no respect and everyone is getting on his nerves but he can't do anything about it because he needs them to keep thinking he's just some week idiot. Lately he's beginning to question if it's really worth it to keep pretending. Italy doubts any of the nations would attack him since he had teamed up with Germany and Japan and they had both been his allies for so long there was no way they would turn on him, but still he doesn't think the world would take it very well if he stopped pretending. So he'll just keep acting. There is a world meeting today, another meeting Italy will spend playing dumb. And so, the meeting went as i expected with Italy saying "Ve" every so often and Yelling "pasta" at least twice. Italy was just leaving the meeting when he noticed Germany had gone ahead with out him. Italy started looking around in the other conference rooms and hallways trying to find him. Italy peeked into one room to see England and France talking. He quickly ducked back out and stayed outside the door to listen to the conversation./p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;""that Italy is so week, I am sure my beautiful self could easily take over him." bragged France in his annoying accent./p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;""What about his allies Germany and Japan?" asked England./p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;""I doubt they would care. He's so week he couldn't possibly be a good ally." replied France./p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;""Doesn't he also have a brother?" asked England./p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"France just waved him off carelessly "If he's anything like his brother I could take both of them."/p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"Of course at this point Italy was more angry then he had been in years there was no way he was going to sit around and play dumb wail people talked about him like this, even more so because France had made a valid point. Maybe the idiot act he put on was the reason no one else wanted to be his ally. Ether way this was the end of his act, he wasn't going to play dumb any more. it's about time the world knows who their dealing with. Italy silently walked down the hall until he got out the door. Italy got out his cell phone and called Germany/p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;""Hey Germany." Italy said, his voice lacking its usual fake cheer, an dangerous edge in its place. " I'm going to stay at my house tonight." He hung up promptly after saying this. Despite spending almost all my time at Germany and Japan's place he did have my own house./p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"time skip to the next morning/p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"Today was like no other. Instead of wearing his usual outfit and a fake smile Italy was dressed in a Black suite over a a red dress shirt and a black fedora. He also brought two guns and a couple of knives with him just in case. He was ready to go to the meeting/p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;"strongSo ya I'll update as soon as if figure out what I'm gonna do with this story. Please, please, please, comment suggestions. /strong/p
p style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: medium;" /p