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It was a hot Saturday night, and only Tony and Ziva were left in the Bullpen. Although Gibbs was still there he was just upstairs talking to the director.
Ziva was trying her hardest to finish her paperwork so that she could go home, and go to sleep because she was exhausted. Although it was kind of hard with Tony sitting right across from her, staring at her. "What Tony!? You have been staring at me!" She snapped.

"Feisty. Are you ok Ziva?"

"Yes Tony I am fine, just a little tired."

"Well you should get that paperwork done, and you could go home."

"Well I am trying, but I cannot concentrate when you are staring at me!"

"Alright fine." He said and returned to his paperwork.

"Finally." She sighed, and continued her paperwork.

After about five minutes she was done. "It is about time! I'm gonna go home and sleep. Goodnight Tony."

"Wait Ziva!" Gibbs called as he jogged the stairs.

"What is Gibbs?" She asked confused.

"You and Dinozzo are going on a mission together." Now this caught both Tony and Ziva's attention.

"Gibbs please tell me this isn't true." Ziva asked.

"It is Agent David. Now, you and Dinozzo go pack your things cause you're going to Maine."

"But Boss!" Tony whined.

"Did I ask for your opinion Dinozzo?"

"No, shutting up now Boss." Tony stated looking down, returning to his desk.

"Gibbs what do we even have to do up there?" Ziva asked.

"You two are going to be a married couple with relationship problems. You will be seeking marriage counseling."

"Oh no. No. I refuse." Ziva stated.

"Did I ask for your opinion either?"

"No Gibbs, but-"

"Pack your things. Be here at 0700 tomorrow." Gibbs said as he left the bullpen.

Ziva finally arrived at her apartment. When she got to her room she threw her bag on the ground and then flopped onto her bed. 'How could this be happening,' she thought to herself.

When Tony arrived to his apartment he thought and basically did the exact same thing. 'How am I going to go with her to Maine for a week, after everything we have been through.' "ARGHHHH," Tony yelled into his empty apartment. Then he suddenly got a text message. 'Who is it from,' he thought.

He looked down at his phone and saw a familiar name pop up. Ziva. It said,"I know you probably don't want to do this as much as I do, but can we just make the most of it? I do not need you annoying me this entire week while we are up there. Oh yes and pick me up tomorrow morning at 6. Do not be late!"

After he finished reading it he replied, "Sure thing Zee-Vah. Get ready sweetcheeks this is gonna be a long week :p"

When Ziva received the message she couldn't help but smile. Oh yea, this was gonna be a long week.

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