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Mrs. Caius Volturi

Forgive Me


I glanced down messing with my ipod, not meeting anyone's eyes. I was ashamed about what I was going to do, but it was my choice. I was sending myself to the Volturi. I needed to escape, escape life. If they wouldn't grant my plea than who would? Victoria would my mind seemed to scream at me as if to answer the unspoken question. My body shuddered in response. The Volturi only had two options 'Join and be changed or Die'. I was a human who did not want to live, and that carried a secret that was forbidden in my status as a human. I did not want to be bound in the same world as he was. He was right all those times he called himself a monster. For he truly was, but it was too late now. They left me, tore a hole in my chest. I need a way to escape. Not realizing that I had looked up I shifted my glancing down again to my fingers as they started to skip through my Ipod's playlist as a way to distract myself, I have been doing that a lot lately. My fingers stopped when 'Forgive Me' by Evanescence started to play. Perfect! Now even my playlist is mocking me.

Can you forgive me again?

I don't know what I said

But I didn't mean to hurt you

I heard the words come out

I felt that I would die

It hurt so much to hurt you

How could a song reflect my life so perfectly?

Then you look at me

You're not shouting anymore

You're silently broken

I'd give anything now

to kill those words from you

He was my life, my world revolved around him. Those words hurt me, I was the one broken, however, if we were mates like he insisted that we were then it would pain him too. Perhaps we were both broken beyond repair. I tried to contact them through email but I never got any response. It was just like they had never existed like he said it would be.

Each time I say something

I regret I cry

"I don't want to lose you."

But somehow I know that you will never

leave me, yeah.

It was true. I had sunk into depression after being catatonic for a week. To lose someone that you had once thought was your sun would break anyone, no matter how strong. Another thought hit me as I listened to the song. He just like the song said 'you will never leave me'. I was forever changed by the presence of vampires. He would always be with me in my mind, that is until I got to Volterra.

'Cause you were made for me

Somehow I'll make you see

How happy you make me

They made me so happy. Because of them Forks did not seem to be so bad. It was like having your own personal sun in the land of no sun. How could I ever be happy again, oh, thats right, I couldn't! That is why I was going to the Volturi in the first place.

I can't live this life

Without you by my side

I need you to survive

There was no way possible for me to continue on. He had been gone for almost a year now. Without any further contact besides being left in the woods. I hadn't survived during the past year. Not really. I was just a shell of my former self. I did not even try to live anymore, with no energy how was I expected to put on a false facade? I did not try for anyone, Charlie suffered just like I did. He wanted me to be happy but I couldn't. My life was over once they decided that I wasn't good enough for them and decided to leave.

So stay with me

You look in my eyes

and I'm screaming inside

that I'm so sorry.

And you forgive me again

You're my one true friend

And I never meant to hurt you

I was sorry that I wasn't good enough for them. I was forced to dress, act, and socialize like they did. But still I wasn't good enough. Sure I had my faults, heck, I was the clumsiest person that walked, or rather stumbled on the face of this plant and I wasn't nearly as beautiful as they were, no matter how much makeup was forced upon my face.

I looked up as I felt a hand on my shoulder. The flight attendant was telling me that we had just landed and that I needed to exit the plane. That was when the fear really struck me. There was no turning back now. I only had enough money to buy a one way ticket and to rent a car to drive from the airport to Volterra and as for personal belongings I had just brought my ipod for the plane ride. I had no money to live off of and to top that off I was completely and utterly alone in a foreign country by myself with no personal belongs to survive off of either. There was no choice if I was to chicken out now. My doom was set whether I liked it or not, the Volturi would find me eventually, it would just save us all a lot of time, pain and unnecessary trouble if I just turned myself in now. With my mind reassured and convinced that I was doing the right thing I slowly got up out of my seat and smiled weakly in thanks to the attendant, it wasn't her fault that I was in the predicament that I was in now. Hell, she did not even know anything about vampires. I made my way out of the plane with determination to end it all little did I know I was in for a whole lot than bargained for….


Another amazingly boring day. I wondered if I was turning into Marcus. Instead of settling into a bored persona like my brother or an annoyingly fake cheerfulness like Aro, I just scowled and glared at the vampire and guards in front of me. She had come to get help on revenge her fallen mate, who had been taken down by a rather large coven in North America that had golden eyes instead of the traditional red coloring over a year earlier. Sounded like Aro's friend, the one that drink animals, oh-what-was-his-name, Carlisle Cullen. The mere thought of the name had me wanting to rolling my eyes in disgust. Animal blood. What vampire in their right mind would want to drink that? Even Aro doesn't drink animal blood. Those Cullen's walked on the beat of a different drum. I wonder what Aro sees in him anyway. It wasn't like we, Volturi, are ever going to change our diet. Perhaps Aro likes being in the presence of another insane soul. That was my opinion, they were both insane to the point of torture if you were around them for too long. No wonder Marcus looks so bored all the time-

Wait! Did this Victoria just say that a human was aware of our presence? I hissed to myself out of response and shared a look with Aro as Marcus continued to stare out in space, probably thinking about Didyme, completely zoned out of this conversation. A human! A filthy, low-lifed, blood bag human knows about vampires because she was a pet to the coven that took down this vampire's mate.

Well, well, well, looks like Cullen has been busy being a naughty boy since he left the Volturi to start his own coven. He knows our laws better than most vampires due to his time with us. I always knew that one of his coven members would slip up. Who, however, is the question. There are seven of them total. All mated except for one male, at least according to Aro. I personally would not waste my time with them. Aro, though likes to keep up with the blonde leader. Its to be expected to slip up when you are as abnormal to the traditions and customs as they are. I will be sending out some of the guards to look into this once we deal with this fool in front of me. He had it coming for him, that James. I wish I was present for the fight and there would have been more than one death that day. I grin at the mere thought, ah, nothing like striking fear into the vampire race. Out of my peripheral vision I see Aro's pet Jane and her brother flinch as my sadistic side makes its presence on my facial features. It is a known fact that when I smile someone is going to have hell to pay. And this time that someone happens to be a certain coven and a human.

Or so I thought…...