(This fan-fic is based off of VampireMeerkat's An, Ann n' Anny (the gender bend version of Ed, Edd n' Eddy) 's characters and character designs, check out her stuff on devaintart. If you don't know who's who, leave me a message and I'll explain further for you) (after edit: Thank you Peachy for telling me about the name change for Kevin's female counterpart! It's Karen instead of Claire now, so if you see 'Claire' in here, please let me know!)

The crowd cheered at the football field as the announcer called "And let's give it up for the PEACH CREEK COBBLERS!" half the crowd cheered. A group of girls in cheerleader uniforms come up, shaking their pom poms. One of the girls, a tall big girl with short pink hair, Anny, was whispering through a large fake smile as they shook their pompoms to the two girls on either side of her. Anny used to be the smallest girl in school, but once she hit high school, she had a major growth spurt.

The one on her left was Ann, or Double-N as everyone called her, she was thin and had her long black hair pulled back into a ponytail, she was shivering from the cold that her short, skimpy cheerleader uniform did not protect her from. She wished she had at least been able to wear her hat, but the cheerleading coach strictly forbad it.

To Anny's right was An, who cheerfully shook her pom poms with one of her classic big goofy smiles. Her long red hair was also pulled back (with help from Double-N) and her glasses bounced on her face as An bounced happily to the beat of the marching band. An was a simple, happy girl who loved spending time with her best friends Ann and Anny.

"Okay, so here's the plan." Anny whispered to her two friends, "Once the half time routine is over, we run for the van. Our change of clothes are inside, right Sock head?"

"Freshly washed and ironed." Double-N replied with a smile.

"Why do you guys always try to leave before the end of the game?" Jenny asked them. Her curly dark hair was short to her head, her large round head tilted in confusion, "It's almost as if you don't want to be cheerleaders."

"We don't." Anny informed her.

"Well, then, why don't you just quit?" Jenny asked.

"We can't." Anny groaned.

"You see, Jenny, we didn't become cheerleaders by choice, we became cheerleaders to be incentives for some of the players to do well."

"Oh!" Jenny exclaimed, finally understanding, "You mean…"

The Peach Creek Cobblers tore onto the field, lead by the Team Captain, Nate. His blonde hair and handsome face were hidden by his helmet, and right behind him were the stars of the team…

"Kankers!" An screamed, gearing up to run away, only to be stopped by Karen, the head cheerleader, Karen's long red hair was pulled up in a ponytail, her hat was gone as well and she scowled at the Ans, "Oh no you don't!" she snapped, "Those guys are our best players and tonight we're up against our rival, Lemon Brook High for the Championship! You three are staying!"


"Hiya, girls." All three Ans froze and slowly turned around to see the Kanker Brothers, An and Double-N jumped and hid behind Anny, who was just as terrified of the Kankers as her friends, but hid her fear the best. The other players passed them as the announcer introduced Lemon Brook's football team to the crowd.

"Hiya, Anny." The eldest Kanker, Tee, greeted with an evil smile, his red hair flopped over his eyes and his usual earrings were gone for the game, "How's my big boned babe?"

"Beat it Kanker." Anny snapped, her hands on her hips. Tee's smile only grew, "Feisty as ever, just the way I like." Anny scowled on the outside, but inside she was doing all she could to keep from running away, screaming like when she was a little girl.

"Hiya, Muffin." Larie hissed in Double-N's ear, she quickly turned around and held her pom poms close to her chest, terrified. Larie's shaggy blue hair still covered his left eye, but most of it was up in a ponytail, the silver stud in his tongue gleamed as he licked his lips, looking her up and down. "You look yummy." He purred, putting his face barely an inch from hers. Double-N's body shook like mad, "L-larie! I-I didn't see you there…" she stuttered, slowly backing away. Larie was the biggest pervert in Peach Creek and he couldn't keep his hands off poor Ann, much to her dismay. Larie grabbed her by the waist, "What's the matter?" he asked, as if not knowing the answer, "You know I don't bite, hard." Double-N let out a cry and scrambled out of his hands as he laughed at her reaction.

"Hiya, An!" An looked to Jay with a look of pure horror, his blonde hair was as it usually was, pulled back into a ponytail with his long bangs hanging out, his buck teeth weren't as big as they used to be, but his buck toothed smile still made An scream with terror every time she saw him on the football field. Jay was in the same video game club as An, but he never hit on her in there, so she was okay with him if they were alone, but as soon as he reunited with his brothers, he struck fear into her gentle heart. "KANKER!" she cried, "NO KISSES FOR AN!" she tried to make a run for it, but Jay had already grabbed her arm and pulled her back, "How's about the usual good luck kiss?" he asked, grabbing her head and pulling it close.

"NOT GOOD LUCK KISSES!" An shouted, close to tears.

"Oh, yeah." Tee said deviously, "How could we forget our pre-game ritual?" He grabbed Anny as Larie pulled Double-N close. And then, in unison, all three Kankers kissed the three terrified girls on the lips. When they were done, they looked refreshed and ready to go as they rushed out onto the field. The Ans, however, looked as if they had been hit by cars. Double-N looked to Karen, "Now that we've been orally violated, again, may we please go home now?" she begged.

"Not until the game's over." Karen repeated, her hands on her hips.

"But when the game's over, then we have to give victory kisses!" An cried, "And Victory kisses are bad for An!"

"Too bad." Karen snapped.

"Come on, Karen, can't you just say we got sick and had to go home?" Anny asked.

"No! It's the championship!"

"But!" the Ans cried in unison, only for Karen to glare angrily, and pointing to the bench where the other cheerleaders sat as the boys warmed up for the game.




The game had been stressful to say the least, since it was the Championship and everyone wanted Peach Creek to win, the Kankers came back for more kisses after each quarter, terrorizing the three Ans. Near the end of the game, the girls were ready to make a run for it, each one had long since reached their limit, they shook violently and looked exhausted.

"Victory Kisses are bad for An." An sobbed into her pom poms.

"K-knowing L-larie, I'll be l-lucky if I s-still have my v-virginity intact by the end of the n-night." Double-N stuttered fearfully, hugging herself.

"The game's almost over, the moment it ends, we're done, Karen." Anny declared, "We've been tortured enough. We want to go home." Karen looked at the three of them and realized that Anny was right, they had definitely had gone above and beyond what they could handle and that they needed to go home.

"Fine, the moment the game ends, you can go home." The Ans looked at each other happily and hugged each other, the nightmare was almost over, they could go home!

"And it looks like we're going into overtime folks!" The announcer cried. The An's jaws dropped, suddenly they heard a whistle, they turned slowly and tearfully at the Kanker Brothers.

"You heard 'um, ladies," Tee called, "We're going into overtime." The girls cowered as the boys slowly approached, then Rachel stepped in front of the Ans, "The Daughter of a Shepherd has seen enough!" she declared. Her blue hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her jaw was set in anger, "The Slobber-Covered-An Girls have had enough abuse from your jaws, win the game before I give you a Three shoe beating!" The Kankers froze, Rachel was an easy-going girl, but she could be just as dangerous as they were when angered.

"Fine." Tee said, "See you after the game, girls." He said with a grin. "For our victory kisses." Then the three of them walked back onto the field.

"Thank you, Rachel." Double-N said, "I don't think we could handle anymore."

"No need to thank Rachel," she said, then glaring darkly at the Kankers, "The Pucker-Fish-Faced Kanker Boys are milking it, yes?" The Ans nodded, shaking.

"Karen, I think they should go home." Jenny said, "I mean, look at them, what high school football championship is worth their sanity?"

Karen sighed, "Okay, they can go home." The Ans jumped for joy. Karen, Rachel and Jenny walked them to their van.

"NO VICTORY KISSES FOR AN!" An cheered as they entered the parking lot. Suddenly a loud cheer came from the crowd.

"PEACH CREEK WINS! PEACH CREEK WINS THE CHAMPIONSHIPS!" The Ans look at each other and they rush to the van, but just as they reach it, the Kankers quickly catch up.

"Where you three going?" Jay asked An.

"You weren't leaving before we got our victory kisses, were you?" Tee asked, grabbing Anny and giving her a long French kiss, playing with her tongue in ways she never wanted him too. Jay kisses An hard on the lips, An tries to push him away but she's too exhausted from all the kisses from earlier. Double-N fearfully looks at her friends, then Larie trips her, sending her to fall backwards into his arms. As soon as she sees him, she quickly covers her mouth with both hands. "Well aren't you clever?" Larie purrs, then gently kisses her forehead, but Double-N's eyes suddenly widen, horrified as Larie begins to smile.




By the time Nate, Karen, Jenny and Rachel get to the An's van, the Kankers strut passed them, smiling and looking quite pleased with themselves.

"Are you girls okay?" Nate cries. The three girls slowly walk along the outside of the van where the others are, Anny's trying to untangle her tongue, An's sobbing hysterically and Double-N is shaking violently, hugging herself and her eyes were twitching.

"What happened to you three?" Jenny asks, horrified.

"Wha do ou think?" Anny managed, indicating her tied up tongue. "Tha ath hole tid up my tongue."

"An got victory kisses." An sobbed, "So many kisses!"

Double-N said nothing, still shaking.

"Where did Larie kiss you, Double-N?" Karen asked her. Double-N slowly pointed her shaking finger to her forehead.

"That's it?" Rachel asked. Double-N shook her head then shakily pointed to Larie, who was waving a bra in the air, cheering, "H-he s-somehow got my b-bra." She said, horrified, "I-I have no idea h-how, but he d-did." The four teens looked at one another, then they rounded the Ans into their van and Jenny and Rachel hopped in the front seat and drove them home while Nate and Karen drove behind them in their own cars.




The other Peach Creek Cobblers lifted the Kankers up onto their shoulders and cheered. The players from Lemon Brook looked pretty pissed off, one of them called out to the Kankers, "You may have beaten us, but at least our girls are hot!" The whole field went silent. While the Ans were admittably not the prettiest girls in the world, there was nothing that pissed the Kanker Brothers off more then when they heard someone insulting their girls. (Except when someone insulted one of them or stole their ship-in-a-bottle) The team quickly put them down and backed away from them, while everyone else from Peach Creek quickly retreated to the corner farthest from the fuming brothers.

"What the fuck did you just say?" Larie demanded darkly, Double-N's bra clutched in his hand.

"You heard him," another player called, "Your girls are FUGLY!" the Lemon Brook team burst out laughing, but every Peach Creek native knew, when someone pissed off the Kanker Brothers, you got the fuck out of their way, soon the only people from Peach Creek left were the Kankers.

"I think these jack offs have a death wish, Tee." Jay growled, his face twitching with fury.

"I think you're right, Jay." Tee replied, grinding his teeth and clenching his fists, "Why don't we show these boys why they shouldn't say shit like that about our girls?" he asked his brothers, who suddenly resembled smiling demons.




The next day at Peach Creek High; An, Ann, and Anny are sitting at their lunch table, still recovering from the night before. An wore her off the shoulder green blouse, a pair of jeans, her glasses and her red hair flopped freely down to her shoulders. An was poking at her lunch, her eyes red and swollen from crying all night. Ann wore her black ski cap, a red turtle neck, a long purple skirt and her long black hair cascaded down her back as she hunched over sheets of paper, her eyes red from no sleep, trying to figure something out but having no luck. Anny wore her usual yellow tank top and jeans, her pink hair in its usual style and was holding an open notebook and a pen.

"I'm so glad that the season's over." Anny wrote in her notebook and showed her friends, "My tongue's still swollen from last night." An's eyes were so swollen from her excessive crying after the game that she could hardly see anything, so Ann read Anny's message to her.

"Hey Ans!" The girls jumped, but were relieved to see Nate, Karen, Rachel and Jenny instead of the Kankers.

"How are you three feeling?" Jenny asked as they sat down. Anny showed them her last written statement then wrote, "Lumpy's eyes are so swollen from crying that she can't see, with or without her glasses, so Double-N's been reading to her all day."

"What is the Double-N-An girl doing?" Rachel asked, indicating the papers.

"I'm trying to figure out how Larie managed to take my bra off last night so I can find a way to counter it." Double-N replied.

"But then couldn't he just take your underwear from under your skirt if he couldn't get your bra?" Karen asked, Nate elbowed her, "Ow! What?" Double-N dropped her pencil, "Oh dear, I hadn't even thought about that!" she cried, then held her head in her hands.

"Hiya, girls." An freaked out and looked around in all directions to see where the Kankers were, but because her eyes were swollen, she couldn't see them. Jay walked up to her and said, "Hiya, An!" Jay wore his usual gray t-shirt and red shorts with his long white socks and black shoes. Larie wore his normal baggy brown jacket over his black t-shirt and wore baggy jeans and his normal shoes. He flashed the silver stud in his tongue at Double-N. Tee wore a red polka-dot shirt with the sleeves torn off and jeans with his normal shoes, his earrings were back in his ears, he winked at Anny. An freaked out and slipped off her seat and fell onto the floor. A couple people laughed but were silenced by the Kankers' angry glares.

"You okay, An?" Jay asked, going down to help but An panicked at his touch, screaming, "ANNY! DOUBLE-N!" Ann grabbed her flailing hands, "An! It's okay! It's me!" she told her, An began to cry again, "Double-N!" she sobbed, hugging Ann. Double-N gently patted her friend's back, "It's okay An, Anny and I are both here." She soothed. Anny stood up, writing furiously into her notebook and shoving it into Jay's face.

"Huh?" he said, confused by the notebook.

"Anny's tongue is still swollen from last night." Double-N explained, shooting an angry look at Tee, "So she's been writing what she wants to say. Jenny, if you would please, I have my hands full at the moment."

"Sure." Said Jenny, taking the notebook from Anny and making a face like Anny as she read, "THAT'S IT! WE'VE HAD IT WITH YOU KANKERS! LAST NIGHT WAS THE LAST FUCKING STRAW! ALL YOU GUYS DO IS MESS WITH US AND WE'RE TIRED OF IT! AN'S EYES ARE SWOLLEN FROM CRYING ALL NIGHT! DOUBLE-N WAS TRAMATIZED AFTER YOU STOLE HER BRA! AND I CAN'T TALK BECAUSE MY TONGUE IS SORE FROM HAVING TO FUCKING UNTIE IT FROM THE STUPID KNOT YOU TIED IT IN! JUST DO US A FAVOR AND LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE!" Jenny looked at Anny, "How was that?" Anny nodded but pointed to a part of the paper, Jenny looked over it and said, "I'm not saying that." Anny rolled her eyes and wrote something down and Jenny read, "We're leaving, come on girls, let's go!" With that, Anny and Jenny helped An and Ann off the floor. And the three Ans left in a huff.

"Come on, girls…" Tee said sadly. Ann came back in a huff, "Hey, Muffin…" Larie began, smiling, thinking his girl had come back for him, but she stopped him with a glare and jabbed at Larie with her finger, "I want my bra back!" she snapped.

"Uh, I didn't bring it today, I'll have it back to you in a few days… to have it cleaned up" he said, a guilty grin on his face.

"Cleaned up?" Double-N repeated, confused, "Why would you need to…" her eyes widened with comprehension, "OH GOOD LORD!" she cried, disgusted, she then dashed away from him, repulsed by his words and actions.

"What was that all about?" Tee asked.

"You can't be serious." Nate said, "Dudes, you guys were out of control last night."

"Yeah, I know, we kicked Lemon Brook's ass!" Tee said proudly.

"I meant you guys were out of control with the Ans." Nate clarified, "I mean, dudes, you kinda over did it with kissing them every time we had a short break."

"Especially since they don't even want to be there." Karen added, "The only reason they're on the squad is because the principal wanted to win the Championship and he knew the only way to do that is to have the Ans there in cheerleading uniforms to cheer you guys on so you would play." The Kankers look guilty and start rubbing the back of their heads. "Oh man." Jay said, "We really messed up, huh?"

"Yeah." Nate said, "But if you want, we could help you guys earn back their tolerance."

"Tolerance?" The Kankers asked in unison.

"We could?" Karen, Rachel and Jenny asked in unison.

"Yeah." Nate said with a smile, "We help curb some of that wildness you three have and maybe they might kind of forgive you."

"Oh boy." Karen sighed, "This is going to be a long day."




Later, we see Rachel and Nate with Larie, with Ann at her locker past them, swapping out books for her next few classes.

"Okay, Larie, how about you start small… Why don't you go over there and offer to help her carry some of those books to her next class?"

"Then can I…" but before he can finish, Rachel covers his mouth, "No." Nate said as Double-N closes her locker with a SLAM and starts walking to her next class.

"Just help her with her books, and apologizing for taking her bra, nothing else."

Larie nods and Rachel moves her hand.

"Now, go!" Nate says, pushing him towards her. Larie ends up knocking into her, making her drop her books.

"L-larie!" Double-N cries, terrified, but she quickly steels herself, "I'll kindly ask you to watch where you're going next time." She says sternly, kneeling down to get them, Larie sees her do this and then kneels down beside her and starts helping her pick them up, "Sorry. I'll try to be more careful." He said softly, catching her by surprise. She sighs, "It's fine, thank you for your help." She said as they stood.

"And I'm sorry about the bra thing." He said, rubbing the back of his head, "I was out of line." Ann seems to soften a bit, "You were, but I appreciate the apology, Larie. I'm sorry for snapping at you." She said.

"Um, need some help carrying these?" he asked her, she gave him a small smile, "That would be very nice, thank you Larie." She said.

"Yes!" Nate and Rachel high-five, Nate was glad they started with Double-N, she was the most forgiving person he knew, and surely she could forgive even a pervert like Larie if he acted like a gentleman. Larie manages to walk her to her classroom without any incidents and places her books at her desk.

"Thank you for your help, Larie." Double-N said. He rubbed the back of his head, "Yeah, well it's the least I could do after how I've treated you. Would it be alright if we started over?" he asked, holding out his hand. Ann looks at it for a second, her kind, forgiving nature debating with her logical, analytical instincts. Then she takes it, "I guess so…" she said, but was quickly pulled into a hug, which she seems okay with at first, then her eyes get wide. Larie looks down at his hand, which has Ann's underwear in it. She pushes him away, angry, seeing her underwear in his hands makes her eyes swell up with tears as the other teens laugh.

"I'm so sorry, Double-N! I didn't mean it!" He cried, his hands up in surrender. Double-N then slaps him in the face, then snatches her underwear from his hands and runs crying past Nate and Rachel, who are in the doorway, and towards the bathroom.

"Never has Rachel seen the Gentle-as-a-Lamb An girl harm someone."

"Yeah well, she probably never felt so embarrassed and hurt before." Nate said, glaring at Larie, "What the hell, dude?"

"I'm sorry, it's just, she was being so cute, I guess couldn't help it." he said, wincing at he went to touch his reddening cheek, "Also, is it weird that it kind of turned me on when she slapped me?"

"Yes." Said Nate and Rachel, taking a step back. Nate looks at Rachel and asks, "Would you mind helping Double-N while I try to help Tee with Anny?"

Rachel nodded, "Leave the Underwearless-An girl to me, Overly-Optimistic-Nate boy."




Karen, Nate and Tee are looking into a science classroom where Anny is writing down what looks like notes.

"Alright, Tee, just apologize to Anny for hurting her tongue and how you acted at the game, then leave, don't stay around to chat and please, dude, don't argue with her like you always do."

"Got it." Tee said.

"Also don't take her underwear." Karen giggled, Nate elbowed her, "Ow! What?"

"That's not funny." Nate scolded, "Double-N was really upset. Anyway," he said, looking at Tee, "Remember, apologize to Anny about her tongue and how you acted then leave. No arguing!"

"I got it, I got it." Tee said, shoving his hands into his pockets and walking into the classroom. "Hiya, Anny." Anny jumped at the sound of his voice then glared at him darkly, over her shoulder you can see a drawing of Anny laughing with the Kankers tied to a rocket that was blasting off. Tee sees the drawing and said, "I guess you're still pissed, huh?" She nods and turns her back on him, flipping to a blank page in her notebook.

"Look, I'm sorry about how I acted last night." He said awkwardly, "And I'm sorry about your tongue."

Anny scribbled, "Sorry? You're sorry?" She showed him the page, then revealed her tongue, which was swollen and purple. Tee fell over at the sight at it, "Holy…!" he covered his mouth to stop himself from saying anymore. Anny angrily wrote more, "Sorry will not make the swelling go down or make me forgive you for all the years of shit you shoveled on me and my friends. Now get the fuck out!" Tee looked kinda pissed, but he said "fine." Then he pulled himself up off the floor and stood there, shaking. Anny sees him still standing there and makes a face, she writes something down and tears a piece of the paper out and balls it up and tosses it to him, "That means leave, dipshit." He bites his lip and leaves with the note crushed in his fist, he looks pissed.

"Hey, there you go, you're one step closer…" Nate says as Tee passes. Tee flips him the bird and smashes a locker with his fist.

"Well that went well." Karen said sarcastically.

"We still have Jay and An…"

"Forget it, Nate. If Double-N, one of the most forgiving people on the planet and Anny, one of the most stubborn, can't forgive them a tiny bit then what makes you think that An, who's scared shitless of the Kanker brothers, will?"

"Because they're in the same club every week and An comes out just fine." Nate said.




Nate, Jay and Jenny are just outside the video game club room, watching An try to put an old video game in a console with a look of serious concentration on her face, but she kept missing since she still couldn't see and saying, "Nope" every time she missed.

"Remember Jay, just say sorry about making her cry. That's it." Nate said.

"Nope." Said An.

"You do realize that I come here and talk to An every week without any problems, right?" Jay replied plainly, walking into the room, with Nate and Jenny right behind him.

"Nope." Said An.

"Hiya, An." He said softly. An jumps at the sound, "Jay?" she asked nervously, "Your brothers aren't there too, are they?"

"Nah, Nate and Jenny came with me." He explained. Both Nate and Jenny said hi.

An smiled widely, "Hi guys! Did you come to join the Video Game Club?"

"Uh, we're just checking it out today." Nate told her.

"Okay, I'll get the game in." she said cheerfully, going back to trying to get the game in.


Jenny took it from her, "I'll get it for you, An, you just sit back and relax." She said.

"Thanks Jenny." She said, facing Nate.

"Jenny's over there." Nate told her.

"Where?" An asked, turning to either side, trying to find her. "Marco!" she called happily.

"Polo!" Jenny said excitedly, pushing the game into the console. Nate scowled at her, "Jenny!"

"What? I like Marco Polo." She said.

"Why don't you start up the game, I'll help. Hey An," he said, putting her next to Jay, "Why don't you stay here while we get things started?"

"Okay!" she said, blissfully unaware that Jay was right next to her.

"Um, hey An." He said. An stopped and turned in his direction, "Jay?"

"Yeah, um, I'm sorry I made you cry last night." An pouted, "I said I didn't want kisses and you kissed me anyway."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that." He said, she turned away from his voice with a 'hmph!' "Could I ask you a question?" She still refused to turn to him, and she was still pouting, but she nodded.

"How come you're so scared of me when I'm with my brothers, but when it's just us you're fine?"

An turned to him, serious, and tilted her head, "When it's just us here, you're nice." She said plainly, "you give An her space and talk to me normally, but when your out there," she pointed to a potted plant, "You're scary, always hunting and kissing for me and Anny and Double-N, you don't want to hang out and talk and play with me and my friends, you just want to get me." Jay absorbed her words as Jenny called her over to play, but since An still couldn't see, she and Jenny began playing Marco Polo again. Nate faced-palmed at them.




Later after Video Game club, Anny and Ann were waiting outside the school to pick An up from her club to take her to Anny's house so Ann could help them with their homework. Tee and Larie came out of Detention while they waited. Tee got Detention for breaking the locker and Larie got detention for taking Ann's underwear off in front of the entire class. Ann sat in the driver's seat while Anny sat in the passenger's seat beside her.

Larie walked around to the driver's side and tapped on the window. Ann hesitated but she finally rolled down the window.

"I'll pay for a new bra, tell me how much it is and I'll give you the money for it." he whispered, slipping her a piece of paper with his phone number on it, "Since I'm gonna guess you won't want the one I took last night…"

"Yes…" she said stopping him, and slipping it into the pocket of her skirt, "Thank you, Larie, I'll let you know as soon as I find out."

"I really am sorry, Ann." He said, walking away. Anny wrote "Bullshit" and showed it to Ann, "Anny, language!" she scolded. Anny then crossed it out and wrote "Liar." Ann nodded, "Better."

Jenny led An out of the school and Nate walked out with Jay.

"Here you go, An!" Jenny said, letting her into the back of the van, "See you tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to next week!" She said, cheerfully.

"Bye Jenny!" An said, waving the wrong way. Anny wrote, "You're facing the wrong way, Lumpy." Which Double-N translated into, "Wrong way, An."

"Oh." She turned around to another wrong direction and said, "Bye Jenny."

The other Ans sighed and Jenny closed the back, smiling, Double-N pulled the van out of park and drove to Anny's house saying, "Anny, An, I believe I might have a solution to your swelling problems. Once we get to Anny's house, I'll help you two get back to normal and then I'll help you with your homework, okay?"

They both nodded.

The Lemon Brook football field watched as the Ans drove away, they were covered in casts and bandages from their tussle with the Kanker Brothers.

"So those are their girls?" one asked.

"They're the same cheerleaders they were making out with last night." Another confirmed.

"What the fuck do those three see in them?"

"Who are you talking about, the girls or the Kankers?" A few guys chuckled.

"So what's the plan again?" another guy asked. Everyone punched that guy.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"It's fine, guys," the largest one said, he was the Quarterback, Eric. He looked to his team and told the confused one, "Troy, the plan is that we take their girls and hold them hostage, then show those Kankers what happens when you mess with Lemon Brook." The other guys nodded and snickered.




Anny and An pulled the ice off their eyes and tongue, "Wow." Anny said, "It does feel better. And it feels good to talk again."

"AN CAN SEE ONCE MORE!" An announced happily.

"So, Sock head, what is this I heard about you slapping Larie Kanker in the face?" Anny asked deviously as Double-N empties the bags of ice into Anny's bathroom. An looked at Double-N, shocked that she would actually harm another person. Double-N sighed and walked back in, trying to stay calm.

"He seemed sincere in his apology to me and he seemed to honestly want to make amends, he even helped me carry my books to class without smacking my butt." The other Ans nodded, urging her to go on, "Then he held out his hand in what I thought was a gesture of friendship, then he pulls me into a hug and somehow takes off my underwear!" she fumed, "And then he has the nerve to say that he didn't mean to?" she went on, "I ask you, how does one remove another person's under garments without making a conscious decision to do so?" she demanded. "So yes, I did slap him, and although he did deserve it, I still feel terrible about it."

"Why would you feel bad about it?" Anny asked her, "It sounds like he got what was coming to him!"

"Maybe so, but I still shouldn't have struck him." She said, "His vile behavior does not give me an excuse to do something equally bad."

"He took your underwear off in front of everyone, a slap is nothing compared to that." Anny defended, patting her on the back.

"Are you okay, Double-N?" An asked her, holding her hands. "Yes, An, I'm okay now." Double-N said, patting her on the head. "Okay, let's get into this math homework." She said.

"Aww!" Anny and An moaned. "Hey, I'm helping you with it, so it'll get done faster then normal and we can do something fun." Double-N reminded them.

The three girls dive into their homework while the Lemon Brook football team arrive at Anny's house.

"So the answer is x equals twelve?" Anny asked. Double-N looks over Anny's work, "Good job Anny! An, how do you fair?" An handed Double-N her homework, Double-N frowns and looks to her jolly friend.

"An, the answer to question number one is not zero."

"That's not a zero, Double-N." An informed her, "It's an egg." She said with a big grin.

"An egg?" Double-N repeated, "An egg is not the answer to number one either, An." An frowned and scratched her head with her pencil then drew a line in front of the egg. "A line and an egg!" An exclaimed. Since the answer to question was ten, and Double-N and Anny knew that, Double-N relented and said, "Very good, An, the answer is a line and an egg." She said in a motherly tone. Anny cracked up and said, "Wow, Lumpy, you're good, it took me forever to figure out the answer was a line and an egg." An smiled proudly.

Then the sound of a door smashing open made all three girls jump.

"What was that?" Anny asked, fear obvious in her voice. Anny's bedroom door smashed open to the Lemon Brook football team. All three girls screamed as the men burst into Anny's room.

"Are you three the Kanker Brothers' girlfriends?" one asked. The Ans looked at one another and started to laugh. The football players looked confused and looked at each other.

"Us?" Anny laughed, "The Kanker's girlfriends?" she then fell onto the ground laughing. An was laughing so hard that she was crying. Even Double-N was laughing, although she was trying to stifle it with her hands, "I'm terribly sorry, gentlemen, but I believe you have been misinformed." She said through chuckles.

"Huh?" the team said in unison.

"We're not their girlfriends." Anny said, "We're their victims!"


"We were forced into becoming cheerleaders so they would play, they wanted us to cheer for them in those skimpy uniforms." Double-N explained.

The team stared at the giggling girls, confused on what to do. "This changes nothing." The largest guy said, the Ans stopped laughing and looked at him, "We can still use them to lure them into a trap, and since they haven't gotten any yet…" He said, "We can have some fun with them too." All three Ans looked at each other and ran towards the door outside from Anny's room, one of them grabbed Double-N by her long hair and yanked her back. "AN! ANNY!" She screamed, reaching out for her friends as they pressed a handkerchief to her mouth and nose, after a few seconds, Double-N's eyes closed and she collapsed onto the ground.

"DOUBLE-N!" An and Anny cried, dashing back to help their friend, but only to get the same handkerchiefs shoved over their faces and for them to fall into darkness.




Later that night, the Kanker boys were sitting in front of the TV, but none of them were really watching it.

"You think they'll ever forgive us?" Larie finally asked his brothers.

"I dunno." Tee said.

Suddenly the phone rang, Jay got it, "Hello?"

"You might want to put this on speaker, Kanker." A deep voice said. Jay motioned for his brothers to come and pressed the speaker button, "Is it on?" the voice asked.

"Yeah." Jay said.

"Good. We have your girlfriends. Meet us at the Peach Creek football field at dawn or else the girls get it." The voice said before hanging up. The brothers looked at each other and ran out to their pick-up.

When they arrived in the cul-de-sac, they couldn't believe what they saw, there were police cars everywhere and Anny's house had a huge hole where the front door used to be, a police officer holds up Ann's hat and An's glasses, both of which are in evidence bags for the girls' parents to see, their mothers are crying into their fathers' arms.

"An said that Double-N was going to help her and Anny with their homework at Anny's house today." Jay informed his brothers, shocked and terrified for their safety.

"So, where are they now?" Larie asked.

"I dunno, but we're the only ones who can help them now." Tee said.




Ann woke up with her hands bound behind her and her mouth gagged, her legs, surprisingly were not tied up. She felt dizzy and she took a good look around the room. It was dank and dark, but that was fine, her head hurt and bright lights would probably make it worse. She managed to pull herself into a sitting position, the sound of a train crossing the tracks made her jump. She closed her eyes and worked to recall what happened. She then looked around for An and Anny, she saw their passed out silhouettes, she scooted herself towards them with her feet, since she couldn't find a wall to lean against so she couldn't stand and it would be difficult to crawl with her hands tied behind her back. She made it to where they were, she checked their pulses, which were normal, thank God. She then tried to wake them by nudging them with her hands and feet, but they were down for the count.

The sound of a turning door knob made her jump, but before she could do anything else, she was blinded by a bright light.

"Looks like one's up." A deep voice said, she felt something grab her hair and pull her up with it, she let out a cry of pain as she rose into the air, but it was muffled by the gag. Laughter could be heard from in the light. Ann squinted to see what was so bright, but she was quickly brought eye to eye with the large guy from Anny's house.

"Hello, cutie, do you have your boyfriend's cell number? We're trying to call them but their not home." Ann struggled against his grip and tried to say something along the lines that she would never help a bunch of brainless buffoons like them, but her words were muddled by the gag to sound like random sounds. The big guy shook her violently, she screamed as he laughed at her pitiful state, the slip of paper Larie gave her earlier slipped from her pocket and fluttered to the floor. She tried to kick him, hoping his grip would lessen so she could grab it, however, her lack of strength made him laugh instead. He noticed the paper, "Why thank you, cutie." He said, putting his face way too close to hers. "I'd bet you'd like to speak to your boyfriend, huh?" Then an idea hit her, she nodded wildly.

"Hang on a sec, I'll call him up for you." he said, he called a guy named Troy to pick up the paper (to which he replied, "Yes Eric,") so he could type in the number with his cell in his free hand while he held the struggling Double-N in the air by her hair. He waited for the phone to connect.

"Hello?" It was Larie.

"Hello, put me on speaker." He said, then pressed the speaker button on his own phone.

"You're on." He said.

"Larie, your girlfriend would like say something to you, but she's a little tied up at the moment." He teased. Double-N rolled her eyes at that one.

"If you hurt Double-N, I swear I'll…" Even Double-N was frightened by the tone of his voice.

"Hang on a sec, she's still got the gag on, Troy, if you would please…" Troy obliged. The moment the gag was off, Double-N screamed, "WE'RE IN THE ELECTRICAL ROOM BEHIND THE BLEACHERS AT LEMON BROOK HIGH!" her words slowly woke her friends on the floor. Eric ended the call as soon as she finished screaming as Larie was saying "Nice one…"

"How do you know…"

"The train." She said with a smile, "Lemon Brook High's the closest place with any kind of train tracks, and since there was no furniture, I just assumed it was an electrical room." Eric roared and swung her around, banging her against walls and anything he could. Double-N screamed as he did, fully waking her friends to find her being swung by her hair by the psycho who grabbed them. Luckily where Double-N lacked in the strength department, An and Anny were always happy to lend her a hand, or in this case, a foot. Both girls kicked the guys feet from under them, Eric dropped Double-N and his phone, Double-N grabbed the phone and landed hard against the ground, as soon as the guys fell, both An and Anny then slammed their heels down towards the boys' heads, but the boys managed to dodge, An and Anny both still made huge dents in the floor. The guys fled back into the light and slammed the door behind them just as An and Anny sat up. An and Anny helped each other with their gags.

"Are you alright, Double-N?" An asked.

"Yeah," she moaned, "just got the wind knocked out of me." She said, "And possibly cracked my ribcage… Ow…"

"Where are we?" Anny asked.

"Electrical Room behind the bleachers at Lemon Brook High." Double-N replied, "Help is already on the way, but I'm calling the police, too." She began dialing with her friend's help directing her fingers.

"Help's on the way, who is it?" Anny asked.

"The ones who got us into this mess in the first place."




The pick up was speeding on the highway, Tee was driving like a mad man with his foot flat on the gas, "And you're sure she said Lemon Brook High, right?"

"This is Double-N we're talking about." Larie replied, "since when does she make mistakes?" Jay nodded in agreement. Larie's phone rang again, "Hello?"

"Hiya, Larie." Double-N managed, she sounded weak and in pain.

"Are you okay?" he asked, both happy to hear from her and freaking out if she was okay or not.

"I'm okay, but we won't be for long if this door doesn't hold, An and Anny are strong but I doubt we can keep this up."

"What are you talking about?"

"Right after that guy ended the call, An and Anny woke up and helped get him and his goon out, but they brought more with them and…" her voice cracked into a sob "I'm really scared of what they're going to do to us."

"What do you mean, 'do to you?'" As Larie listened to her on the phone, his face turned red with rage as she explained, "Are you saying that before we'd be able to get to you that they were going to…?"

"Yeah." She said. "I think if they get through that door, that's probably what they're going to do."

"Stay on the line, okay?" he ordered, putting her on speaker so his brothers could hear.

"I'm putting you on speaker." She said, there was a pause, then Double-N said, "I've called the police but they won't get here in time."

"It's a fighter, Double-N!" An cried.

"You're doing great, An, keep it up. You too, Anny." Double-N said.

"Hmph, tell me something I don't know." Anny replied smugly.

Suddenly there was a sound of breaking wood and screams and Anny shouting "Oh FUCK!"

"Double-N?" Larie cried into the phone, "Double-N? ANN, ARE YOU THERE?"

"Oh, she's here alright." The deep voice said, Double-N's pained cry could be heard from the phone, "But she's a little busy right now, as are her friends." Anny was swearing at him black and blue and An was crying. "You see, they're going to keep us… company until you get here."

"NO!" Jay and Larie shouted into the phone, but the line was dead.

"No worries, boys." Tee said, finally putting on the breaks, "We're here."




Somebody grabbed Double-N by her still tied wrists and dragged her out of the electrical room where three gymnastic mats were laid out on the floor.

"NO!" she screamed as the mats came closer and closer. An and Anny were also being dragged and screaming, only there were more people dragging Anny out then her or An.

"You girls have better been worth all this trouble." Eric warned them as the girls were thrown onto the mats, screaming for help. Kicking and biting to get free, all three Ans felt as rough hands forced their flaring limbs down on to the mats.

Double-N felt someone grab her underwear and start pulling it down. 'Not again.' She thought, tears flowing down her face as she closed her eyes shut.

"Hey." Her eyes snapped open at the voice, the guy holding her down looked up to see Larie Kanker, looking scarier then Double-N ever wanted to see him.

"The only guy who can take off her panties is me." He growled, punching the guy clear across the room, he then pulled a pocket knife out of his jacket pocket and freed her wrists, "You okay?" He asked her. Double-N's lip quivered and she pulled him into a hug, sobbing into his chest, Larie was surprised at first but he quickly hugged her back, "Does this make up for the underwear thing?" She nodded. "And the bra thing?" he asked hopefully. "Don't push it." Double-N managed.

Jay kicked the guy on An across the room, making him crash into the wall, then bit through her restraints. An hugged him too, crying like a baby, "VICTORY KISSES ARE BAD FOR AN, BUT MATS ARE WORSE FOR AN AND HER FRIENDS!" she declared. Jay held her close, "We know An, we know. But you and your friends are safe now, everything's going to be okay."

Tee grabbed both guys on Anny and threw them into the ground on either side. He then pulled out his own knife and cut her free too. "Thanks, Tee." Anny said, trying to pull herself together as tears still rolled down her cheeks. Tee smiled and helped her up to her feet, "Anything I can do to make you feel better?" he asked. Anny nodded and pointed to the rest of the team, "Kick their asses." She said. A dark, cruel smile crawled up his cheeks, "I think that can be arranged, right boys?" Larie and Jay helped their Ans up and took them to Anny, the girls embraced in teary relief that they were all okay while the Lemon Brook players cowered in fear of the demon shaped shadows of the Kanker brothers.

"So you morons thought that you could not only take our girls but you thought you could try to rape them?" Tee asked.

"I bet they thought they could get away with it too," Larie said.

"I say we get payback!" Jay cheered, "What say you girls?" All three Ans nodded.

"Well you heard the ladies," Tee jeered, "It's time for some payback." The team screams as they're overcome by shadows.




Later, all three Ans have blankets wrapped around them with the Kanker brothers loading them up in their pick-up to take them home, as police officers arrest the brutally beaten football players into twenty flashing squad cars.

Tee and Anny had the front seat, Larie and Ann had the back and Jay and An sat in the truck bed.

"Uh, Thanks, Tee, for saving us and all…" Anny said, looking out the window to avoid eye contact, her face was red with embarrassment, "Even though we wouldn't have been in danger in the first place if you guys had just…"

"They called you and your friends fugly." He interrupted.

"Just beat them until they were in body casts." Anny altered. Tee smiled, "I'll keep that in mind." He said.

"Good, cause if a bunch of assholes want to try and rape us again for something you three did…" Tee grabbed her hand, "What happened tonight will not happen again" he assured her. Anny pouted and said nothing, but let him keep holding her hand for the rest of the way home.


"So you got their blood on my bra, that's why you needed to get it cleaned?" Double-N clarified from the backseat besides Larie.

"Yeah, so am I forgiven for the bra?" Larie asked.

"No!" she said, "I don't want a bra that has been tainted with blood! Who knows what kind of diseases they could carry! Especially the blood of those… of those…" she stopped, searching her enormous vocabulary for the right word.

"How about sick bastards?" Larie offered.

"Exactly!" she agreed. They were quiet for a second then Larie leaned over and asked, "So, what exactly did you think I got on it?" Double-N's face went red, she was quiet for a moment, then said, "Hey Larie, how about I not tell you what I thought you got on it and you can pick a bra for me from Victoria's Secret?" Larie smiled widely, "I like the way you think." He said, pulling her close and kissing the top of her head.


"So are you still scared of me, An?" Jay asked her over the wind in the back of the truck. He had his arm around her, keeping her warm, and An put her blanket around them both as well. An thought about it, "I dunno." She admitted, "But I'm not scared of you now." She gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you, Jay." Jay's face flushed and steam came out of his ears. An laughed and clapped her hands.