FT Music School Chapter 1

I sighed. Another boring day.

As in today is Thursday. Yesterday I took my first class in this music school and it was about theory. It was boring as fuck and I knew everything they gave. I mean, it's all logical! That is G, that is A and that is E. Each was marked as quarter notes and one was a quaver. I understand that everybody has to pass through this but if you already play an instrument you don't have to.

At least today I got to actually play. I am supposed to go to this large classroom where there will be a lot of other chord players. I think Levy is also in the group. I smiled at the thought of playing violin alongside levy and skipped to the hall where the classroom was supposed to be. I stood at the door, hearing all the violins, cellos, and violas playing. Gulping and mustering a straight face, I opened the door and entered. My fake smile instantly went down at seeing how full this place was and because of all the hypocrites. Well shit.

I searched for Levy's head but seeing as I couldn't find her, I walked towards the side of the door and placed my violin case at the top of a base and took out all the things I needed and stood against the wall waiting for the teacher that arrived soon enough. Mr. Makarov ordered us all to sit and asked me to take the seat behind this Pink haired dude and a blue haired dude. There was a stand that divided me from the boys that had all the music sheets. Taking an interest in the blue haired one, and also because I was confused about the music, I leaned to the front a bit.

"Hello!" I said faking a bit the happiness towards the blue haired.

"…" no answer. Basically, IGNORED. I fumed and backed away.

"Oi there!" I heard a happy voice infront of me that made me look up from the papers I was eyeing. It was the pink haired dude; and he was giving me a huge grin. "I'm Natsu Dragneel! What's your name?"

"….Lucy." I answered.

"Lucy what?"

"Lucy Fernandez." I lied my last name. Didn't want people to know that I came from high socialite. You never know if they'll kidnap you and hold you for randsom.

"Fernandez. Hey!" he looked at the blue dude. "She has your same last name Jellal!"

"…" again no answer.

"So Lucy from which school do you come? How many years you've been playing violin? How—"

I basically muted him in my mind. This guy can seriously talk! I answered a few of his questions until Jellal dude saved me from talking more (apparently he hates people talking too much, thank goodness) and looked back at my music. The music we were playing was called "Brandenburg" by Bach. I separated the papers, organizing them and took a deep breath. 5 fricking pages?! What is this!? I head a low chuckle infront of me and glared at the onyx eyed pink haired idiot. I swear I am going to kill him next time he laughs.

"Alright children! Get ready!" claimed the teacher.

The teacher interrupted anything that was left unsaid and everybody sat straight and ready with their instruments. At this I noticed that Laxus was sitting in the first violins section alongside his sister "Evergreen" (of course it's her nickname!) and behind him a bunch of other people I had no idea who they were. Levy was way in front of me with a blue haired cute kid that had a blue cat hoodie. To the violas' side there was a red head and a brunette and to the cellos section there was a black haired dude with a white haired dude. Who has white hair while being a teenager!? Wait Nevermind! We are about to play and here I am exploring the sea of heads!

We all raised our bows, and waited for the director's order. At his signal, we all began rubbing the bows against the strings at the time it was supposed to be. And I, being the slow one at following people, got lost. Everybody played so fast and fluently that it made me think that they had the music before I had it. This is unfair. I glared again at the papers, fuming at my errors and finger slips. Soon, the song stopped and I was trying to dissimulate that I was calm when in reality I was exhausted. We all waited for Makarov's response.

He stayed silent for a while, and the small elder man glared suddenly and declared, "This is the best you can give me? Come on! Even a baby can do better than all you idiots! Now get to playing again!"

I resisted gawking. That was bad?! WE played again and again and again, and I was already hating how this was going. Makarov later ordered us to stop since it was already an hour since we began playing, and it was time for us to pack. I stood up fast but was held back by the one and only, Natsu Dragneel. Hmmm. Drag-neel. Lol! Anyways, there were some people that got close to him, and apparently he wanted to present them to me.

"Lucy! This here Are Erza," the red head, "Gray," the black haired, "and Happy!" the kid with the cat hoodie. They either nodded or said a happy 'Aye!' like the little kid. I nodded.

"Nice to meet you." I spoke politely. I think the viola lady acknowledge that I didn't care if I met them or not and distracted Natsu and the rest so I could escape with something about them four playing somewhere I didn't give a crap. So I packed and left.

I sighed once I was out and waiting for the limousine to come and pick me up. I looked up at the sky and whispered,

'Mama, I guess I'll just have to endure them'

I had to upload the story again since I placed the wrong prologue chapter and now it's here. And as a bonus for my mistake! Chapter 1!

At last! Natsu and the rest of the gang is here! I already wanted to do this chapter! This is how I met my best friend (but in this story, There is NaLu, which means they will surely end up together ;) ) and his friends, though in real life I met his friends a year later and who is supposed to be Makarov also the next year. But Imma try to make this 3 years in at least 12 chapters or so. If I can't reach it then 15. I don't like doing more than 20 chapter stories.

So I hope you like and yes I hated my best friend for a whole year and later we got along. But here I'll sum it up fast and nice and much cuter and with some romance because I know you all love some NaLu and probably the tension of Lissana coming out of nowhere to try and steal our precious NAtsu.

Also, wait for some crazy stuff. Many characters are missing and you will see them sooner or later ;)

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