I stumbled through the thick leaves pushing them roughly out of the way as I ran from the cornucopia. I didn't look back as I moved on, fear trembled win me causing my hands to quake as well.

After some minutes of running I stopped to catch my breath. I leaned against a tree my chest heaving as I gasped for air. I was a fairly fit teenage girl but I hadn't ever had to run for my life before. I guess there truly is a first time for everything.

Once I had regained my breath I straightened and continued on at a moderate pace. I scanned over the area trying to become used to the surroundings so I could use it to my advantage if I needed to.

The forest seemed to continue on for what seemed like forever and the sky was darkening so I stopped meandering and got to work. I set up a small shelter using branches and any other materials I could find. Before I laid down to go to sleep I looked up, hoping for a glance of the black, star filled sky but my gaze was filled with the green of the leaves over head.

I was woken up later that night with a ear splitting scream. I stumbled to my feet and looked around for the source of the noise before a the loud 'boom' of a canon made my head spin with noise. My eyes were drawn towards the sky and to my surprise a face was floating above me. I squinted my eyes and read the name '

Lyra Kotone, district 3'.

The realization sunk in and my stomach turned with horror as I reached the conclusion that this girl, Lyra, was dead. I didn't know who or what killed her but I was filled with the urge to run.

I abandoned my spot under the trees and raced off, the woods seemed to now be filled with snickers, taunts, and threats. My eyes blurred and I crashed to the ground and sobbed. As I cried a bright flash cut through the darkness of the nig and suddenly a soft paw patted my shoulder.

I looked up and saw riolu sadly staring at me as a broke down. "I'm sorry" I hiccuped "I'm sorry riolu, you're best bet is to run now. I can released you" I said not daring to look the small pokemon in the eyes with shame. Riolu stopped and stared at me for a moment hesitating as it decided how to decide.

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