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Beth POV

Beth didn't know what to think of Merle now that she knew that he was behind burning the two Woodbury residents. She had tried to respect him because Daryl had asked her to, but she didn't know if she could do that anymore.

She wanted to tell the council still, of course, but Daryl had persuaded her to hold off on that for now. She knew they would tell him when the time was right. "When will the time be right, Daryl?" she asked him on prison rooftop during his watch. "After he kills somebody else?"

"If we tell, the next person he'll kill will be you," he emphasised. "I ain't goin' to let that happen, so we gotta wait it out."

Beth huffed out a small sigh, and returned to the cell block to go check on Judith. She understood that Daryl wanted to protect her, but it irritated her that he didn't want to stand up to his brother.

She left for her watch as Daryl returned to the cell tower, bumping into him on her way up to the rooftop. "Look, 'm sorry," he gruffly apologized. "It just don't feel right turnin' him in right now."

She looked at him, nodded shortly, and turned to head up the stairs. He grabbed her arm and spun her around, wrapping her in a tight hug and giving her a light kiss. Giving him a smile, she walked up the stairs and began her watch until Glenn relieved her later on.

She didn't know until the next morning that her father had witnessed the kiss.

"Beth, I'd like a word with you please," Hershel said as she finished feeding Judith. It was just about time for her to go help Carol with the kids.

"Of course, Daddy," Beth said, not knowing what to expect. Sometimes Hershel just liked to give a bit of fatherly advice.

"Now, I saw you and Daryl kiss last night," he stated. Hershel was always direct with people, he wasn't a fan of beating around the bush. "Would you like to explain whats happening to me?"

So Beth explained everything, from the moment they'd had their first conversation on the rooftop to last night's kiss. She skipped over, of course, the part about Merle killing the Woodbury folk. After she was done talking, he took a moment to consider what he had just heard. Beth braced herself for his opinion.

"Well," began Hershel, "I don't think that's your best option, Beth. Think of all the other boys here—boys your age. Daryl's certainly a good man—but is it what you really want? You're young, still figuring out what you like—"

"I really like him, Daddy." Beth said quietly, cutting him off.

After a small pause and a sigh, Hershel said, "I can respect your decision, Beth. But I'll be keepin' a close eye on you two."

Rising to go help with the children, Beth kissed her father on the cheek. "Thank you, Daddy."

Daryl POV

Later that night on the rooftop, Daryl was surprised to find himself alone. Beth usually came up on his watch, to give him some company.

"My daddy saw us kiss last night," she said, giving Daryl a bit of a start. He was not expecting her to come up, as most of his watch had passed and he was about to change off with someone.

"What he think abou' that?" Daryl asked her.

"Well, he doesn't think it's my best choice. Thinks I should be with someone younger. I told him that I didn't want anybody else."

"He approve of that?" he questioned further.

"I don't think he exactly approves, but he says he can respect my decision. He thinks I'm too young to know what I want."

Daryl nodded, trying to understand Hershel's point of view.

"I'm taking over next watch," Beth said, changing the subject. "Go down and get some rest if you can. Check on Judy for me."

He ran into Hershel on his way down. "So I understand you and Beth have developed feelings for each other," he stated in his direct manner.

"Yeah I s'pose you could say that," replied Daryl.

"I'd like you to stay away from my daughter, Daryl. You're a good man, and I respect you, but I don't think Beth knows what she wants. She's young, still figuring stuff out."

Daryl gave him a rough nod, muttered an inaudible response, and stalked off to his perch in the cell block.

Daryl didn't know if he could stay away from Beth. There was something about the pretty blonde that just drew him to her. He couldn't quite put his finger on what.

Chaos arrived with the next morning. Hershel and Michonne had both gone missing, which was causing a feeling of uneasiness.

"Where'd you take 'em?" Daryl demanded, confronting his brother. He had jumped to the conclusion that this was Merle's doing, and that the two bodies would appear at any given time.

"What you talking 'bout, baby brother?" Merle asked nonchalantly.

"Hershel, and Michonne," Daryl growled. "They're missin'."

"Well, ain't that a damn shame," Merle stated. "Unfortunately for you, brother, you got the wrong guy."

Merle had no idea just how right he was.

Michonne and Hershel appeared later in the afternoon, along with someone else who no one in the prison had ever wanted to see again.

The Governor had returned.

Everyone prepared themselves to move, while Rick talked with the governor. The kids and Woodbury residents got on the bus, the others armed themselves and prepared to fight if need be.

Daryl couldn't hear what Rick and the Governor were saying, but it looked like Rick was losing the conversation. Debate, fight, whatever it was.

Daryl noticed Hershel looking at him with a concerned, pleading look in his eyes. I was wrong, it seemed to say. Beth does know what she wants. Please take care of my daughter. Daryl nodded, hoping he had understood correctly, and a small smile crossed Hershel's lips.

Second later, Hershel was dead. The Governor had taken his head with Michonne's katana, and all hell had broken loose.

Everyone was running, one way or another. The tank that the Governor's new people had brought began tearing the prison apart, adding to the chaos.

Minutes later, Beth ran to Daryl. "I went to get the kids—they need to get on the bus—I couldn't find them—" she was panicking, tears rolling down her face in a constant stream.

"We gotta go, Beth," he said, turning and making sure she followed.

Daryl didn't think he'd ever forget Hershel's silent last words. Take care of my daughter.

The End

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