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No Excuse:

"Harvey, I'm simply being realistic with you." Donna sighed as she looked over at her boss, who was smirking at her.

"As am I." he countered and she gave a small huff, pushing back a strand of hair from her face.

"Not everyone loves you." She told him and Harvey leaned back into his chair, biting the end of pen with a smug look that would drive every single woman-married or not- over to come swoon over him.

"What are you talking about? I'm adored by all." He told her with a sweeping motion of his hand, gesturing to the world around him. "I mean, what's not to love? My charm, amazing looks, witty personality-"

"Your modesty." Donna added with a roll of her eyes.

"Oh, you shouldn't." Harvey teased and continued on "I'm telling you Donna. There isn't a soul alive that doesn't like me."

"Harvey I hate you!" Mike growled, as he came into the office, throwing down his things with much more force than necessary. Donna turned, a small smile on her lips as she raised her eyebrows at her boss who let his mouth fall open.

"You planned that." He accused and she shook her head.

"Nope. You sir, just forget that I am The Goddess of Knowledge. Point one for Donna bitches!" she said as she snapped her fingers before turning to Mike, who was watching the scene with a look of incredulity that his outrage had been ignored.

"Oh, Honey. You look upset!" Donna cooed and the associate blinked for a moment, before glaring again.

"Did you know about this?" he asked her instead and Donna cocked her head, now seriously analyzing her friend. He sincerely looked upset. Realizing the situation was now serious, she looked over at Harvey with an expression that clearly said what-did-you-do?

"Know about what?" she asked, trying to sound soothing at Mike's withering look which was directed at Harvey, who simply raised his eyebrows at the open display of hostility.

"This." He snarled and slammed down the folder, his hands literally shaking with anger. "Was this supposed to funny?" he asked and Harvey leaned forward to grab whatever had his associate so worked up.

"Calm down." He instructed and opened the folder. It wasn't much, just their next case. A rich business owner had been accused of laundering money from his company in order to support his notorious drinking habit. Harvey reviewed the morning in his head. He had taken a look at the file before handing it off to Mike with an address stuck to the front of it and instructions to go talk to the man. Harvey had planned originally to have his own meeting, but figured Mike could get the big details first… That is, assuming that the kid didn't screw up this. Harvey looked up and frowned, wondering if Mike had somehow gotten into a fight with this Caleb Nelson. God knows the man was like a trouble magnet when it came to those things.

"Well?" his associate demanded and Harvey snapped the file shut, giving Donna a look that answered her early question with I-didn't-do-anything!

"Could you maybe explain why you are mad?" Harvey asked calmly, but his voice couldn't help but come off as sarcastic. It was built in, he supposed.

"You…You made me talk to him." Mike said with barely concealed contempt. "I didn't even realize who it was until I was there. Did you not think that that was something I should know?"

At this point, Harvey had about had enough. He hated not knowing what was going on, and he hated the fact Mike was attacking him over it.

"Get out until you can calm the hell down." Harvey snapped at him and that seemed to be all Mike needed to push past Donna and leave, storming out of the office while drawing many questioning glances.

"What was that all about?" Donna asked, watching with concern. "Harvey what did you do?"

"Nothing! The kid needs to learn how to communicate." Harvey seethed and reopened the file. "Talk to him? Who?!" he frowned. Did he mean their client? Why would he be so upset to talk to the man? Donna leaned over, and picked it up for herself reading for a few moments before worry traced over her features.

"Out of my way." She said and dove into Harvey's desk, searching until she brought out Mike's file. Well, the file that hadn't been tampered with anyways. Harvey insisted the original should be hidden safely away where no one could find it in his desk. Pushing papers aside, she seemed intently searching until one page appeared and she groaned.

"Oh God." She whispered and showed it to Harvey, who snatched it from her without questions.

Parents: James Ross and Nina Ross (Both deceased)

Report: James and Nina Ross were killed in the year 1999 in a car accident driving home at approximately 10:39 PM. Another driver (Caleb Nelson) had hit them head on after drinking excessively at a bar. James Ross died instantly on impact, while his wife died nearly two hours after (12:43 AM). Their son, Michael James Ross was admitted to the hospital for a period of three weeks before being released into the care of Edith Anne Ross.


Harvey felt every fiber of his being go cold. How could he have been so stupid? He had read this before. Why hadn't the name sounded familiar? Caleb Nelson…His client, a client he had worked for on several cases actually before Mike came, had been the same man to murder Mike's parents.

The thought made him almost sick.

It was worse though, remembering how on the occasions he had defended the man, that Nina and James Ross had come up. Never by name, of course. It was simply stated 'the time Nelson killed those people due to his drinking'. Harvey had simply brushed it off as an irrelevant mistake to the jury.

An irrelevant mistake?

Hopping up, Harvey flew out of the office, leaving Donna to watch him go and pray to fix this situation.

His breath had smelled like wine.

It had been the first thing Mike noticed about the man he had interviewed earlier. That he had looked strangely familiar, and that he smelled an awful lot like alcohol. Mike hadn't had a whole lot of time to look into the man as he sped over to the address. The location he had needed was at the front of the file, so he simply zoomed off, deciding to look more into when he got there. Opening the file, he smiled at the man and held out his hand.

"Hi, I'm Mike Ross. You must be Mr…." Mike felt his eyes skim down the page, memorizing things along the way until. "Nelson?"

It was with dawning horror that the name clicked into place.

Caleb Nelson.

His hand had drawn back so quickly, it would have never even been suspected of being there. Mike looked into the eyes- eyes he had seen once in a car when he was eleven and once more a few weeks later at a trial. A trial in which he had simply gotten a slap on the wrist. Mike couldn't help but think with venom how now, Caleb Nelson would be put into prison for life for what he did to his parents.

This was such a nightmare.

And at the moment, Mike's only thought was Harvey. Could his mentor have done this to him on purpose? Some kind of sick test of strength? He instantly trashed the idea, even Harvey wasn't that cruel. However, another part of him argued that his boss had read both his and Nelson's files. How could he honestly not know? Surely, when he read the files and saw the history of murdering while under the influence, he would have at least checked to make sure the names didn't match…Right?

Now, Mike was standing outside Pearson Hardman, his hands literally quivering with anger as he paced around the building, trying to keep his nerves from frying. He knew he shouldn't had come and snapped at Harvey like he did. He had just been so…So angry at everything. At the fact he had been put in the situation and the fact he would probably be spending the next three weeks defending the son of the bitch. How was he supposed to cope with that? What would his parents think if they were alive? Shuddering, Mike sat on a park bench close to him and pulled out his phone before realizing that he had no one to call. Typical.

"Mike." Crap… Looking up, he met familiar brown eyes and he knew he better as hell come up with a good excuse with his recent freak out session.

"Look, I'm sor-"

"You even think about apologizing and I'm kicking your ass." Harvey cut him off sharply. Mike didn't respond, simply waiting for the yelling to come. To his surprise, it didn't though as Harvey sat on the bench next to him with a critical eye. "I didn't realize who it was Mike." He started and the associate felt the guilt start to eat him up. Sometimes it was hard, having photographic memory you remember everything, yet forget that people don't have the same abilities as you do. How was Harvey supposed to remember a name he stumbled upon in his file anyways?

"I know. I'm…Never mind." He added hastily, remembering the older lawyer's previous threat. "I shouldn't have lost it."

"You know I would have never done that to you right? No matter how pissed off I get, I wouldn't make you do that."

"Even if I cut up all your three piece suits?" Mike asked lightly, trying to ease the tension.

"I would force you to work for Louis for a month before having Donna torture you and then subject you to other cruel tortures before finally firing you, but no. Not even then." Harvey promised and Mike gave a weak smile.

"So… I guess this means I'll be doing all the paperwork then." He said, thinking of all the files he was going to have to sort through.


"I…No? Wait, what?" Mike asked and Harvey stood up, waiting for Mike to scramble to his feet. "Harvey, you don't have to bench me. I can work on the case… I'll just go through the paper stuff, I won't sabotage anything." He tried, but Harvey just shook his head.

"I'm not benching you." He said as he walked away, his phone already out. "I'll be back, I have people I need to talk to."

"Harvey!" Caleb cried as he saw his lawyer walk in. "It has been too long my friend. I met your associate earlier today… He seemed a bit out of it, is he alright?" he asked and Harvey didn't respond, instead opting to stand in front of the man's desk, looking down upon him with a cold and knowing smile.

"Mr. Nelson." He greeted and Caleb looked slightly alarmed at the sudden formality from his lawyer.

"Harvey, we've known each other for years now, surely you know to call me Caleb." He said cautiously and analyzed the man skeptically. "Is something wrong?" he asked, pouring himself a decent amount of wine before offering some to Harvey, who seemed to grow even more tense at the sight of it.

"You met my associate today."

"Yes…" Caleb replied, baffled at where on earth this could possibly be going at the moment. Hadn't he just said he met the boy?

"His name is Mike Ross." Harvey informed him and Caleb frowned. What was going on?

"I'm…aware…" he said slowly and the other man raised his eyebrows expectantly before taking another step towards his desk, speaking again in almost angry tones.

"You don't recognize the name?" he asked and when Caleb shook his head regretfully he continued "What about Nina and James Ross?" he tried and Caleb frowned, a flicker of something surfacing, but he couldn't quite pinpoint what… Nina and James… Why did they sound familiar?

"They sound… I feel like I know them, but I can't quite put my finger on it…" Caleb responded, his voice hesitant as Harvey's expression darkened.

"You don't remember the names of the people you killed?" he asked incredulously and Nelson could have snapped his fingers in understanding. That's it! Nina and James were the couple who had been stupidly driving late at night when he hit them after…Well, after a rough day.

"Ah! Nina and James." He beamed, pleased that he remembered "Yes, unfortunate thing that happened to them, though according to my trial, that is all done and over. I- Wait a moment. Mike Ross, you said? Is he a relative?"

"Their son." Harvey answered, and suddenly looked aghast "Do you have no guilt over what happened?" he asked and Nelson frowned before shaking his head.

"It's over…Why would I?" he questioned as he thought back to the boy he had seen earlier… It had been the same kid? Caleb remembered seeing the little boy at his trial, watching him with lifeless hatred as he defended himself on the stand, blue eyes matching the ones Caleb had seen on his mother before he rammed the car.

What a small world.

"Good question." His lawyer stated dryly and tossed a manila folder onto his desk. "Find someone else to take this case… And I would find someone fast if I were you, considering I just talked to your prosecutor and offered my services." Harvey smiled and Caleb felt his mouth drop.

"You're…Suing me?" he demanded, his voice portraying his utter shock at the statement and at this point, Harvey had leaned over so that his palms were flat on the desk, their eyes level with one another as he spoke quietly.

"No. I'm going to make sure you walk away from this without a cent to your name or a person in the whole goddamn country who would help you. I don't plan on suing you. I'm going to destroy you." He promised darkly. "And when you are out in the streets- because you're going to end up there after I'm done- You should probably rethink about whether or not you should feel guilty about taking away those lives." He finished and turned, leaving the office with a swift shut of the door.

Oh shit.

"Stop smiling Donna." Harvey groaned as he sat down at his desk, trying not to look at his secretary.

"That was adorable."

"Not to Nelson."

"I'm going to hack into the security cameras and watch it on movie nights." She grinned, sliding into the chair across from his desk. "And then, I'm going to show it to Mike and laugh at his face."

"You can laugh at his face, but no way is he seeing that." Harvey warned as he opened a pile of work that awaited him. Donna raised her eyebrows, still smirking and Harvey sighed, opting to ignore her.

"Where is Mike?" she asked, but if her smile was anything to go by, she already knew.

"I… Gave him the day off." Harvey answered loftily, cringing inside at the admittance.

"Because you totally just had your heart break for him."

"No. Because I needed a break from him."

"Aw, I bet tonight you can go by his apartment and have a heart to heart with some herbal tea and talk about your feelings." Donna cooed teasingly and the lawyer took a moment to give her a filthy look.

"Donna, go away." He told her grouchily and the secretary got up before pausing a throwing him one last smug look.

"Should I go warn Louis to leave Mikey alone because big brother Harvey is overprotective?" she asked and laughed at the look she received before heading out.

Sighing, Harvey leaned back and ran a hand over his face. Donna was not going to let this go. Ever. He would be on his death bed and the last thing she would say to him would somehow relate to this day.

He decided it was worth it though. Harvey would never admit it, but Mike's face after he learned that Harvey had chosen him over Nelson was absolutely heart wrenching. It was something between absolute shock, confusion, gratefulness, and delight. The kid was going to kill him.

Not that he cared or anything. He just… Damn.

There wasn't even an excuse for this one.

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