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Mike felt amazing. The past few weeks had gone by quickly, but not without rewards. Caleb Nelson was totally going down.

As expected, they didn't take the absolutely ridiculous deal Harvey had shoved down their throat at the deposition, a fact Mike made sure to give a very subtle 'I told you so' comment to.

However, there wasn't a doubt in his mind that they weren't going to win this case. Caleb Nelson was going to be locked up so fast, he wouldn't even knew what hit him.

"Are you seriously going to wear that suit?" Having his optimistic train of thought interrupted, Mike scowled to turn to his mentor, who was eyeing over his $100 suits with distaste. "I thought we were past the whole 'looking bad' ordeal."

"You know, you totally sound like a teenage girl right now."

"A teenage girl would scream at the sight of that."

"Rachel seemed ok with it." Mike defended and there was a moment where he saw Harvey raise an eyebrow before grinning at him.

"You left before she could see you, didn't you?" he asked with amusement and Mike groaned.

"Harvey." He whined and shoved the files at him, pouting. "Can we please just focus on the important thing here? The trial."

"Sure, sure. I think the jury has a lot of women on it. Perhaps you can appeal to their mothering nature dressed like that."

"Really? That's the best you can come up with?"

"I'm sure the WalMart cashier came up with better." Harvey told him, trying not to laugh at the look on his associate's face.

"Donna!" Mike called and the secretary walked in, dumping files onto Harvey's desk and then handing Mike another suit which she had somehow brought from out of nowhere.

"Harvey, be nice to the puppy." She said exasperated "It isn't his fault he doesn't know how to dress."

"Thanks…Kind of." Mike muttered with his nose scrunched up in defiance and Donna rolled her eyes before handing him a cup of coffee. "Thanks!" he said with more enthusiasm this time and Harvey held out his hand for his.

"Who said you got one?" Donna replied with raised eyebrows. "You didn't ask, and Mikey over here has been bringing me lattes every day. With soy milk." She stressed "How thoughtful is that?" she beamed before leaving the office and Harvey scowled before swiping the coffee from his associate.


"You're such a suck up."

"You're just jealous 'cause you didn't think of it." Mike pouted and Harvey scoffed, but made a note to stop by Starbucks on their way back from the trial.

"Alright Rain Man, you ready to kick some ass? Be honored I'm letting you come." Harvey told him and Mike beamed, too excited to really argue with his logic of letting him come. Mike thought it was sort of obvious he was allowed to be there for this trial, but knew Harvey would never admit it.

"Awesome! Uh…Wait a sec. I guess I have to change into this." Mike frowned, looking at the suit Donna had handed him and Mike made a face as he tested the material. "Why does everything you guys' own have to be soaked in money?" he complained as he disappeared into the bathroom and Harvey shook his head, already zoning into his kick-ass mode. Caleb Nelson? He was done.

"Your honor. I honestly see no reason why we are here." Harvey spoke confidently as he circled the room. "The amount of evidence- all pointing to this man- is completely overwhelming. What more do we need? Why is it fair to waste the jury's time, for something that is so obvious?" he asked, gesturing to the jury who was watching with vague interest rather than the usual boredom.

They had gone into the numerous witnesses, arguments, and Mike was pretty pleased to say, they looked pretty good. Nelson hadn't done a convincing thing yet, and Mike was enjoying the view of watching him squirm.

Hannah Wyatts' reaction was a little more bothersome. Less panicked and just…Calm. Mike didn't know what was going through the lawyer's mind at the moment and felt nervous just thinking about it.

They had gone through everything. The facts, the statistics, the records, the witnesses- Everything. Could she really have anything up her sleeve this late in the game?

It was a thought he was still pondering, even as Harvey sat down next to him, looking pleased with himself as the jury had made a rumble of agreement during his speech.

"Ms. Wyatts?" the judge asked as she scribbled something down and for a second, Wyatts leaned over to whisper something to Nelson, who grinned and nodded. What the Hell?

Seeing the movement, Harvey stiffened. What hand were they bringing to the table? What could they bring? Unless…No. No way.

"I would like to call one last witness to the stand." Hannah called as she walked around the desk, her green eyes sharp, and hawk like. "Would Mike Ross please come up?"

"Objection!" Harvey stood up so fast, Mike almost jumped. "My associate has no business up there." He growled at her, but Wyatts cut him off.

"Your honor, what this man has neglected to inform you, is that Mike Ross has a direct link to my client. His parents were supposedly killed by Caleb Nelson. A charge that was dropped." She stressed and at this point whispers spread quickly across the court.

"Mr. Ross." The judge spoke and Harvey opened his mouth, but Mike had already been making his way to the front, dazed.

"Don't Harvey." He whispered "This is good, right? I can let the jury know what he did to my parents."

Harvey hesitated, not sure if someone like Hannah Wyatts would make such a stupid move, but nevertheless, moved aside.

After the initial oaths had been sworn and Mike was nervously seated in the chair, Hannah got up, walking back and forth in front of him before standing in front of him.

"Mr. Ross… Is it true that Mr. Nelson and your parents got into an accident that resulted into their deaths?"


"Is it true that there was a trial involved?"


"And was Caleb Nelson charged with anything?"

"No, but-"

"Why not? The report says that he was driving under the influence. Were you not able to prove that?"

"We were, but-"

"Then how did he walk?"

"The judge was paid off-"

"Was there any proof of that?"

"No, I-"

"Then how do you know? How old were you when this happened anyways?"

"Eleven. And I know because-"

"Eleven. So you were a little kid, who was mourning his parents' deaths, and someone told you alcohol was involved. Of course you would believe that. I'm sure that many of the accusations pointed towards Mr. Nelson started the same way. People looking for a way to blame him, without looking at the facts. The facts are, you didn't win the trial which means he wasn't driving intoxicated that night. How do we know all the other cases you brought up, weren't the same way?"

"Objection!" Harvey hissed, glaring heatedly at Wyatts, who smiled and walked back to her seat.

"No further questions your honor." She spoke quietly. Mike sat, there, looking stunned at having been so thoroughly beaten, unable to have gotten a word in to defend himself. He was reminded of those long weeks where he would be put in Foster homes when social workers 'inspected' his grandmother's living conditions and they wouldn't let him say a word without shutting him down.

No way was he going to be silenced again.

"Mr. Spector? Any questions?" the judge asked and for a moment it looked as though Harvey was going to just let Mike down off the stand. Mike shook his head though, hoping his expression of 'Just do it' rang clear to the older man. Harvey looked hesitant, but seemed to understand though, walking around to him before quietly asking.

"You know I'm going to ask for everything, right?"

"And I'm going to give you everything." He responded and Harvey nodded, a mixture of regret and respect hinting at his features as he stepped away.

"Mr. Ross, could you enlighten us on a specific skill you happen to possess?"

"Which one are you referring to?" Mike grinned, and Harvey shot him a dangerous look. "I have photographic memory." He answered.

"Which is?"

"Everything I read, see, smell, hear- If I understand it I'll remember it forever."

"Could that be proven?" he asked and Mike nodded, looking at the jury who was sitting with a curious look on their face before he addressed them.

"Do any of you have any books on you?" he asked quietly and woman nodded, diving into her pack before bringing out a copy of The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft. "Could you pick a page at random and just reading?" he asked politely and woman looked puzzled, but cleared her throat.

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." She began and Mike jumped in quickly.

"We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." He finished and then stopped and shrugged bashfully. "I could, um, tell you the rest but that's a bit of overkill." He smiled shyly and the jury started whispering quickly as Hannah Wyatts sat there looking stunned next to her client. Harvey nodded improvingly, moving back into his questioning.

"So, would you remember what happened to your parents that night?"


"In great detail?"

"Every single one."

"Could you tell us?" Harvey asked, and this time, it sounded like a ligament question rather than something asked to prove a point. Mike nodded before looking at Caleb Nelson. This was the person he wanted to hear this.

"We had been driving home on my birthday…"

The rain was beginning to splatter lightly on the car as Mike Ross jumped up and down in his seat, thrilled to no end as his parents finished their third verse of Happy Birthday. They had just left dinner at his favorite restaurant and were heading home late to open presents.

His mother was in the passenger seat, tapping her fingers to the music as she always did when a song came on. Her blonde hair was tilted to the side so that her face wasn't visible at the moment, but Mike knew she was smiling. His Dad was focusing on the road, humming something under his breath with his lips puckered out to prove he was concentrating on something.

"Did you have a good birthday honey?" his mom asked, now turning to him and he grinned before nodding.

"Being eleven is awesome!" he declared with a fist in the air. "We should do this every day!"

"I think we would be bankrupt if that happened." His Dad chuckled from the front "You ate about half the restaurant back there kiddo." He said and Mike shrugged. He was reaching that age where his body just wanted food, and lots of it.

"Maybe you could just get me a present every day." He offered and his Mom laughed, swinging around in the seat to mess with his hair playfully.

"Oh yeah? What do you think you got?" she asked and reached over to grab her sketch book from beside Mike. She spent the next couple minutes lightly letting her hand move up and down the page as her son babbled on about his guesses for his gifts.

"Hey, I have a pretty good idea for a gift." James spoke up and looked at his wife who paused and tilted her head towards him with a questioning look before nodding with a smirk.

"Really? What is it? Is it a new bike? 'Cause I rode the first one you got me really well, and-"

"Michael slow down." His mother rolled her eyes fondly and then shut her sketch book once more. "Me and your father were thinking earlier…How would you feel if you had a friend live with you?"

"A friend? Like Bryan and Trevor? That would be awesome!" Mike beamed, suddenly thrilled at the prospect and his mom shook his head.

"Well, a different kind of friend. Someone a lot younger than you." She said and Mike blinked, puzzled.

"Someone a lot younger than me? Like who?"

"Maybe…Like, I don't know…A brother or sister?" his Dad suggested and Mike took a moment to digest the meaning.

"A…brother or sister? Really?!" he suddenly yelled out, excitement flying into his tone "Mom! Are you going to have another kid!? I'm going to be a brother!?" he called out, elated at the news. "Do you know if it is going to be a boy or a girl? What are we going to name them? Can I help pick out a name? Are we going to paint the guest room a new color? Oh my God…What if you had twins!" Mike gasped, completely blown away by this new idea. Nina and James looked at each other, obviously amused by this reaction.

Mike waited for their answers, already planning on calling Trevor later to tell him the news. They didn't come though as he felt the car suddenly jerk to the side as his Dad let out a yelp of surprise.

"What is he doing!?" he heard him say and there were suddenly white lights that blinded the eleven year old so he couldn't see anything, and the world went flying.

There was a moment where Mike felt everything go light, like he was floating in space before the bright lights disappeared and were replaced by an unexpected blackness. He could hear a scream, which could have been either his or his mother's as a sudden slamming sensation sent jolts of pain everywhere. His head jerked forward, smacking the seat in front of him so that he was dizzy for a moment and the shrill screaming stopped, replaced with some kind of gasp of pain and choking sound.

"M-Mom?" he coughed, groaning as he peeled his shaking body back from the seat.

The first thing he really saw were the flecks of blood sprinkled throughout the car. It was hard to say whose it was though, considering Mike had looked down to find his entire body in cuts. From up front, he saw his mother's heaving body sliced as well.

"M-Mom?" he tried again, his voice higher this time and almost jumped when a bloody hand touched him.

"Mike? Baby, are you there?" a weak voice asked and the eleven year old unbuckled his seatbelt and crawled over to her.

"I'm here Mom…Mommy, what happened?" he whispered, reverting back to her childhood name and felt a sticky substance smear across his face as she stroked his cheek.

"Don't worry about it Mikey, but I need you to do something brave, okay? Could you do that?" she whispered back and Mike nodded solemnly. "I need you to go over to your Father and touch his neck right here." She coughed, demonstrating on her son.

Mike accepted the task and moved over the tight area, pushing through the metal, focusing on only his breathing as the walls of the car seemed to cave in until he felt his father's body.

"Dad? Dad, Mom wants you." He choked, feeling his neck like his Mom instructed.


"Dad…Dad, come on, we got to get out of here." He spoke desperately, because he knew. He suddenly just knew what the nothing in his neck meant. "Dad! Wake up!" he yelled angrily as tears threatened to spill over. "Mom, he won't wake up…" he told her almost hysterically as he went back over to her.

Nina Ross let out a choked sob as she digested the news, but tried not to respond so much for the sake of her son.

"Okay…" she breathed out slowly and looked down at her stomach. The larger of the shatter glass from the windshield was deep within her stomach. In anguish, she realized painfully that even if she survived, her unborn child definitely wouldn't "Okay. Mikey? Are you with me Baby?" she asked and watched as her firstborn nodded, blood trickling down his face and speckled across his body, his right arm already in need of stitches.

"Mom, are we going to die?" he asked quietly as he curled up in the little space there was next to her, his eyes watering at the sight of her dire situation. "Never mind." He quickly corrected himself. "I'm not going to let you die." He whispered and Nina closed her eyes.

"Mike." She sighed, wincing in pain "You need to get out the car."

Tightening his hold on his mother's hand, Mike resolutely shook his head, looking absolutely horrified at the idea.

"No! I'm not going to leave you!" he told her firmly and Nina swallowed, bringing up her hands weakly to kiss her son's knuckles.

"Mike, you need to get out before you get hurt." She coughed, and then shook her head, realizing that wouldn't be enough to get her son to safety. "I need you to get out so you can call for help."

This seemed to cause the eleven year old to hesitate as he looked out the window warily. He was still unsure of leaving his mom when there was a sudden click and he turned to feel his eyes widen at the horrific view of red flames engulfing the back side of the car.

"Oh God…" his mom said, and her voice suddenly went hard. "Mike get out of the car and run."


"Now." She cut him off of, swallowing back a sob. Mike sniffed, but wiggled his way out ruefully as the fire slowly made its approach.

"I'll come back for you." He promised and Nina finally let tears fall down her face.

"I love you." She told him weakly and watched him sprint off before slowly inching forward to grab her dead husband's hand. "We love you."

She wished Mike could have heard as he sprinted off, his heart increasing rapidly as he made his way up back to the road, where another car laid on its side. Lights began to flash as police cars rolled up and he waved his hands hysterically.

"Help! Help!" he cried as the officers ran up to him. "My Mom is down in the car, you need to help her!" he told them, and suddenly heard fast talking, and hands suddenly were dragging him away.

"Kid, come on." Someone said and Mike fought back.

"What are you doing? Help her!" he screamed, jerking back to where his mother was laying a little ways away.

"The fire is going to hit the gas tank-"


Heat flew from behind him, and something knocked him to the ground, hot glass shattering everywhere. Someone had pulled him underneath them so that he couldn't endure anymore of the blow, but he pulled them off, letting out a horrified cry of despair.

"MOM!" he yelled out and more sirens came with flashing lights. People were suddenly all around, pushing him towards the road again, poking his cuts and prodding him like some kind of animal. Their voices were reassuring, but he couldn't make out what they were saying…Everything was so blurry.

"Whoa…Wow….Pretty…" a slurred voice came and Mike felt his eyes fall onto a man who was sitting on top of the other car, watching his parents burn with fascination. "Look at that!" he cried with pleasure and Mike wanted to tell him to stop. That his parents' corpses were decaying because of that fire and to shut up.

"Hey…Hey you!" he laughed, suddenly pointing at Mike as a police officer approached the man "Did you see that? Did you see the fire? I made that!" he grinned wildly "Hope whoever was in there was smart enough to run!" he chuckled and Mike stared as he clapped his hands like the end of a play.

"Honey? Come on, focus." A woman told him, pulling his gaze from the man. "Don't look at him. Don't even try to remember this right now. We'll get you all sorted." She soothed and Mike shook his head.

He knew he would never forget this. This man. This moment.

He would remember it until he died.

No one had spoken, the jury quiet and viewers shocked into silence. Hannah Wyatts looked to be in submission for once, not speaking after the speech was finished.

Mike resisted the urge to squirm, feeling uncomfortable with all the unwelcomed attention. Looking forward he met Caleb Nelson's eyes, wondering what he felt at the moment.

He could have been looking at a brick wall for all the expression he exposed. Turning instead to Harvey, who was just as blank, he waited for something else to think or say.

"Nothing else your honor." Harvey spoke softly and waited until Mike was off the stand to sit back down, Hannah Wyatts having declined to cross-witness.

She knew the case was over.

Everything else went in a blur. The jury left the room and no one really spoke as they decided. A few saddened looks were casted in Mike's direction, but no one came near him. Though that could be partly because Harvey was next to him and they didn't want to risk their heads being torn off.

Finally, after about an hour (which in reality wasn't that long for a jury to decide) they came back, announcing their verdict.


"How do you feel?" Harvey asked, stretching in his chair as he leaned back and observed his associate who offered him a wry smile.

"Now that Nelson's behind bars?" he asked and then shrugged. "I don't know… I mean, I'm happy I guess… I just thought it would be a little more…" he trailed off.

"Rewarding?" Harvey supplied and Mike nodded.

"I didn't want his head chopped off or anything, but after all that, he still looked like he couldn't have cared less." He grumbled and then slid onto the couch. "Sorry." He yawned. "We can be done talking about this stuff."

Taking a moment to find a pen and launch it at Mike, Harvey sighed.

"You know, I do have a younger brother who is as much as a girl as you are. I will live if you want to vent a little." He offered, somewhat awkwardly and Mike grinned as he looked up at the ceiling.

"Is Harvey Spector offering to listen as I talk about my feelings?" he chuckled and Harvey found another pen to launch at him.

"Don't push it."

"Nah, don't worry about it. There really isn't much to say anyways. It's over."

"You never said you had any siblings."

"I don't." Mike shrugged "Hell, I never got to find out if it was a boy or a girl… I probably would have made an awful brother anyways."

"No you wouldn't have." Harvey responded automatically and Mike peered at him from his spot.

"Yeah," he said sarcastically "Cause I'm sure the kid would have been great with an older brother who got kicked out of college, smoked pot, and slept with a married woman." He finished darkly and Harvey frowned at the last reminder.

"Would you have done any of that stuff if you knew there was someone who looked up to you?" he asked, deciding to just be the lawyer he was and argue about everything.

"Why not? I did that stuff when I had people who had good faith in me." Came the tired response.

"It's different when it's siblings." Harvey said dismissively "When you know you have someone who will probably do what you do, you tend to make better choices." He said and paused for a moment, reviewing his most recent choices, and noting with extreme tiredness, how different they would have been if it had been two or three years ago.

"If you say so." Mike yawned and Harvey looked out the glass window to see Donna at her desk, watching expectantly. Silently she made some kind of gestured, which he didn't quite get. Flashing her a confused look, she sighed in response and pointed at Mike and then mouth the word 'bike' before shaking her head decidedly.

Oh. Good point.

"Come on." He told his associate, walking over and kicking his leg. "You get the day off with Rachel tomorrow."

"I do? Cool…Where are we going?" Mike mumbled tiredly as he got up and Donna opened the door for them.

"Ray is going to drive you home…I don't need you falling off your bike and dying."

"K…" Mike murmured drowsily, not even asking why Harvey wasn't coming…A testament of how exhausted he really was.

After making sure he made it to the elevator without face planting, the lawyer turned back to his secretary, who looked at him with some kind pity.

"Was it bad?" she asked and Harvey leaned back on her desk, thoughtful.

"He told the whole room what had happened that night… He watched them die." He added with disgust "And that bastard didn't even care."

"And you did?" Donna replied seriously.

"Jeez, I'm not a monster." Harvey spoke defensively "I would have felt bad if it were anybody."

"But this is Mike."

"So are you saying I would have felt better? I genuinely like the kid you know." He grumbled and Donna smiled at hearing it out loud.

"No. I'm saying the opposite actually."

"What is it with you and insisting I make this an angst thing?" Harvey sighed and Donna leaned back, frowning at him.

"Is doesn't have to be." She shrugged "I'm just noting out loud that we both know that at one point, you were a lot like Mike and you care about him."

"Like him? Maybe without the tragic backstory." He quipped, thinking about what he would have done if his parents had died before Marcus was born…He couldn't imagine dealing with life without his little brother.

"Your life hasn't been honey and flowers either Harvey." Donna told him sharply. Harvey scowled for a moment. Maybe he hadn't had the easiest time, but he at least had the people he cared about alive…And he wasn't there when his Dad died…

Though in some ways, that was almost worse for him. The days where his once a day phone call with the man who had shaped his life were gone. Had been for years.

"Did you tell Jessica you won?" Donna asked, pulling him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah." He responded, thinking with hardened anger of her characteristic coldness to the situation.

Harvey suddenly wondered what she would have done if they had been in this situation when he was younger. If Jessica had perhaps found out her client was his mother? What would she have done?

Swallowing, he realized he may not like the answer to that. Jessica and him may have retied their bonds, but he knew that the firm would always come first. It was a disappointing feeling, but not exactly unexpected. Looking back at Donna, he groaned and grabbed his things as she grinned at him.

"Going home?" she asked innocently and he threw her a nasty look.

"Go home Donna." He told her flatly, because they both knew where is next stop was going to be. It might be a little awkward, just walking into his associate's apartment at…What time was it? Eleven? Nevertheless, he needed to check on the kid to make sure he was okay after this whole ordeal. Because Harvey had his back, no matter what. He always will. As sappy, and completely out of character as it was, it was also true.

Mike and Donna would probably never let him hear the end of it either.

Guess that's what you get for allowing a kid who wasn't a Harvard douche to come work for you.

Freaking little parasite. He was sucking away all of his hard-ass qualities. If he didn't watch out, he'd be hugging Louis soon.

"It isn't a bad thing you know." Donna called over her shoulder as she gathered her things, and he wondered how she now graduated into knowing what he was thinking.

Or was it really that obvious?

After Mike, he was never going to get another associate. They were way too much work and emotional burdens….And they probably wouldn't have lived up to Mike anyways.

Oh God… He really was attached wasn't he?

Mike better have alcohol at his apartment, cause Harvey seriously needed it.

There weren't too many questions asked when a sleepy Mike opened the door. Harvey simply slipped in and found himself on the sofa, watching with slight amusement as his half-asleep associate made a somewhat attempt of being a host before finally deciding it wasn't worth the effort and falling onto the couch next to his boss.

"Did you come here to make sure I wasn't smoking or something?" he yawned tiredly and Harvey leaned back and shook his head. "I thought about it." he heard Mike admit warily "but it wasn't worth it... I figured it out it kind of works both ways."

"What does?" Harvey asked curiously and Mike put his head in his arms, obviously trying to stay awake to keep up with the conversation. Briefly, Harvey wondered if the kid had gotten any sleep the previous night for him to be so tired now.

"When you said people make better decisions when people look up to them. People also make better decisions when they don't want to let the people they look up to down." he mumbled and rubbed his eyes. "Not that I would know." he added and Harvey grinned.

"Of course not. That scenario has nothing at all to do with you or me."

"Not a thing." Mike agreed readily and stood up, grabbing a beer and tossing another one to Harvey. "So...No other words about what you heard today?" he asked with expectancy and Harvey pulled off the cap of his beer, taking a long sip thoughtfully.

"Do you still think about it?" he asked and Mike took the words in, looking deep in thought as he tapped his fingers against his glass.

"Sometimes. When things come up that remind me of them. My Dad...He was a lawyer you know." Mike smiled suddenly and tilted his head with a sudden smirk. "He went to Harvard."

"Should I be surprised?" Harvey asked "Did he have photographic memory too?"

"Nope. That was my Mom. She wasn't really that much of an academic though, she told me it was a waste of talent to memorize words instead of pictures."

"She was an artist." Harvey guessed and Mike nodded, his lips tugging more at the memories.

"Everything she drew was exact. Every little detail." he told him "My Dad was so jealous... I remember he would literally beg her to help him with cases because she was so much quicker than him. In the end she would make deals with him, if he cooked dinner that night or if he promised to take a day off to spend with just us, she would help...Otherwise he was screwed." Mike explained and Harvey paused, a light sketch of his associate's parents coming to life.

He could see it. Mike gaining Nina's personality with his father's ambition and knack for arguing. It was interesting, hearing about the two people Mike almost never even mentioned. Feeling as though he was almost cheating his friend, Harvey decided to add in a few cents of his own.

"People say I'm like my Mom." he began slowly, capturing Mike's attention "I always took it as such an insult after what happened, but looking back I guess it isn't so bad... She was smart. Resourceful. Knew how to get what she wanted."

"Was she lawyer too?" Mike asked carefully, seeming to tip-toe towards the subject in order not to break Harvey off from talking.

"Nope. A doctor." Harvey grinned as realization dawned on Mike. He now understood where all the doctor references came from. "She always seemed to know whatever anyone was thinking and how to get them to do what she wanted it. Same thing with me and my brother...We couldn't get away with anything." he said before sighing. "Only she could." he added bitterly "I didn't want my Dad to know. He was just so crazy about her. About all of us really. It hit him hard when she left."

Mike nodded, suddenly feeling terrible for Harvey. It was one thing to have his parents taken away from him, but for someone to willing leave him? That might be worse...

"I don't think your Mom had a record collection." he put out there "Or knew anything about the Yankees."

"No." Harvey agreed with a smirk "To low class for her apparently." he snorted.

"Not for you though. Guess you're more like your Dad then... I notice you tend to be like the people who mean the most to you." he offered, somewhat shyly and Harvey nodded, accepting that before raising his beer and giving a silent toast to Nina and James Ross...

And maybe thanking them too.

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