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'Marie's thoughts'

Voldemort's thoughts in and outside of Marie's head


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"I killed Sirius Black! Ahahaha! Oh! She's coming to get me!"

A sadistic and crazed female voice sang in the halls of the Ministry as Marie Potter ran after her in anger.

Marie didn't know how she wasn't breaking down in sorrow yet or screaming in pain. She was just so blinded by an uncontrollable rage for revenge that she kept running after Bellatrix Lestrange.

How dare that bitch kill Marie's godfather.

Her only link left to a happy life and a true family.

Marie began to see red in her vision and her hate for Bellatrix grew to unimaginable heights as she thought out how much Sirius hadn't deserved to die.

Bellatrix began to sing again and she was near the fireplaces to use to Floo network and escape when something in Marie's mind just snapped.

'She is not going to get away!'

"Crucio!" a blazing red curse shot out from Marie's wand and straight out to hit Bellatrix in the back. The insane witch screamed suddenly and fell to the ground. Marie stopped in her tracks as the curse went on for another two seconds before Marie broke it off, panting in exhaustion.

Then it hit Marie like a rock in her gut. What had she just done? It was just too indescribable to anyone that even she didn't know of what to make of it.

Marie Potter had just performed her first unforgivable curse.

Marie gulped for air and panted still as the curse had drained most of her energy. Marie walked closer up to Bellatrix with her wand still trained on the bitch.

Bellatrix Lestrange was still on the dark tiled floor as she slowly turned so she was on her back sitting up, facing Marie. The witch had a fearful look on her face at first and Marie was almost gleeful for a second before something else crossed her mind.


A voice whispered to her in her ear from inside her head.

You have to mean it Marie Potter. She killed him. She deserves it. You know the spell Marie.

Marie listened to the voice in her head and shook with rage. The voice was right. Bellatrix did deserve to be tortured for what she did. Bellatrix did deserve to die in the most painful way possible for taking someone so precious to Marie. She did deserve it. But something was stopping Marie from committing the act.

Who was talking to her in her mind?

Then a breeze of dark power brushed by her as a seductive breath skimmed by her ear. Bellatrix started to smirk and giggle like a school girl and Marie grew frantic and scared suddenly.

Then she realized that it wasn't just all in her head as the voice sounded from behind her not far away, "Do it!"

Marie Potter snapped to reality and turned around quickly to point her wand at the man had murdered her parents. Voldemort evidently knew that it was coming, though and disarmed her with a quick wandless flick of his wrist a soft grunt of disappointment.

Marie just stared at the man in fear now. Waiting for what was coming. Voldemort still looked the same as he did at his resurrection in the graveyard with pale, hairless skin and snake-like facial features.

Marie shivered in fearful anticipation as the man smirked dreadfully.

"So weak" the man sneered.

Marie let her eyes cast downward in submission and Voldemort only smirked wider, raising his wand.

Marie was ready for what was to come.

Then a flaming noise sounded in the silent hall and both Marie and Voldemort looked over to see Albus Dumbledore coming through the Floo network.

The green flames casted around the great wizard until he was fully through.

"It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom" Dumbledore spoke to him, "The Aurora are on their way."

"By which time I shall be gone" Voldemort replied, "And you" he pointed his wand to Dumbledore, "Shall be dead"

Suddenly the dark lord spun his wand and shot a curse at Dumbledore. However, Albus pushed Marie out of the way near a fireplace and defended himself against the dark wizard, then shooting his own offensive spell back.

As Marie slid on the ground, she could only watch helplessly as Bellatrix got away with the help of the Floo network. Marie grit her teeth in anger and could only watch as her headmaster and the Dark Lord fought tremendously. While one was trying to protect her, the other was trying to kill and lash out his curses towards her.

However, Dumbledore prevented any harm from coming to her and Marie held her arms around her face and head to protect herself as her wand was too far away from her reach.

Dumbledore and Voldemort continued to lock their spells together until finally, the dark Lord broke it off and cast a fiendfyre out from his mouth. It was grand and took the shape of a basilisk.

Marie would have screamed in horror if the air hadn't been suck out from her lungs from the awe striking power the two wizards displayed. Dumbledore lashed out at the fiery basilisk as Lord Voldemort cackled with delight until the headmaster extinguished the large snake, that is. Voldemort had no choice but to retreat his fiendfyre while Dumbledore rose back into the offensive and raised the water out from a nearby fountain, making it crash down on Voldemort.

The water engulfed the madman and circled itself into a sphere, lifting into the air. Voldemort fought the water in vein and slashed out his arms and wand uselessly.

Dumbledore concentrated vigorously and Marie wondered if it was safe to get up from the floor and get a closer look. Marie walked up beside Dumbledore as he kept the spherical water around Voldemort, almost drowning him. Dumbledore noticed Marie's presence beside him and lashed out a spell at her to send her flying backwards back onto the ground.

This is where Voldemort saw his chance and annulled Dumbledore's spell upon him, making himself drop to the ground, soaking wet. Marie could only watch again helplessly as Voldemort quickly shot up and fired off another dark curse at Albus, which he also repelled against himself and Marie.

Voldemort was getting desperate and time was running out so he decided that enough was enough. No more games. The Dark Lord rebounded his own spell off of himself and let his magic burst out in all directions, making the glass everywhere around them shatter and fall towards the ground. But before the glass could all drop, Voldemort grunted and used his magic to lift the glass to his will and come hurtling towards Dumbledore and Marie. The sight was like millions of tiny knives racing towards them and Marie was afraid that Dumbledore could not save them this time and she covered her face and body, dropping to the fetal position.

However, Dumbledore wasn't done and he lifted his wand to the glass coming towards them. Before the glass could strike its target, it all vanished to dust on impact with Dumbledore's defensive spell. The dust blew past them and Marie looked up once more to see a very pissed off dark Lord.

The girl whimpered in fear but the Dark Lord's next move confused both her and Dumbledore.

The Dark Lord just vanished into thin air like a dispersing fog. Marie shot up and came up beside Dumbledore in joy at the Dark Lord's depart.

The dispersing fog blew towards them and Marie didn't even realize what was going on until it hit her full on like something was entering her body forcefully. Marie gasped in pain and fell to the ground on her belly. She shuddered uncontrollably and clenched her fists in fear at the horrible situation as she was sucked into her own head, her eyes turning red as Voldemort possessed her body.

A familiar and eerie voice came out of her own mouth but it wasn't Marie speaking, "You've lost old man."

Voldemort seemed to find glee as he had finally succeeded in stunning Dumbledore into a shocking state of helplessness. Marie tried to fight Voldemort but he was just too strong for her and he began to reel through her bad memories to her. They span through her mind so quickly that she could only notice a few memorable ones.

When her mother was killed by Voldemort.

Sirius dying.

The graveyard and Cedric's death.

The dementors.

Those were the memories that she hated most in the magical world.

Marie gasped in pain and horror as she couldn't find the strength to fight Voldemort in her mind. She cried out in pain but she could hear Dumbledore's soft and caring words.

"Marie." He uttered to her but she was once again sucked into memories of Arthur Weasley's attack and Voldemort coming up behind her form only a few minutes ago.

Then Voldemort's voice spoke inside her head, "So weak" he whispered, "So vulnerable"

Marie clutched her head and whimpered in fear. She was close to tears as Voldemort probed her mind even more, making her stand in her own mind in front of a dirty mirror. She saw her own reflection but then it transformed to be Voldemort's and he whispered in her mind demanding, "Look at me."

Marie wanted to defy him but she just couldn't do it as she stared into the Dark Lord's form in the mirror in front of her.

Then Dumbledore's voice was speaking to her again, "Marie. It isn't how you are alike. It's how you are not."

Marie listened to her headmaster's words and found a new strength within her. He was right.

Although Voldemort and Marie shared many similarities, they were also very different. Marie concentrated on those differences and suddenly realized that she was making Voldemort see her good memories. Of her friends and Remus. Even of Sirius before his death. Marie could feel that Voldemort was losing his control over her mind and she was once more brought in front of the mirror that had Voldemort's reflection in it. Marie glared at the form and kicked the mirror in with her foot, shattering the mirror into pieces.

"You're the weak one." Marie spoke aloud to Voldemort, "And you'll never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you." Her voice broke as she realized she was speaking the truth. No matter how much she hated Voldemort, she felt sorry for the man.

Voldemort immediately lost complete control and left Marie's mind to shape back into his own body. Marie was so exhausted that she couldn't even sit up. She just laid there in her tiredness as Voldemort leaned down by her and whispered to her in hatred even though Dumbledore was right there as well.

"You're a fool Marie Potter. And you will lose . . .everything."

The Dark Lord stood up and was about to cast the killing curse on Marie when Dumbledore shot up with new strength and shouted, "Colafus simul et vinciantur!"

Suddenly a bright blue spell casted from Dumbledore's wand and shot at Voldemort and Marie's wrists. Two separate magical strings then connected Voldemort and Marie together and formed into chains and handcuffs around each other's wrists. The cuffs glowed for a few seconds and then dimmed into a soft light.

Voldemort and Marie could do nothing but stare at the cuffs in confusion and bewilderment until Voldemort slowly turned his head towards the elder man, "What did you just do old man?" Voldemort hissed at him.

Dumbledore didn't answer right away and Voldemort then shouted, pointing his wand at Dumbledore, "You better not have done what I think you just did."

"What do you think that I just did Tom?" Dumbledore almost taunted he Dark Lord and Voldemort grew even angrier.

Voldemort pointed his wand back at Marie and shouted, "Avada Kedavra!"

Marie was prepared to die right there when she realized that nothing had happened. Not even the slightest green spark had erupted from Voldemort's wand. Marie watched in even more confusion as the Dark Lord appeared to be fearful and he stood up immediately bringing Marie forcefully up with him.

"What did you do!?" Voldemort screamed at Dumbledore and the elder man just smiled at him.

"I only ever do what is best for you Tom." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled but this time, Marie was not comforted.

"Professor?" Marie mumbled and the two men turned their heads towards her. Marie was terrified to be even standing next to Voldemort but spoke out, "Please. What did you do? What are these handcuffs? How come he couldn't kill me?"

Voldemort growled inhumanly but Marie refused to look at him. Dumbledore's smile faded, "I'm sorry Marie, but this is for your own good."

Marie felt like a knife had just been stuck inside her gut and she began to shiver in fear and in rage as she stared at the man she once could call a grandfather figure.

"My own good?" Marie snarled at him and then remarkably started to laugh at his face, "You're fucking insane, Albus."

"Watch your tongue, Ms. Potter." Dumbledore scolded but Marie was definitely not in the mood. Voldemort said nothing as he watched the scene unfold in amusement.

"Fuck you, Dumbledore! What is this?!" she held out her cuffed hand in front of him, making Voldemort's hand move somewhat as well. Dumbledore didn't know what to make of Marie's anger and he just sighed.

"They are magical handcuffs, Marie. And I have charmed them so that they will not come off until you two have come to reach an understanding of how to end the war properly. They will also not allow either of you to kill or harm the other."

Marie just stared at Dumbledore with an emotional mask.

Marie then shuddered in anger as Voldemort began to speak, "You'll regret this old man. What do you expect us to do? Just talk about everything right now and hope that the when the Aurors come, they will understand and not attack me or my deatheaters? Tell me, Albus. How do you expect us to come to an agreement in less than a minute?"

"I don't. You will take Marie to your Manor and learn to live together peacefully until you have reached an understanding."

"Seriously?" Marie retorted to him, "I thought that I could trust you, Dumbledore."

Dumbledore downcast his eyes, "You can Marie."

Marie shook her head 'no' and let a single tear fall down her cheek and she breathed in harshly, "I hate you." She said.

Voldemort smirked but his dark happiness was short-lived when the Order appeared with Marie's friends watching them in confusion. It was only a matter of time before the Aurors would be there as well.

Voldemort yanked on the chain, bringing Marie's attention to him, "We have to leave. Now."

Marie glared at him and Voldemort was about to crucio the girl before he realized that he couldn't harm her with any magic so instead, he roughly grabbed her wrist and made her come closer to him. Marie gasped at the sudden forceful contact and tried to get away from him when she realized that he was apparating.

Before they actually disappeared, Marie could just barely make out the sound of the Floo network as the ministry workers were arriving to the main hall. Also in the distance, Marie could hear her friends calling out to her in dreaded fear.

With a harsh crack of apparition, the two enemies were gone, away from the ministry. Marie's last thoughts before she blacked out were of how she would survive being handcuffed to the Dark Lord for an immeasurable amount of time.

'Why does my life always have to suck?' was her final thought.

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By the way the spell translates from Latin to English: Colafus simul et vinciantur

Cuff together and be bound