Wow. It sure has been a while. But here it is! The last chapter to 'Handcuffed'. I know that this story wasn't as long and good but at least it's out of my head now. Thank you all for reading and hopefully you'll all be waiting for my next story. Thank you.


'Marie's thoughts'

Voldemort's thoughts


-8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 88888888888888888888-

Marie stared at her now freed hands in amazement.

It was finally in the morning after their love-making and the Dark Lord and Marie had woken up side by side in the same bed, still tangled as if they were still cuffed.

"What's wrong?" Voldemort asked her.

Marie narrowed her eyes and looked up at Voldemort strangely, "Why is he doing this? Did he want all of this to happen? I don't understand."

"Neither do I, Marie. But at least we're free now. What do you plan on doing?"

Marie was silent for a few moments before replying, clutching the blankets to her chest to comfort herself, "I don't know. I feel like this isn't over. Like something more is about to happen."

"He can't find us, now though. He won't find you. I think you should leave. Go to a safe-house with your wolf. How does that sound?"

"I don't know, Voldemort."

Voldemort didn't really know what else to say to the mopey girl and he decided to change the subject, "How about some breakfast?"

Marie immediately perked up and Voldemort called for a house elf that brought their regular meals to them.

When they were finished eating in bed, Voldemort stood up to go to the bathroom, not expecting Marie to follow him.

"What are you doing? We don't have to shower together anymore. Remember?"

Marie was slightly crestfallen but nonetheless, went back to the bed and waited for Voldemort to come back into the room.

Meanwhile while Marie was waiting, Voldemort got into the hot shower and washed himself rather quickly. Sure he was used to having the girl in the same room with him now but he still liked his privacy. However, the look Marie gave him when he left her alone was agonizing. He grew guilt and pity in his remaining soul, wanting so much to turn around and let her follow him.

Why didn't he let her? They could have resumed their late-night activities that way.


When Voldemort got out of the shower, he quickly dried himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist, leaving the bathroom. What he saw when he reentered the bedroom was very shocking, though.

"Eep!" Marie made a noise as the door almost wacked her in the face. She had been waiting for him to come out.

"Aw, how cute. Did you miss me?" he mocked her and chuckled slightly before he realized that the girl was already naked.

He gulped, "Potter. Why are you naked?"

Marie smirked at the man, "I was getting ready to take my shower. Unless you wanted to join me, that is?"

Voldemort knew what she was doing but refused to react, "I already took my shower. Now take yours and come out here when you are done."

Marie, once more, looked rejected and it was tearing Voldemort apart.

Dammit! She doesn't really want you, Riddle! It's Stockholm Syndrome! That's all it is. She wouldn't really want you.

Meanwhile in the shower, Marie felt torn apart raw. Did he not want her anymore now that he had gotten what he needed? Was it all just a trick, an elaborate plan to get her in bed with him and to get the cuffs off quicker?

Marie felt a tear graze down her cheek. She felt betrayed.

When she was finished showering, she dried off and grabbed a towel to wrap herself in. She opened the door to go into the bedroom. However, this time, she walked right past the man with a glare in her eyes and stomped over to get clothes on her. Voldemort felt guilty but new that this was the way that it had to be.

Once she was dressed, they went down to the dining room to meet with the Malfoys and Remus. However, Snape was there for a change as well.

"Snape." Voldemort acknowledged him, "What brings you here?"

When Snape saw the man, he immediately bolted out of his seat and came rushing to him, anger in his eyes.

"How dare you?! How dare you take this child's innocence from her, you bastard! Now that the cuffs are off, Dumbledore has made the Order believe that you raped the girl and are now keeping her hostage in the dungeons!"

Voldemort looked stricken and for a few moments, he didn't say anything. Even Remus Lupin looked a bit shocked at Snape's shouting.

"Did you really rape her?!" Lupin shot up out of his own seat.

"No! Of course not! It was mutual!" Voldemort shouted back but that didn't seem to help matters and Remus grew red in the face.

"Moony," Marie walked up to him, "It had to be done, Moony. Otherwise, we both would have died. Voldemort saved me. In a way."

Remus breathed through his nose, visibly trying to stay calm but failing.

Voldemort looked back at Snape, "So is there anything else?"

"Dumbledore is looking your current headquarters right now. It won't be long before he figures out that you are living in your muggle father's manor and not at the Malfoy's, my Lord."

Voldemort sighed, "This is worse than I thought that it would be. Fine. Marie," he addressed her, "Snape will take you and Mr. Lupin to the safe-house. You two should be safe there for a few months."

"No. I'm not leaving you."

Suddenly there was a loud screeching noise ringing in the air.

"The wards!" Lucius shouted, "Something set them off!"

"Marie, listen to me. You don't really feel anything for me. It's just a matter that you are my Horcrux. You have a piece of my soul inside you, yes, but is the only thing that has us attached to each other."

"I don't care. I love you."

Voldemort was frightened by the words and shook his head at her, "No. You don't."

Lucius was shouting again, "They've broken in the manor, my Lord!"

Voldemort grabbed Marie and shoved her to Remus and Snape, "Take them to the safe-house now!"

Snape was about to apparate when Marie away at the last minute, "No!"

Snape and Remus apparated to the safe-house without her.

Voldemort felt like a knife had stabbed him in the chest, "Marie, that was your only chance."

"No." she said and came closer to him, "This is."

She leapt forward and kissed him on the lips. Voldemort couldn't help but to feel the spark in between them and deepened the kiss even more, moaning into her mouth. Marie clutched him tightly before ending the kiss. They slowly parted but didn't leave each other's side as Narcissa and Draco left as well. Only leaving Voldemort a handful of deatheaters to fend off the Order.

"Lucius! Call the others! Now!"

Lucius was about to place his wand tip to his mark but failed when the Order barged in the room in anger and courage.

There not only stood the Order of the Phoenix but Dumbledore's army as well.

Marie suddenly gripped Voldemort's hand, causing his to look down at the entwined fingers. Voldemort closed his fingers around hers in response and smiled softly at her.

"Let her go, Tom." Dumbledore spoke out.

Marie looked up and glared at the headmaster. Her anger raged and boiled in her blood. He had manipulated everyone into coming here to 'save' her. Only for his own gain. So he could be the hero and kill the person she now loved so deeply.

"I'm not going anywhere, Albus." Marie replied for Voldemort.

The Order gazed at her in confusion but Dumbledore tricked them yet again, "It's a trap! The Dark Lord has imperioed her!"

"That's a lie and you know it, Albus." Marie shot back at him.

Hermione came out from behind the group, "Marie! Come over here! We came to rescue you."

"No. Dumbledore came here to kill Tom. And I won't allow that. We are connected. If not by chains and cuffs then by souls. We are linked together. Forever." She smiled at the Dark Lord but the only emotion Voldemort would allow to seep through was through his eyes and the clutching fingers that entwined them together.

Dumbledore retreated a step backwards and the Order was at a standstill. What should they do?

Kingsley stepped forward and spoke to Dumbledore, "Did you really do all of this for your own gain, headmaster? Did you handcuff these two mortal enemies together so you could find out where they were to come and kill the dark lord? If so, you will find yourself a prison cell in Azkaban, headmaster. You have endangered many lives in the last few days."'

Dumbledore looked between the two forces and had the audacity to smile!

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, "I didn't want this to go that far, you know." He gazed at the two hands that held each other together, "But I'm glad that it did. It seems as though you two have sorted things out?"

Voldemort nodded his head once, "This was your plan from the beginning, wasn't it, Albus?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled brightly and the man chuckled, "I only ever wanted peace, Tom. And it seems, even now, I have gotten what I wanted."

"My lord?" Bellatrix whispered to Voldemort so only he and Marie could hear her, "What is the plan?"

Voldemort stayed silent as if he were thinking.

Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione slowly stepped forwards closer and closer to Marie. However, Marie would not let go of Voldemort.

"Marie, mate?" Ron spoke first only a couple yards away now, "You're free now. You can come with us, now. What do you say?"

Marie smiled at her friends and looked back at Voldemort, "I know I'm free. But I want to stay with Tom."

Ron sagged his shoulders and looked disappointed but backed off and Hermione said, "Whatever makes you happy, Marie."

Marie smiled at her friend's acceptance and nodded her head.

Kingsley then said, "Perhaps we can make a truce? Between the dark and light?"

Voldemort nodded silently and Dumbledore looked even more gleeful, "However, I will only accept it as long as Dumbledore spends the rest of his days in Azkaban. Are we clear?"

Kingsley nodded his head in return," That part was planned anyway."

"What?! You can't put me in Azkaban! I saved this war! It's because of me that the war is over!" Dumbledore screeched in protest.

"No." Neville said something for the first time, "It's because of Marie."

The Order nodded in agreement.

"No!" Dumbledore shouted, "I won't go! I won't!"

He turned his wand towards Marie, "Diffindo!"

Marie was prepared to die them when Voldemort came quickly in front of her, "Expelliarmus!"

The headmaster's curse was deflected and a seething rage burnt in Voldemort's eyes and features.

"Cru-" Voldemort was about to cast the torturing curse at Dumbledore when Marie grabbed his arm.

"No! Don't curse him!"

Voldemort broke his arm away and cast a different spell, "Stupefy!"

Before it could hit, however, the old master deflected it.

Everyone backed away from the fight, even Marie backed away to give Voldemort the space he needed to fight.

Voldemort yelled then, "Confringo! Expulso! Expelliarmus!"

The magnificent spells cast almost all at once at the headmaster but the old man proved himself a worthy opponent when he managed to deflect them all, turning them all against Voldemort, himself who in turn, deflected them.

Voldemort was running out of energy fast but he knew for certain that Dumbledore was losing more than he was.

The Dark Lord stood straighter, "I won't allow you to hurt her again, Albus! Drrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! "

Just then a powerful blast erupted from Voldemort's wand and body. The blast was golden and waved against the floor like a powerful ocean wave that aimed itself at Dumbledore. The elder man had no way of deflecting the blast in time and the magic hit him straight on in the chest. The blast, however, was pure light energy that came off of the Dark Lord and even though it was strong, the blast seemed to affect Voldemort greatly, causing pain to attack his soul. He felt remorse at that moment.

He felt his soul beginning to attach itself back together.

The golden dust of magic faded away then, leaving a stunned Order, a shocked Potter, an adoring Dark force, an exhausted Voldemort and a shaking Dumbledore.

The elder man narrowed his eyes, "I only wanted what was best for everyone." He whispered before he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Finally with Dumbledore incapacitated, Kingsley had Tonks take him to Azkaban.

Voldemort was breathing heavily and Marie rushed to his side as he tumbled to the ground. Voldemort sat upwards and smirked at Marie, chuckling, making Marie smiled back and hug him tightly.

They wrapped their arms around each other, "I love you too." Voldemort whispered softly in her ear, blowing his warm and moist breathe into her ear as well.

Marie shivered but Kingsley interrupted once more, "I imagine you'll stay here until further notice, Marie?"

Marie nodded but Voldemort stood up, "Like I was going to say earlier, she will stay with me for now on unless she refuses. I shall work on a contract that will bind us all together."

Voldemort stopped and looked over to Marie and bent down on a knee, taking her hand in his, "How about a marriage contract to bind us? What do you say Marie? Would you like to become Marie Riddle?"

Marie giggled lightly, "Oh, Voldemort, that's so cheesy! But yes. I'll be happy to."

Voldemort smiled and stood back up, kissing her softly and gently on the lips quickly.

But Voldemort pulled away when he heard a whistle. He didn't know who it was but they would pay later.

Hermione, Ron and the rest of the DA said their good-byes to Marie for the day and the Order took their leave as well after Kingsley made an unbreakable vow with Voldemort to never go back on his word.

-88888-5 months later-88888-

"Tom! Come here! She's kicking again!"

The ex-dark Lord walked over to his wife with a smile on his face as he reached down to feel his daughter kick out against her mother's tummy.

The feeling was just so surreal for Voldemort. He had never pictured himself as a father and here only in four more months, he would have an heir. A beautiful baby girl.

Marie and Voldemort didn't even realize that Marie had gotten pregnant the first time they made love five months ago. Voldemort, himself, thought that he was infertile.

"What are we going to name her?" he asked his mate.

Marie smiled, "How about Jane?"

"A muggle name?" Voldemort judged.

Marie rolled her eyes, holding her belly, "Tom" she warned and Voldemort smirked.

"Fine. But how about Jane Lily Riddle? Or Jane Rose Riddle? I like those ones."

"I suppose if I get to pick the first name then you can pick the middle." She sighed, "But I do like it."

Voldemort smiled and continued to rub his wife's tummy, "My new family. Marie Lily Potter-Riddle and Jane Rosalina Riddle."

"I thought you liked Rose?"

"Rosalina is more elegant." He explained and leaned in to kiss Marie.

"I love you." Marie hissed, pecking a soft kiss on his lips.

Voldemort smiled and pecked her lips as well.

"And I love you."