Chapter 1

London- 7 months after the war.

"Ow!" Shepard cried out as Liara carefully peeled the bandage from her right eye.

"I know it hurts love but remember to keep your eye closed."

"The doctors didn't mention that regrowing an eye would hurt so bad."

The socket which used to be a hollow gory hole in Jane's head was beginning to look like it's old self. Thanks to countless tissue regrowth sessions that did not come cheap for Liara. "You should consider yourself lucky Shepard. Most people with injuries like this are not compatible for regrowth."

"Never said I was unlucky. Just in pain."

Liara picked up the eye patch the hospital had provided and made sure it covered Shepard's injury properly. "Hopefully not for much longer."

Shepard got to her feet and limped to the bedroom mirror to inspect her new look. "I look ridiculous."

"I don't think the eye patch is known for it's style Shepard." Liara said as she made her way to her girlfriend's side.

"No kidding."

"I think it makes you look tough."

"Yeah, until you see me limping around with this damn cane." Shepard said glaring at the stick she now had to use to walk.

"After what you survived I'm surprised you can walk at all. And the cane is just as temporary as the patch. You should learn to look for silver linings."

Shepard roped her arm around the asari's waist and pulled her in close before planting a kiss on her cheek. "Well I don't need to look far. I still have you."

Liara blushed "Come on we need to get you in the tub."

A loud groan escaped Jane. "Come on Liara I'm not that handicapped. I can wash myself."

Liara helped her lover walk to the bathroom. "According to Dr. Morgan you can't." She reminded her. "Plus the bath will do you good. I love you Shepard, but your time in the hospital hasn't left you smelling all that wonderful."

"Great. I have one eye, can barely walk and now my girlfriend is telling me I stink. What was that you said about silver linings?"

Liara chuckled. Shepard wasn't one to make jokes very often and while her sense of humor wasn't exactly well developed she knew how to make Liara laugh on occasion. Just one of many things Liara had come to learn and love about the Commander since the war ended.

She had already drawn the bath and she sat Shepard down on the toilet once they hobbled their way inside the bathroom.

"This is going to be awkward." Shepard groaned.

"Probably." Liara agreed. "Strip and I'll go get the soaps."

"Aw, I was hoping you'd undress me." Shepard said coquettishly. "You know we haven't joined in half a year." A fact that had not left Shepard's mind since she was finally checked out of the hospital and brought to this hotel.

"Believe me I know." Liara said before leaving Shepard alone to gather the bath supplies she had purchased earlier at one of the few stores open in the city.

When she had returned Shepard had managed to get her shirt and bra off but was struggling to pull the pants off her legs. She had gotten them stuck on the knee of her injured leg and gritted her teeth as she tried to bend the leg to get the pants all the way off. Shepard couldn't bring herself to look Liara in the eye when she spoke. "Little help please."

Liara knelt down beside Jane and carefully tugged the pants off her legs. Shepard's panties were the only thing left and Liara helped her out of those too. Shepard draped her arm around Liara's neck and the asari struggled to lift her and gently place her in the warm water. When Liara looked at Shepard's eyes again all the light had left them.

"Shepard, what's wrong?"

"You shouldn't have to do this for me." The shame in Shepard's voice was unmissable.

"I want to."

"I'm sorry."

Liara stroked Shepard's hair in an attempt to comfort her. "You have nothing to apologize for."

Shepard locked eyes with the asari. "I love you Liara. I need you to know that." Jane had told her several times already but in this moment Shepard was vulnerable both physically and emotionally and she needed to hear her say it back. She had never been so helpless and the thought of her girlfriend caring for her both warmed her heart and made her feel pathetic.

"I love you too Shepard."

The bath was as awkward as anticipated but after a rather long effort from Liara to get Shepard clean they finally finished. Liara helped her back out of the tub and assisted her in getting dressed in her usual nighttime attire, a fresh pair of underwear and a t-shirt. Shepard laid down on the queen sized bed in the center of their hotel room thankful to be off her feet as she let out a soothing moan. Liara turned out the light and crawled under the covers next to her.

"Goodnight Shepard." Liara said expecting Jane to return the favor but was suprised when she didn't. "Shepard?"

"I don't know what i'm going to do now Liara." Liara couldn't see Shepard's face in the pitch dark but judging by the sadness in her voice she had a good idea as to how she looked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I spent the last few years of my life going from mission to mission with hardly any time to catch my breath. Now i'm useless with nothing but time on my hands."

"You're not useless. Don't worry love, we'll find something for you to do."

Notes- This is the beginning of the largest series I have ever taken on. The Shepard and Liara Vs series will span multiple stories that take place both before and after "The Wedding of Commander Shepard" the series will feature a mix of action, comedy and romance and the eventual return of Jack and Miranda along with other characters plus some original characters. The series is heavily influenced by the show "Chuck" which should give you some idea as to what it's about.