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Meet Fuji Syuusuke.

Agent name: Fuji Syuusuke

Organization: _SHADOW-i

Age: _15

Codename: _Hawk

Occupation: _Grey-hat Hacker

Titles: _Tensai, Prodigy, Genius

Achievements: _Head of Sector 1.

Success rate: _Has never failed.

Height: 167 cm

DoB: 2/29

Day of Recruitment

Fuji woke up, a little nauseous. Something that was extremely uncommon for this tensai. He brushed of the weird feeling and got out of bed.

'We've officially disbanded as of yesterday, ne?' He thought as he got ready for his first day of break. Yesterday everyone had graduated from Seishun Gakuen. At last.

'We'll still see each other often though. We'll all be going to Seigaku's high school. Well, except for Tezuka though...'Fuji thought a little wistfully.

As the tensai finished up getting ready, he couldn't help but think of his little... 'mission' yesterday evening.


Declining the invitation to celebrate, he told his friends that he had somewhere to be.

One of the teachers at Hyotei was making their student...do 'things.' Or so he heard from Atobe, by accident. And so, his mission was going to bring him down. After all, these kinds of things make Fuji boil with anger, even though he doesn't show it.

Once he got to his room that evening, he went straight to the hidden door into a separate secret room. He had found it alongside his siblings a long time ago. Inside that room, was four high-tech desktops. Two of which were touch screen. Over the years, he had been... asked to do a little exposing here, and a little crushing there. All anonymously, of course. He also did not accept just any job, only jobs that he deemed were for a good cause. He got paid well, for such easy tasks.

He sat down, rolled his neck a few times and cracked his knuckles. He checked the time.

'4:15. The school should be almost ready to close. No one should be in the front office. The teachers should be at their desks, uploading last updates into their computers. The target, Higaki Sensei should be at his. Saa, this will be quite easy. All I need to do is hack into the school system and distract the target. Then all I have to do is get evidence off his computer. All right... ikemasu.'

Plugging in his personal Hawk flash drive, he waited for the computers to boot-up. It took no longer than three seconds.

'Here I go, fly for me.' He thought. His fingers started typing at an incredible pace, but to him it was actually rather slow. He successfully got into the system, but encountered a firewall. He smirked. 'This is all too easy,' he thought. In a matter of seconds, he tore it down and was on the move again. The tensai managed to get into the intercom system.

Typing a command into the system, it said, "Can Higaki Sensei come to the office please?"

Relaxing, he knew that it will take about ten minutes for the teacher to get the office, realize no one's there and return. The corner of his lip turned up a little.

'I'll only need four minutes.' He thought. 'By now the teacher should've left. Second part, hack into the teacher's computer.' He located Higaki's computer and took it over.

On the other side, Higaki's screen flashed with the Hawk screensaver.

Fuji sent a personally created Hawk virus to the computer. Hawk got to his admin and was asked for a password. It took about twenty seconds for it to be cracked. He entered the account and started searching for unusual files. Within a minute, he had found what he was looking for. Saving it onto his flash drive and backing out of the teacher's computer and the school system, he made sure there was no trace of him ever being there.

"Capture, Complete." He murmured with a tiny hint of triumph.

*End Flashback*

He went into the secret room.

The next day, at Hyotei: (A/N: Let's pretend Hyotei graduates a little later than Seishun, okay?)

Students everywhere were whispering, looking at their phones. Some were disgusted, some were laughing, all in all, it was interesting. Hagaki sensei arrived and everyone stared at him while whispering. Still oblivious to they are laughing at, he asked them, "What's so funny?" Walking away and muttering about 'kids these days.'

Hagaki sensei got to his desk and noticed a link with an arrow pointed to it. His curiosity spiked, and he clicked it. To his horror, a video of him acting like a bondage school girl starts to play. He understood what everyone was staring at him for. He wailed really loudly, thinking his life is over. A hawk icon popped up on his screen, and a message flashed across the screen.


"Ahhhh!" Yep, this guy's life is definitely over.

"Mission Accomplished." Hawk murmured. He stood up and stretched a little.

Fuji decided it was time to go down for breakfast. At the bottom of the steps, he saw a group of men in suits with bluetooths sitting around the table, his sister sitting with them and his mother making breakfast.

"What is the meaning of this? Okaa-san, Nee-san?" He asked.

"We don't know exactly ourselves. They demanded to see you before explaining everything."

"Fuji Syuusuke, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Kageyama, from SHADOW-i." The man who seemed like he was the one in charge said.

"Domo. I am Fuji Syuusuke."

"Yes, we know. We have come here to ask you to join our organization. We need someone as talented as you."

"Wait, what are we talking about?" Yoshiko asked.

"We want your son to join our organization. His help would be beneficial to the country." Kageyama explained.

"How?" Yumiko asked.

"He is an all-round tensai, but not only that, he is superior in technological knowledge." Kageyama said, not letting the hacker part out.

"But he's only fourteen! And what kind of organization are you?" Fuji's mom asks.

"We're a secret branch of the government. We are made up of the elite of elites, trained in almost everything. We are the Japanese equivalent of the American CIA, but a hundred times better, no bluff."

"Again,why do you need my son? He hasn't even entered high-school yet! This is an extremely dangerous job as well!"

"Like I said, his abilities are one in a trillion. It's not very likely to come up with other people like him. And our facilities also include a state of the art school for those who need it. But there are only a couple dozen anyways..." He trailed off, "but your son won't come into any harm. He'll be behind the scenes most times."

"...Okaa-san, I think we can only leave this up to Syuusuke himself to decide." Yumiko gentry prodded.

Yoshiko calmed down and decided as well.

"I'll do it."

"Honto-ni?" Asked Kageyama.

"Yes. If this is for a good cause, I'll do it."

"But we'll need you to come with us right away. Pack everything you need and come with us. We'll wait for you."

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