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The day after the end of the mission, Fuji wrote a letter to Yukimura.

Yukimura Seiichi-kun,

I entrust to you my secret. Do not tell a single soul. Not even Sanada-kun. Especially not Seigaku. Especially not Tezuka. I will be forced to hunt you down. Please cover for me. It had been pleasure to meet you again. I will disappear after this.

Arigatou gozaimashita,

Fuji Syuusuke.

Nobody remembered the fact that Fuji's arm miraculously healed. Fuji thanked his lucky stars that he wouldn't have to explain. And so life went on.

It had been about a year. Fuji worked hard, climbing through the ranks. He became busy, a genius who studied hard and worked on missions. He offically graduated college in that year. Diploma and everything. Or, formally graduated at college level. Not really in college.

His schedule was too tight to fit in tennis anymore. He stopped playing and gradually forgot about tennis, but sometimes a thought or two would pop up randomly. He shoved it back into the depths of his mind.

About ten months in, he was offered the position of Sector One Leader. He refused. Everyone was confused with why he refused, but let it go. Who knew what ran through the mind of a tensai anyways.

The real reason behind it was that Fuji was selfish and insufferable, and he didn't want to be bound down to anything. Rather, he couldn't be bound down to something. At least not until he found it.

So anyways, now he's been positioned in Paris, alone. Undercover assassin.

The tensai actually didn't know when missions became like this. The organization realized that Fuji worked well with a team, but was better off by himself. At least no one could see him heal miraculously in five seconds from a bullet shot. It had become a troublesome secret to keep.

After they uncovered his worth, and talent, missions that used to be about hacking and behind the scenes became field missions, mostly assassinating. It seemed a bit cruel, to do this to a fifteen year old, but it was their only chance. He was perfect.

He'd been here two months now. It really was a waste of time, it wasn't necessary to be dragged out this long, but Shadow-i wanted to make sure of the target's habits and profile.

Currently, he was at a party. Dressed up as a bartender. Who looked ten times to young. But no one cared. Most likely too drunk off their ass to really care either.

His target, Sir Blakeney, was in sight, and really drunk. It would be an easy shot. He wouldn't even need a gun for this. He pulled ice cubes out of the freezer. They had been poisoned, an as soon as they melted, the target would die. The victim had asked for a shot of Tequila, and so Fuji was currently mixing the drink for him.

"Here you are sir," Fuji stated softly, in fluent French, placing the drink in front of him.

"Ah, merci," Blakeney said. He downed the shot, and the ice cube in it. A habit. Stalking off somewhere beyond Fuji's vision, he staggered into the arms of his wife.

Fuji left the scene, quietly and stealthily, removing all evidence. He didn't need to wait an hour for the poison to register. It was a guaranteed kill.

Back at his rented penthouse suite, (which was provided by the organization-he would never pick something this big or flashy.) he checked his organization given phone for messages.


Hawk, as I assume you are done about now, we need you back. The twins have uncovered a threat to Tokyo, and your help is needed. Details will be given at headquarters.


Fuji quickly replied back, sending a brief message.

Fuji: I assume the plane's already at the airport? I'm on my way.


He packed the little belongings he brought, cleared the suite of his existence and headed out.

A seven hour flight later, Fuji was back in HQ's.

"Hey Fuji," greeted Kichise.

"Yo," said Ryuu and Kyuu.

"Heeeey," dragged out Kimoto.

"Hello everybody, how have you all been?" replied the tensai, ever present, alluring smile on his face. Not genuine though. Never genuine since he started killing. He'd seen so much death, at age fifteen. He'd become wary. Tired. Of everything around him. But there was nothing else now, to put his all into.

"Well. But you know, Kichise failed a mission this month, so she's going to pay for all of our expenses," Kimoto said, chuckling.

"Saa, then we'll just have to take that as an advantage and do as much as we can, ne?" Fuji stated, ever so sadistically.

"Hmph, I've only failed twice in the time you were gone, but they've all failed more than me, except for Ryuu," grunted Kichise, sulking a little.

"Maa, let's calm down," Fuji chuckled, "I have to be briefed by Kumiko about a mission now."

"Oh, us too. I think it's the same one."

"Ja, ikou ka?"

Seigaku High:

Tezuka had already been back for ten months. He claimed the position of vice-captain on his first day. Or rather, was given the position. They knew he was going to lead the team towards victory once again. And again. And again.

The captain actually didn't do anything. He was there because of supervising reasons, it's not good to leave a first year in charge of everything. Even if that first year was perfect.

Currently they were at practice. The regulars had come together quite well, Fuji had disappeared from their immediate thought, but still in the back of their minds.

Tezuka was giving laps to the teammates who lost their practice rounds, in addition to the Inui Juice. Nearing a tournament, there was no room for mercy.

The first years were practicing their racket swings, and second years were practicing accuracy.

Momo and Kaido just got into another fight, and Oishi, being the mother hen, was trying to break them up. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he sighed and barked out, "Twenty laps, Momoshiro, Kaido."


"Some terrorists... of sorts... have developed a virus that can essentially destroy the whole population of Tokyo. The entire organization will be in on this mission. Fuji, you are to return to your old school. You will officially be transferred in the first half of the first semester, so after the new school year has it, the families of it, the schools in the district and their families. Got it?" Kumiko briefed.


You four, work behind the scenes, no need for school. Try to get information on it. Inform the science unit of the organization. Help develop an anti-virus, just in case it gets leaked."


"We will send you five to Tokyo in two hours. Pack everything you need. Fuji, bring two bullet proof vests. You four as well. Bring any guns. We will supply you with more once we send more forces. Stop the virus at all means, thousands of people's lives are on the line here. You are dismissed."

"Thank you. Sayonara."

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