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7:00 AM: Seigaku High

"Naa, naa, naa! Minna! Did you hear? There's going to be a new transfer student today!"

"I heard he was from France!"

"I wonder what he looks like!"

"Ne, I heard he has brown hair and blue eyes!"

"I think he's pretty short too,"

"Sutekii! I want to meet him!"

"I think somebody said he was a second year."

Rumors were going around the school about the new transfer student from France.

Tezuka inwardly sighed, hoping this transfer student wouldn't be in his class, 2-A. Too much trouble for someone who liked his routine the exact same, daily. He looked over at Oishi, who happened to be in the same class as him again this year. The black-haired boy was reviewing some of his notes for the lesson quiz they were going to take today.

Class 2-C

"Nyaaaa! Mou, Inui! Yada! Zettai ni yada!" Eiji screeched, as Inui slyly pulled out whatever new nasty Inui Juice he developed, putting it on Eiji's desk. In Eiji's case, he wasn't so lucky to have another Regular in his class. His ears perked up, hearing some gossip about a new transfer student joining Seigaku High school. He was not the only one listening though.

"Ii data," Inui muttered as he scribbled some random chicken scratch about the transfer student down.

"Nya, Inui, do you think the student will be in our class? I sure hope so!" the hyperactive teen commented.

"Eiji, the chance of that is roughly 16.67%. I highly doubt it. However, the chance of him being in either 2-A, 2-C, or 2-D with Kawamura would be about 50%. So you may expect that he will be in one of the three classes, with the rest of the Regulars," was the data-man's response.

7:20- 20 minutes before bell

"Moshi moshi?"

"Fuji. Remember how serious this is, okay? There is absolutely no room for mistake. None. The rest of Tokyo's future is lying on your hands, remember that," Kumiko said over the phone.

"Hai. Wakatta. Zettai ni minna o tasuketemasu."

He strode into the main office to receive his schedule.

'2-B, ka? Ii ne,' the tensai thought as he headed off to homeroom, leaving the front office.

"Wait a moment please. Fuji Syuusuke desu ne? You graduated from college, right? Doushite koko ni iru no?" the receptionist, a fair lady, asked.

'Why I'm here?' he thought with a chuckle.

"Saa, betsuni," was the prodigy's brief reply, slipping out of the office without a second glance.

In the hallway, exactly five minutes before the bell was due to ring, he received another call from HQ's on the phone given by Shadow-i. It was an incoming call from Ryuu.

"Ryuu, what's up?"

"Fuji, we've managed to track down the terrorists plan for attack. We took three weeks to break into their firewall and gateway system. Many of the times we tried they kept fooling us with a false program. We finally trailed the opponent by setting a complicated false programing up for them to hack while we took the opportunity to re-trace their activity.

You have to be on the lookout now, we haven't decoded much, all of it's been encrypted into some intricate coding that's taking the Codes Branch forever to even solve, and they've been working day and night. It says something about the local mall in Tokyo, something about Harajuku or the other. Make sure to keep us updated," Ryuu finished.

"Ryoukai. I won't let my guard down. I'll do some investigations after school, as well as head to the malls sometime soon.

Oh, before I forget, here's something to think about; there are other ways to keep the opponent distracted, Ryuu. Be aware of that, for it will save you in the future. When I have time after this is over, I'll teach some new techniques to you, maybe.

Also, tell the Codes Branch that instead of working to their limits, sometimes it's better to let imagination flow. Because in reality, codes are all imagination. Tell them to relax for a couple hours and then try again.

I have to go now, school is about to start in a minute. Make sure that you keep me updated as well."

"Bye," and Fuji disconnected. He stood in front of his homeroom with 30 seconds to spare.

He took a deep breath, sighing. For the past two years, he had been getting at most six or seven hours of sleep. He had developed bad eating habits, skipping dinner at times or not eating enough. There just was never enough time. Sometimes he felt as if his entire body would shut down, or he would have a mental break down. Nobody ever noticed it though. After all, nobody questioned that smile of his. It never let anything penetrate through.

'Maybe I'll have to stop this for a while, after this case. I want to be normal again,' Fuji thought tiredly. Today his shoulders felt like rocks- the muscles in the area had all contracted together as a result of yesterday's last minute mission.

2-B: 7:40

"Minna shizukani! We're starting class," called out the homeroom teacher right after the bell rang.

The class representative stood up.

"Kiritsu! Rei!"

"Ohayo Gozaimasu!" The class chorused.

"Chakuseki," the class sat as the representative voiced the last of the daily greetings.

"Hai, eh, starting today, we will have a transfer student. He is from France, so be polite and welcome him. He might not know a lot of Japanese, but please be friendly. I don't know his name yet, due to the fact that I haven't received his student files yet. So I'll just let him come in," the teacher announced.

He took a couple of steps to the door and opened it, inviting the student in.

"Please, write your name on the board," the sensei articulated every syllable as if he was talking to a deaf person.

"Sore wa ii. Watashi wa Nihongo o yoku wakatteimasu kara," a melody flowed out of the transfer student's mouth. True to the rumors, the student had brown hair, short in stature, at a measly 5'5". However, his eyes were closed so nobody could tell what shade they were.

Everyone was shocked at his flawless, unaccented Japanese. Furthermore, when he picked up a piece of chalk and wrote his name on the board, they all were confused that he had a kanji name, and that it was traditionally Japanese.

The boy stepped to the side.

"Hajimemashite. Fuji Syuusuke desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

"Hai, eh, from today, your seat will be at the corner table by the window."


The brown haired boy gracefully strode to his seat, slipping into it without a sound. All eyes followed him until they were directed back to the teacher.

"Ne, aren't you supposed to be from France?" the boy sitting next to him asked.

"I am from France though," Fuji said with a smile.

"Ehhh? Zenzen wakaranai," a question mark remained over the speaker's head.

Fuji continued to chat with this person throughout the lecture. He learned that the boy's name was Kiriyama Kento, and he was on the soccer team. He was an outgoing person but really kind and sweet.

Halfway through the lesson, a student council representative came to the room to hand the teacher a file. The sensei, who by now Fuji recognized as Nakajima-sensei, flipped through it's contents, eyes wide, then set it down. The rest of the period past by uneventfully until the end of class.

At the end of class, Fuji was called up to the teacher as the rest of the students turned to each other and began chatting up a storm. Kiriyama kept an eye on him while chatting with his friends.

"Fuji-kun, it says here on your file that you've already graduated college."

"Yes, that's correct, what of it?" was the ever-smiling tensai's vague reply, with no offer for explanation.

The class went silent. A pin drop could be heard.


"If that's the case, then what are you doing here?" Nakajima-sensei demanded.

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