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My Heart Beats For You

Chapter one

Two days after Aang defetets the Fire Lord and he and Katara kiss on the balcony ending the tv seiries of Avatar: The Last Air Bender...

Aang and is lying on the bed in his room, thinking about when they kissed in the cave of two lovers, before the invashion and his favorite time... after he defeted the Fire Lord. Katara knocked on the door and walked in."I was a bit lonely could I stay in here with you for a while?" Katara asked. "Of course you can." Aang replied, happy just to see her beutiful face.

"So Aang are we like... boyfriend and girlfriend now?" Katara asked hoping for the answer to be yes. Aang didn't know it but, Katara loved Aang with all of her heart. "Yeah... I guess we are." Aang replied with a smile. "And there is no word in the world that describes how much i love you, Katara!" Katara blushed. " I love you too Aang." They fell asleep in each others arms.

Sokka had walked into Aangs room planing on just waking Aang up. His eyes immediately got bigger and started to twitch. "Katara, Aang!" They woke up with a little jump."What are you doing in bed with my little sister!" Sokka said in a growling voice to Aang. "W...well...w..we." Aang stutered "Sokka we were talking last night and i fell asleep!" Katara snaped at him.

She kissed Aang on the cheek and got up. "ooogies!" Sokka shouted. "Knock it of Sokka!" Katara said giving him the shut-the-hell-up look."What you were sleeping longer than I normally would I knew somthing had to be up!" Sokka said knowing the look on Kataras face. Sokka left finally. Aang and Katara went downstairs for breakfast. They walked in the kitchen and herd Toph say to Sokka "Sokka I'm absolutly sure that Aang did not have sex with Katara...now can I eat before you completely rewin my meal!" Katara rolled her as Sokka sat down with his grumpy look on his face."Sokka Aang is only thirteen, we're going to wait till we're both ready. Besides this is only our second day as a couple, and you've all ready gone nuts!" "fine" Sokka mumbled.

...Two and a half years later...

Aang and Katara were walking down the streets of Ba Sing Se. It was Katara and Aang's date night! Katara was holding onto Aang's arm as Aang was looking into her beutiful blue eyes. They had just arrived at the door of Aang's villa. They walked in and Katara turned around and pulled Aang by the shirt into a passionate kiss. Aang broke off and said "woah there!". They began to kiss again. Aang licked her lip asking for entrance, she emediatly let him in.

All of the sudden the light turned on and Sokka was sitting in the middle of the room with a can of beer in his hand. Sokka started to clap slowly " I knew it! You two were going to have sex!". Katara's face turned red, not of embarrassment but in anger, her head looked like it was going to explode! "SOKKA HE IS ALMOST 16 AND I'M GOING TO BE 17 SOON! SO STOP WORRIEING ABOUT US HAVING SEX ALREADY!". " Katara I'm your older brother and it's my job to make sure you don't get hurt!". " THAT'S IT SOKKA WHY DON'T I JUST GO FUCK HIM RIGHT NOW!".

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