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Chapter six

'Shit! What the hell are we going to do now? There are four S-rank ninja on their side, and with Kimimaro injured, we don't stand a chance against them. Kurenai and Suigetsu aren't S-rank yet, and I can't fight all of them on my own. What should I do?' Anko thought desperately trying to think of something to help her escape with her team intact, or at least without any further injuries.

"What on earth is going on here, Kyoko?" asked Jiraiya seriously. He was looking straight ahead while talking, keeping his eyes on the biggest threat…..that one being a sage powered Anko. How she learned the Snake Sage Mode was the main article on his mind.

"Jiraiya-sensei, they know where to find Naruto-kun. So I tried to ask them nicely, but they refused. Now I'm going to get that information by force." Kyoko said, with her eyes never leaving Anko. She was too dangerous of a threat to underestimate.

"Wait, if they know where your brother is, and from their Hitai-ate, it's safe to assume that Naruto is in a hidden village." said Tsunade, after analyzing her opponents. This was a great chance, in her opinion, to help her student find her brother. And she would not let that chance slip away from her.

'Damn it! What the hell did we do to deserve this? Fighting the Akatsuki was one thing, but fighting them and two of the three Sannin is a whole new can of worms!' thought Suigetsu. Things did look well for their side now.

'It seems we have the advantage in this battle' Itachi thought. He was going to have Kyoko retreat, but with the arrival of reinforcements, the whole fight was in their control now.

Jiraiya however had his eyes on them, and something felt wrong with what he was seeing. When he heard Tsundae's statement about a hidden village, he finally noticed what seemed to be wrong.

"What village is that symbol? I don't think I've seen it before." Jiraiya said. He found the symbol was a bit odd, and the swirl reminded him of Uzushiogakure.

"We're Shinobi from Rikudogakure." Proudly answered Kurenai. She was very proud that she belonged to Rikudogakure. She loved her new village, and she would give her life for it without a pause or hesitation. Rikudogakure was where she had found love, and where her best friends were. For Kurenai, her new village was the ideal place to live, and she didn't have to be afraid of other villages attacking since it was so well hidden.

"So you two have betrayed Konoha. Kurenai and Anko. Who was it that managed to persuade you into leaving Konoha?" Asked Jiraiya. He was trying to dig up as much information as he could. He needed to know everything in order to find out where his godson was.

"Kukuku...We may have betrayed Konoha, but you need to face the facts. Konoha is corrupt down to its roots, and everyone knows that. And now it seems that they are involved with the Akatsuki as well, if you two siding with them is anything to go by." Anko said with disdain. She wanted to provoke them into making mistakes. If they did, that could give them the chance to take advantage of their situation and make an escape.

"Where is Naruto?" Kyoko asked through gritted teeth. She was getting sick and tired of Anko, and she wanted nothing more than to kill the bitch. But first, she had to know where her brother was.

Kimimaro was about to respond, probably with some cold hard facts, before calling them trash, but before he could, he was interrupted by Anko. This fight was something she wanted to end, and get over the whole damn mess that she got her team into. She knew she had no choice but to use it, which was something she didn't want to do….alas, she was forced into a corner, and all this crap she was getting from her enemies wasn't helping her. Maybe this way, they will finally leave Naruto to live his life in peace.

"WHY THE HELL CAN'T YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT HE DOESN'T WANT YOU! YOU ALL ABANDONED HIM! YOU LEFT HIM WHEN HE NEEDED YOU THE MOST! AND NOW YOU WANT HIM BACK?" Anko yelled, her rage finally getting to her. She was furious, and she wanted nothing more than to kill those four standing infront of her. The only reason she didn't was because even though her rage had taken a hold of her, she didn't want to risk the lives of her partners.

"That doesn't matter anymore. We are going to find him, and make things right. We are going to bring him back to Konoha and do the right thing. Just like his parents wanted." Jiraiya spoke emotionlessly. He really wanted to find his godson, and train him so that he can follow in his father's footsteps. He truly believed that thought the village has become corrupt lately, that Naruto can truly be the Hokage that would lead Konoha back to its former glory. He was after all, the Child of Prophecy. It seemed that he had forgotten about the full prophecy, specifically that part that mentioned that that child would either bring peace to the world or destroy it.

"You guys actually think that Naruto wants you to find him? That he wants to go back to Konoha? That he wants you three of all people, as his family?" Anko asked calmly after getting her anger out from her system. She didn't receive an answer, and instead saw all three of them seemingly smiling at the thought. She snorted, and continued "Wow! You actually do! How pathetic!" she said, while laughing on the inside as they scowled at her insults with narrowed eyes.

"I asked you a question you Crazy Bitch! Where is Naruto?" Kyoko asked impatiently. She really thought the woman infront of her was crazy. Who stands against four almost Kage-level Shinobi, and insults them repeatedly? She hoped the woman's craziness did not rub off on her little brother when she finds him.

"I'm the Crazy Bitch? Okay, I'll tell you what. You want to see Naru-kun right now, right? Okay then, I'll bring him here right now." Anko said with a grin forming on her face. As they were watching her talk, suddenly a small seal appeared on her neck. Soon after, she began forming a couple of hand-seals, which would activate the beacon seal on her neck.

"You wanted Naru-kun, didn't you? Well….prepare yourselves, because you're about to learn what it means to become an enemy of Rikudogakure, and in extension MY Naruto!"Anko said, while her grin was becoming maniacal, with small giggles escaping her. She knew her Naruto could easily kill the four enemies in front of her without any difficulty.

It was their turn this time to feel a shiver go down their spines. Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kyoko, and even Itachi we're anticipating their meeting with Naruto. Although, Jiraiya and Itachi were also wondering how is it that she was going to call him to them. Did he somehow learn the Hiraishin no Jutsu or did her have something similar? It couldn't be possible as he was still in his teen years, and it was simply not possible for him to be that strong. If only they knew.

"Kai." Anko whispered. They wanted Naruto, then she would bring him here.

Location unknown

Within a large mansion in an unknown area, a gathering of some of the most important people in the Elemental nations was taking place. They were all enjoying their time with the people considered of their own class. They were all wearing the finest of clothes, showing off their most expensive of jewelry and socializing with the people around them. Pride seemed to be the most common thing among them, and women gossiped together in groups, while the men were talking in groups about different matters and drinking at the same time. All around them, were employees that were catering to all their needs with smiles, which were obviously fake, on their faces to their visitors.

"Shin-dono, you don't look so good. Is something the matter? After all, as the young daimyo of the Hi no Kuni (Land of Fire), you still have a bright future ahead of you." said a man, who had somewhat of a soft voice. He wore a light yellow almost gold kimono, along with the traditional daimyo royal ring that had the kanji for "Mizu" (water) imprinted on it. He seemed to be the youngest among the gathering, and his face had a weary expression.

"I'm fine, Kojo-dono, thanks for asking. I'm just a little tired that's all. Things had been going a bit tough lately with Konoha and all. And with the approach of this year's Chunnin Exams…Well, I'm sure you understand my position." Shin said with a forced smile. This man was the Daimyo of Hi no Kuni. He was wearing clothing that were similar to the people around him, with the difference being the red daimyo royal ring with the kanji for "Hi" (Fire), and finally, he was holding a small fan in his hand.

The other Daimyos having heard the subject of the Chunnin exams, decided to each express their opinion on the matter.

"Ah, yes….the Chunnin Exams this year that are held in Konoha. During which, Suna and Oto will perform their invasion on Konoha. The stage is indeed set, and there is nothing they can do to stop those events." A man stated seriously. He was a dark-skinned man with a long beard, and glasses with a silver frame. He wore a loose dark Navy kimono robe along with a grey undershirt. He had the Yellow royal Daimyo ring on his hand, with the kanji for "Rai" (Lightning) on it. This was the daimyo of the Kaminari no Kuni (Land of Lightning).

"That's correct, Raiden-dono. Shin-dono and I have reached a mutual understanding. We will use the amount of tension that Suna is experiencing against them. Recently, I have raised the taxes on the village, and decreased the amount of missions that they received, and sent them to Konoha instead to raise the tension between the two villages. We will harness the hatred between the two villages, as well as that of Orochimaru of the Sannin, to create an alliance between his village and Suna, to attack Konoha. Although it is unlikely that Konoha will be destroyed in this raid, as their history would attest to, it will still get the job done. War between the two villages may become inevitable, and that might cause the other villages to react. The entire Ninja world will destabilize…..fear, hatred, anxiety will spread like wild fire among the Shinobi….War will handle the rest. Once all the villages are destroyed, we will be able to unite our lands into one great Nation." Answered another man. He wore similar clothes to his friends, with the difference being the green Daimyo ring with the Kanji for "Kaze" (wind) on it. This was the Daimyo of Kaze no Kuni (Land of Wind)

"Yes, those villages and their Shinobi are too much trouble. I have been trying to suppress Iwa as much as possible, but that stubborn Onoki is a tough nut to crack. We need to take care of the Kages if we want to be able to change the world. Only after they are gone, will we be able to unify the nations into a single ruling country. Their beliefs that they are the ones who rule are most troubling. The people actually believe that the Kages are the ones who rule the lands, when in reality, we Daimyos are the supreme rulers. Once those villages are gone, we will make sure to take control cement our control on the people. Show them that things are still within our control, and they will submit to our rule, and even depend on It." one of the gathered people stated. He was an old man with tanned skin, and a grey pointy beard on his face. However, the most prominent feature about him was the brown royal Daimyo ring, with the kanji for "Tsuchi" (earth) on it. This was the daimyo of Tsuchi no Kuni.(land of earth)

"Our families have been dominating the world secretly for almost five hundred years. We were put on this earth as its protector. Protecting the world of the pests that infest it. We do not use ninjutsu, but we have self-control, intelligence, purebred, money, and the inheritance that makes us the ruling government in the Elemental Nations. We are the ones who inherited the world from our forefathers and ancestors for generations." Shin finished with a small smile. Everyone smiled together, as they wholeheartedly agreed with him, but none noticed that the eyes of the fire daimyo, as they flashed red, with three tomoe marks, before quickly vanishing again.

Rikudogakure no Sato

Naruto, was watching over the genin, each of them trying to perfect the jutsu that he had appointed to each of them. He had taught them the necessary hand seals for each jutsu, and made sure that the elements was compatible to that of the genin's. He also made sure to demonstrate each technique so that they can know what to do. A few minutes later as he was watching, he felt a twitch in his eyes, and immediately he received a flood of new information from his Sharingan eyes

'Old fools….they are playing a very dangerous game…thinking they are Gods.' Naruto thought with a frown. He had received the information from the meeting of the Elemental Nations' main Daimyos.

'Though, you must admit, that it is quite a diabolical plan….something I never expected from idiots like them.' Madara commented from his mind.

'Unfortunately, I'll have to leave them alive for a few more years. If I kill them now, it would cause panic and chaos in the nations. The nations, and by extension their people are still too immature to survive on their own, and they need someone to lead them and reassure them. At least Ame and Kumo are not completely useless in that part'. Naruto spoke to his father.

Madara nodded, knowing that his son's judgment was correct. It was true after all, the village civilians have grown far too dependent on the Shinobi. Even in their daily lives, as shown with those D-rank missions. Those missions were a new concept that was quite laughable to most people at his time, though it became quite serious for them these days, something that disgusted him! Shinobi were not Babysitters, Gardeners or used for manual labor! They were Killers! Soldiers! And in the end, it was for that same reason, that the Shinobi system was the reason for all the troubles in the war. Ever since the foundation of the five main villages, Shinobi have killed, cheated, razed, destroyed and warred uncaring for all the hatred, despair and blood that was caused as a side effect of their actions.

Not knowing of the idea's coursing through his surrogate father's mind, Naruto was supervising over the gennin, when he felt the seal on his wrist trigger, and his expression became serious. The only person who could activate the seal, was Anko, and he had told her to use it in if she was in danger, as a precaution.

'Anko needs my help…..Something must of happened on her mission.' Naruto thought. He quickly tuned towards the gennin, making sure to keep his expression calm and stable and said…

"Everyone! I am afraid something came up, and I need to go now. We will continue tomorrow with your training. Ja ne!" Naruto said, before disappearing without waiting for an answer. But not before pulling one of his Gunbai from within a seal on his wrist.

"What happened to Naruto-sensei?" Amaru asked, without getting any response. The genin shrugged, decided to continue with the training.

Tanzaku Gai

A burst of chakra appeared on site, which was covered by a thin cloud of smoke. Even through the smoke, the power of the new presence was easily felt by all those standing in the area. The sheer potency and chakra levels threatened to overwhelm the two Sage Mode users, who could sense every last drop of power emanating from him.

"Kukuku….. You wanted to see Naru-kun. Well….allow me to introduce to you Uchiha Naruto!" Anko said loudly, with a large smile. She was giddy with anticipation….she just had to see what would happen now. The Grand reunion between her Naruto and his spoilt Sister. Her drive to fight, caused from her Sage/Cursed seal mode, was overshadowed by her want to see the current events.

When the smoke cleared, everyone could finally see the person standing. Kyoko, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and even Itachi were wide-eyed at the sight of the person infront of them.

The man had long red hair, with a strand covering the right side of his face. His eyes were Onyx, and he was standing at an impressive 5'9'' that towered over everyone in the clearing, with the exception of Jiraiya. He wore black pants, a sleeveless dark red shirt, with a pair of black sandals and a hooded robe. He was also wearing black gloves, and in his right hand was a Gunbai.

"What is going on, Anko? Why did you call me?" Naruto asked stoically, and he got his answer when he looked around himself, and saw the four S-ranked Ninja from Konoha, including his silly sister.

"Naruto-kun….I finally found you" Kyoko said with a smile on her face, and tears glistening in her eyes. She was a sensor, and there was no doubt about it….This was her Otouto.

Naruto stood there staring at the four people standing in front of him. At the same time, he was having an internal conversation with his tenants.

'Tou-san, I think now would be the best time to test the limits of my true power…. I also want to test my Rinnegan in combat'. Naruto asked mentally.

'I agree, this fight will not be easy….it will a good way for you to test your limits against enemies, besides clones and myself.' Madara replied. He had no doubts that Naruto would win this fight in the end, and it will also serve as good experience for him to face all four of them at the same time. Sparring and Training may be good and all, however experience can have a big effect in a battle. And since he would always spar with either him (Madara) or his clones (Naruto's clones), it would do him good to fight here here.

"Anko, Kurenai, Suigetsu and Kimimaro…I need you all to get away from here. Regroup a distance from here….rest and heal your injuries, you four still have a mission to complete." Naruto said seriously He knew it would be his first real fight, but he didn't care. If he was going to become a legend, then it was time for him to show his strength to the entire world. No more hiding or holding back against his enemies.

"Destroy them all Naru-kun." Anko said, as they prepared to retreat away, but before she left, she made sure to give him a kiss and hug.

"My knight in shiny armor…..win, and maybe I'll have a reward ready for you when you're done" she whispered in his ear, though she made herself loud enough that they all heard her. Ignoring the glaring Kyoko and Tsunade, the pervertedly giggling Jiraiya, who was whacked on the head by Tsunade, the stoic Itachi as well as her amused teammates, she gave his ear a sensual lick, before all four of them vanished in a shunshin, looking for a good spot to watch the beat down he was about to administer them, leaving a now smirking Naruto and his four opponents.

"You think you can fight against four ninjas of our caliber all alone brat? Think about it, there are two Sannin, and two S-rank ninja against one of you." Tsunade said angrily. She was currently furious. The kid seemed to be a very arrogant and perverted man, if him thinking that he alone could defeat the four of them, and from his interaction with that Hussy was anything to go by. Well…..she's going to have to straighten him up…..by force.

"I do not think I can beat all four of you….. I know I can. So let's get this show on the road!" Naruto said with a large smirk on his face, as his eyes quickly morphed into the Sharingan. His chakra output had increased even more, and the pressure exerted by his chakra was pushing them back. They were all shocked at the sheer size and strength of his chakra…..Even Tsunade and Jiraiya had never seen anything like that happening in their entire careers.

But that wasn't what had their attention…..what did was the sight of his eyes, the red iris with the three black tomoe lazily spinning around the pupils did. The sight of Naruto having the Sharingan, with his ability to control it freely, meaning that they were not implanted and instead his own eyes, was the most shocking development that had their undivided attention…..and none more so, that Uchiha Itachi, whose eyes were widened in shock.

End of chapter.