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A Pirate's Life: Low M, TemHina pairing primary.


The sea was calm. It was early morning on a Monday, and the crew was already going about their duties to keep the ship working as it should. The captain breathed in the crisp morning air with a sigh as a small breeze blew over her, God, how she loved the ocean.

In the distance a ship could be seen, flying the British flag proudly. Looking through her spyglass she could see few men on the deck, several swabbing, others strolling with muskets in their hands, on the lookout for trouble.

She looked up and admired the British flag flying proudly above the mainsail. It was an old trick to be sure, but it was always surprisingly effective.

She never needed to shout at her crew in a situation like this, they had been with her long enough to anticipate her every move, and the preparations were automatic. As they slowly neared the other ship, she withdrew to her quarters. Inside she went through her normal ritual, fixed her hair so it wouldn't be in her way. Pulled on her red vest over her puffy white shirt and tied a sash around her waist. She buckled her sword belt as well as her gun belt, the twin flintlocks already holstered and loaded.

Bracers were always last, simple brown leather, matching her boots and belt. She checked herself in the mirror and smirked, ready for the day.

As she returned to the deck, the other ship was pulling alongside. The sailors on board were conversing with her first mate, a woman only slightly younger than herself. While it was uncommon for a ship to have women on them, let alone captaining, it worked well enough for them.

The mate was spinning the same tale of them being traders heading to Barbados for market. It was distraction enough for the captain to climb to the crow's nest and vault herself onto the beam underneath. She made her way to the end and jumped with cat-like precision to the adjoining beam, being careful not to alert the man in the crow's nest. She crept into the nest and pulled the dagger from her boot, using it to quietly silence the lookout. She then pulled a handkerchief from her pouch and tossed it over to her own ship.

No sooner had the small piece of cloth come to eye level with those on the decks, the shooting started. Her crew shot first, they always did, taking out half of the small crew with the first volley.

She now had two minutes to move before the cannons started. She jumped, sliding down a rope to the deck just as the rest of the British crew started to come on deck. She drew her twin pistols and fired to the left and right of her, painting the decks red with the gore of the men unfortunate enough to be in her way. She reholstered and drew her sword, rushing towards the captain's quarters. A sailor stepped in her way, a military saber in his hand. He lunged at her, she parried and returned the strike. The sailor kept on her, using perfect form.

The captain didn't have time for this. He brought his sword down, she grabbed his wrist, twisted and brought her knee into his gut. She finished him by driving the point of her sword through his back. He dropped to the ground, and the captain continued on. She found the door to the captain's quarters easily enough and kicked it in.

Inside stood a man dressed in a military uniform, stuffing papers inside a chest. He turned when he saw her, and she noticed his ranking patch. "Captain." She said with a low bow, "I'll be taking those if you please." She heard a whimper off to her right, she glanced and saw a woman lying in the bed, holding the blanked to cover herself, tears streaming down her face.

The British captain shut the lid of the chest defiantly and locked it, throwing the key to the side. The captain sighed, "Are you, seriously doing this? I'd rather not kill you."

The Brit said nothing he drew his sword and dropped into his stance. The captain huffed in frustration as he attacked. She parried each strike easily, and allowed him to move her around the room.

The ship swayed as the roar of the first cannons impacted the hull. She faltered and the Brit got a lucky shot to her arm, the blade grazing her shoulder. The captain then redoubled her efforts, wanting to get out before the ship sank. She started to push back against the British officer. He lunged when he had an opportunity. She easily dodged the lunge and drove her sword up, through his neck. He slunk down with a gurgle as the blood began to seep out.

The woman in the bed shrieked. "Oh, shut up and start running, unless you want to drown." She shouted at the woman as she dove for the discarded key. Quickly, she unlocked the chest and removed everything of value; a few gems, a pouch of gold, military papers, and a very nice looking silver plated pistol.

She grabbed as much as she could and dashed out the door and onto the deck. She just made it back to her own ship with her loot as the British ship was starting to dip into the ocean. The crew cheered as they sailed away, watching the last of the ship disappear.

The crew had taken plenty of plunder, food, money, weapons, powder, and others, and particularly prisoners, including the woman who had been in the captain's quarters. She looked positively terrified, and with good reason, given the lewd stared she was getting from the men of the crew in her partially dressed state.

The men they had taken she wasn't worried about, but women were scarce at sea. There had even been times when she'd caught new recruits trying to creep into her bedroom during long voyages. All of them had been evicted from the ship immediately, even if they weren't in port.

Moving quick, she grabbed the woman and pulled her away from the others, glaring at her crew, some of whom were giving her glares of frustration. "We'll be in port tomorrow. Curb your lusts until then." She pulled the woman along, still a blubbering mess and had her stand off to the side.

"Tenten!" She shouted at her first mate, "Divide the loot. I'll be back."

The first mate stood and saluted, sending men to get the table and other supplies needed for dividing the plunder evenly among the crew. She took the woman back to her quarters and ushered her inside. "Wh-What are you going to do to me?" she asked in between sobs.

"We'll drop you off at the next port, and that'll be it. No harm will come to you so long as you stay in this room." The captain stepped back and shut and locked the door. She returned to the deck to see the crew standing in a line, waiting to receive their portions.

It was another hour before the line was gone, and the men were back to their duties, their loot safely stored in their bunks. The captain cracked her back and stretched herself out, trying to loosen her muscles from the fighting.

"Yet another successful raid." Tenten said as she put her crew manifest back into its case. The captain looked down at her, "Complaining?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Not at all." Tenten closed the case, "Should I expect a visit later, or are you going to occupy yourself with that woman you pulled from the lot?"

"I don't rape." The captain said with a bite to her voice. Tenten merely smirked and gathered her items to take back to her own quarters. Tenten was the captain's best friend, occasionally they would share a bed, but that was the extent of it, the captain trusted the woman implicitly.

The captain watched as she walked away. It was still early morning, the cool sea breeze still swept across the bow, making the captains four buns of sandy hair bob slightly. "Yo ho." She muttered to herself.

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