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The deck was alive with the roar of the cannons, so much so that Temari's orders could barely be heard. The grappling hooks were being prepared, weapons were being brought up, and the thirst for plunder was high.

The chase cannons at the bow of the ship roared again as another volley was sent towards the fleeing frigate. The cannons were always aimed high, in an effort to ruin sails and tear down the masts. The frigate veered away just before impact, saving them quite a bit of damage.

"Give them a broadside as they come around!" Temari shouted. They didn't exactly have a lot of ammunition left, this had to end quickly. The volley was shot, hitting mostly in the main body of the ship, and a few stray shots hit the mast, tearing it down and leaving the frigate dead in the water.

The crew began to cheer as the helmsman began to steer towards the derelict ship. "No time for celebrating, lads!" Temari shouted, "Get ready to board. Cargo, passengers, and ammunition are the target. Any gold found is a priority." The men gave a roar of affirmation as the ships lined up. A crackle of musket fire sprang from the men guarding the opposing ship.

The grappling hooks were thrown over and the ships were pulled together. As usual, Temari was the first over, sword out and pistol blazing. A pop from her flintlock and a man fell dead, a parry and lunge with her sword and another fell. Soon the deck of the ship was abuzz with the sounds of combat, and Temari was right in the middle of it. "Get below deck!" she shouted as she pushed against the man she was fighting, trying to get to the captain's cabin. She threw a punch, knocking her opponent off, and drove her cutlass through his back.

Another came at her, but fell short thanks to Tenten's well-placed shot. Temari nodded her thanks to her first mate and dashed the rest of the way. Inside she found the captain, a man of maybe forty, with short, dark hair and a neat chin-strap beard. He drew his sword, "Pirate scum!" he snarled, "Get off my ship." Temari cocked a smirk, "Gladly," she replied, "Once I have your cargo. And perhaps a few passengers."

"You'll not touch anyone as long as I live!" he lunged at her. Temari parried his strike and immediately went on the offensive, driving him back with as much effort as she could muster. He was a difficult opponent, his size alone have him an edge. The captain attempted to turn the tables on her, bringing his sword down towards her head. The pirate was barely able to parry and managed to land a solid punch to his face, sending him reeling. He quickly recovered and threw a punch of his own, catching the pirate in the gut, knocking the wind out of her.

Temari fell to her knees, and tried to get her breath back. She looked up at the captain towering over her, "Pirate scum." He stated again as he grabbed one of her hair poms and lifted her up by it. Temari grunted at the pain in her scalp. The captain placed his sword at the center of her stomach, intending to run her through. Temari quickly grabbed her second pistol and placed it against his chest, pulling the trigger. All at once his hand released her as he fell backward with a thump.

The pirate spent only a moment catching her breath before she started looking around the cabin for anything of worth, finding only a small chest of gold and a map of trade routes she already had. "What do I expect from a freelancer?" she sighed to herself as she stepped over the dead body and returned to the deck, where her crew had already won the battle and were loading the cargo and a gaggle of very scared-looking civilians onto the Albatross. In the hustle and bustle of the people, Temari caught sight of a familiar pair of pale eyes being shoved aboard. Temari smiled to herself, "This should be fun."

The pirate stepped over onto her own ship, deliberately standing at the back of the crowd of pirates, the majority of whom were pawing and cat-calling at the women in the crowd. They wanted some company, Temari could understand that, but they could get that in port. Her men knew her rule about rape, but still managed to fit in what fun they could to satiate them until they could find themselves someone to release on. The pirate captain caught sight of Hinata through the throng of men, looking as terrified as could be, no doubt fearing that her maidenhead was in jeopardy. A pirate grabbed at Hinata's hair, and nearly brought the girl off balance.

"Enough!" Temari shouted. A silence fell over the men, normally she would let the torment go on a little more, but if Hinata was going to be ransomed, she had to be unharmed. The crew parted as Temari stepped forward.

As soon as Hinata laid eyes on her, her eyes shot open in recognition, "Surprised, Little Bird?" Temari stated coyly. The Hyuuga didn't reply, the shock effectively silencing her. "That one," she pointed at Hinata, "is coming with us. Bring her to my cabin, the send the rest back to port." She began to walk away, when one of the crewmen spoke up, "Do yeh want us ter put them back on the ship?"

Temari stopped and looked back, "I don't recall specifying. Have fun, boys." The crew cheered as a look of dread came over the rest of the captives. Tenten grabbed Hinata from the crewman whom had grabbed her and followed after Temari, throwing the Hyuuga into the dim cabin after the captain.

The Hyuuga collapsed to the floor as Temari removed her sword belt and took a seat in an armchair. Hinata looked up at her with tears in her eyes. "Y-You're a pirate?" She said quietly, her voice breaking, "Wh-What are y-you going to do to m-me?" Temari smirked at the girl.

"That's for me to know. Now, if you're a good girl, you may get out of this unharmed. Now, stand up."

Hinata stood on shaking knees. Temari stomped her foot on the floor a few times before Tenten appeared in the doorway, looking slightly annoyed.

"Yes?" she huffed. "Tenten, be a dear and ask Chouji to fix an additional plate for Miss Hyuuga here, she'll be joining us for supper." Tenten nodded her head with an "Aye" before leaving to do her duties. The pirate then turned her attention back to the Hyuuga, "I think you'll enjoy Chouji's cooking. I'm sure it's nothing compared to your usual high-classed dining

"Y-You're a pirate…" Hinata said quietly as Temari stood to put her weapons away. The blonde pirate glanced at her, "Stating the obvious now, aren't we?"

"Then why did you save me yesterday?" The tears were streaming now. Temari had to restrain herself from laughing, settling instead for a light chuckle as she slipped her bracers and vest off, "Because I can't exactly make a profit out of a beaten and battered heiress. Now, I'd recommend washing up, we'll be eating soon. The basin's there." She pointed to the small jug and bowl on the far wall.


Hinata didn't even touch her food. For all she knew there was some kind of poison in it. She had finally discerned the name of her captor, Temari Sabaku. The name was relatively unknown to her, meaning that the pirate wasn't one of the more notorious pirates in the West Indies.

Hinata sat at the short table that had been set in the middle of Temari's cabin, adorned with fine silver and place settings. The pirate captain had spent the majority of the time conversing with her first mate and navigator, a rather lazy looking man whose name escaped her.

The Hyuuga stared with a grimace at the food on her plate, for once taking solace in her seasickness killing her appetite. "I see a familiar look on our guest's face!" The first mate piped up, "It seems our Lady hasn't her sea legs." Hinata raised her head to see the brunette intentionally exaggerating the swaying of the ship, and having a laugh at the green hue coming over the Hyuuga's face.

"Speaking of whom, did you send the message to Port Royal?" Temari inquired. "Aye." Tenten responded, "Gave it to one of the sailors, told him that I'd kill his mother if he didn't deliver it. Poor bastard believed me." The brunette took another bite of her pork.

"Shikamaru." Temari directed her attention to the man, "How long until we reach Nassau?"

"Nassau?" Tenten interrupted, "I thought we were heading for Tortuga?"

Temari shook her head, "Nassau's closer, and with the ship's current state, we wouldn't make it to Tortuga."

"2 days." Shikamaru said as he took a swig of his wine. "Can I go now?" Temari sighed and ushered him away with her hand. She then turned to Hinata, "Now, Little Bird, what to do with you until we get paid?" Hinata felt the blood drain from her face.

"I have an idea." An odd smirk came over Tenten's face. "Down, girl." Temari said as she leaned back in her chair, "We need her unsullied." The pirate tapped her chin, then snapped her fingers, "We put her to work."

"W-What?!" Hinata paled.

"I mean, look at those hands, Tenten, they look as if they haven't worked a day." Temari seemed to revel in the situation.

"I agree, Captain."

"Find her some clothes, after all, we wouldn't want that pretty dress to be ruined."

Tenten stood, smiling from ear to ear, "Everyone earns their keep, Princess." As she left, Temari kept her eyes focused on Hinata. "So, Lady Hyuuga." Temari always seemed to make the titles sound like insults, "Now for the real question, how do I make sure you don't try to escape once we reach Nassau? I could bind you to the main mast…" Hinata stared incredulously at the pirate, "I could lock you in the cargo hold, or perhaps I could just keep you chained to me, like a pet…?"

Hinata clenched her delicate hands into fists, "Why are you doing this? Why are you insistent on torturing me so? Are you so bored with your…" Hinata was suddenly stopped short as Temari lunged across the table and stopped herself mere inches from Hinata's face. The Hyuuga felt her face flush at the proximity. "I am so insistent," Temari hissed, "Because this is my ship. And on my ship I am the law, and when I am the law I do as I please. If I want to make you work, you will work. If I want to tie you to the mainsail, you will be tied. If I wanted to take you…" Suddenly Temari lurched forward and mashed her lips to the Hyuuga's virgin ones, taking the girl completely by surprise. They separated with a smack, "You will be taken. Got it?"

Just then, Tenten returned with some simple clothes. Temari turned to leave, "Get her changed," she said, "Then find something for her to do." The pirate left, leaving Hinata alone with the brunette. Tenten threw the clothes at her, "Alright, princess, stand and strip."

Hinata stood as Tenten shut the door and stared at ther the entire time, hunger in her eyes as they roamed over Hinata's thin body, staying on her above average sized breasts for longer than Hinata liked. The clothes she had been given were an oversized burlap shirt and a pair of red cotton pants, cut at the calf, as well as a pair of slip on shoes. They felt odd on her. After a lifetime of wearing the finest dresses money could buy, these clothes felt…wrong.

"Lovely show." Tenten stated from the corner, "Now, let's find you some work."


If the ship had been deserted, Temari would've screamed. Why did she have to kiss her? Dammit!

The pirate stood by the starboard railing, staring out at the sea, letting her temper calm. If there was one thing she hated it was being questioned, especially if she was allowing the person doing the questioning to live. "I hate nobles." She muttered to herself. She still had two days with the girl before they reached Nassau. As long as Hinata kept her place, there wouldn't be a problem, right? The girl didn't seem to have any fire in her, but there's always some.

Still, Temari had to keep control of her libido. It had been a few days since she had any form of release, normally fighting did it for her, but that hadn't been the case today. Tenten was too busy with the ship to accompany Temari to her bed, and she had no interest in any of her crew. She had just let it slip a little, that's all. The Hyuuga was attractive enough. Seemed to have a nice body under… "No!" she told herself. Hinata was ransom, nothing more. She would work, learn a little of what it is to be the little guy, and be sold back to her family and Temari would never see her again. Easy.

If nothing else, she'd find a brothel in Nassau and spend a night there, maybe get one of those massages they do so well, and everything would be dandy. Easy.


It was late afternoon whe Hiashi received the message of his daughters capture by pirates. Needless to say, he was seething. Minato was doing everything he could, but there was only so much the government could do.

"Do you have a solution yet?" Hiashi asked impatiently. It had been almost a day since he'd gotten the message. "Yes." Minato sat at his desk, Naruto at his side, "A ship's captain from town who doubles as a pirate hunter.

There was a knock on the door, and three men entered.

"Captain Uchiha, I have work for you."

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