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If We Knew: The Three Who Knew Nothing And Everything

Akashi POV

He didn't know when it started. When their precious blonde had started to pull away from their little makeshift family.

Akashi watched as Kise made another see-through excuse, saying he needed to go to the post office to drop off a package. Maybe the blonde didn't see, but both Kuroko and Aomine deflated a bit, wanting to have the group together like old times.

(Old times. How nostalgic, even if 'old times' were a few weeks ago)

He noticed many things, but wished sometimes he could be like the purple giant Murasakibara, child-minded, so he could see things more clearly. Then again, he would lack understanding like a child would. Nevermind.

He saw how the blonde would cover himself up at practice, even if the gym was hot and humid. He couldn't tell what Kise was trying to hide, or if there was something terribly wrong with him.

(Not knowing scared Akashi. And Akashi was not one to be scared)

He had seen how Midorima would look at the blonde like he knew something, but didn't know how to say it. He knew Murasakibara could tell that something was wrong, even if no one said a word. He could see how Aomine and Kuroko were clueless as to the happenings around them and then just as knowing the next.

(The team was changing dramatically)

The AoKuro couple were hit the hardest with Kise breaking away, having been the closest to the blonde. Akashi had seen their fears as well; they were afraid that Kise didn't approve of the relationship. No matter how many times the redhead assured the couple, they couldn't let it go. Aomine believed the blonde was homophobic, as Kise could hardly look at the AoKuro pair without turning away.

(He could understand their frustration)

He had his frustrations of course, being that the team were beginning to break away slowly, hardly relying on even a bit of teamwork. On days were it was stressful, he'd scold the blonde for skipping or playing badly, seeing that Kise was lagging behind or missing his shots way too often. He tried his best not to scold him often after a particularly harsh one, especially as even Murasakibara had taken the time to tell him to be kinder to the blonde.

With all of these problems, as well as his own part in pulling away from the others, he never really did see how much of a bad place Kise was in until it was too late.

(Akashi knew better. He always did)

But, no matter how good he was, no matter how perceptive he thought and knew he was, he could have never predicted that Kise would leave.

(It was only then, when he saw Kise look one last time at their broken team, he knew)


Murasakibara POV

The purple giant was childish as usual. His usual cycle accompanying his mind. Waking up, eating, snacking, eating, eating, basketball practice, eating, sleeping.

But, even he could see the conflict between the team.

Although his mind worked like a child, that made him even more aware of what was going on. People say young children could see what most adults couldn't, even if they didn't understand what it meant. And that was true. For him.

(It was scary, but as Aka-chin would say, enlightening)

The first time Kise faked a smile, when Aomine and Kuroko came out as a couple, he noticed. Nobody else noticed that he did though, not even Kise. They (besides Kise and somewhat himself) were excited for the newfound couple. So, the purple giant pushed the thought away as a fluke and gave the couple a gift.

(He saw more. He didn't like it)

One time, when he was near Kise, he felt a prickling sensation, and shrouded aura. It wasn't pleasant, it wasn't happy, it was downright dark. It felt like his heart was dropping and twisting into grotesque shapes. It made him want to lash out, to scream, to tear at his hair, to cut at his skin, and one thing Murasakibara was not, was violent.

(He didn't like that feeling)

As it turned out, he realised that no, he wasn't turning out to be a violent and abusive person, but it was Kise's feelings. Feelings towards the blonde's own self. But, as his mind worked like a child, he didn't know why.

(Why would Kise want to hurt himself?)

He knew about Kise's feelings for Aomine. But, he wondered why the blonde wouldn't tell the navyhead, because Mine-chin liked Kise-chin like the blonde did.

(Why was love so complicated?)

Of course, he knew it wasn't easy. Aomine was dating Kuroko, and the purplehead knew that Aomine cared for both Kise and Kuroko, but the navyhead thought that only Kuroko cared for him. Even Kise's attitude against them reflected Aomine's thoughts, although Murasakibara knew different.

He also noticed how Kise would constantly pause during practice, rubbing the inside of his thighs, or his arms before getting up with a pained expression on his face. Did the blonde hurt himself during practice? No, he had hardly even got close to the ball at points.

Sometimes, he noticed how tired and hurt the blonde was when Akashi scolded him, and tried to get his Aka-chin to be kinder to the blonde, even if he knew his friend was right about Kise's bad game play.

(Anything to stop the feelings he felt from Kise)

When Kise left, he felt strangely relieved. Not in a way that he was glad the blonde left; no, he did miss the blonde's big dramatics and crying face. He was relieved because he knew; somehow, Kise would get better without them, even if only a little bit.

(Sometimes he wished people were child-like like him so they could see too)


Midorima POV

Of all the Oha-Asa horoscope predictions in the world, Midorima prayed that the one he'd read wasn't true.

- someone of Gemini will leave you soon, unexpectedly -

(Gemini. Kise. No-)

Kise had no reason to leave. But then again, he had no reason to stay.

Of all the people to see it the most, he could. He could see how the AoKuro relationship affected the blonde, could see how Aomine in particular affected him.

Comforting Kise was out of the question. Besides, he had no idea how to comfort people. He couldn't even handle a normal conversation without coming off either cold or completely tsundere.

He said nothing for he didn't want to interfere with the budding couple. If he were honest with himself, he thought Aomine and Kuroko's relationship would destroy them, simply because they were all getting stronger. And if Aomine was getting stronger, he would have no need for Kuroko during the matches.

If he did interfere, it would cause conflict within the team, and what with the situation, they did not need that problem on top of that.

(What a sad revelation)

He knew they were growing apart, as did Akashi. Maybe Kise could see too, seeing as he pretty much refused to be with the Teiko team anymore.

He didn't pretend to be oblivious to the cuts either. He had caught a glimpse of some on his wrist one day, when the arm bands covering them shifted slightly. But in his haze of denial, he concluded it was just a few scratches from a sharp table or desk or chair.

(He kept an eye out just in case. Not because he cared, because he doesn't - right? - but because they need Kise's abilities)

He didn't see any new cuts, so assumed he was alright.

(Until he saw blood in the shower)

Midorima had forgotten some important notes in his gym locker, making him go back for it. He saw the blonde walk out of the gym locker room, freshly showered and nodded a greeting.

He was ignored.

He got his notes quickly and made to leave, when his eyes caught a trail of dotted liquid on the floor.


He followed it to the showers, with only one stall having been used. More small drops of blood. Unnoticeable unless you were looking closely. A small scrap of a hospital bandage lay on the floor's corner of the shower, cut cleanly by a pair of scissors.

Pained expressions, rubbing thighs and upper arms, tired, pale...

Kise, he still cut-

(He cleaned the evidence up and stayed quiet)

Many times he wanted to confront the blonde, but how did one approach a subject like that? 'Oh hi Kise I know you cut. Would you like to tell me why?' Yeah right. He'd never say something like that.

Even finding the blonde was hard enough, let alone the difficult task of secretly confronting him. He wouldn't tell Akashi, he had enough problems as it was. He wouldn't tell the childish giant either. He wouldn't understand. He definitely wouldn't say anything to the couple either.

In the end, he never got to confront the blonde. He had left, and the team bond was shot to hell.

(When had they fallen so apart?)