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"Minna! Minna! We're gonna play seven minutes in heaven!" I shouted loud enough for everyone to hear but you, you're sleeping in my room because it was 10:00 at night and you thought you have nothing better to do so you went inside my room to read a book but you fell asleep so you didn't hear me. Luckily, Rin and Len shouted at you to wake up so we can all play.
"No, I don't want to play!" You said feeling lazy to get up
As Len kicked you out of the bed sighing, "What's the point of coming to the party if you're not joining the fun (y/n)?" He told you while Rin went out if the room and said, "Well Len, I'm leaving (y/n) to you."

"What?! Don't please!" Len complained and you give him the 'look' then Rin sighed.
"Fine, (y/n) If you don't come with us right now then you have to kiss Meiko when she's drunk and scream "I love Meiko!" at the top of your lungs!" Rin said smiling evilly, "and if you didn't do that then….Len, get the rodarora (road roller)!"
"No please don't! Fine I'll join you guys but it's because I said so and I'm not doing this for you." You said as you walked out of the room linking arms with the twins.

You walked and walked until you got into the living room and I immediately shoved the hat to you, "(y/n)'s first! (y/n)'s first!" I shouted.

"Ugh really? Why does it have to be me?" you started to complain but I cut you off.

"You made everyone wait so you have to pay the price!" I said.

"Make me." You said.

'Man you're stubborn!' I thought then faced Rin and Len, "Rin you know what to do!" I said and Rin winked at me.

"Len get the rodarora!" Rin shouted while laughing hysterically.

"Fine but I will do it on one condition," You said, "You, Rin, have to stop acting like a retard!"

"Hai!" Rin said and then I shoved the hat to you again.

"Pick now (y/n)!" I said and when your hands you touched something you pulled it out and tada! You got an eggplant! Then Gakupo took it and he put it inside his bag.

Then Miku looked at you and winked.

"Go (y/n), confess to him!" Miku whispered at you while smiling a soft smile. In the vocaloid family, Miku's the only one who knew who captured your heart. That's right, it's Gakupo who captured your heart and he's the one who you fell in love with. And now you can't help but blush. This is the reason why you don't want to come to this party. This is the reason you don't want to join this game, it's all because of Gakupo. You're scared that you might end up picking him and play with him. It's not your fault that you love him, it's not you who choose who you love, it's your heart that chooses who to love and your heart chose Gakupo.

Then someone broke your trail of thoughts as someone pushed you inside the closet and I'm that someone.

"Well, go have fun Gakupo!" I said shutting the closet doors.

And as the door was closed you heard Gakupo mumble,

"This game is so immature…" then he sighed, "This is the reason why I shouldn't have put something inside that hat."

And then you looked up at him, "I don't want to join this game too!" You said then he looked at you.

"At least you understand." He smiled at you. A soft and kind smile that you always want to see on his face.

"Well I guess that means that we can understand each other then!" You said giggling and he laughed with you too. And after a few seconds he became silent again.

'Hmmm… should I ask him something? Maybe I should ask him his type of girl? Well that will make him think that I like him…. But I guess it's worth a try…' You thought.

"Etto… Gakupo-san," You said and he looked at you, "Can I ask you a question?"
"Sure." He said wondering what you would like to ask him.
"Umm… what's your type of girl?" And then he looked at you quizzically.
"Why (y/n)?" He asked you.

"I-It's because I like you, stupid!" You said and then you gave him a peck on the cheek blushing furiously.

"What?" He said looking at you.
"I like you Gakupo-san!" You told him feeling braver than before.
And then he kissed you and backed away, "I like you too (y/n)." He said with his deep voice.

"Your lips are warm." You told him and you kissed him again this time, on the lips.

And then I opened the door breaking your special moment, "Good Morning!" I shouted and Miku and Rin took a picture of you two while you were kissing.

"Pfft. Nee, Miku-chan, if we showed this to Luka-nee do you think she will get angry?" Rin said laughing evilly.
"Oh brother." You said smiling at Gakupo and then he leaned over to you,
"Say, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked you.
"Hmm let me see… I will answer you at home." You said smiling at him.

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