Hey everyone! im kinda new at this but its meant 2 b funny.in case ur wondering where this thing (including the disclaimer) is happening, its in one of my imaginary dwellings in Nowhereville. Each Yu-gi-oh character has his or her own little apartment type thing. But before i begin, Ill humor you with a VERY long disclaimer! So long, in fact, that it will count as the first chapter of my story, even though its only a disclaimer! It involves the further torturing of Seto! (dont 'cha just love harrowing ur favorite characters?)

*Yamicat (that's me!) is pacing the hall, each door leading off the hall goes to a different character's room. Yamicat looks at watch, sighs and stops pacing in front of a door.*

Yamicat: hey! Yami Backura! Will u do the disclaimer for me?

Yami Backura: leave me alone vapid annoyance! im in the shower!

*YC rolls eyes and moves onto another door.*

YC: Yami Yugi! Will you do the disclaimer for me???


Yami Yugi: leave this vicinity right away!!! im in the shower!!!!

YC: (sighs in exasperation)Yamis.

*YC walks to another door.*


Seto: (water running in the background as Seto speaks.) go away! im in the.

YC: (cuts him off) shower, just like everyone else.

Seto: (water still running) Why don't you get Moucuba to.

YC: (fidgets a little) ummmmm, I would, but Moucuba kinda isnt here right now.

Seto: (water eases up a little) What?? Where is he???

YC: well he-he uh, kinda got on another sugar high, found his way into Pegasus' room, and ended up in the-the uh (softly) Shadow Realm.

*water stops abruptly*

Seto: WHAT!?!? AGAIN!?!?! Why that ugly.... (mumbles under breath)

*sounds of Seto getting out of the shower and hastily getting dressed. After a few minutes, he emerges from his room wearing a fuzzy pink bath towel with a sign on it that shows he clearly despises Millennium Puzzles. He also has on a black tee-shirt that says Kaibarox on the front, and Pegasux on the back. The ensemble is crowned with a pair of pink bunny slippers. Kaiba is drying his face with a white face towel that says 'I have a bigger computer that u'*

YC: (chuckles) looks like we have more than one egomaniac around here.

Seto: shut up and tell me where Pegasus' room is.

YC: not until you do the disclaimer.

Seto: (exasperated sigh) Fine! Yamicat does not own Yu-gi-oh. (pauses) and if she ever does ill move far a way from here to Hawaii with my brother and tell everyone not to watch Yu-gi-oh 'cause it will be lame and.

YC: (cuts him off) thank you Seto. There's the door you want. (YC points to a door with a large gold star on the front) Now we're all ready and.

Seto: (interrupts) one more thing, why didn't u get one of the yamis to do the disclaimer?

YC: I tried! They were both in the shower!

Seto: (sounding confused) I thought the Yamis didn't have showers in their sections!

*YC's eyes widen*


Seto: ummmm, excuse me but I have to go save my little brother (brief pause) again.

YC: yeah yeah, go ahead.

*Kaiba smirks and dashes to Pegasus' door and begins pounding on it, apparently trying to break it down*

Seto: Pegasus! Let me in!

Pegasus: (from inside) not by the hair on my chinny chin chin. (pause) Kaiba-boy.

Seto: (rolls eyes) oh please.

*YC doubles over laughing* (by the way, I did laugh when I wrote this)

YC: (wipes tears from eyes) you-you have to admit Kaiba (laughter) th-that was a good comeback.

*Seto glares at YC then at Pegasus' door* Seto: (sarcastically) hahahaha. That was SOOO funny. (demanding) NOW LET.ME.IN!!!

Pegasus: (sounding bored) No.

Seto: Alright that's it! (draws card form deck) Sword-Stalker!

*an image of an ugly beast with a really long sword appears*

Seto: Vengeance Strike!

*Sword Stalker grunts and slashes sword through Pegasus' door*

Seto: (chuckles) well I got through to u, Pegasus. Now, WHERE'S MY BROTHER???

*Pegasus is sitting at a desk with a quill and ink and is scribbling on pieces of parchment*

Pegasus: (sarcastically) go ahead, let yourself in, what do I care?

Seto: what r u doing?

Pegasus: (dreamily) writing my memoirs.

Seto: (forcing back laughter) you-you're writing your -your (bursts out laughing)

*YC falls to the ground laughing hysterically out in the hall *

Pegasus: (with a mixture of anger and confusion in his voice) whats wrong with recording my life story and publishing it for the entire world to see?

Seto: for one thing, every police force in the country would be after you.

*Pegasus growls in anger and his Millennium Eye flashes evilly*

Seto: for another, what would you write? (Seto stands up as straight as he can and mimics Pegasus' speech pattern and body language) "Today I ventured back into the Shadow Realm and beat another loser in a duel, thus adding to my soul collection and power to my Millennium Eye." (breaks off, laughing)

Pegasus: (in a warningly soft tone) you know what Kaiba-boy? I just came up with a new part of my memoirs: "Friday, August 13th, today a successfully captured the two Kaiba brothers (again) and added them to my growing collection of stolen souls."

*Seto backs away, and Pegasus holds up a blank white card and his Millennium Eye starts to glow*

Pegasus: you've gotten me angry before with your mocking, Kaiba, but I promise youve done it for the last time!

*Seto smirks and draws another card from his deck*

Seto: sorry Pegasus, but it isnt over yet. (Seto flips card to face Pegasus) Mirror Force!

*Pegasus' eyes widen as his attack bounces off the trap and come back to him, and hit him. He is sucked into the card he was holding*

Seto: well that was satisfying.

YC: I bet. But sooner or later, we're gonna have to get him back.

Moucuba: Awwww. Do we have to?

YC/Seto: Moucuba????

Moucuba: yup! Its me!

Seto: but.how? I thought.Pegasus."

Moucuba: well, yeah, but Backura happened to be in the shadow realm, and got his Yami to fish me out while u were in the shower. I didn't want Pegasus to see me and trap me again, so I hid behind the sofa until you showed up to rescue me. But anyway, why do we hafta release him? He could use a million-year time out in the Shadow Realm if u ask me.

YC: I couldnt agree more, but theres one slight problem: we need him for the actual fic.

Seto: but.but.I worked so hard to stop him! You have no idea how long it took me to come up with that Mirror Force strategy.

YC: u can cream him again after the im done. U did it once; u can do it again.

Seto: but.

YC: no buts. Now, that we're FINALLY done with the disclaimer, we can get this show on the road, so to speak. Seto, Mocuba, get back to ur room and ill go tell Yami Yugi he needs to figure out how to get Pegasus out of this card. And Seto, please change into something more appropriate. And NO MORE SUGAR HIGHS you've caused us enough trouble already, Mocuba.

Seto/Mocuba: k

*the two brothers scamper back to their room and out of sight and YC picks up Pegasus' "soul card" and turns toward Yami Yugi's room.*

YC: since took up about five times more time than I thought it would, and because I don't think u want u to fall asleep in front of the computer because me story's so long, I think the disclaimer will just count as the first chapter. I didn't even get to the REAL fic yet, so I guess this would be considered as an appetizer. Stay tuned Ill try to have the first part of the real fic up in a few days! But in the meantime, please read and review.