Hey guyz! I have a little confession to make: I haven't even started the next chapter to the story yet. Sorry, but I started another fic in honor of Halloween and I want to get that done (even though Halloween is over). Plus, I happen to be having a writer's block at the time, and can't think of anything funny to put in the next chapter. (Which is why it would be nice if you could help me come up with some WAYS TO TORTURE YUGI). But fear not, I have been in the position of the reviewer who wants to read the next chapter of the story but the stupid author won't put it up yet. So to make the time between chapters a bit easier to bear, I've come up with a small solution: a Yu-gi-oh trivia question! Below this message thing is a quote that someone in the Yu-gi-oh cast said in a certain episode. Read it and answer me these three questions: Who said it? Who were they saying it to? When did they say it? (As in what episode, just give me a brief description of what happened, chances are I'll know what you're talking about.) Here's the quote:

"With a new hand comes an all new perspective. The game, ever shifting, dangers surround every turn."

I've tried not to make it too easy, but then I've tried not to make it impossible. To answer, send me an email (colehome@enter.net) or review with your answer. Also, I decided it would only be fair if I had a 'prize' for the FIRST PERSON that got the answers to ALL THREE questions correct. So it took me forever but I finally have something! If you win this little 'contest' (although I'd hardly call it a contest), you have one of two options:

Option 1: You may select any character from the Yu-gi-oh cast and I will torture that character relentlessly throughout ONE chapter of my story. Just give me some suggestions on what you want me to do to the character.

Option 2: Send me a tidbit of your personality and I will put you in my fic for ONE chapter only.

Sorry if the 'prizes' stink, my options were extremely limited. It would be best for you to include the option you want as your 'prize' if you win when you send me your answer. Oh yeah, and this 'chapter' will be taken down as soon as I get the next chapter up. In the meantime though, at least try the question. Remember: this is for FUN! Good luck and I'll have the next chapter up as soon as I can!