"Hi, you're on Confessions After Dark... What's your name, caller?"

"Good evening, Isabella." His voice ignites a fire deep inside me, burning hot and radiating out to every part of my body. My nipples harden; I cross my legs. It's been a long time since he's called, but I know this voice. I hear it all the time. And looking back on everything, I can't believe I never figured it all out before his last confession.

"Anthony…" I smile as I say his name. "It's been a while."

"I haven't felt the need to share my fantasies much lately."


"Mmm…not really," he murmurs, and I can almost feel the tickle of his warm breath on my ear. I lean back in my chair, closing my eyes long enough to enjoy the sensation. "Not so much, but I do have one I'd like to share with you tonight."

"Well, I can't wait to hear what it is." I can't keep the excitement out of my voice.

"Are you sure about that, Isabella?"

"Positive," I say confidently, sure he won't be able to tell me anything I haven't heard whispered in my ear at some point over the last year. "I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to hear."

"Just remember," he says, his voice sexy and low. "You asked for it."

"I did." Even to my own ears, my voice sounds sultry.

"She's on her knees." His words are quick and rough, like he's been holding them in for too long. The way he sounds… I know what he's like when he sounds this way. And now I want to be home instead of here. "She's naked...panting. She's looking up at me with her big brown eyes. Her hair is down, damp...hanging all around her face. It's covering her shoulders and just the top of her gorgeous tits. And every inch of her perfect body is covered with sweat. She's dripping, Isabella. Do you know why?"

His words, still, after all this time, can impact me like nothing else and I'm struggling to keep my breathing steady. "No, Edward… why?"

"Because I just fucked her hard," he rasps. "And so fucking long."

"And she… she loved it?"'

"What do you think?" He pauses for just a moment. "She's on her knees now, so do you think she loved it?"

"Yes." And I've failed at keeping it professional. I want nothing more than to be the girl he's describing and while I know that I am… and I will, I want it now. I want my body to feel like he fucked me hard and long and I want to be on my knees in front of him, his cock waiting for my mouth.

And like he knows exactly what I'm thinking, he says, "I want her to suck my cock. But I only want her to use her mouth...no hands. Just her tongue and her teeth, Isabella. I want her to suck me and show me how much she appreciates the way I just made her come."

I can picture it… his cock straining and his hips pressing forward as I grip his thighs to pull him closer. The warm metal in his cock sliding against my tongue as he pushes deeper.

"So, she does it. She just opens her mouth and takes me inside. And her mouth...it's so soft and wet and sweet. And the way she sucks me, Isabella...it feels...it feels…"

"How does it feel… Anthony?"

"Reverent," he breathes. "Like she adores it...adores me. And because of that, she wants to make me feel as good as I make her feel."

"I'm sure she does." My voice is quietly confident because it's true. She… I want him to feel those things.

"She likes the way I taste," he murmurs. "I can tell by the way she licks me slowly at first...circling just the head. But when she takes me all the way in...when she relaxes and lets me push inside...back to her throat… God, she's so open and trusting, just letting me fuck her slow and sure. And when she finally wraps her hand around the base of my cock, I look down and I know that she'll be mine forever. Do you know why, Isabella?"

"No… tell me?"

"Because she's wearing my ring," he says, and I stop breathing. "Because she said yes."


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