A/N: The idea for Coffee Catch-Up was just a random idea that popped into my head yesterday because I've been basically obsessed with Marper lately. This story was written by my sister and I today. We hope you guys enjoy this one-shot!

-Gabi :D

No One's Pov

Juliet spied a pair of black high heels in the next aisle. She grabbed them off of the shelf and thought to herself "Perfect, they'll match my dress!" Even though her and Justin's one year marriage anniversary was 3 weeks away, she wanted everything to be perfect and prepared. She even persuaded to Justin buy his suit a month in advance. She then purchased the pair of shoes and headed out of the store. She checked it off of her shopped list, her phone, of course, and walked towards Baby R Us. When Juliet turned around the corner, she was soon knocked down by a short brunette with a familiar red wand sticking out of her boot.

Alex's Pov

I carefully stood up from the mall floor to see the person that had I had bumped into and saw Juliet Van Heusen. "Alex?!" she asked "Yeah, it's me" "What are you doing here? I thought you'd still be preparing for the Wizard Council!" she said in surprise." Well, they accepted me into the council and I've been pretty busy." I replied while helping her with her bags. "Did I miss anything?" "No, not much. Anyway, I was going to meet Harper at Starbucks for coffee. Wanna come?" Juliet responded."Great! I haven't seen Harper in months."

No One's Pov

Harper looked around frantically for Juliet. "Where is she?" she said as she looked down at her watch."Harper!" She nearly dropped her dark chocolate mocha on the linoleum as two voices greeted her from the door. "Alex! What are you doing here? "Harper yelled in surprise. " I've been busy with Wizard Council stuff," Alex replied. The three girls chatted away at a nearby table. In the middle of their conversation, Alex interjected "Who's the lucky guy, Harper?" To keep the conversation from going into an awkward direction, Juliet quickly suggested that she and Alex get some coffee. Even though Alex though was confused by Harper's avoidance of the question , she shrugged it off and followed her vampire friend to get a drink. To her surprise, she saw Max enter the coffee shop." Hey, Alex" he greeted her. " Have you seen Harper?" "Harper?" She thought.

Harper walked over to the counter and was greeted by Max with a kiss. " Max, why did you kiss Harper?" Alex said in shock. "Isn't that what married couples do?" He replied. " You guys are married! I didn't even know that you were two were dating." Alex yelled" I mean it's not like you're pregnant" She laughed and took a sip of her coffee. Harper and Max looked at each other and then at Alex. "Surprise" Harper squeaked. Alex spit her drink all over the table and screamed "What?!" " You guys are having a kid and you didn't tell me".

"Twins, actually", Max mentioned.


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