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CHAPTER 1- Slytherins

"Beautiful vacation Draco?" Blaise Zabini smirked at the blonde infront of him, his expression was a portrait of valid teasingness, but his insides were vagualy in thier worrisome state. Everyone inside Draco Malfoy's circle of croonies already knew about his 'branded' forearm. Gossips-well the truth, had circled as fast as a blink of an eye. And well, besides, even if they would tell anyone outside the Slytherin house, people wouldn't care any less. People started whispering about him getting his own mark ever since that day his father was sent to Azkaban, so if they would hear his friends talking about it, those nasty bees would just look at their other nonconvinced friend and say "told you so".

Draco Malfoy, with his perfectly geled hair glared at Blaise with his trademark sneer, trying his best to threaten his bestfriend and make him shut up.

Pansy rolled her green eyes at their Italian friend, completely annoyed with the fact that he was teasing Draco about something not worth talking about. But being a Slytherin she is, she has her own way of annoying Draco. Besides, she wouldn't let Blaise replace her place, no matter how her position of 'The Annoying Friend' seems so unwelcoming. And so she leaned in, her arms folded neatly upon the slightly chilled table as she prepared herslef to calculate Draco's every emotion. When the man in question looked at her with the same annoyance he had given Zabini, she finally whispered: "I heard Astoria broke up with you last month. Is it true that you finally lost your touch Draco?"

It was true, about the break up part with the perfect pureblooded witch. But then, he was the one who broke up with her, not the other way around. Astoria came from one of the most respectable family and is Daphne Greengrass' sister. They were the couple everybody just sort of knew would exist. The Slytherin Prince and the Ravenclaw Princess. They were the image of the perfect royalty couple; He perfectly matches her every epitome of beauty. Her body is in the perfect shape and her hair is smooth and beautiful. But above all that, they were too perfect. Too remoted. It was too scripted even for his own being. At first, it was all nicely done, them being the elite, power couple. But the 'perfectness'-well that was what he called it- was for him, boring and predictable. She was like the other pureblooded witches around. And Draco was bored being with those kind of women.

But as arrogant as he is, he miraculously decided not to tell the truth. The poor girl was heart broken and even if she isn't that much of a social climber, she doesn't want her reputation to be ruined.

"I can't believe it! Draco Malfoy? The Charming Slytherin Prince? Can't believe you lost your charms there mate!" Blaise clapped him at his back, a smirk on the man's face, obviously and shamelessly shows his satisfaction of knowing his friend had felt what it was like to be dumped. Being in Pansy's part, she decided to join Blaise and was eyeing him with a playful mischievous smirk. Clearly, as much as Draco is at ease with these two people, they were clearly testing his patience. But then, that was not an odd scenerio with their friendship.

"I did not lost my touch. I am the same old Draco. And besides, a bit more dark- and mysterious to the women population, and you know, they crave that" he tried to ignore the sickening feeling when he turned to look at his clothed left forearm. Even if his friends already knew about it, he doesn't want anyone to look at the ugly mark. It was all too much to bear, it wasn't worth being proud off. He feels so disgusted with himself- for what he would probably do. He wishes that he could blame someone with all of these, he wishes to say it was Potter's fault. But seemingly, Potter can't do anything to have him avoid his fate.

"Draco remember, Severus is going to help you with this"his mother has to tilt her head up just to look at him. If it was a regular day at the Manor, he would have pushed her hand gently out of his face declaring that he was not a baby anymore. But today was no regular,today was the day he was going to be somebody his father has always wanted him to be, a deatheater.

Seconds have passed with a blur in Draco's part. He didn't actually register everything until he was actually kneeling in front of the dark lord with his left arm revealed for everyone to see. He had said a lot of words and scribbles. But nothing came real to his ears, they were ringing wildly as his heart thumps with every second that he waits. "Yes, I promise" it went off from his mouth automatically. Too controlled. By the time he raised his face to look at lord Voldemort, a deafening silence freezed his system: his body went numb and his facial expression blank. He can't feel anything except the tingly hot feeling traveling through the veins of his left arm. There was silence in his surroundings. Every emotion inside the room were present to him. The nervousness of his parents, the excitement and pride of his Aunt Bellatrix, the sad expression of Rabastan, and the secured aura his professor, Severus Snape was giving him. Everything was all around him all at once, his eyesight was spinning crazily, making him feel as if his head was about to crack. And soon, when he grabbed the top of his head to control himself, slowly, everything went black, and he suddenly drifted away.

"Is that so? Then I guess we have to test that Draco" Pansy was oddly enthusiastic with her suggestion, her ever confident grin was even wider as she proposed her plan. Without another word, she nudged Zabini hard on his elbow and he frowned in response.

"What? you want me to date Malfoy? No, no way in hell Parkinson" Blaise protested, seemingly disgusted with the idea.

"No stupid, I have something that I think we can all enjoy" Again, as if Draco thought her grin will never stretch even further, it was larger than before, but thankfully, still in a man's reach. Or how a certain annoying Pansy Parkinson has the ability to.

"Humor me then" Apparently, Draco's ears were itching to know what was the ruckus Pansy was on about. He had set aside all those nagging thoughts and would admit, Pansy is devious and a good company if she can stop being so annoying at times.

She flipped her brunette hair out from her face and leaned on the table, back to her position with arms folded together "Since we have our confidence to you Draco and well, you somehow dated all of our Slytherin women-" the two men sniggered, high-fiving infront of her face. She scoffed off a breath and continued "But Draco, can you score one inside Potter's fanclub?" this time, the challenge shuts both the men up and Draco's grin went missing from his face. Blaise looked at Pansy, who was looking back, and both shared a knowing smirk on their faces. They thought that Draco would back out and they would defeat him; it was just something they do, testing each others abilities and have them excel. And with his stubbornness,apparently, Draco wouldn't back down without a fight. Besides, he was a Malfoy, he can get any girl that he wanted. He was as handsome and as wealthy as that.

"What's the whole plan Parkinson?" he was dead serious now. Even if he would disappoint his father, he could atleast be the Slytherin King he always was and born to be.

"A bet Draco. If you could win one of Potter's fan's heart then you win. But if you fail, then you would buy us things we wanted for Christmas. That wouldn't be hard for you. The gifts I mean." Pansy stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Blaise smirked and did the same thing Pansy was currently doing, waiting for Draco's response. Draco feels somehow offended with his friends by underestimating him, but he also likes surprising people with his unbelievable skills. It would be easy, he thought.

"And what do I get if I won?"

"Blaise would have to ask Ginny Weasley out" Pansy really knows how to annoy people even if she wasn't even trying.

"The hell Parkinson!-" the cheeks of the Italian womanizer tinged a small scarlett.

"Which girl?" Draco's confidence was now boiling up at the top of his confidence meter, thanks to Blaise's nervous reaction, who was currently staring at Pansy with disbelief and begging eyes. But Pansy just shrugged her shoulders at Blaise and turned her attention to Draco. Setting up with their gameplan.

"Granger? no, she's a mudblood and I fear you would kill her or her you at the end. Weaslette? she would be preoccupied with Zabini-"


"Shut it Zabini. Oh, well. What about Lovegood?-"

"Parkinson wh-"

Draco leaned on the cushion behind him. His icy blue eyes lingered on the faint pattern on the wooden table as he analyze the options.

He would've probably kill Granger or her him by a heartbeat no less than two days.

And he knows too well not to mess up with Weaslette, besides, she will be too preoccupied with Zabini.

But with Lovegood?.

He shook his head for a second, trying to remember Loony Lovegood.

He remembers her with long blonde hair that ends on her hip line, wide gray eyes, weird and odd accessories. She once tried to clear invisible creatures upon his head once, and he thought she was a little bit pretty and somehow, quite witty. But that'll be it, he never did paid a bother to that eccentric girl. He would only hide her shoes whenever he would find her roaming down the halls of Hogwarts sleep walking, and nothing more. He wasn't even sure why she was the only one in Potter's group of friends that he doesn't have the guts to tease so mindlessly. Maybe she was bearable, or that she doesn't tells him to sod off and call him back useless names that he daily hears; even if his 'croonies' does, and he knows that she knows all of it.

Or maybe it was because he was afraid what the loony witch was capable of doing.

He shook his head, annoyed with himself of thinking about Loony Lovegood and everything she can or can't do. So instead, he focused on their plan.


Even if he doesn't want to admit it, playing with the girl makes him feel guilty just by thinking about her face after their act. She just looks so innocent. Someone who stands up to her own beliefs and doesn't care if nobody understands her. She never laughed at him infront or even behind his back.

But then,

What the hell is he worrying for? It's only a white lie, or a childish bet. It's not like he would love the loony witch. After all of these, he wouldn't talk to her anymore, and she would probably have men lining up to her, considering that he would once give her a notice, and well, that's all that. He would pretend nothing happened and she would get on talking about creatures that never existed.

What could possibly go wrong?

So before he realize it, he already uttered the words:

"Parkinson, you're on"

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