I love you, yet, you do not see it. I love you, but every moment, you are with someone else, every moment you avoid seeing anything in me. I sometimes think you have feelings for Harry, the way you are around each other, it seems to me that you may as well be together. I mean, you kissed him at the end of our fourth year, when have you ever kissed me?

I'm a time bomb, every second, I find it harder to avoid staring into your chocolate brown eyes, the ones I could lose myself in, the ones that hold so much love and passion. Every moment, I find it harder not to blush when we make skin contact. Your smile, it's like if you're not smiling, not happy, then my world is falling apart- And your laugh, a music that makes my heart beat faster. A World without you in my life is one I never want to live in. My light at the end of the tunnel is you.

We are all just stories to be told. I know you believe your story is nothing brilliant, but to many people, it is. So when you believe you are nothing, and you feel like your life is going nowhere- just remember, the next chapter of our book, our life story, must be a difficult one to write. After all, there is no agony like having an untold story within you, so go out and do something, write it the way you want it to be written. Our life is the story, and we are the story-tellers. Tell it, write it, and then embrace it, for we only get one chance at it, to get it right. So, with you beside me let's make it a good one eh.