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"N-Neji! We can explain!" Sakura squealed, backing away carefully from the livid Hyuuga.

"…Are you telling me that all those stories are posted on the internet…and people think they're real now?" Neji exclaimed hotly; a blush crossing his face.

" –Well, yes…" Sakura admitted in embarrassment, "But it really wasn't all our fault; I mean…we just stumbled across this yaoi forum and started talking about how funny it would be if there was a way to make fanfiction real…and Ino knew about her father's forbidden jutsu…We're really sorry, Neji!"

"…And so what if you stole the virginity of the Kazekage?" Tenten remarked casually, Neji's angry gaze turning to face her with deadly intent, "…I mean…it's not like it was your first time or…" She suddenly stopped in horror as Neji's eyebrow twitched, "…Oh my god…it was…" Her mouth fell open in horror and guilt. "…Oh my god I made you lose your virginity in a dirty bathroom –"

"You wrote that?" Neji exploded angrily, immediately adopting a fighting stance. Tenten made an 'eep' noise and disappeared behind Sakura and Ino.

"Well…I'm the biggest NejiGaa fangirl of us…" Tenten admitted quietly, "…Sakura and Ino are more into SasuNaru –and Temari prefers SasuNeji but…"

"I have heard enough," Neji snapped, "Would you kindly step forwards so I can beat the crap out of you. Normally I would frown upon such things…but you have embarrassed me in front of the world –if my family sees it…"

"No! Neji! Please have mercy!" Tenten squealed, leaping up to avoid his first, vicious attack. Before his fist connected, however, he was blocked by a powerful wall of sand.

It seemed as though the entire training grounds fell silent as Gaara no Sabaku materialised. Neji dipped his head courteously; ignoring the giggles surrounding him.

"…Do not harm them…" Gaara growled in his powerful voice. Neji relaxed slightly, letting his arms dangle at his sides as he surveyed the Kazekage, "We should be grateful that we were able to break free. Do not bother wasting your anger on them."

" –But Gaara..." Neji protested as the redhead walked forwards and gestured for him to walk with him.

"…I have already too much of my life full of anger…so I do not begrudge them for it," he remarked in a low tone, "…Or you, for that matter. I sincerely hope that we can put this behind us and remain…friends…?"

"Of course…" Neji replied, his eyes narrowing in suspicion, "…I had wanted to apologise for…molesting…you…" Gaara actually chuckled at hearing this.

"…After knowing what Deidara and Itachi went through; I feel as though you treated me well enough," he responded with a small smile, laying a companionable hand on the Hyuuga's shoulder, "…And rest assured…those girls will not go unpunished. I have had Kankuro detain Temari for the time being…" Neji gave him a quizzical look, but all the Kazekage replied with was, "…Does Shikamaru read fanfiction?"

"Konan; an explanation, if you will?" Pein growled, folding his arms as his subordinates scowled angrily at the surprisingly level-headed woman that was sitting innocently at her computer.

"I may have started an online forum seeking jutsus that could make fanfiction into a reality," she replied truthfully, unable to suppress a small giggle, "A few other yaoi fangirls and I set up a sealing jutsu via the internet that would trap those who saw it in a world that we could control as we liked." She giggled again at the furious look on Itachi's face, "…It worked splendidly, I must say."

"You made me a girl, yeah?" Deidara exploded.

" –You made me out to be a sappy, romantic Christmas elf," Itachi scowled darkly.

"…I kind of can't complain…" Kisame shrugged, ignoring the look that his partner gave him.


" –To be fair, Itachi can't walk anymore –"

"You made me fucking make out with the Uchiha!"

"HIDAN FUCKING RAPED ME –whaaat the fuck, Hidan?" Deidara suddenly cried out as he was unceremoniously dragged up and flung over Hidan's shoulder like a rag doll, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"I fucking told you that the next time you said I raped you; I fucking would," Hidan growled aggressively, then addressed the room, "…Don't anyone fucking come near my room for a bit yeah? Gotta have my way with Deidara, here, and I'm gonna make him scream –"

"Hidan, put me down!" Deidara snapped as he squirmed, suddenly realising as he was carried from the room that Hidan was serious, "Itachi! Kisame! Fucking help me! This bastard's going to –"

The room remained in relative silence after the rather abrupt departure of Hidan with a very protesting Deidara. The sound of a rather violent abduction could be heard throughout the hideout for several more minutes –complete with explosions and curses.

"…Is he actually going to rape him?" Pein inquired incredulously.

"…Probably," Kakuzu rolled his eyes.

"Deidara's gagging for it…" Kisame remarked casually, causing everyone to look at him, "Oh come on, Itachi, back me up here; Deidara loved it." Itachi grudgingly had to agree with him. There was a sudden thud from somewhere upstairs and they all glared at Konan. Pein sighed heavily in exasperation as Itachi tried to take a step but promptly stumbled and cursed.

"…Kisame…Help me storm from the room…" he grumbled.

"…Of course, Itachi…" Kisame chuckled, hooking an arm around the Uchiha and helping him angrily limp off to his room.

"Is it just me or did they just take being manipulated into committing sexual acts together rather well?" Pein inquired flatly. Konan giggled gleefully.

"I suppose this means that Kisame really is hung as I'd imagined…" she admitted cheekily, feeling rather smug at how Itachi seemed rather incapable of walking; presumably from something rather large being shoved up his ass.

"Please tell me you haven't been imagining Kisame naked," Pein growled back at her. She just batted her eyes at him slyly. Kakuzu sighed heavily.

"…I knew it was a good idea to stay away from that fanfiction business…" he remarked flatly, rolling his eyes and beginning to pack up his things as Konan began suspiciously watching her computer.

"…Konan, please tell me you're not still reading that stuff…" Pein commented dryly.

"Some of it's very good," she assured him, "…You should come read some of the stuff the other girls wrote; they're quite talented –"

A bit later on, Itachi had finally managed to leave his room, though he was gripping the wall quite tightly and moving very slowly. There were high-pitched moans coming from Hidan's room; as well as a fair amount of cursing.

"Itachi!" Tobi suddenly exclaimed, appearing out of nowhere and nearly toppling the Uchiha over, "…I heard Deidara! He sounded in pain! Is Hidan hurting him?"

"…Likely…" Itachi spat, clutching at his lower back as Kisame appeared around the corner; still looking far too pleased with himself. "Kisame; I would thank you to stop grinning like some kind of fool."

" –I will save you, Deidara!" Tobi hollered, eager to prove that he was useful, and before anyone could stop him, he had savagely kicked in Hidan's door and promptly let out a terrified wail.

Deidara gave a thoroughly embarrassed cry of pleasure as Hidan slammed even harder into him. Tobi gave another wail, clamping both hands firmly over his face and sprinting off down the hallway shrieking. Kisame chuckled at the sight of seeing the two naked men on Hidan's bed; Deidara on all fours, clutching desperately at his pillow as Hidan savagely drilled into him from behind, gripping lithe hips to slam the blonde back against his cock.

"Oi, fucking shut the door," Hidan growled; his pace unrelenting as he drove Deidara into a quivering frenzy as his thick cock forced into his ass ferally. Kisame just smirked as he pulled the door shut.

" –You…are…a fucking…pervert…yeah…" Deidara managed to pant out, "…Hnnn…Oh fuck yes; Hidan; yes; fuck me –ohhhh….fuck me…"

"…Little slut…" Hidan chuckled, roughly biting one of his ears harshly and spreading his ass cheeks wide to penetrate him deeper. Deidara gave another moan and buried his face into the mattress as he came across the sheets; feeling Hidan's cum fill his ass only moments later. He fell forwards limply and managed to roll onto his back; seeing a sweating, naked Hidan hovering over him.

"…That was fucking disgusting…" Hidan grumbled, sitting back on his haunches and running a hand through his slick platinum hair, "…So…we gonna make this a regular thing?"

"In your fucking dreams!" Deidara snapped, snatching up his cloak in embarrassment, feeling himself blushing in a rather unmanly fashion as he had to admit that he rather did enjoy having rough sex with Hidan. "…Yeah…"

"…You know, Deidara," Hidan remarked conversationally, as he began cleaning himself up, "…I've figured out why you're always everyone's bitch…apart from the fact that you're a fucking little bitch of course –"

" –And why's that?" Deidara growled back aggressively.

"Don't you have like four mouths?" Hidan inquired, flicking him in the forehead like a small child.

" –You're fucking disgusting! I don't do stuff like that with them!" Deidara squawked.

"…Yeah? Well, you better fucking start…"

"You are such a fucking asshole!"

" –Says the guy who just had his asshole thoroughly fucked –"

From the hallway, Itachi sighed heavily.

"…We aren't going to get any sleep around here anymore, are we?" he muttered as he began limping back down the corridor with Kisame's help. "…Deidara isn't what you'd call 'quiet'."

"…I know what'd help you get some sleep…" Kisame remarked conversationally, and Itachi looked at him sideways, wondering if he had spoken with such intentional sexual innuendo. Seeing the glint in Kisame's eye, he had to confirm that yes, his partner had just suggested they have sex again –willingly, this time. "…You know; I'm open to it. If ever you feel…" He just shrugged like it was not big deal. "Hidan and Deidara are going to be fucking and all –"

"…Well, it's not like I can do anything else right now…" Itachi remarked, stiffly managing to stalk into his room. Kisame blinked several times as the Uchiha deliberately left his door open. Wait, what? Did Itachi Uchiha just agree to have sex with him again?

"…Are you coming?" came that demanding voice.

…It seemed so…

" –Do not misunderstand me," Itachi growled as Kisame entered the Uchiha's room and shut the door to discover that Itachi was removing his cloak, "I am straight."

"Me too," Kisame shrugged, heading over to his partner and discarding his own cloak en route.

"…This is just a…a boredom thing," Itachi informed him flatly, dragging off his shirt and shivering at Kisame ghosted a huge hand across his abdomen, "A…A sexual release, if you will…"

"…Of course…Itachi…" Kisame whispered huskily, drawing the Uchiha up for a deep kiss; his tongue delving deep into Itachi's mouth and wrestling with the raven's tongue as he gripped the smaller man tightly and dragged him into his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"Make this quick…" Itachi growled in his throat as he began rolling his hips up against his partner's, "We have plans, remember." Kisame chuckled deep in his throat and began trailing harsh kisses up Itachi's creamy neck, eliciting a soft shudder from the raven.

"…You're a fine one to be mocking Deidara for being loud…"

"Shut up Kisame."

There were thumps from upstairs and the roof seemed to shake. Pein looked up from his book irritably.

"…Are you kidding me?" he growled, watching as Tobi cowered in the corner; hands clamped over his ears, "Are Deidara and Hidan at it again?" His question was answered as a shirtless Hidan entered the room with a yawn and a rather smug look on his face.

" –Nah; Deidara's fucking dead to the world," he chuckled, looking arrogantly at his nails rather casually, "Apparently I pounded his ass too hard…managed to get a blowjob out of him though before he passed out…"

" –Do you have to be so crude?" Pein sighed heavily, "Then who's upstairs –"

"Kisame and Itachi –" Konan pointed to the roof.

"Why is everyone suddenly having sex?" he muttered, "…Konan…I think your nose is bleeding…" Konan wiped away the slight trickle of blood from her nose with a rather smug grin.

"…Am I alive?" Karin suddenly gasped, clutching at her throat and head several times to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Suigetsu was standing there looking completely at a lost as how to explain why Karin was not dead meat right now. Why was Sasuke just leaving the room…like, like nothing had happened?

"…Karin, I think you broke Sasuke…" he remarked flatly, "…What did you chicks write about him?"

"Well; one of them was writing a lemon about Sasuke and this Naruto guy –but someone broke the puppet jutsu before it could finish…" Karin frowned; just as confused.

"…So maybe he doesn't have any reason to be mad?" Suigetsu suggested.

" –Maybe he killed that guy while they were sealed?" Karin exclaimed, "…Come on; one of the girls probably posted something about it; come help me find it –"

"…Why are you dragging me into –" he complained, but she had already grabbed him roughly and was hauling him over to the computer.

Sasuke, meanwhile, couldn't bring himself to raise a hand to Karin just yet. He was standing on the balcony of the room they were staying in, and he was tracing his lips with a finger. He could still feel Naruto's lips on his; still taste ramen. He could still smell Naruto's scent and feel his touch. The idiot had kissed him, and he'd let him; instead of killing Naruto, he'd made love to him.

And for some reason…he was okay with it; like that was how it was meant to be…for now, at least. He could feel a wind blowing, and watched the leaves dance past him.

I will bring you back to Konoha…Sasuke.

Naruto was also standing on his balcony, wondering where Sasuke was, and how he was feeling. Sasuke had chosen him, over all those girls; over anyone –to sleep with. He hadn't been forced into it; he had made the conscious decision to kiss him; to hold him close. He chuckled to himself as he remembered that it hadn't been just his first time –it had been Sasuke's too. No matter what Sasuke said…that was just another bond that he could never break.

One day he would come back to Konoha…and…Naruto hugged himself tightly; remembering the longing, desperate way Sasuke had clutched him as they kissed.

…And when he got back…who knew what could happen then?

All of a sudden, there were several bright flashes of light from all over Konoha; accompanied by terrified shrieks. Neji attempted to look back over his shoulder to see what was apparently the matter with Ino, but Gaara just chuckled and steered him away.

" –Gaara…what's going on?" the Hyuuga inquired suspiciously.

"…Let's just say that I had some words to Itachi Uchiha," Gaara remarked with a smirk, "Those Sharingan are so handy. Tell me, Neji; have you ever tried writing before?"

"Oi! Deidara! Get your fucking ass down here and join the fun!" Hidan cackled, "…And you should see the fucking state Itachi's in –" Red eyes glinted at him darkly from out from under messy black bangs. Hidan couldn't take the dishevelled Uchiha seriously, though, and so Itachi turned his angry gaze to Kisame.

"This is your fault…" he growled darkly.

" –If we're going to keep having sex, you are not allowed to complain when I do what you beg me to do," Kisame snorted, rolling his eyes. This just made Hidan guffaw even louder as Deidara entered the room; looking exhausted and sitting down incredibly gingerly.

Ino's eyes fluttered open and she groaned, heaving herself to her feet and rubbing her poor eyes. What had that flash of light been?

"Ino –Ino," That was Sakura's voice? "Ino; what's going on?" Ino looked up, and found to her absolute horror that she was kneeling in what appeared to be a large white room with several other people; some of who she realised.

"Tenten? Temari; Shikamaru? What are you –" she inquired, and then the breath caught in her throat.

"Konan, where are we?" Pein inquired flatly, "…Why is Kakuzu here? And where did the others go –" He paused in horror.

"Suigetsu!" Karin snapped angrily, pushing the poor man into a nearby wall aggressively, "…Get off me –what…"

The women all froze, staring at each other, while Kakuzu, Pein, Shikamaru and Suigetsu remained completely oblivious; unsure as to what was going on.

"Please tell me this isn't what I think it is…" Temari gasped.

"What is this?" Shikamaru sighed heavily, rubbing his eyes sleepily, "What have you girls got me dragged into?"

"…Oh, this is not going to be good," Sakura cringed; distinctly remembering the link she had just clicked and reading the word 'seal' just before the world turned white.

Sasuke chuckled to himself, staring at the screen of the computer, for once in his life thanking Itachi. Karin definitely had this coming to her; and she and Suigetsu had been dancing around their unresolved sexual tension for too long. They ALL had some scores to settle.

Revenge is sweet.

All eyes in the white room turned to look up at the main, white wall in front of them. Nothing happened for a moment, but then, as they watched in silence and growing horror, a cursor appeared and began typing.

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