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Waking Up with a Stranger


"Will you put some clothes on?" Rin asked desperately, he was blocking her exit; the least he could do is to put some clothes on.

Sesshomaru's inner demon's amusement flared. "Why? I'm not going to hide how attracted I am to you."

It wasn't her he was attracted to, it was sex. And his nudity was messing with her hormones too. She'd gone completely animal. Especially because now she knew how far those magenta stripes go. She half laughed on a gasp. "Just please put some clothes on. Please."

Sesshomaru dismissed her request, his expression unreadable."I'm comfortable baring all, but it looks like you are not?"

Rin eyes wide open. What she wasn't comfortable with was her body's insane reaction to the sight of his — tall, toned and so sex-ready her insides were curling in on themselves. Her nerves clamored for the sensation of him sliding in and out of her. This complete stranger had her more insanely excited than she'd ever been in her life.

"Well, can you please at least turn around while I get decent?"

"Really?" His golden eyes looking straight into her brown ones. "I don't get to have you again?"

"You've had more than enough, okay?" she choked. "Please be the gentleman I know you are and turn around."

"What makes you so certain I'm a gentleman?"

She fearlessly held eye contact."You let the lady go first."

"Oh, that wasn't gentlemanly. That was for my own pleasure." His lips curved more deeply into a small smile and he answered mock primly, "But, okay, if you insist, I will allow it, this time" Sesshomaru presented her with his rear view.

She just gawped for a second, before remembering her intention and dropping the sheet to hurriedly dash back across the room, around the bed to find her slip. Glancing down, she saw a couple of light bruises coloring her thigh. The faintest of claws marks. She remembered his firm clutch with vivid clarity. The squeezes as she'd slid down to take him to the hilt over and over. She slowly touch her neck, the area was slightly burning, her fingertips touching where his sharp fangs had been. She frowns imagining the mark he had left.

Rin turned her head away and screwed her eyes shut tight, as if she could block the blush as the involuntary excitement skittered through her.

"Okay, I'm decent." Breathing in, she watched him turn back to face her. He was not more physically 'relaxed'.

"You were wearing that?" his eyes began shining in delight.

"Stop it." She laughed but froze. He was walking towards her, totally serious now. She could see the muscles twitching under his skin. She'd never considered herself attractive and she knew she wasn't really now. They shared an illicit fantasy for real. The dog demon was no doubt sex-mad. Insatiable. One track. The only problem with that was his condition had rubbed off on her. Hell. The thought of him finding her so attractive put a zing in her step. But to do this again —stone-cold sober and in the cold light of day? She wasn't that crazy. She backed up, snatched up the towel from the low table next to her and threw it at him in defense.

Sesshomaru caught it and held it so it unfolded like a flag."What am I supposed to do with this?"

Oh, hell. she'd not got the towel—only the facecloth that had sat on top of it. Pocket-hanky-size — ridiculously small hanging from his hand.

"I think you need a refresher in what I have to offer."

"Oh, don't." She giggled, unable to hide her all-over-body-blush in just the slip — she needed the sheet back."Just….don't."

He Chuckled."I'm glad you can see the funny side."

Biting her lip, she shook her head."Oh, this is such nightmare."

"Crazy, yes, nightmare, no. Don't regret it."

She steadfastly met his sincerity in his beautiful golden eyes. Yeah, she bet he'd experienced many a morning after. He turned, his attention grabbed by something out of the window. "This Nagaharu guy" he muttered. "Wouldn't be a demon that laughs like a hyena?"

She reluctantly moved to stand next to him. Not a hyena, but a distinctive laugh. She remembered hearing it late last night, right when she shouldn't have. Right when she'd breathlessly been fallowing towards sleep, when her lover had still been inside her and caressing the base of her spine with gentle fingers.

"Oh." She swallowed the swearword when saw Nagaharu kiss the pretty young woman they'd met at the bar in the late afternoon yesterday.

Sesshomaru's eyebrows had shot upwards. "It looks like he might have been sharing his flirt around."

Just a little.

"It's like a French farce," Rin muttered. But it was real." In a chateau and everything." She felt her mystery lover turn his gaze on her and refused to show any kind of disappointment.

"I can't believe you mistook me for him, "Sesshomaru accused growling in a tone of utter outrage."He's at least five inches shorter than I am. And not as fit." He was now really annoyed, his long clawed fingers rubbing his temples.

Yeah, they were poles apart. The demon that stood in front of her was more outrageous than Nagaharu. Bold and strong in his demands. He tempted her with everything. His eyes, his silky silver hair and even his cold expression were pretty much desirable.

"You were lying down," she said through gritted teeth.

"And you hadn't slept with him." He sound pleased about that.

She didn't reply. She knew she'd admitted that last night in her amazed gasp of pleasure. They both watched the couple in the courtyard for another moment.

Sesshomaru was the one to break the silence, turning to face her directly."Well, I will be frank , I think you got a better deal."

She gaped at him. Then giggled. "Arrogant much?" She laughed again only for the sound to die quickly as she shook her head and gave it to him. "But I'll admit in this case, I think you might be right."

"You think?" he asked raising an eyebrow, golden eyes darkening.

She felt her blush rising again as memories twisted between them, trying to draw them together.

"Well. Yes, it was…" She breathed out, brazening her way through the most mortifying experience of her life. The demon in front of her was…awfully beautiful, his aura was quite intimidating, but she had to admit it, the experience with him was to say the least 'spectacular'.

"Fantastic and you can't wait to see me again," Sesshomaru inserted for her.

She shook her head. "No." She tempered the bad news with a smile."This was what it was." One almighty screw-up. "But we're not going there again."

"I won't be so sure if I were you." He walked forward, looking straight at her, his inner demon has made a claim in her, and she was from that moment on his for the take. "You want to as much as I do." His gaze flickered to her chest. She didn't need to look down to know her nipples were turned on like bright beacons, begging for his touch again.

Oh, yeah, she was tempted.

"No, I don't want you again." she said breathlessly.

"Liar." He called her on it. "You're blushing more than a gaggle of schoolgirls. You can hardly look at me. Your body betrays you. it calls for me as loud as you were last night.

Rin was astonished at his statement, it was true, every fiber of her being was begging for him.

Sesshomaru saw through her. She couldn't lie to him. He could smell the lies. "You're not a vixen. Although it has been said you have potential."

She rolled her eyes. "And you're offering to give me a bit more practice?"

"Of course I am," he said simply. "It had been a While for me too."

She snorted. That she simply didn't believe.

"Truth. I've been busy at work and I haven't had any midnight callers. But you've really whet my appetite."

Had she? It wasn't only his appetite piqued.

"I know it was an unconventional way of meeting, but I don't regret it, we're good together"

For a moment Rin's fantasy rule. She imagined being with him again for another round or thirty of spectacular sex. Fantasy morphed from this like they'd developed a wonderful relationship with a happy ending…. And, yes, there was the problem. In the past she'd given too much where it wasn't wanted. She'd been crushed before; she wouldn't be daft enough to set herself up for a similar sort of heartache. She knew herself, before long she'd want the full fantasy. But a demon like this wasn't the sort to do happily ever after. She'd seen his unveiled edge — unashamed, reckless— a complete playboy. Someone who could go along with an anonymous one-night stand with such relaxed cold expression. Too, too casual. And while she could live with a casual— frankly marvelous — mistake in her life, it had to be one-off. Her non-plan with Nagaharu had been for just this once. This definitely had to be just once. Naked Guy here was just too fit for her to keep up with.

"It can't happen." Her final decision. She'd get burned by Mr Naked & Too Hot to Handle. He was too much more everything than any other man. She'd met gorgeous, humored human males. She had fallen in love once. This was supposed to be her first time with a male demon. But this demon was more than she had ever dreamed, not only was he blessed by nature but he was also more talented in bed than any other male had the right to be. She'd fall hard and in a heartbeat.

He hasn't taken his eyes from hers, as if trying to read her thoughts. Looking right back at him, into those molten-golden eyes, Rin felt her thoughts begin to splinter dangerously. One thought became dominant. Not a thought — an urge. Steam rose, blurring her vision. All she wanted was to plant a kiss on those perfectly sweet lips.

She breathed, blinked, stepped back. Not going to happen. She moved quickly, opening the door and stepping out of the insanity.

"Wait." He stepped after her, apparently not caring that she was in the middle of the hall in a sheer slip and he had only a facecloth falling to protect his modesty." I don't know your name. Mine's—"

"Don't." She held up her hand. "Let's just pretend the whole thing was a dream."


"Bye!" She clutched her breast so she could sprint down the hallway to the stairs.

"You are going to leave me like this?"

She turned at his holler; saw him standing outrageously proud, bolder than anyone she'd met in her life. He had a fascinating lack of care, and an ability to intrigue her— that made him all the more dangerous. But she forced another step back from temptation."I'm sure you'll figure something out."

Yeah, it'd be no time until he tempted another woman into his bed. And Rin would be nothing but envy.

Sesshomaru didn't stop her. Even when the beast inside him growled, angry. She was his. He had never talked so much with a human before her. His inner demon had marked her, and soon…. very soon, he will have her again.


"Rin, where have you been?" Nagaharu pointedly looked at his watch when Rin finally made it down to the breakfast table an hour and a shower later. There was no sign of his girl guest — or any other guest either.

She squared her shoulders, refusing to feel even a hint of regret about last night. Maybe she should feel worse, but the gorgeous naked demon had completely diffused any threat of anguish with his relaxed attitude. And Nagaharu here had been scoring someone else. At least he never had to know about her crazy intention last night. She really had got the better end of the deal.

"I've been waiting ages for you." Nagaharu's tone turned more to the 'smooth' one he used so often. And she really didn't think so. "I didn't know we were in such a rush to get going," she answered ultra matter-of-factly.

"We are not leaving." Nagaharu surprise her. "He's here."


"The owner. He's turned up unexpectedly."

"The untamed Demon?' Son of the folly Lord? Given that he hadn't lived to see the chateau finished, she guessed the son to be in his late forties or fifties according to human standards. But since he never was present in any event, it was really difficult to know how he even looks.

Nagaharu nodded vehemently. "We have to do whatever it takes to convince him this is the place."

Rin didn't want to stay here a moment longer than necessary, not when she had that other guest to avoid. Besides, securing permission on site wasn't usually a problem. Business owners were thrilled to get exposure. Plus they were well compensated. Although this place was in a class of its own. The elite of the elite retreated here where every luxury was on tap and privacy was key.

"What's your plan?"

Nagaharu was frowning at her outfit."I thought you might toy with him or something?"

"Pardon?" Rin asked, certain she'd heard wrong.

"You know, charm him." He was still frowning at her outfit.

Rin blinked as the real Nagaharu was revealed. Yeah, now the smooth had been removed — she realized that was what he did. Oozed charm to get what he wanted. All those compliments and the coy flirting he'd done with her? What had he really been after? Clearly not sex. She'd known the industry she worked in was all about the illusion, but this was too much for her it was killing the dream.


Lying back in bed, still recovering from his interrupted sleep — Sesshomaru was glad for the open window and the way words spoken in the courtyard were carried up to his sensible ears. The conversation going on down there was supremely interesting.

"He's the son of a Lord, isn't he? They love an elegant woman. Not sure they like jeans."

"I don't care, when it come to locations it's your job to make it happen." She snapped back at the Nagaharu prat.

"Well, don't you have anything sexier? What about a skirt or something?"

"I don't think skin is going to get us far. He's probably married." Sesshomaru bit back a chuckle at that suggestion.

"Can you make the effort, Rin? This is a major deal; you know that, don't you?"

"I'm not going to offer myself to a complete stranger just to land a contract, Nagaharu. That's not the way I operate."

"You know this industry is all about image," Nagaharu lectured her."I wanted you here because you're so boringly together with paperwork, but you have to step up to the plate when the heat is on." Nagaharu began with the clichéd metaphors. "You need the killer instinct. You do whatever it takes to impress him."

Sesshomaru couldn't believe she'd wanted to get it on with this idiot. What had she been thinking?

"You might flirt your way into getting what you want, but that's not what I'm about," Rin answered back.

"Don't you want to win?" the idiot asked.

"Not at that price," she answered smartly.

No, he'd know she wasn't ruthless or cynical. Sesshomaru frowned at the hint of real hurt in her tone. Had she really had feelings for the jerk?

"Fingers crossed the demon is untamed because he is gay, Nagaharu, so you can be the one to flash the skin."

Sesshomaru got out of the bed and walked into his bathroom. Rin was her name. He couldn't wait to get down there. He couldn't wait to see her face as she learned who the untamed demon was.


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