Chapter 2 - resolution

As penny leaves the cheesecake factory everything suddenly becomes reality again. She is standing beside her old red Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet with her the key in the door as realises how big this is for her.

It was 9:30am when it started to hit her. She woke up from a peaceful sleep by her phone ringing next to her ear on her white bedside table. If only her phone had a throat that she could punch! She thought to herself. She was finally safe in her bed after waiting so long and then she gets woken up by her phone. She has been exhausted for days now, purely surviving on coffee to get her through all the days of shooting. Today was her first day off in a week and all she wanted to do was sleep. It is finally the end of shooting for the new movie she is co-sharing in. She still can't believe that for last 3 weeks she has been filming with a real producer, in a real movie, earning real money! She has so much money that she is too shocked to actually spend it on anything. However, she has experienced so many exciting and educational moments in these past few weeks that it hasn't settled in yet. She hasn't had the time to really stop and realise how big this movie is for her career. Well, it is just about to hit her straight in the face.

She reaches for her phone and clears the morning frog out of her throat and answers on the third ring.

''Hello?'' she answers cautiously wondering who would be calling her at this time in the morning. Everyone knows her 'don't-wake-me-up-before-eleven' rule.

''hello, Miss Penelope Queen?'' a strong, professional women asks on the other line.

''yes, this is Penelope'' trying to sound a bit more confident and formal now knowing that it's not a friend that she can scream at for waking her up.

''hi, my name is Anna, I'm brad's assistant and I'm calling to inform you of the information about the premier of the movie you have recently co-starred in called 'resolution' '' her confidence and professional attitude never wavering.

Brad is the producer for the movie. She is surprised to even know why he would have someone call her and not just send out an email with the information. 'This is so awesome and professional' penny thought to herself.

''Oh, wow, ok thank you much. This is so exciting, thank you, bye'' she hangs after receiving a simply 'good bye' from Anna (Although, Penny could hear the smile in her voice) and the time and date and other information about the premier.

This is finally her big break. She thought that when she got offered that part but she didn't truly believe until now that it is over and completed.

She has been avoiding the boys ever since she got the part just in case the news slipped and she accidentally told them what she had been doing. She didn't want them to find out because she was afraid that she would fail and couldn't stand failing let alone having the boys judge her. Well that's a bit bitter because she knows that they all support her, even Sheldon. But she already feels small around them and so having them know that she failed would only make her smaller in their eyes. Sheldon actually is the main one that pushes her back onto her feet and pushing her forward whenever she doesn't get an audition. So she knows that they wouldn't be too judgemental but still doesn't want to risk it. And anyway, it will be a huge surprise for them when they see that she is in a movie trailer for a kiss ass zombie film with a fit co-star. Well, maybe not Leonard, with his whiny tendencies and jealousy. Penny thinks to herself whilst snickering.

She has been thinking more and more about Sheldon lately though. I wonder if Sheldon would be jealous. She thinks to herself again.

Ever since she has gotten the part and hid from them all, she has realised how much she misses him not that she doesn't see him. She knows that she could just walk across the hallway at any moment. But she also knows that if she was with him for more than a few seconds she would burst and tell him everything. Sometimes during shooting, she would think about one of their pranks or banter matches and just smile. In fact she thinks that Sheldon had something to do with her getting the part for the movie. On the morning of the audition she won a particular banter match against him about milk. She couldn't wipe that stupid grin of her face all day and therefore she portrayed her character with a bubbly attitude that the director liked and gave her the part there and then. Something as small as milk helped get her the biggest part in her life. I will forever steal Sheldon's milk. For I am the Milk Thief! She thinks to herself. Mhuhahaha! She always feels giddy whilst making his face tick frantically. Nothing better than having all of Dr Sheldon cooper's attention on you, it just makes you feel happy.

In fact this may not be the biggest role of her life. Ever since the producer and director put a good word out to all cast members individually on twitter and in interviews, her twitter account has been going crazy. With other directors offering roles and fans saying how excited they are to see the movie. So many opportunities have arisen that she is finally able to quit the cheesecake factory. She was going to do it when she got the part and starting filming her scenes but that self-doubt kept creeping up and telling her to just take the Tuesday shift for Sheldon's barbecue bacon cheeseburger; barbecue, bacon and cheese on the side. She keeps telling herself it's so the guys don't get even more suspicious and so that she won't lose her job. But now that everything is complete and she has enough money to survive and opportunities for the future she can finally do it.

Which brings us back to the present as she gets into her car and she stares at the 'check engine light' and she instantly thinks about Sheldon and how proud he will be when she get home and tells everyone. And she can finally get everything off her chest and stop sneaking around.

She relaxes into her ratty car seat and smiles as she leaves the cheesecake factory car park.

OK, so now you know where penny has been. its just make me happy to know that I'm giving both characters what they want. i with post a new chapter soon! pm me is you have any questions or ideas about what could happen next.