Alex had given her a key. Of course she had. Lying in her four-poster bed, in Alex's new Northampton flat, Alex had dangled the key over Piper like bait on a hook.

"A key?" the blonde had asked, reaching up and taking it from Alex's hands.

"Mmhmm." Alex had given her a smile. Only Alex would be confident enough to give a girl the key to her apartment when they'd only been dating for a few weeks.

Piper couldn't help but think about it and grin as she stood in front of Alex's front door, drunk, trying to fit the key into the lock.

Tonight, she and Polly had gone for a girl's night out, and subsequently gotten hammered. A few different men had approached them on the dance floor, some of whom were allowed a casual dance, and others not so much (Polly never really had much tact when she was drunk). It didn't really matter much to Piper, because the moment the alcohol took effect, Piper's thoughts drifted to her girlfriend. As she swayed her hips to the music, she could have sworn she felt Alex's hands over her dress, her breasts, and feel Alex's breath on her neck. Alex was such a good dancer. Piper could practically feel her long body pressing against her back.

She was so wrapped up in the memories and fantasies that, when Polly wanted to leave, Piper walked straight to Alex's place, ready to use the key Alex had given her for the first time.

Standing in front of the door, she was pretty sure she had scratched some paint off of it in her attempts to fit the key in the lock. And when the door suddenly opened, the blonde dived head first into the floor.

In front of her appeared Alex. A confused, lovely Alex. With blue tips and lily-scented body wash. Jesus, she always smelled so good. Piper tipped forward, sliding her arm up the doorframe, giving Alex a heavy-lidded, giddy grin.

"Hhheeyyy." Suddenly, something about her own voice struck her as funny. "Pppffft," the blonde started to giggle.

Alex gave Piper a once-over and an expression of pure delight slowly made its way onto her face. She crossed her arms, watching the blonde. "Are you drunk?" she asked, already knowing the answer. She reached forward and steadied Piper by the hips.

The pale skin of Alex's chest caught Piper's eye. She tipped forward, unable to help herself, bringing her mouth to that skin and running her tongue over the brunette's sternum.

"I wanna fuck you," Piper slurred.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah." She reached down and slid her hand over the crotch of Alex's jeans. "I wanna lick your pussy," Piper continued.

The brunette ran her hands through Piper's long hair, tilting her head back and kissing her deeply. Drunk Piper used more tongue than Sober Piper. Mmm, Alex loved it.

"Why don't you come in?" Alex husked, giving Piper a smirk. She pulled Piper into her loft and closed the door, just in time for Piper to push her against it and drop to her knees, eagerly pulling at Alex's belt.

"Fuck," Alex breathed as Piper got distracted by Alex's scent and lifted one of Alex's legs over her shoulder, pressing her tongue and teeth to the seam of Alex's jeans. "Fucking undo it," the brunette commanded impatiently.

Piper looked back up at Alex, biting her lip and giving Alex a devilish smile. She tugged at Alex's belt and unclasped it, pulling the tight jeans and underwear down Alex's thighs. The blonde didn't even wait until the pants were around Alex's knees before she pressed her mouth to her girlfriend's pussy, moaning at the taste against her tongue, the warmth against her face, the slipperiness on her lips. She thrust her tongue inside of Alex and worked her clit sloppily, desperately. Taking one of Alex's inner lips into her mouth, she sucked at it softly and ran her teeth over it.

Alex's head fell back against the door as she let out a long, low moan. "Piper. Baby, fuck. Jesus."

Piper reached up, sliding two of her fingers quickly, deeply, into the brunette. Alex arched her back.

As the blonde pressed her open mouth to Alex's wetness, she began fucking her with her fingers, teasing her clit senseless. Alex slipped one of her hands from out of the blonde's hair and scratched at the wall behind her, thrusting her hips into Piper's desperate mouth faster and faster. A bead of sweat slid down her neck.

Piper sunk her nails into the skin of Alex's ass before sliding her hand over to Alex's at the wall. She took Alex's hand and slowly slid it into her own hair, smiling into her pussy, encouraging Alex to grasp at her hair instead of the wall. In reply, the brunette gripped Piper's blonde locks and gave them a sharp tug. Piper moaned into Alex's center, focusing once again on the task at hand.

The brunette pulled at Piper's hair, held her head, grinded into Piper's mouth. Piper couldn't help but moan at the thought of how they must look. Alex leaning against the door, fucking Piper's mouth. Piper's fingers slid deeper into her, hitting her g-spot, and suddenly Alex's jaw dropped as she felt the waves start to wash through her.

Piper loved the sounds Alex made when she came. Rough, low groans. She could always see the tendons in the brunette's neck. It was delicious. As the aftershocks ran through her, Alex relaxed her hold on Piper's head. She ran her hands through her hair, finally looking down and meeting Piper's eyes.

Piper watched something flicker in Alex's eyes, and suddenly, she was pulled to her feet. The brunette pulled her in and plundered her mouth with tongue.

Piper sighed dreamily into Alex's mouth, pulling at Alex's top. This was going to be a long, lovely night.

To be continued...