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Piper looked up to find Alex sauntering out of the bathroom in a silk robe.

"Hey, sleepy head." Alex smirked and approached the bed, watching as Piper admired her long legs. When Piper remained in a dazed silence, Alex put her hand on her cheek.

"I didn't fry too many of your brain cells, did I, kid?"

Piper blushed and tilted her head into Alex's hand. "That was… I've never…"

She met Alex's eyes and they stayed that way for a moment, communicating something. Alex smiled softly, leaning forward to kiss Piper's bare shoulder.

"Come to the bath with me."

Piper looked behind Alex to look towards the bathroom. She gave Alex a wide smile, eyes shining bright. Alex knew how much she loved baths.

The brunette stood up, holding out a hand for the blonde. Piper took it, letting Alex draw her to the bathroom.

Candles were lit around the bath, painting bright shadows on the walls. As usual, Alex stepped into the steaming bath first, sinking down into it with a sigh. She watched Piper expectantly.

Piper followed, groaning as the hot water touched her still sensitive ass and pussy. She sat back against Alex's lovely breasts, closing her eyes and intwining her fingers with Alex's as the brunette wrapped her arms around her.

The blonde pressed her nose against Alex's neck, taking in the smell of her skin as the steam soaked it and wafted the scent into the air. She let out a sigh when her girlfriend's hand slid over her hip. When Alex's hand slid over her breast, she let her head fall back fully onto Alex's shoulder.

Alex looked down at the woman in front of her. She was arched back, what little makeup Piper wore having been sweated off, wet hair chilling Alex's shoulder. The brunette was half convinced that Piper was a water nymph; born from the sea, and made of slender bones, wavy blonde locks and green eyes. She was a mythological creature, flighty and passionate, and Alex couldn't help the feeling that, any moment, Piper would disappear into the steam, gone forever. Perhaps it was that feeling that made her want every second to count, that made her so desperate to have a hold, any hold, on Piper.

But as Piper arched into her, as she felt Piper's ass rub against her upper thighs, she knew she had to have her again.

It was only a moment before the brunette reached down, tracing patterns on the inside of Piper's thigh.

"Mmm, baby, I can't again…" Piper breathed.

Their eyes met, and Alex looked down at her, unmoved. "Liar."

She slid two fingers between the lips of Piper's still swollen pussy, grazing her engorged clit. The blonde sunk her fingernails into Alex's thigh. "Aaalllexx!" she whined.

Alex slid her other hand down between Alex's legs, spreading Piper's lips as she slowly glided her finger over the tip of Piper's clit. She could feel its warmth, its firmness, and her mouth began to water. Her fingers lowered to Piper's hole, gathering more wetness for Piper's clit.

"Do you feel me?" Alex whispered into Piper's ear. She held her fingertip on Piper's clit, pressing softly into it. To make her point, she pressed a little harder, letting the pad of her finger rub it a bit. Piper let out a keening wail.

"It's too much! Alex!" Piper gasped as if she thought Alex couldn't torture her any further, and Alex couldn't help but see it as a challenge. She suddenly jerked her hand, beginning to rub quick, relentless circles over the blonde's clit. One of Piper's arms flailed under the water and the sounds caught in her throat as she thrust her hips against the harsh fingers.

"Do you feel me?" Alex asked again.

Piper bit her lip, nodding as her body began to shake with tension. Alex thrust her arm under Piper's leg, yanking it back, opening Piper further to her relentless ministrations. Piper came, frozen stiff and convulsing under the water.

Alex gently slid three of her fingers into Piper, wanting to stretch the woman and feel her pussy spasming around her. Piper just whined, thrusting mechanically. Alex realized that as long as she touched Piper, the blonde would keep orgasming, and so she started thrusting her fingers slowly.

Piper seemed to relax a bit, having relapsed into a smaller, weaker orgasmic state. She began muttering, and it took the brunette a minute to hear her. "More."

Alex sped up her thrusts as Piper began to move her hips again. She was on the edge again, having fallen back down just enough to reach the top more easily. Piper was half way to delirious, reaching up to hold into Alex's neck and pant into her ear. She bit down on Alex's ear lobe, groaning as she came again.

Time stood still. Alex kept going. She kept thrusting and rubbing and pulling, and Piper fell into her and surrendered. She scratched at Alex's leg and neck, thrust into her hand, and felt herself coming and going, rising and falling. She didn't know how many times she came, but every time she thought it would be the last. And finally when it was, when the water around them cooled down her body, when her head lulled back on Alex's shoulder, she felt the tears fall down her cheeks. Alex wrapped her arms around her, cradling her as she pressed her teary face to her neck.

Alex closed her eyes, feeling Piper curl into her, and reveled in it. She had felt every time Piper had come, counted, even, and it would only be later that night that she told Piper what that number was. She had felt when Piper had relinquished control and given it to her, and she had rewarded Piper for it. In her own way, she had shown Piper that she could be trusted with this. She held Piper as she relaxed in her arms. She whispered softly in her ear. She saw the moment when Piper opened her bright eyes and looked up at her, smiled shyly at her.

And she smiled back.