This is the extended scene for Chapter 36: The Very Accepting Doctors. Contains smut, so if you don't like it, don't read it. Also I can't promise it'll be good smut, so even if you do want to read it be warned XD


The trio headed back to the street outside the police station to see a gathering of people all talking animately. Tommy and Rose scanned the crowd while the Doctor tried his hardest to not seem like he was looking for anyone, let alone Danni.

"Gran!" Tommy exclaimed as he ran towards his grandmother, who held her arms out wide for him. They hugged tightly and Rose smiled slightly before it turned into a full-blown beam.

"Danni!" She shouted. He followed her as she ran towards the red-head, who met her halfway and hugged her tightly. He frowned slightly as Rose lifted the girl off her feet, only being able to spin her around given her small stature. Why on Earth did she not have any shoes on?

"Oh, look at you." Rose was saying as he reached them, holding Danni out at arms length before pulling her back in for a hug, "I didn't think I'd see your face again. Are you okay?" Danni nodded with a laugh.

"Of course I'm okay. With Rose Tyler on the case, I was always going to be fine." Rose finally let go of her and Danni straightened her dress out, "I can't even remember what happened. I hope your head's okay." Rose frowned.

"My head?" She inquired.

"Because I pushed you over?" Danni clarified.

"Oh! Yes, I'm fine." They stood in silence for a moment until Danni looked up at the Doctor, smiling shyly.

"Thanks for saving me." She told him cautiously, not really knowing how he was going to react. She expected a large rant about her getting into trouble when he had better things to do with his time, that he was supposed to be taking Rose to see Elvis instead of gallivanting around after her. So, she was very surprised when he cleared his throat and looked around the crowd, purposefully not looking at the pair.

"Yeah, well. Don't do it again." He told her and she blinked in shock. Rose beamed, he finally seemed to be accepting her, "And, I have to ask, why aren't you wearing shoes?"


The street party had been amazing. Rose had spent a large portion of the journey back to Florizel street trying to convince them to go to the Mall, where the official street party was happening, but when Danni had declared she wanted to be at a proper street party she had relented. The Doctor had even argued a case in favour of staying with Tommy and his family, when previously he would have gone to the Mall just to spite her. He had also tried to convince her to go put some shoes on with the TARDIS being just around the corner, but Danni never really did like wearing shoes. She had been disappointed as, when they finally did head back to the TARDIS, her arm started with it's familiar burn.

That didn't last long, however, because as soon as she landed she found herself being pressed against the wall by Eleven, lips locked passionately as he pushed her against the wall. She gasped in surprise, she hadn't expected him to be on her, and so quickly as well. He used her surprise to his advantage, his tongue dominating her mouth as his hand ran up her thigh, bunching her dress in his hand and grasping it tightly. She leant back as far as she could, whacking her head slightly on the TARDIS wall.

"Doctor... What..." She panted out but he interrupted her, kissing her again.

"Please." Was all he said in reply, his other hand forcing it's way around her back, undoing the zip holding the dress together. She froze as her eyes widened, the implications of his words freezing the blood in her veins. He moved to her neck, drawing a surprised moan from her lips as he suckled on the flesh there, teeth nipping and tongue soothing. He wanted to have... and she hadn't...

"Doctor, wait." She told him as firmly as possible as he tugged her dress down, it gathering around her bare feet. He pulled back, looking at her confused. His eyes widened in realisation.

"Oh god, you're the wrong Danni." He breathed. He jumped back, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Here, let me..." He bent down and scrambled on the floor as he tried to grab her dress. She grabbed his shoulders, forcing him to stop and look up at her, "I'm sorry, I could have sworn you said that this was when you came after Craig's... I must have misheard."

"Stop it!" She commanded and he stood up slowly, staring at her, looking lost, "Just, stop for a moment." She repeated gently, "What's wrong?"

"Amy and Rory left." He eventually replied, "They had to. I had to save them, but..." She nodded slowly, understanding perfectly. She stroked his hair gently and he leant into her touch, closing his eyes. A tear fell from under his thick lashes as she gasped, her heart breaking slightly for him.

"Oh, my poor Theta." She whispered, not meaning to say anything out loud. She leant up and placed a kiss on his lips. He reached out and grasped her bare arms, his fingers digging into her almost painfully. His kiss was desperate, but restrained. As if he wanted to let go, but knowing he couldn't. She reached out and touched his chest, feeling the four beats under her hand. She, slowly, began undoing the buttons on his shirt and he pulled back.

"Danni, don't..." He tried to reassure her, not wanting her to feel pressured but she shook her head, shushing him gently. She pushed her hands underneath, trailing over his chest and down his stomach. His breath hitched at her touch, his muscles twitching and she felt a surge of empowerment coursing through her. She stepped out of the dress pooled at her feet and leant forward, placing a kiss in the centre of his chest, between his two hearts. His eyes burnt into hers when she looked up at him. All of her breath left her lungs and she took an unsteady breath in, swallowing.

"I don't want to do this here." She told him and his eyes widened slightly, the connotation of her words falling thick in the air. She blushed when he didn't say anything, and looked away, feeling rejected. Stupid girl, he's going to...

"Come on." He told her huskily, grabbing her hand and dragging her through the hallways, throwing a door open. She looked around the darkly decorated room, deep red with barely anything but a bed in it. It was obvious that no one really spent any time in there. Then her mouth fell open slightly, this was his room.

"I've never been in here before." She told him shyly. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. She felt ready, but even the sight of his bed was making her nervous. Maybe that was normal, though. And, it wasn't a bad nervous; it was like there were butterflies in her stomach. She bit her lip as she looked into his eyes, they almost looked like they had darkened and it was because of her. A shiver ran down her spine, her skin prickling at the heat that thought brought to the surface.

"You sleep in here eventually." He replied. She smiled softly, that sounded wonderful. Suddenly he was on her again, fisting her hair tightly as he manoeuvred her onto the bed. She was vaguely aware of how soft the bed underneath her was as he leant over her, trailing kisses down her neck to her chest, but as he hand trailed up her inner thigh all thoughts melted away. She could feel him smirk as she gasped in surprise, her muscles tensing and her eyes fluttering shut. His hand moved away and he returned his attentions to her throat, his cool lips tracing lazy patterns on her skin. He moved upwards, his lips tantalising close to her earlobe.

"You know," he whispered into her ear, "When we first did this we were in Craig's flat. You knew exactly what to do. How I liked to be touch, kissed," He nibbled on her earlobe, "licked." His tongue flicked out quickly, "This time, it'll be the other way around. I'll make you scream, Danielle." Her heart was beating wilding in her chest, she could barely catch her breath as he hooked her underwear and pulled them down, leaving her just in her bra. The slightly cool air danced on her skin and goosebumps covered her body, "You, my dear, are exquisite." He muttered and she arched her back to help him unhook her bra. She just wanted him to touch her, and when he lowered his mouth to her nipple she moaned loudly. His tongue swirled expertly, then he sucked hard. She groaned as he repeated the action on her other nipple, his hand trailing feather-light touches up and down her side. He was right, he knew exactly where to touch her to make her turn into a puddle of moans and groans; the exact amount of pressure needed on her skin to send that tingling feeling crashing downwards...

"Jesus, Theta!" She cried as his hand slipped between her legs, rubbing her with one long finger. He moved up and kissed her again, this time a forceful kiss which left her lips throbbing when her head flew back, her back arching as she moaned. He stopped for a moment before he slowly eased a finger inside of her, curling it slightly. He moved in and out of her a couple of times, his thumb caressing her, then placed a second finger her, stretching her delightfully. His mouth returned to it's assault on her chest at the same time, lavishing attention on her. Her hands clenched the sheets of the bed, every touch, every caress sending shock-waves shooting around her body, focusing on the building fire in the pit of her stomach. Her breathing became laboured as she ground back onto his hand frantically as he picked up pace, and he moved back to smirk down at her, eyes ablaze.

"Beautiful." He stated lowly and she groaned, the sound of his voice, knowing he was watching her, setting her skin alight, "And so tight. You're going to come for me, Danielle, and it will be the first of many, many times." He watched her intently as she tensed, calling his name as she fell hard, her inner walls squeezing at his fingers fruitlessly. Her eyes opened and she stared up at him, trying to catch her breath. He smirked triumphantly down at her and she shot up, lips moving together feverishly as her hands reached up, pushing the braces off his shoulders. He shrugged them off, then the shirt and she made quick work of his trousers and underwear, leaving them pressed together, a mass of limbs and heat and sweat. She had never felt like this before, somehow this had built up so quickly and she needed him.

"Please." She pleaded and he nudged her legs apart, hovering over her.

"Please what?" He replied. Her eyes widened, her breath caught in her throat. He wanted her to tell him? What should she say? He smirked and leant down, positioning himself so she could feel him resting against her, not entering but just there, "Please fuck you? Make love to you? What do you want, Danielle?" He asked, realising she might not quite be ready for that, yet.

"You. Please, Theta." she replied and his eyes darkened as he slowly entered her, feeling her stretch around him. Her mouth fell open and he sucked on her bottom lip gently, keeping completely still but completely filling her. She took in a couple of deep breaths as she adjusted to him, it wasn't her first time but it was her first time since she'd met the Doctor and she feel stretched to her limits. The Doctor pulled out slowly then slammed back in, causing a delightful mixture of pleasure and pain to curl up in a ball inside her. They both groaned loudly and he did it again. His breaths came out shuddering and he slowly, and purposefully, began rocking against her. He leant down on his elbow to kiss her deeply, swirling his hips and catching the gasp from her in his mouth. She slowly, unsurely, began moving with him, building up the delicious tension threatening to burst at any moment.

"So..." He muttered, interrupting himself with a deep moan as she involuntarily tightened around her, "So innocent." He whispered and, briefly, she thought back to when she'd kissed him on Siluria. She held a hand to his chest, halting his movements and he stared down at her, eyes wide and slightly alarmed.

"Are you okay?" He asked, concerned and she nodded, biting her lip nervously.

"I... I want to go on top." She stated, blushing. He relaxed, then smirked.

"Whatever my lady commands." They rolled over and he helped her lower herself onto him, Danni falling over slightly, barely propping herself up with her hands on his chest. God, he was so deep. He let her adjust to the new feeling, watching her intently before his hands grasped her hips and he began directing her to rock. She began gasping for breath, her eyes clamped shut.

"Doctor. Theta. Doctor." She repeated the names over and over, her mind a muddle.

"That's it." He told her, "Look at you, you sexy thing." His hand released her hip and moved to where they were joined, pressing down on that little bit of herself that caused her eyes to widen and she tightened around him, screaming his name. He quickly followed suit, her intense orgasm tearing his own from within him. She panted, head bowed as her body melted, her muscles relaxing as she looked down at him. He pulled her down and kissed her tenderly.

"I love you." She whispered to him and he moved her off him, laying her in the bed next to him and pulling her against his side. She snuggled into his chest, revelling in the sound of his hearts returning to their normal rhythm. And she did, she loved him so much. Every moment they spent together, every adventure they went on just made her love him even more.

"I love you too, Danni-Girl."