Danni walked up to the glass separating the Doctor from everyone else, placing her hand on the surface as if she was reaching out to him. Wires stretched from the towers of electrics around the room, entering at separate points all over his body, all held in place with white tape. A large one seemed to join him at the base of his skull, but she couldn't see him from behind so she wasn't sure.

"Theta." She whispered sadly, her heart clenching in her chest, the wave of utter sorrow almost causing her knees to collapse.

"See?" Charles stated from behind her, "No one's in pain, it's just a dead vessel. They signed up for the donor system, it's what they wanted."

"Dead?" Danni whispered before shaking her head, "Oh, Doctor." She turned to face the man, "Can I ask if you've ever heard of Trenzalore?" Charles frowned and shook his head, whilst Steven looked like he recognised the name.

"Isn't that part of an old myth?" He asked, "The last battle of the Good Man from Demon's Run?" She nodded.

"It is." She agreed, not surprised that he'd heard of Demon's run. A lot of people had, after all. It was infamous across large amounts of the universe, even if they only knew the nursery rhyme, "Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, a question will be asked that must never be answered." She turned back to stare at the Doctor, "Gentlemen, meet the Eleventh. The Eleventh Doctor, the last of the Time Lords."

"Time Lords?" Charles scoffed, "They're just a legend. There's no evidence that they ever existed."

"Oh, I know." She replied calmly, "That's because of him. He saved the universe by wiping them clean from the universe. His death is a fixed point in time, I assume you know what they are, Thermin?" Steven started at the harsh edge to her voice.

"Of course, that's basic stuff." He replied slowly, "It can't be changed without the collapse of the universe."

"So, you see why he can't be dead." She spun around, pointing at the window, "He's not dead, Thermin! You're pumping information through a living brain, through the brain of the man who's going to be my husband!" She was panting as she stormed over, grabbing him by the front of his shirt, "Now, I suggest you let him go, before I get mad." She snarled. Charles shook his head.

"No, he can't be alive." He stuttered in disbelief, "I was promised, the Tech-Donor system wouldn't allow a living thing to be put through." She loosened her grip slightly as she looked him over.

"You really didn't know, did you?" She asked slowly and he shook his head, looking devastated.

"What have I done?" He whimpered, looking over at his creation. Seeing it everyday had been joyous, his vision come to life. These last six months had been the best... "Oh lord, it's been six months!" He exclaimed, looking down at the young woman, "We have to get him out of there!"

"You don't have security to open the door." Steven pointed out, slightly disturbed by the entire affair. He'd never actually believed there was a person in there, but the fact that it should have been just parts of a dead person, pieces of flesh that were just going to go to decay underground had made the idea slightly more bearable. This was horrific.

"Not helping." Danni snapped, reaching out and snatching the PDA out of his hand, "River, what do I do?" She cried, "I can't get to him, the door won't open!"

"What about the window?" Steven asked before River could reply, "We could smash it."

"It's reinforced glass." Charles replied forlornly, "There isn't anything that can get through it, we don't stand a chance." Danni looked at the Doctor again. He looked helpless. And way too skinny, considering he didn't really have any fat to lose to begin with.

"I should have known." She whispered with tears in her eyes, "He never showed up, I should have known something awful had happened." She'd wondered if this was what had happened to her Time Lord, considering that wherever she landed he wasn't far behind. If Ten ever left her behind, Eleven came to pick her up, "River, what do I do?" She sobbed, "I can't do this, I just follow. I'm not smart enough..."

"That's enough!" River scolded over the connection, "Calm down, you won't get anywhere being emotional." Danni nodded, taking some deliberate, slow breaths to try and calm down, "Now, who has security?"

"Saren does." Charles spoke up, not at all perturbed by the strange voice, "And James Diahold, but I think that's it."

"It doesn't matter." Danni lamented, "Even if we get in, then what? I don't want to hurt him any more than he already is. How do we disconnect him?"

"Just focus on getting in." River told her gently, "I'll hack into the system, get this Saren's..." She trailed off with a screech, the Doctor joining in with a loud, pain-filled scream of his own. Danni rushed over to the door.

"Theta!" She exclaimed, rattling the handle in a blind panic. She had to get to him, she had to save him. Steven grabbed her arm, pulling her away.

"Security's back online!" He told her urgently, "We have to go."

"No, I can't leave him!" She sobbed as she struggled against him. He turned to Charles, who was stood there, desolate in his own grief.

"Help me get her out of here!" He commanded and Charles nodded once, shaking himself out of his daze and he grabbed her by the other arm.

"He's right. We have to go." Charles told her as she collapsed into a sobbing mess. She was absolutely useless. Completely, terribly, awfully useless and the Doctor was paying the price.


He had to keep the connection open to CAL, he needed to get Danni Fielding all the help she could get. He was still working on contacting the Face of Boe, but he kept forgetting why he needed to. He was sure he was in danger, he was sure he was supposed to be scared and perhaps dying, but he couldn't quite find the information in his system that would tell him why. The only thing that would continuously come to him is the image of a red-headed woman who had been logged onto his computer, and he knew he had to make sure she was safe. Keep her safe so she could help him.

It was all a muddle. There was programmed deep into his system to stop him looking. But he knew she was there, on the other side of a wall, calling his name and he had to help her with her task. He forced the connection further open as something tried to forcibly close it, but it was to his detriment and he screamed as the pain burnt through him like fire.


The driver didn't question the trio as they dashed into the back of the transport, he just headed straight to the hotel as he'd been instructed to to previously. Steven had his PDA back in his possession, but instead of attempting to contact River, he was doing as Danni asked and trying to get in contact with the Face of Boe.

"She needs to speak to him, now!" He argued with the woman on the other side of the call. Clarin, wanting to help Danni wherever she could, had given him the number to the Face of Boe's retreat as soon as she'd seen how upset the woman had been. However, the hotel staff was much less helpful.

"The Face of Boe will only be contacted on appointment." She snapped, repeating herself again.

"Well, why don't you just run along and ask him whether or not he wants to speak to Danni?" He growled, "Danni Fielding, go and ask him."

"One moment, sir." She drawled, putting him on hold. He turned to Danni, who had stopped crying but was staring into space, hiccuping slightly.

"I might be getting somewhere." He told her and she nodded vaguely, but didn't reply. He glanced at Charles, who moved from being disgusted with himself to being uncomfortable with an emotional female. Apparently, despite how far into the future Danni had landed, crying females were just not some males forte.

"One moment, please." The woman on the vid-call declared, bringing his attention back to the phone. The screen shifted and the large, grey face of the Face of Boe appeared in the middle of the shot. Steven's eyes widened at the sight of his idol as a child, his idol now if he was totally honest.

"Er..." He trailed off stupidly, kicking himself internally for being so starstruck. Danni's hand shot out and she took the screen off him.

"They have the Doctor." She told the big head without preamble, "Jack, they have the Doctor." Another, more humanoid figure appeared in the shot.

"Anything stated within a private video conferencing call by the Face of Boe is not condoned or the opinions or actions of any of the companies affiliates or subsidiaries." He stated and she stared at him, furious and incredulously.

"Who the fuck are you?" She screeched and a faint chuckling came over the call.

"Just legal, Danni-Girl." The slightly mechanical voice told her and she tensed.

"Still furious here." She growled.

"That is the voice interface the Face of Boe uses to talk across video conferencing calls." The other man told her and she sighed, rubbing her temple with her free hand.

"Okay, I get it." She snapped, "I still don't know why you're there!" He nodded once.

"Of course, sorry Miss Fielding." The man darted off and she looked back up at Jack.

"Right, what I want to know is why the Doctor is being held against his will as a bloody computer and I'm having to talk to you over a telephone!" She exclaimed.

"To keep up pretences, Danni-Girl." The voice replied in place of Jack's own, "If they are using him as a computer, they would have been more than willing to kill him to hide the evidence should they get caught." She nodded slowly.

"Then you need to get me weapons." She told him, "Soldiers, intelligent people who can plan how to get him out because I am bloody useless!"

"You are magnificent." He replied, obviously trying to be kind even if the computer voice wouldn't allow it, "Anything you need is at your disposal, Danni-Girl. All you needed to do was ask. You know I'd do anything for you." She sniffed, nodding slowly.

"I wish you were here." She told him.

"Soon, Danni-Girl. Soon."