Title: Can You Understand?
Summary: Three sentence 'what if' challenge involving the snare in Cowslip's warren. Mild, itsy-bitsy Fiver/Bigwig.
Warning: Spoilers and blood and tiny hints at slash. Tiny.

The pain, the pain. It grew. It became louder. It became a carnival. It kept me awake and it drugged me in turn.
-Katherine Angel.


He didn't like that runt that was Hazel's brother; Fiver fidgeted at everything and everyone, he was squeaky and caused the others to go tharn and worst yet, he refused to see Bigwig as a threat to his person, it seemed, even when he kept telling the rabbit that this was all a big change for the better.


Fiver was tremendously afraid of letting Hazel and Bigwig out of his sight, but there was so little that he could do; this warren of Cowslip's and Silverweed's and Strawberry's was suffocating him, dragging him hither and tither in his mind and Fiver would just have to convince the others to leave—and that meant convincing Hazel and Bigwig, he knew—and soon, or they'd all be tied together in the roof of bones with the shining wire Fiver could feel fraying the edges of his sanity.


Bigwig had been wrong and now there was little time to admit to that as his claws dug deep and hard into the peg in the ground the man (wherever he was, he was close; the scent of dead elil seemed to promise that) had made strong to keep whatever rabbit that had wandered too close tight and unable to escape; Fiver's breathing dimming and harsh and blood bubbles forming even as he was no longer able to really hear Hazel saying to stay awake; those knowing eyes settling on Bigwig as the former Owlsa officer waited for Pipkin to come out of the peg's hole so Bigwig could have a go at the wood himself; hopefully not too late to say he was sorry.